Uh oh For any toddler who s caused a bit of trouble by mistake this book has a surprise with each page turn Revealing a day in the life of a rambunctious child in bold bright pastels Rachel Isadora uses

  • Title: Uh-oh!
  • Author: Rachel Isadora
  • ISBN: 9780152057657
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For any toddler who s caused a bit of trouble by mistake, this book has a surprise with each page turn Revealing a day in the life of a rambunctious child in bold, bright pastels, Rachel Isadora uses just one word to set the scene Whether it s breakfast that ends up all over everything Uh oh or ice cream that falls to the ground, or the wrong person falling asleep at For any toddler who s caused a bit of trouble by mistake, this book has a surprise with each page turn Revealing a day in the life of a rambunctious child in bold, bright pastels, Rachel Isadora uses just one word to set the scene Whether it s breakfast that ends up all over everything Uh oh or ice cream that falls to the ground, or the wrong person falling asleep at bedtime, each spread is guaranteed to inspire giggles.

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    1. Rachel Isadora

      Rachel Isadora is an award winning children s author and illustrator She has written children s books on multiple topics including ballet, life in America and Africa, and has illustrated several Brother Grimm tales in an African setting She is most well known for her Caldecott Honor Award book Ben s Trumpet She was a ballet dancer before she became an illustrator and children s writer.

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    1. Title: Uh-OhAuthor: Rachel IsadoraGenre: Fiction Theme: Predictable, patternOpening line/sentence: First page: “Diaper” and an image of the child in a diaper. Second page: “uh-oh” the child made a mess.Brief Book Summary: The book follows an African American toddler throughout his day as he does various tasks and ends up getting into mischief with everything he does. The reader is invited to discover what the mess will be on each page and join the toddler in saying “uh-oh”Professiona [...]

    2. Isadora's illustrations are charming as always. The pictures of daily events--diaper changing, breakfast, the arrival of a kitty-cat--are appealing and something both little ones and caregivers can relate to!Good for toddler storytimes as the pictures are big enough that it's clear why each situation warrants an "Uh-oh!"

    3. Rejoice, parents and everyone else who reads to toddlers. Rachel Isadora is back doing toddler books and this one (along with Peekaboo Morning) have all of the charm of her earlier toddler books, plus a bounce and action of their own.

    4. Love, love this book. My son loves the suspense each familiar page brings. The illestrations are vibrant and alive. We got it from the library and we will probably buy it.

    5. Baby/toddler book about all kinds of "uh-oh"s like painting on the wall and dumping breakfast food on his head.

    6. This is an easy-read book about many different Uh-oh's we make as kids.This was a cute book, for a toddler.I wouldn't use this in a class, maybe at daycare though. If I were to use it, I would probably want it to resolve itself, but I think it has potential to make little ones act up just to say "Uh-Oh".

    7. Ok for toddler time. Repeating phrase. Most of the story depends on understanding the "uh-oh" in the pictures and I'm not sure the kids will be able to, both because of their age and because of the size of the pictures.

    8. My toddler loves this book. It is the first one he has ever asked for by name. Every night since we checked it out of the library last week I've asked him what he wants to read as his bedtime story and he replies, "Uh-oh!" and pulls it out of the bin. I think he enjoys looking at the pictures of a little boy the same age as him (and I like that it's a dark-skinned child since storybooks are still so dominated by images of white children). Sure, this book makes light of some things like coloring [...]

    9. Uh-oh! by Rachel Isadora follows the accidents, mishaps and messes of one toddler.Isadora's colorful illustrations were done in pastels. My favorite images are cover, verso, breakfast mess, getting dressed, toys, ice cream, and sleepy reader.Using less than twenty words, Isadora shows lots of typical toddler mischief during a day. While some of the action is cute, or could be a real accident, the drawing on the wall with crayons seems deliberate misbehavior. Throwing sand is unacceptable behavio [...]

    10. This was a story time read today. Not a favorite for me. First of all, all the uh ohs got Natalie upset. Something about that word she has associated with doing something wrong, which technically she was right about in this book. Which is the other reason I didn't like it. It showed the toddler being naughty again and again, but it didn't say no or anything else, just uh oh all cute like. While a couple naughty messes a day are cute, a child who actually did all of this would not be cute anymore [...]

    11. Summary: As an African American toddler keeps getting into mischief throughout the day, the reader is invited to discover what the trouble is with each page-turn and to say "uh-oh."Great for toddlers. Each page show the toddler doing something like sitting in his/her chair eating food. "Breakfast." Turn the page, and the child has poured the food all over his head. "Uh-oh!" Good for encouraging children to talk, "What is the child doing in this picture or what do you see." Or the adult describes [...]

