Glacial Period For the first time in the US ComicsLit brings over the latest enfant terrible of European comics a mad genius and for the first time the Louvre museum is involved in a co edition of a series of gr

  • Title: Glacial Period
  • Author: Nicolas de Crécy
  • ISBN: 9781561634835
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
  • For the first time in the US, ComicsLit brings over the latest enfant terrible of European comics, a mad genius, and for the first time, the Louvre museum is involved in a co edition of a series of graphic novels There will be four and each will be a vision of this great museum by a different artist De Cr cy, at the sight of the incredible richness of the museum s collecFor the first time in the US, ComicsLit brings over the latest enfant terrible of European comics, a mad genius, and for the first time, the Louvre museum is involved in a co edition of a series of graphic novels There will be four and each will be a vision of this great museum by a different artist De Cr cy, at the sight of the incredible richness of the museum s collection was overwhelmed and felt small and ignorant The result is a story set thousands of years hence in a glacial period where all human history has been forgotten and a small group of archeologists fall upon the Louvre, buried in age old snow They cannot begin to explain all the artifacts they see What could they have meant Their interpretations are nonsense, absurd, farcical.

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      467 Nicolas de Crécy
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    1. Nicolas de Crécy

      Nicolas de Cr cy est n en 1966 Lyon Apr s un bac Arts Appliqu s Marseille en 1984, il suit pendant trois ans les Beaux Arts d Angoul me en section bande dessin e Effectuant divers travaux dans le dessin anim tels que d corateur chez Disney en 1990, il publie en octobre 1991 Foligatto sur un sc nario de Alexio Tjoyas aux Humano des Associ s Cet album recevra le Prix du meilleur dessinateur au festival d Athis Mons, le Prix des libraires Gen ve et le Prix du Lion Centre Belge de la bande dessin e Para t ensuite, en collaboration avec Sylvain Chomet, L on la came en 1995, unanimement salu par la critique, qui recevra le Grand Prix de la ville de Sierre cette m me ann e, suivi de Laid, pauvre et malade en 1997, couronn lui aussi par l Alph Art du meilleur album Angoul me en 1998 Le dernier volet de cette trilogie, Priez pour nous, est paru au printemps 98, toujours chez Casterman.

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    1. Здавалося б, графічний роман на вісімдесят сторінок, але в них влізли:* постапокаліптика - людство живе у засніженому світі, що його лишилося по собі глобальне потепління;* сурвайвал горор а-ля "Терор" - дослідники сунуть невідомо куди крізь буревії, а під отим заметом чатує Щ [...]

    2. Sadly, it fails to deliver on its fascinating premise. It would be interesting to see what future archaeologists would make of us from our museums, but that isn't really what we get here. Only a few pages even attempt to address that, and I'm not sure that any of the conclusions drawn on the page would be reasonably drawn in real life. Why would an archaeologist assume that an art gallery means a civilization hasn't mastered writing yet, particularly when some of the art works are labeled? Most [...]

    3. Is hulk a pig or a dog? Duh, he's an archeologist. But still, come on, just answer the question. Is he a pig or a dog? A dog?I spent the first ten or so pages of a book really stressed out about that particular question (the Pig vs Dog question.) It turns out Hulk really is a dog, but a few pages after I felt confident about that fact, I discover that he is a pig too! Genetically modified pig-dog who uses his sniffer to carbon date all forms of artifact. He also speaks fluently and becomes a mes [...]

    4. Masalsı bir gelecek senaryosu Buzul Çağı. Çok uzun zaman sonra kayıp bir kıta olmuş olan avrupaya giden kaşiflerin macerası.

    5. This has an odd and amusing premise with really lovely artwork. Most people, based on the low overall rating, appear to not like it much, though I haven't read any reviews yet to see why. Maybe because it is that odd premise, which is that global warming has pretty much destroyed the planet and we see archaeologists a century in the future apparently exploring in the arctic, or on another planet, but no, it is here and they are looking for ancient buildings, such as The Louvre, which they in fac [...]

    6. An obese dog archeologist and various humans seek the ruins of the Louvre beneath the post-climate-collapse ice. Weirdly, it was commissioned by the Louvre itself, as part of an initiative to get new comics artists to interpret their collection, so it's full of classic paintings being entirely misinterpreted by a future attempting to learn everything about our civilization from a purely classical, painted record. Nicolas de Crecy is one of the better people who I've found purely via random issue [...]

    7. I'm kind of torn by this book, on one hand the premise sounded great but it didn't really meet it and the language is a little funny/stilted/just doesn't feel right while on the other hand I did still find it interesting and the art work is amazing. There was also significant bits of this that didn't get explained including the pig dogs/dog pigs and the talking statues and other art in the museum (this confused me so much I read the book twice to try and find out what was going on!). I don't kno [...]

    8. Fikir çok güzel, çizimler şahane ama öykü anlatımı zayıf. Yani aslında tipik bir Fransız çizgi romanı.

    9. I'm not sure how I feel about this one. The premise was really unusual and intriguing. Global warming destroys most of humanity and our culture is forgotten, covered by glaciers. A group of archaeologists stumble upon the Louvre, covered with ice, and since all human culture was lost, they try to figure out what our lives were like by looking at and interpreting the paintings. Wow!The problem was th execution. The dialogue was stilted and uncomfortable, and there was a lot of unexplained things [...]

