A Cure For Gravity A Musical Pilgrimage Since the release of his first best selling album Look Sharp in Joe Jackson has forged a singular career in music through his originality as a composer and his notoriously independent stance tow

  • Title: A Cure For Gravity: A Musical Pilgrimage
  • Author: JoeJackson
  • ISBN: 9780306810015
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • Since the release of his first best selling album Look Sharp in 1979, Joe Jackson has forged a singular career in music through his originality as a composer and his notoriously independent stance toward music business fashion He has also been a famously private person, whose lack of interest in his own celebrity has been interpreted by some as aloofness That reputationSince the release of his first best selling album Look Sharp in 1979, Joe Jackson has forged a singular career in music through his originality as a composer and his notoriously independent stance toward music business fashion He has also been a famously private person, whose lack of interest in his own celebrity has been interpreted by some as aloofness That reputation is shattered by A Cure for Gravity, Jackson s enormously funny and revealing memoir of growing up musical, from a culturally impoverished childhood in a rough English port town to the Royal Academy of Music, through London s Punk and New Wave scenes, up to the brink of pop stardom Jackson describes his life as a teenage Beethoven fanatic his early piano gigs for audiences of glass throwing skinheads and his days on the road with long forgotten club bands Far from a standard issue celebrity autobiography, A Cure for Gravity is a smart, passionate book about music, the creative process, and coming of age as an artist.

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      spelling Joe Jackson with 4 spaces.Joe Jackson born as David Ian Jackson is a British musician Jackson is probably best known for the hit singles Is She Really Going Out With Him and Steppin Out Jackson grew up in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.In 1978 a producer heard his tape, and got him signed to AM Records The album Look Sharp was recorded straight away, and was released in 1979, quickly followed by I m the Man and Beat Crazy in 1980.He is also an author, having written A Cure for Gravity published in 1999, which Jackson has described as a book about music, thinly disguised as a memoir It traces his early musical life from childhood until his 24th birthday Life as a pop star, he suggested, was hardly worth writing about.Currently he lives in Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany.

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    1. Some of my friends probably wouldn't buy it, but I was a pretty melancholy kid. Stuff affected me pretty heavily, from the offhand comments of kids and adults who didn't know they were being mean to the scenes from movies that didn't know they were being poignant. My melancholy extended to music and particularly music videos, which I watched with cultlike devotion. Among the more resonant are a couple of Joe Jackson songs off his album Night and Day: "Breaking Us in Two," in which a woman packs [...]

    2. I've never liked memoirs by pop culture stars. They're usually so self involved that they become boring, and so poorly written that they become infuriating. This one is different. It soon becomes clear that Joe Jackson is not a rock star so much as he is a musician. So this is not the usual run through of of sordid stories, naming names of who did what to whom, so much as it is a coming of age story. Jackson is so determined to make music his career since that is pretty much all he can do. He's [...]

    3. I love this book and have read it a few times (granted I am a massive Joe Jackson fan). The life story is fascinating in and of itself, but the book's true beauty lies in Jackson's own musings on music, songwriting, the music business, and staying true to one's own voice in the face of a myriad of things pulling in different directions. A great read, but especially germane for musicians.Also, a rare "pop" autobiography actually written by the subject himself. Joe is the man (in a good way, that [...]

    4. I had this impending sense of dread as I read this book. It is the dread that comes with closing in on what has been a fine read, but noticing that, with only a few chapters left, the parts you REALLY want to hear about won't get covered. True enough, Jackson gives us over 260 pages of a great musical coming-of-age story, and then chucks the years we actually know him for into about fifteen. This is intentional (see page 274, where he literally announces the end of the tome since, you know, all [...]

    5. I like this well enough. I'm glad it less about "JJ the Popstar" and more about "JJ the awkward geek and how he became a Pop Star" He does overdo the self-deprecation a bit, and can get a bit floofy with his descriptions, but he's pretty humble and funny and likeable. I always got the impression that he would be a horribly strict and difficult person to work for, but that opinion has been totally demolished. It's cute how he's all "OH MY GOD PEOPLE ACTUALLY WANT TO PLAY MY MUSIC!!!!"

    6. I quite liked his style, and learning about his coming of age as an artist. To be honest, I would've liked to here more about his life after things got rolling, but we get what he's willing to give.

    7. This was not the book I was expecting. Joe Jackson's recording career has spanned decades - from the late 1970s until the present. But this memoir ends where that recording career began - with the release of his excellent debut album Look Sharp. "A Cure For Gravity: A Musical Pilgrimage" details Jackson's education and the evolution of his musical style before he secured a recording contract. Jackson was an outsider in the working class town of Portsmouth, England. He was sickly and introspectiv [...]

    8. I think Jackson's log line was "A book about music thinly disguised as an autobiography," but I think he does both very well here. This is his story right up to the brink of pop fame: in other words, the poor, working class, cold-water-flat, sleeping in the back of the van, hard times bits. And it's laced with some great commentary on music. I thought this was good enough to actually transcribe:"Rock and roll, personified, would be a nineteen-year-old. You can picture him: he's hedonistic, and c [...]