    12. Uh-oh! is the second Rachel Isadora book Harriet chose recently at the library. This one she read to me (twice!) in the car on the way home.The book is about a toddler who is having a day full of "Uh-oh" moments. Each page shows a before and an after. For instance, there's a bowl on the food and then it's on his head. So on and so forth, each one done with adorable, life-like illustrations.For Harriet who is so desperately trying to prove herself ready for kindergarten but can still remember her [...]

    13. This book told of a little boy and what he did throughout the day like eat breakfast and play in his toy box. It was a very simple story about how he can make a mess with everything he does throughout the day. I did not like this book because it was such a simple book and had no plot line whatsoever. It also had no reason for the messes. I would not use this book in my class unless I taught little babies in preschool or something because this book has such a low reading level. It would be a good [...]

    14. I'm not sure what to think of this book. It seems to be encouraging things that I discourage with my son. (pulling all of the wipes out of the dispenser box, dumping his cereal bowl on his head, drawing on the walls with crayons, throwing sand) Of course, after each of these things happen, there is a big "UH-OH!", but it seems to me that the book is making a 'funny' out of things that should be corrected. Yes, it might be funny when a child dumps their cereal on their head, but you shouldn't lau [...]

    15. This book grabbed my attention as its cover reminded me of Sophie's recent visit. A child about Sophie's age has a bowl of food on its head and the title words uh-oh! are prominently displayed. Sophie is anything but a neat eater, and is just learning to say "uh-oh!" This is the book for her! Not many words, but lots of bright and colorful pictures showing the perils of being a toddler. "Breakfast. Uh-oh!" "Ice cream. Uh-oh!" The featured child is an African American and very sweetly drawn.

    16. This picture book comes from the award winning author, Rachel Isadora. After living in Africa for a few years, she goes on writing tales and picture books from her experiences there.This book does wonder for word work with pattern phrases to help with Emergent Readers. It is the story of the ups and downs of being a toddler. This little guy has many uh-ohs throughout the day with ice cream, a sandbox, and more. It is a great picture book with fun happenings along the way.

    17. I read this to my 5 year old and she loved following along with the predictable "Uh-oh!" that came after every mess that the baby made. Kids will relate to this book since the baby featured is involved in all of the same situations that they probably find themselves in everyday. Each page has only one or two words and the illustrations add enormous personality to the book. This book would be a huge hit as a toddler read aloud or as a short bedtime book for your little one.

    18. This very simple book with the repetition of the phrase “uh-oh” captures it’s audience with great illustration about the messes and mishaps in daily routines. Young listeners are being introduced to how stories work and this almost wordless books allows the caregiver an opportunity to expand on this story. Messy Fun!Early Literacy Skills:Narrative SkillsPhonological AwarenessPrint AwarenessPrint Motivation

    19. Vibrant images and a cute plot. The story has slightly more appeal to adults than the very young though who may not quite get the mischief the little one is getting intoce and repetitive for toddlers who are up to participating since they can chant "uh oh!" as the story goes along. Younger children only.

    20. This book is about a toddler who makes a mess out of everything. Everything he touches turns into an "uh-oh".I was not a huge fan of this book because it just goes through a series of objects then shows how he messes it up. It's not very engaging.I don't think I would use this book at all because it doesn't show the process of how any of the objects became an uh-ohjust that they did.

    21. This book promotes phonological awareness with the repetition of the word Uh Oh! A toddler goes through all kinds of activities and each ends with an uh-oh situation, including the final uh-oh when his grandfather falls asleep reading him a book. It would be fun to ask kids to predict what the next uh-oh is going to be.

    22. What baby or toddler doesn't like the work "Uh-oh?" This book was also grabbed by a toddler as soon as I finished reading it. 2/20/13This was a huge hit with the adults at least, and had on toddler saying "Uh-oh!" too. (Used for an African American characters Lap Time) . 2/24/15Used again!

    23. As far as a story for the very young goes, this is pretty good. Alas, it was far too simplistic for both the boys (Asher 6 yo & Dex 3 yo). But! It might be a good book for learning to read as there is only one to two words on each page.Illustrations are cute and silly.

    24. Love the illustrations and the simplicity of the text! There were lots of situations that my little one can relate to or will relate to in the future. This book helps us to talk about these situations ahead of time.

    25. Read at Baby Lap Time on 4/22/11: storytimesecrets/Read at Baby Lap Time on 2/1/12 & 2/2/12: storytimesecrets/

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