    10. I had such high hopes for this graphic novel. The premise was fascinating to me: the time is earth in the distant future and humans have survived another ice age. A group of explorers come upon the Louvre, buried in snow. These archeologists use the Louvre itself and the artifacts (paintings, statues etc) they find there to try to make sense of us as a civilization. And, to be honest, the parts of the book where the archeologists were making assumptions about what we're like as a people based on [...]

    11. In the novel Glacial Period by Nicolas De Crecy a pig named Mr. Hulk traveled through the snow and fell through it. The setting of the story fits the story by showing explorers who were once there. The characters are believable because the period of time did take place back then. The way are important characters spoke and dress was different from the way we speak. The character stayed the same as well as made decisions that helped them grow. People had to learn how to survive on a galcer which h [...]

    12. Historia bonita, graciosa, ingeniosa, analítica, delirante, bien dibujada, bien desarrollada, bien cerrada. Pero, con nosequés que hicieron que me quedara con ganas de más. No de más páginas, o de una segunda parte (aunque seguramente tampoco le haría asco si apareciese), sino con ganas de que me transmitiera algo más. Quizás tiene que ver con mi ignorancia artística y mi poco conocimiento sobre las obras de arte referenciadas, que son muchas. Quizás sólo con que lo leí medio a las a [...]

    13. Another disappointing graphic novel. The pictures just don't tell me enough about the story, and neither does the text. If this were an action story, I think I would have enjoyed it. But a more thoughtful story, such as this one seems to be, requires, I think, more text to get the more abstract ideas across. Sorry, but pictures just don't do it for me.The premise intrigued me. Archaeologists a thousand years into the future, when the ice age has returned, misinterpret artifacts from our 21st cen [...]

    14. A very interesting idea, beautifully illustrated, superficially executed.A shame because the question of how archeologists would study our civilisation in a few millennia is so poorly answered.

    15. Lovely art, which would probably have looked better in a bigger format. Quite an original story, perhaps too short: it felt to me there should have been more of it.

    16. Takové váhavé 4 hvězdičky. Crécyho styl mi sedí, přestože nevím, jestli jej úplně chápu. Konec byl již bohužel trochu mimo mě.

    17. I'm not sure what kind of researcher would read the name Delacroix written above a painting and then turn around and make the claim that the civilization that produced the artwork must have been illiterate. If they were illiterate, how could there be writing? I understand that this is a work of satire, but something seemingly as trivial as this actually throws the whole thing off, taking us out of the story and forcing us to deal with a logical leap made by the author, not the characters. The en [...]

    18. Doporučení od kolegy, co učí dějiny umění, znamená, že půjde hlavně o ilustrace. Ty byly teda značně depresivní, v šedých tónech. Po obsahové stránce je to do první třetiny nuda, kdy čekáte, co přijde. A pak jedno velké panejo a užíváte si každý obrázek, díky kterému si osvěžujete své poznatky z výtvarky nebo z návštěvy Louvru. Shauna Tana ale zatím nikdo nepředčil ;)

    19. Trippy far-future (maybe post-apocalyptic) comic detailing the adventures of humans and some genetically engineered talking pigdogs on an archeological expedition during a future ice age. They rediscover the Louvre, and learn that all the art is alive? I guess I want to read something else by this author?

    20. Bleh.Interesting art, crap of a story. I've seen better storylines in a bowl of alphabet soupbut the artwork was nice, the use of colors and lines was powerfuld that such a poor story was clothed with such fine eye-candy.

    21. müthiş bir düşünce ve iyi çizgiler birarada fakat hikaye için aynı şeyi söyleyemeyeceğim. hikaye fikrin yanında heyecan verici olmaktan uzak.

    22. More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/This is the second book I've read in the Louvre Series (published by the museum featuring graphic novel artists inspired by art inside). As with the other book (An Enchantment) I can't help but feel there is a good story here that somehow either gets sidetracked or bogged down by being 'inspired' by the Louvre.In Glacial Period, an exploration expedition is crossing a European landscape blighted by a global climate shift a thousand y [...]

    23. The first time I saw Nicolas De Crecy’s work was when one of my best friends came back from a European trip in the early 90’s with sketch books he had purchased of a new young French cartoonist. Flipping through them I was mesmerized by such a strong vision. De Crecy’s characters were both realistic and stylized in the same line. This was an artist that was closer to Egon Schiele than his contemporary brethren. The way he drew figures really showed you a glimpse of who they were. Most arti [...]

    24. I wasn't sure what to expect the premise sounded intriguing: the Louvre partners with various writers and artists to produce new works that use the Louvre and it's artistic treasures as theme or inspiration.In Glacial Period, de Crecy envisions our world frozen under a new ice age. A mixed band of humans and genetically modified dogs is on an expedition to find an ancient city. What they stumble on is the Louvre, buried in ice and still housing many of it's treasures.I quite enjoyed how de Crecy [...]

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