• Title: رباعيات الخيام
  • Author: Omar Khayyám أحمد رامي
  • ISBN: 9770906239
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
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      260 Omar Khayyám أحمد رامي
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    1. Omar Khayyám أحمد رامي

      Arabic Persian Kurdish Omar Khayy m was a Persian polymath, mathematician, philosopher, astronomer, physician, and poet He wrote treatises on mechanics, geography, and music His significance as a philosopher and teacher, and his few remaining philosophical works, have not received the same attention as his scientific and poetic writings Zamakhshari referred to him as the philosopher of the world Many sources have testified that he taught for decades the philosophy of Ibn Sina in Nishapur where Khayy m was born buried and where his mausoleum remains today a masterpiece of Iranian architecture visited by many people every year Outside Iran and Persian speaking countries, Khayy m has had impact on literature and societies through translation and works of scholars The greatest such impact among several others was in English speaking countries the English scholar Thomas Hyde 1636 1703 was the first non Persian to study him The most influential of all was Edward FitzGerald 1809 83 , who made Khayy m the most famous poet of the East in the West through his celebrated translation and adaptations of Khayy m s rather small number of quatrains rubaiyaas in Rub iy t of Omar Khayy m.

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    1. Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, Omar KhayyamOmar Khayyam was born at Naishapur in Khorassan in the latter half of Eleventh, and died within the First Quarter of Twelfth Century. The Slender Story of his Life is curiously twined about that of two other very considerable Figures in their Time and Country: one of whom tells the Story of all Three. This was Nizam ul Mulk, Vizier to Alp Arslan the Son, and Malik Shah the Grandson, of Toghrul Beg the Tartar, who had wrested Persia from the feeble Successor [...]

    2. The Ruba'iyat of Omar Khayyam, Omar Khayyám, Edward FitzGerald (Translator)Written 1120 A.C.E. Omar Khayyam was born at Naishapur in Khorassan in the latter half of Eleventh Century, and died within the First Quarter of Twelfth Century. I Wake! For the Sun, who scatter'd into flight The Stars before him from the Field of Night,Drives Night along with them from Heav'n, and strikes The Sultan's Turret with a Shaft of Light.II Before the phantom of False morning died,Methought a Voice within the T [...]

    3. تا قبل از این کتاب، خیام بیشتر کارکرد ابوسعید ابوالخیر رو داشت: یک اسم، که هر کس هر رباعی ای رو پیدا می کرد و نمی دونست شاعرش کیه، بهش نسبت می داد. رباعیات خیام تا قبل از این کتاب، ملغمه ای عجیب و غریب بود از رباعیات کفرآمیز در کنار رباعیات عرفانی، رباعیات تلخ اندیشانه در کنار رب [...]

    4. I kept thinking about the Rubaiyat last week while I was translating Zep's Happy Sex. I understand that Fitzgerald's translation is extremely non-literal, and almost amounts to a new poem - there is a nice piece by Borges discussing this unusual collaboration between two poets from different cultures and centuries. But what are you supposed to do when you translate poetry? Literal translation seems pointless. I had similar problems while trying to translate Zep's sexy French jokes. If the result [...]

    5. آشنایی من با حکیم، بر می گردد به دوران کودکی. آن دوران که هنوز زیاد از شعر و شاعری نمی دانستم و اگر کتاب خیام، میان آن همه کتاب شعرِ کتابخانه ی پدرم توجه مرا جلب کرد، به خاطر طرح جلد رؤیایی اش بود: نگارگری ای که عده ای منجم دستار به سر را نشان میداد که با حیرت به آسمان سحر انگیزِ ب [...]

    6. The Ruba'iyat of Omar Khayyam, Omar Khayyám, Edward FitzGerald (Translator)Omar Khayyám was a Persian polymath, mathematician, philosopher, astronomer, physician, and poet. He wrote treatises on mechanics, geography, and music. His significance as a philosopher and teacher, and his few remaining philosophical works, have not received the same attention as his scientific and poetic writings. Zamakhshari referred to him as “the philosopher of the world”. Many sources have testified that he t [...]

    7. پر كن قدح باده، كه معلومم نيستكاين دم كه فرو برم برآرم يا نهخیام کیست؟برخی از شاعران ایرانی آنچنان که بوده اند؛ در بین مردم سرزمین ما شناخته نشده اند. بنظر می رسد که دو دلیل اصلی داشته باشد: یکی اینکه عده ای مغرض بطوری عامدانه تلاش کرده اند چهره ای مطابق اعتقادات خودشان از این ش [...]

