River of Need Two years after their breakup Detective Kyle Shelton didn t expect to see his lying cheating closeted ex Especially not behind bars for prostitution Bailing him out is one of the stupidest things K

  • Title: River of Need
  • Author: Shayla Kersten
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Two years after their breakup, Detective Kyle Shelton didn t expect to see his lying, cheating, closeted ex Especially not behind bars for prostitution Bailing him out is one of the stupidest things Kyle has done in a while Although letting his ex back in his bed probably ranks higher on the dumbass scale.Dustin Eldridge s lies about his sexual preferences have left himTwo years after their breakup, Detective Kyle Shelton didn t expect to see his lying, cheating, closeted ex Especially not behind bars for prostitution Bailing him out is one of the stupidest things Kyle has done in a while Although letting his ex back in his bed probably ranks higher on the dumbass scale.Dustin Eldridge s lies about his sexual preferences have left him with nothing Literally He s lost his home, his family, his job and, worse, he s lost Kyle On the streets, with no one to turn to, he s resorted to selling his body to survive Then Kyle of all people comes to his rescue Dustin can t fix the past but maybe there s hope for a future.Unless Kyle really believes Dustin added serial killer to his resume, along with hooker.Note For maximum reader enjoyment, we suggest also reading Hidden Force Tony and Ryan and Hidden Hands David March , in which these secondary characters were heroes.

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      160 Shayla Kersten
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    1. Shayla Kersten

      By day, multi published Shayla Kersten is a mild mannered accountant By night, she s a writer of sexy romances Torn between genres, Shayla writes erotic stories about hot heroes and their sexy women, as well as hot men and their passionate heroes.A native of Arkansas, Shayla spent four years in the Army as a missile specialist, stationed in Germany and Oklahoma After her enlistment was up, she spent eleven years in New York City taking a bite out of the Big Apple Even her love of theatre and the nightlife of the big city couldn t cure terminal homesickness for the Natural State In 1995, she returned to her roots in Arkansas Shayla divides her time between her mother, her spoiled rotten cats and dogs, her evil day job and her obsession writing.

    251 thoughts on “River of Need”

    1. This book starts promising -- Detective Kyle Shelton, who apparently after two years still has feeling for Dustin Eldridge, decides to bail his ex of his when Dustin is caught for prostitution. Dustin's life has been turned into sh*t, after his wife found out about Kyle Dustin has lost his wife, his job, his family, mostly everything, and now he resorts to sell his body to survive. Kyle then takes Dustin home and then this is where it DOESN'T WORK for me. It says that Dustin liked to play it r [...]

    2. I’ve been a fan of Ms Kersten’s m/m romances ever since I read A Helping Hand, which is one of the books in her Tennessee Cops series, and which is still one of my favorites. I’ve said it before but I think she writes wonderful characters, that I can feel connected with. The way she shows a snippet from their lives, makes you understand them easily, because she effortlessly lets you slip inside her heroes’ heads. In the novella River of Need - the fourth installment in the Tennessee Cops [...]

    3. Sadly, I would barely give this a 2 star rating.(view spoiler)[The characters just didn't seem that convincing to me. Kyle was miserable for 2 years just because Dustin's wife came into the picture. And while keeping his distance after the break-up, he wasted no time in bringing Dustin home and in his bed. He first claimed he could not trust his lover with so many lies between them but when Dustin promises to make their relationship work the second time around, he believes it all. Dustin also se [...]

    4. I really enjoyed River of Need. Having read both Hidden Force and Hidden Hands, I was excited to revisit the characters from those books and read Kyle’s story.River of Need starts out with an emotional punch that continues throughout the story. Shayla Kersten packs a lot emotion into ninety-nine pages. This story left a lump in my throat and teaches a valuable lesson in love. Dustin’s life turned from good to bad in almost the blink of an eye because he wasn’t honest but with the love and [...]

    5. Actually it's my favorite book of the series.The setting worked for me really well. I guess it's just different things for me: when MCs are in a relationship and one of them starts having sex with someone on the side - yes, it's cheating and I'm pissed. But when MCs are in a relationship and then suddenly we learn one of them has a wife and a part of his life, where people think he's straight - it's not that much of a problem for me. Seriously. It's not like cheating, more like just being in the [...]