    9. "Like governments, record companies are more likely to screw things up by disorganization, incompetence, and lack of vision than by evil intent."Excellent, if obscure, book by a brilliant artist - who is also probably somewhat obscure to most people now 30+ years removed from his biggest "hits". He has a great skeptical but not cynical attitude towards the music business. A couple of passages really jumped out at me:"I should say that, although I'm no great admirer of the music business, I'm no [...]

    10. Autobiografie van Joe Jackson (niet de vader van Michael :-)) over zijn jeugd en de jaren voorafgaand aan zijn eerste plaat. Het boek eindigt met de release van de plaat en het daaropvolgende succes, want (zoals hij zelf zegt) geploeter en mislukkingen zijn veel interessanter.Openhartig, eerlijk en oprecht geschreven. Bij momenten heel geestig. Met op tijd ook een serieuze, filosofische kijk op het leven, muziek en maatschappij, maar nooit te zwaar op de hand en altijd to the point.Duidelijk nie [...]

    11. I finished reading this over the weekend. It covers Joe Jackson's childhood, troubled high school years, acceptance into the royal academy of music (where he was lettered for percussion, not piano surprisingly), his struggle in the local music scene, and assent into the public consciousness. The book is notable not only for the insight provided on one of the really great new wave recording artists, but also from the standpoint that the storytelling was pretty compelling – if Mr. Jackson ever t [...]

    12. I'm more a fan of Jackson's early material than a lot of what he did later on in his very eclectic career - but I never realized what a solid writer he was until I picked up this great autobiography. What makes this book a must-read for any music fan, never mind any fan of Jackson's, is how he describes the role of music in his life - in his descriptions of what writing & performing music have meant to him on a deeply personal level, Jackson really touches on the role music plays in all of o [...]

    13. Mercury Gant climbs aboard his vintage motorcycle & leaves his life behind. Umberto Santana walks out of a bank with $314,000 in stolen cash to start anew. Traveling the same route unknowningly, Gant & Santana cross paths while "flying without wings" in the middle of a tornado. The two sojourners continue together along their road, learning about each other - & more importantly, learning about themselves & the relationships with those they love, have loved or will come to love.An [...]

    14. I'm a long time fan of Joe Jackson, and having just seen him live again I pulled this off the shelf for a reread. He does an excellent job of conveying his love of music, the pursuit of music as a theory, the trials and tribulations of being a struggling musician, Britain in the 50's-70's and the various class divides and the sheer capriciousness of the music industry. It's a fascinating read - engaging and wide ranging. If you like memoirs in general or any of the concepts he touches on I highl [...]

    15. A great songwriter, Joe Jackson may actually be a better essay writer. Most chapters could be stand-alone essatys. His craftsmanship as a songwriter shows through in the expertly constructed chapters that explore pivotal moments in his early musical career. A person favorite appears towards the end when Jackson talks about moving out of a period of depression when he lost interest - and faith? -- in music. What helped turn him around? Hearing a Crowded House song. Hey now!

    16. When you sit back and wonder why they are famous and you are not. Cure for Gravity is another example that the great ones are like you and me with the exception of their focused,unstoppable drive for greatness. This book is a fast read and I was thankful for the road not taken by this book. The difficult road comes off as a positive journey. Love joe!

    17. A glimpse at the early days up till the formation of the Joe Jackson Band. He explains his connection to music, having come from a classical background, then jumping ship to popular music. He spends a lot if time telling the story of how he worked his way as a musician through several bar bands. Interesting book by a guy who is a unique character in the music scene.

    18. Great title. Have to be a fan of Joe to buy this one and it mainly goes into his childhood / young adulthood / breaking in. Interested in hearing about Joe's career? Won't find it here. But I liked it.

    19. Over the last few years, I've really enjoyed memoirs that shed light on the creative process, like Dylan's Chronicles and Steve Martin's Born Standing Up and A Cure for Gravity falls very squarely into this genre. I finished reading A Cure for Gravity today and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    20. I loved this book. Many chapters are really little essays about music and life from the eyes of a musician. It really resonated with me personally and gave me some validation on my own feelings about things he discusses.

    21. This book leaves me- each time I read it- affected. It's not only the story that touches me but the storytelling. I'd recommend that someone read it with no expectations or questions. Just enjoy the ride

    22. Brilliant. Inspiring. Way less misanthropic than what you'd expect from Joe, given his current attitudes towards life. A must for anyone creative.

    23. Ben geen fan van Joe Jackson, maar begon er toevallig in te lezen. En aan een stuk door uitgelezen.Hij schrijft onderhoudend, grappig en intelligent. Veel beschouwingen over muziek. Erg interessant.

    24. Very nice description of what is like to be a working musician before you make it big. A nice autobiography.

    25. Simply the most enjoyable book about music, trying to make it as an a performer and the personal importance of art I've ever read.

    26. His autobiography of sorts. Been a huge fan since I discovered his live two-CD set in college. Should be a great summer read.Years later: keep putting it downed to finish it!!

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