    8. Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, Omar Khayyám, Sir Edward FitzGerald (Translator)Written 1120 A.C.E. Omar Khayyam was born at Naishapur in Khorassan in the latter half of Eleventh Century, and died within the First Quarter of Twelfth Century. تاریخ نخستین خوانش: سال 1963 میلادی این گلستان مطابق با نسخه ی محمدعلی فروغی ذکاء الملک، همراه با ترجمه ی انگلیسی سر ادوارد فیتز جرالد و ترجمه فران [...]

    9. ماتزال ترجمة رامي أحسن تراجم هذه الرباعيات، وهي كذلك لا تلغي ترجمة أحمد فارس الشدياق، والنجفي والزهاوي ومحمد السباعي، وإن كانت ترجمة السباعي ذات كلمات موحشة مهجورة إلا أن بها رباعيات صورها قوية وغاية في القوة إلا أنها كغيرها اعتمدت على الترجمة الإنجليزية التي قام بها الأدي [...]

    10. درود بر صادق هدایت و یادش گرامی که در این راه، زحمات زیادی کشیده و در جمع آوری اشعار زنده یاد «خیام»، پژوهش فراوان نموده استدوستانِ گرانقدر، در این که زنده یاد «خیام»، فیلسوف و ریاضی دان و ستاره شناس و عالم و گرانقدر بوده، تردید و شکی نیست و در اینکه با موهومات و خرافات مبارزه [...]

    11. حكمة السنين و عربدة التنين و الغى يفهم مينانا يتحدى التخين على اكلة سميناللى يقرأ الكتاب ده فى اطار المعقول هيكفر الشاعر او على الأقل هيتهمه بالزندقهلكن ما هكذا نقرأ الشعر و لا هكذا نتذوق الفنالإعجاز فى المجاز01سمعتُ صوتاً هاتفاً في السّحَر نادى مِن الحانِ : غُفاة البشَر هبّ [...]

    12. In 1942, when my father was in the South Pacific, he asked for only one thing for Christmasis book of poetry. My mother sent it to him with an inscription in the frontispiece which spoke wistfully of days to come. Later, he sent her a photo of him, reading this book, leaning back on a palm tree, with a bottle of wine and a loaf of bread on the cloth beside himon the back of the photo, he wrote, "l I'm missing is thou"Obviously, this book is a family treasure, and I cannot read it without remembe [...]

    13. من ظاهر نیستی و هستی دانممن باطن هر فراز و پستی دانمبا این هـمه از دانش خود شرمم بادگـر مرتبه ای ورای مستی دانم***یاران چو به اتفاق دیدار کنیدباید که ز دوست یاد بسیار کنیدچون باده خوشگوار نوشید به همنوبت چو به ما رسد نگونسار کنید

    14. It wasn't easy to praise wine and create seize the day thought in twelfth century Iran. After a long time that Baghdad has ruled in Iranians land and bullied a nation by the name of religion.A big civilization's being extincted if they no longer use their own alphabet and writing in Arabic has been highly suggested!Now it's high time that an autonomous Persian government is being established which could revitalise the faded culture of past. In Rubaiyat there's a high sense of nostalgia towards o [...]

    15. عمر الخيام :) واضح جدا من اشعاره انه كان من الدهريين المؤمنين بالله و بالاسلام و القرآن (لكن بيأولوا معانيه و احكامه على هواهم) ، و الغير مؤمنين بالبعث و الحساب و الجنة و النار ،الشيطان عندهم ارقى و افضل من الانسان ماديين لأقصى حد و الخمر و النساء و الأموال و اللذة القريبة هي [...]

    16. خیام را خیلی دوست دارم، اولین آشنایی من با خیام از راه استاد هژار (مترجم رباعیات خیام به کردی) بود، واقعا طوری ترجمه‌ اش کرده که حس میکنی خیام به زبان کردی رباعیاتش را سروده‌ است! بعدا شروع کردم که رباعیات را به فارسی بخوانم و هنوزم میخوانمشون چون واقعا بی‌نظیرن.یه بار در روز [...]

    17. اللهم إني عرفتك على مبلع إمكاني فاغفر لي ، فإن معرفتي إياك وسيلتي إليك

    18. I feel a bit awkward reviewing a book this short, so I’ll keep my review short as well. There are some very fine verses here, especially good to read before a night of drunken foolery. Although FitzGerald’s translation is known for being somewhat inaccurate, I wouldn’t even consider trading it for a more scrupulous edition. Instead, why not view the poems as an artistic collaboration between two great poets, across time and space?When small-minded tin-eared scholarsTake a look at his verse [...]

