Montana Dog Soldier Booted from the army after sustaining a shrapnel injury that left him with a limp Joseph Kujo Kuntz is angry with himself and the world and forced to start over with the injured military dog Six tha

  • Title: Montana Dog Soldier
  • Author: Elle James
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  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Booted from the army after sustaining a shrapnel injury that left him with a limp, Joseph Kujo Kuntz is angry with himself and the world, and forced to start over with the injured military dog Six that saved his life Kujo accepts a job with Brotherhood Protectors in the Crazy Mountains of Montana, hoping to find new purpose and come to terms with his losses FollowingBooted from the army after sustaining a shrapnel injury that left him with a limp, Joseph Kujo Kuntz is angry with himself and the world, and forced to start over with the injured military dog Six that saved his life Kujo accepts a job with Brotherhood Protectors in the Crazy Mountains of Montana, hoping to find new purpose and come to terms with his losses Following a lead that an ISIS faction is near Eagle Rock, Montana, training to launch terrorist attacks, FBI agent Molly Greenbrier thinks she s on wild goose chase She operating a drone, pretending to be a photographer for a GPS mapping company, when she s attacked in the mountains and left for dead Discovered by former military service dog Six and his owner, Molly is taken to the owner s cabin where he administers first aid Now targeted by the faction, Molly is in danger Kujo informs his new boss of the situation and is assigned as Molly s protector until the team can neutralize the source of the threat Determined to complete her mission, Molly accepts Kujo and Six s protection and discovers an electric connection to the cantankerous former soldier Together they struggle to locate the faction while fighting their burgeoning desire.

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    1. Elle James

      Award winning author Elle James grew up as an air force military brat She received her work ethic from her rock solid father, her creative streak from her artistic mother and inspiration from her writing partner and sister, Delilah Devlin As a former member of the army reserves and a current member of the air force reserves, she s traveled across the United States and to Germany, managed a full time job, and raised three wonderful children She and her husband have even tried their hands at ranching exotic birds ostriches, emus and rheas in the Texas hill country Ask her, and she ll tell you what it s like to go toe to toe with an angry three hundred and fifty pound bird and live to tell about it Her adventures in the army and air force reserves, and the wild antics of her life on a small ranch in Texas give her fodder for mystery, suspense and humor in her writing Elle writes gothic, paranormal mystery for the Harlequin Intrigue line and paranormal romantic comedy for Dorchester Publishing A former manager of computer programming and project management professionals, Elle is happy she now has the opportunity to pursue her writing full time.

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    1. This story is part of Ms James’s series, Brotherhood Protectors. Rest assured that it’s a stand alone. I have not read the previous books, and had no problems .In this one, our main characters are ex-Delta Forces Kujo, Molly, an FBI agent new to field work, and we must not forget Six, the ex-Army dog.While serving , Kujo suffered physical and personal injuries, and was medically discharged 3 years ago. He lives an isolated life as a mountain man. He has lost friends in the war, his teammates [...]

    2. Just Okay "Montana Dog Soldier" might better have been titled "Molly and the Montana Dog Soldier." Former Delta Force soldier, Kujo (short for Kuntz, Joe) and his canine partner, Six, had both been medically discharged due to injuries incurred in Afghanistan. Part of the plot revolves around how Kujo and Six were reunited after being discharged at different times. Almost immediately following their reunion, the duo save the life of an FBI agent who was seriously injured while fleeing her attacke [...]

    3. Montana Dog SoldierIt was pretty good, just a little too short. I like Elle James' work, I just wish her books were longer. The wrap up at the end was too quick. Six stole the show though, so that's alright.

    4. Joe Kuntz, Kujo to his team mates, has fallen off the grid. When an injury got him discharged from Delta, he had to leave his friends and hi war dog, Six, behind. Now essentially hermit in the mountains his life is simple and lonely. But when he is tracked down by former team-mates with a job offer and more importantly that Six needs him.Molly is on her first real solo fieldwork mission. She came across intel of an ISIS training camp in Montana and with resources stretched, she was granted autho [...]

    5. >Book Review – Montana Dog Soldiers>I am an independent reviewer. This book is the 6th in the Brotherhood Protector series and ends in an HEA. Even though I’ve never read the previous 5 books in this series, the book was easy to follow and didn’t rely on the past books to make sense.>Joe was involved in a career ending explosion in the military. His dog, Six, was able to continue to work for a while. Joe, suffering from PTSD, became a recluse for 3 years until old buddies talked h [...]

    6. I voluntarily ARC for honest review. This story take place from Texas toCrazy Mountain, Montana for ex-Army Delta Force Joseph "Kugo"Kuntz, after he and combat war dog Six, where they were injured in a secret mission that went FUBAR. They went they separate way, Kujo sent home and Six(GSD) went on to new handlers. Two of ex-!Army Delta Force brothers , Bear and Duke. They told about the "BROTHERHOOD PROTECTORS" owner by Hank Peterson. Kujo is reunioned with Six.FBI Agent Molly Greenbriar with no [...]