    6. Maybe not as good as the first 3 books in the series but still an enjoyable read. The story is about Kyle, a policeman, who broke up with Dustin two years previously, after Dustin lied about his marriage. Dustin finds himself on hard times and on the wrong side of the law. Kyle wants to help Dustin but needs to decide whether he can trust him. This is made even more difficult when Dustin becomes the suspect in a series of murders3.5 stars

    7. These were two MC's that I never could manage to give a damn about as neither were very likable or sympathetic. One HUGE problem for me was with Kyle. The fact that he was getting off on Dustin relaying the details of a trick turned bad and him being gang raped by four men? I think I despised him at that point.

    8. While not my favorite it was still enjoyable. I liked seeing how past characters interacted with each other and seeing a quick glimpse on how they are doing.

    9. 35 is a little old to be a male prostitute, especially with gray hair in his beard. I don't like that Dustin came out basically because he had to. That's disgusting. Getting off on Dustin's abuse. Using it during sex as a come on. Too much sex. Even more than a typical shifter story. I don't understand this series. The first book was so different than the rest which are pretty much just sex. Mediocre peril. Well the peril was okay but the hospital scene was pathetic. So why we're the murders alw [...]

    10. Contemproary Police M/M romance with a serial killer on the loose while some hot sexy reunion steam is blown off with Detective Kyle Shelton and his lying cheating ex-boyfriend, Dustin Eldridge. I was suprised to see how quickly someone can be rich and comfortable to homeless with nothing. In Dustin's case it only took less then two years to being totally helpless and homeless. Its true that who wants to help the unwashed stinky masses of men and women on the street who may not have a mental pro [...]

    11. This is one of those booksa that was on my want-to-buy list for ages and then when I finally did, it only ended up on my to-read shelf. I think River of Need falls into the category of books that have enormous potential that never blossoms. The characters were great, they had loads of chemistry and the sex was hot but it was like reading a Reader's Digest version. This was simply too short to handle all the elements that were present.Shayla Kersten writes well and that made it doubly sad that th [...]

    12. Hmmmm, so I compromised at a 3*** because I did like the series and devoured it in a few days. Something about the way Kyle & Dustin interacted in the bedroom bothered me and sometimes left me uncomfortable. Nothing too disturbing, just don't think (view spoiler)[ hearing about his ex-lover's unwilling gang bang while prostituting himself in the middle of sex should've been a turn on. That kind of killed that scene for me. A couple others like that.(hide spoiler)] In the end, a HEA for the M [...]

    13. 3.5 StarsI'm in the minority again. But this time it's because I really liked this book. Yay! :) Maybe it was just the luck of the draw insofar as this came after reading a string of low-star books; maybe it was because I love imperfect characters and second chances; maybe it was because Kyle and Dustin just did it for me. I dunno. But whatever the reason, I liked this the best of the series to date.Bottom line: surprisingly entertaining.

    14. While I liked the rest of the series, the main reason I didn't enjoy this book is because I just didn't like the MC Dustin Eldridge. I'm not sure why Kyle takes him back and forgives him after the reasons behind their break-up. Since I didn't buy the reasons for them getting back together, the rest of the story fell apart for me. If it wasn't for the fact that Dustin's life fell apart after he was busted 2 years ago, he would probably still be Kyle's lying, cheating, closeted ex. Meh.

    15. This one was my least favourite of the series as 'sex as a weapon/revenge' isn't a trope I enjoy. I like a spot of rough as much as the next gal, but this had a whole lot of self-hatred/revenge factor that turned me right off. The crime plot was wrapped up a little too abruptly for my liking as well.

    16. This one seemed far too short and a lot less plausible. I get that when you love someone the bad things don't always matter, but after being caught lying and being married to a woman I just don't see Kyle forgiving and getting back together so quickly or easily with Dustin.

    17. It was an okay read, I think it could have be a lot better if the author expounded on the solving of the murder a little bet more and that the characters took their time to reacquaint themselves to each other, bottom line I think this story was rushed.

    18. I was not sure I would like this story because the book blurb did not really interest me; however, I truly enjoyed the other books in this series so I bought it anyway. I am very glad I did! It was well worth the money. A unique story and very appealing characters!!

    19. Ok m/m romance about a cop who bails out his ex, who's been picked up for prostitution. I wanted a bit more from this story - a bit more length, a bit more depth.

    20. This is a story of forgiveness and second chances. Although it's not as great as the first three, it's still a pretty good book. I highly recommend the entire Tennessee Cops series!

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