    19. Omar Khayyam (Ghiyāth ad-Dīn Abu'l-Fatḥ ʿUmar ibn Ibrāhīm al-Khayyām Nīshāpūrī: 1048 - 1131), born in Nishapur, educated in Samarkand and professionally active in Bukhara, was a brilliant mathematician, astronomer and philosopher who wrote poetry during the last years of his life,(*) when, after his patrons were killed or removed from power towards the end of the Seljuk sultanate and while new waves of Turkic tribes were breaking over the crumbling walls of Central Asian cities, he g [...]

    20. از منزل کفر تا به دین ، یک نفس استوز عالم شک تا به یقین ، یک نفس استاین یک نفس عزیز را خوش میدارکز حاصل عمر ما همین یک نفس است

    21. If you were ever to compile the different odes to alcohol (there are likely to be very many in different languages and dialects, recited in different stages of inebriation), then this would have to rank right at the very top. The beauty and wonder with which Omar Khayyam has constructed his poem is a joy to behold. The comparisons stun you, for you'd have never seen it that way before. You almost get the feeling that you're sitting in one of those taverns in Arabia, that we so often see in movie [...]

    22. الخيام فيلسوف ضل في مسألة القدر فهو جبري النزعة يظن أن الله قد جبر الناس على المعاصي فلا يحق له أو من الظلم أن يسألهم عن ذلك، وهذا ما جعله لا يستنكف عن شرب الخمر والتباهي بها والدعوة إليها، لكنني أجد في رباعياته بضع أبيات توحي بأنه قد رجع عن هذا، ولعله فعل، غير أن فتنتة القدر ب [...]

    23. صفا لك اليوم ورقّ النسيموجال في الأزهار دمع الغيومورجّع البلبل ألحانهيقول هيّا اطرب وخلِّ الهموميعود السبب الأول في اختياري لهذا الكتاب هو مسلسل أم كلثوم حيث شاهدته مؤخّراً، وأعجبني ولعها في غناء القصائد. حيث قال لها الشيخ أبو العلا محمد وهي لا زالت صبيّة صغيرة في بداية مشو [...]

    24. كنت أتوقع أن تكون أفضل من هذا، لكنها على العموم جيدة. في رباعيات الخيام تجد الكثير من الحكمة، وحب الخمر، وحب الدنيا، وبعض رباعيات تدل على إنتمائه للجبرية، هي مزيج جيد من كل شيء. يغلب على الرباعيات طابع حزين، يبدو أن هذا تأثير أحمد رامي -المترجم- كما ذكر في أن خبر وفاة أخيه وصله [...]

    25. مجموعة انتقاها أحمد رامي بدراسة مدققة معتنية وبحدس شاعر من رباعيات عمر الخيام. تلك الروح الكبيرة التي لم يبق من آثارها سوى سطور بثها حيرته وغربته. ترجم رامي الرباعيات عن الفارسية مباشرة إلى العربية شعرا. وقد صدر عن هذا الكتاب أكثر من خمس وعشرين طبعة أولها في القاهرة في صيف عا [...]

    26. And when like her, oh Saki, you shall passAmong the Guests Star-scatter'd on the Grass,And in your joyous errand reach the spotWhere I made One-turn down an empty Glass! *Heading to the bar in all drunkenness of Khayyam's swiveling wisdom*

    27. !!عجيب أمر عمر الخيام ?من ذا الذي يجمع بين الشعر والفلك والرياضيات والكيميياء والفلسفة أعجوبة القرن ال11 دون منازع <3 !الغريب في أمر رباعياته هو أنها لا تتناسب مع شخصيته

    28. I first read this as a child of maybe 11-12 and could make neither head nor tail out of it. But the book (which belonged to my great-uncle) had impressive illustrations for each quatrain, and this drew me in. It was only much later that I could appreciate the beauty of Fitzgerald's language (yes, I am talking about the Fitzgerald translation, which I understand is almost an original work by itself).Awake! For the sun in the bowl of nightHas flung the stone which puts the stars to flight;And lo! [...]

    29. عندما ذهبت لشراء اشعار عمر الخيام أخبرني صاحب المكتبة بأن أفضل ترجمة هي لأحمد الصافي النجفي وبعد الشراء ابقيت الكتاب عندي دون فتحه الى أن انهيت رواية سمر قند عندها لم اتمالك نفسي اذ كنت متشوقة جداً لقراءة الأشعار. عندما بدأت القراءة وجدت أن الرباعيات لها موسيقى جميلة جداً كا [...]

    30. Her sabah yeni bir gün doğarken,Bir gün de eksilir ömürden;Her şafak bir hırsız gibidir Elinde bir fenerle gelen.

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