    7. 4 StarsMontana Dog Soldier is a good story with strong female and male leads. Joe aka Kujo is the male hero along with his German Shepherd Six, they are both retired military but being Delta Force makes him never fully retired. Kujo and Six are the newest members of Brotherhood Protectors. Molly is an FBI agent out in the Crazy Mountains of Montana to find a terrorist training camp, when she is left for dead, Kujo and Six will save her life. Kujo and Molly have a love hate relationship at first [...]

    8. This is a great series!Montana Dog Soldier is the sixth book in the Brotherhood Protector series but each story stands alone and you won't feel lost if you don't read the others first. The other books are really good, though, so I recommend reading them.The story starts out three years in the past and lets us know how Joseph "Kujo" Kuntz was injured. Next, we learn what Kujo is doing now – which isn't much. Things gain steam pretty quickly after his former teammates find him and recruit him to [...]

    9. Molly Greenbriar, an FBI agent, is in the Crazy Mountains to hunt for information about a possible ISIS camp located there. Joseph Kuntz a.k.a. Kujo was released from the army after a bad injury. He lost his dog, Six and his job when the bomb went off that caused his injuries. He recovered but not completely. He became a hermit until his buddies mentioned that Six needed him and offered them both a job with the Brotherhood Protectors.Molly meets Six first and he is much friendlier to her than hi [...]

    10. Montana Dog Soldier (Brotherhood Protectors Book 6) by Elle James Joseph "Kujo" Kuntz a Military Dog handler sustained a shrapnel injury that left him with a limp, it forced him to leave the Army, His Military Dog Six, and his team. He lives in the bush for a couple years, angry with the worldThen he finds out that his injured military dog “Six” is now up for adoption. He picks up Six and accepts a job with Brotherhood Protectors in the Crazy Mountains of Montana, hoping to find new purpose [...]

    11. Loved this book! Kujo is a Delta operator with a dog partner when his is seriously injured in a blast and loses his career and his dog in a single moment. After recovering, he escapes to the mountains to nurse his wounds. He stays there for years and only leaves after two of his Delta brothers find him to see if he wants his dog back and to offer him a job with them in Montana. The dog is scheduled to be euthanized as no one else is able to work with him or manage him. Almost before he knows it, [...]

    12. Kujo and his military dog, Six, have been separated after Kujo was severely injured in an explosion 2 years ago. When he was healing and trying ti find himself again, Six was taken away and used in other deployments. When two of Kujo's friends find him in an isolated cabin in Montana and tell him that Six was also injured and is about to be put down because he in not adoptable, Kujo goes to get him and, together, they start to heal. Meanwhile, Molly, a new FBI agent is in the same mountains, try [...]

    13. Montana Dog Soldier by Elle JamesBook 6 in the series. Stands alone.Economic conditions, job loss, financial disasters or extreme stress can lead good men to bad. They can become desperate, do stupid things and lash out.Rumor has it that there is a terrorist cell operating training in the mountains of Montana. The FBI has sent Molly to investigate. Joe just moved to Montana for a new security job with his recently reunited Army service dog. He is soon working with and protecting Molly to find th [...]

    14. This book was excellant. This is my first book by Ms. James and I wasn't disappointed! This book shows how our country forgets about our wounded veterans and service dogs. It was so great that Kujo pulled himself together to save his service dog 6 from being put down. after two members of his old unit found him in the mountains and offered him a job with the Brotherhood Protectors. 6 is a great dog. It was so great how he bonded with Molly when he meet her in the forest.Molly an undercover FBI a [...]

    15. Kujo, Six & Molly ♡Action, danger, wounded veterans, suspense and redemption. Joe or Kujo, to his team mates, moved off grid after being wounded on a tour in the Army, and sent home to the US. His partner on the team, his military dog Six, needs him now. After being reunited, and partially saving each other, Molly comes into their lives needing help and protection. Molly is in the middle of some solo fieldwork on an FBI investigation, when things head south for her. In the middle of all th [...]

    16. Wow, this book is amazing. Molly is an FBI agent on her first assignment Kujo is a retired soldier who was injured on a mission. Now Kujo and his wounded dog Six are learning to live in retirement. The chemistry and attraction between Molly and Kujo is there from the start. From the time Kujo rescues Molly from a attempted on her life things start to unravel pretty fast. But when Molly get abducted Kujo and Six will do all they can to save her before it's to late I received an arc for my honest [...]

    17. A Must Read.With each new investigator the team at Brotherhood Protectors get better and better. When Kugo gets injured his military career is over and so is his partnership with his battle dog Six. After living the life of a hermit for 3 years, 2 of his former teammates come to convince him to adopt Six as his military life is over too. He moves to Montana to join Brotherhood Protectors. Molly has convinced her FBI boss to let her investigate the possibility of an ISIS training camp in the Eagl [...]

    18. I received an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review. I am a huge fan of ex-military heroes who rescue the women they love. This book did not disappoint. And when you throw in a loyal working dog, well, that was the icing on the cake. With a "ripped from current events" plot, the story was extremely fast paced and scarily believable. A lot of "right place at the right time" scenarios came close to taking me out of the intense storyline because some of them were almost too coincidental. Ove [...]

    19. I received an ARC of this book and although I have not read the first five books in this series I most definitely will now! This is a stand alone HEA story that pulls you in from the start. The characters Joe "Kujo" is a former Delta, Molly is FBI and new to field work and Six is a retired military dog ( whom you fall in love with from the beginning). No spoilers here but if you like the adventure of finding terrorist in the mountains of the US and Heroes who fall in love, then this story is for [...]

    20. Once leaving the military due to an injury, Joe "Kujo" cut himself off from real life until his Military dog is retired and is going to be put down. By saving Six, Joe saves himself and returns to the land of the living. Molly is an undercover FBI agent trying to locate ISIS in the mountains. Sparks fly when Joe and Molly come together for a story. The twits and turns that take place and the chemistry between Joe and Molly make this book worth reading. I now need to go back and read the first bo [...]

    21. 4.5 Stars The Brotherhood Protectors series is absolutely wonderful, and this book is a terrific addition. Kujo (Joe) and Molly, along with Joe’s ‘soldier dog’ Six, have an undeniable bond that begins with Joe saving Molly and continues to grow over time. Elle James’s is one of those writers that pulls you into her stories and won’t let you go until the very end. And there’s always an HEA that will make you sign, smile and close the book with a satisfied smile.

    22. Montana Dog Soldier (Brotherhood Protectors Book 6) by Elle JamesThis is Joseph "Kujo" Kuntz, and Molly Greenbriar's story. Also, we can't forget Six, the service dog. Kujo and Six are retired from the military and trying to find a new purpose in life. Then Molly comes into their life. I loved this full of action, suspenseful, hot, and steamy romance. This is a must read! FYI, contains mature content.  I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

    23. Fast-paced entry in the Brotherhood Protectors series. Former Delta Force operator and dog handler Kujo is ready to work again. Worse, when he finds out that his war dog Six is about to be euthanized, he rescues him. When he arrives in Montana, he and Six areready to be a pair of Protectors.His first assignment is to protect a woman who literally falls in his path. She turns out to be much more. The assignment is a lot more, too. Of course, Six is the best character in the story.

    24. Good storyCanine trading Bing for military dogs is intense and permanent in most cases. The animals are put with their soldier trainer and Will only obey those commands. Six, fortunately, was found by his former trainer and adopted for life. These dogs are as much a member of our military as the men and women wearing the uniform. They are heroes.

    25. Another fantastic book. Kujo suffered shaprnel for a war injury and as a handler had to leave Six (war dog) behind with a new handler. Molly is an FBI agent sent to check on rumors of an ISIS group around Crazy Mountain near Bear Creek. She gets a little too close and ends up have Kujo rescue her and ends up being her bodyguard. There's love scenes but also plenty of action. Loved this book.

    26. This is the first of the Brotherhood Protectors books that I've read and I'll definitely be reading more of them. Loved the two main human characters, Kujo and Molly. And who couldn't help falling in love with Six. This is definitely a book worth reading - could hardly put it down to go to sleep. This is my honest review in exchange for a gifted copy of the book.

    27. I received and voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. This is book 6 in the Brotherhood Protectors series and is a stand alone book with a wonderful HEA. I recommend this book to all lovers of hot soldiers. It is a wonderful story and I did not want it to end. Looking forward to the next book in the series. Love them all.

    28. Just okI couldn’t give this more than 3 stars because I found a lot of the dialogue to be unrealistic. I’ve read quite a few SEAL and Special forces books to know that these teams are a bit more alpha male then the men in this book. The plot seemed good but the execution was lacking.

    29. Good readHunky, sexy, ex-military dog soldier meets sassy, independent, sexy, FBI agent. It's her first field assignment and she gets in way over her head the first day. He just wants to be left alone with his retired bomb sniffing dog, but the dog goes to her rescue and the danger and mystery is on. Highly recommend.

    30. great character development and made the reader feel invested with the story in the first few chapters, which only a good writer can accomplish. I recommend this book if you want to be entertained with an emotional page turner which centers on a vet's journey back from the hell of war .

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