Dear Heart The Courting Letters In teacher Lisa Anderson has almost given up on love after a failed longtime relationship and Internet dating disasters In a cluttered attic she discovers an antique writing box labeled Courtin

  • Title: Dear Heart: The Courting Letters
  • Author: JudithPinkerton Josephson
  • ISBN: 9780996719971
  • Page: 110
  • Format: ebook
  • In 2010 teacher Lisa Anderson has almost given up on love after a failed, longtime relationship and Internet dating disasters In a cluttered attic, she discovers an antique writing box labeled Courting Letters Untying the beribboned packets inside, she finds tattered envelopes, their contents penned than a century before As Lisa begins to read, she learns that inIn 2010 teacher Lisa Anderson has almost given up on love after a failed, longtime relationship and Internet dating disasters In a cluttered attic, she discovers an antique writing box labeled Courting Letters Untying the beribboned packets inside, she finds tattered envelopes, their contents penned than a century before As Lisa begins to read, she learns that in 1907 in Ipswich, England, the authors, Gertie and Fred, meet Just as their friendship deepens into something , Fred and his family emigrate to America in search of a better life Hopes for the budding relationship fade Long months pass Then a letter from Fred to Gertie arrives The two begin a dance of written words, but the romance is fraught with obstacles, not the least of which is the Atlantic Ocean Separation and distance also conspire against Lisa when her intriguing new beau must return to his native Spain Dear Heart The Courting Letters weaves a tapestry from two intersecting love stories Will the threads hold or pull apart

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    1. JudithPinkerton Josephson

      Over the past thirty plus years, I have published numerous magazine, newspaper, and journal articles and over twenty books spanning varied genres including biographies, childhood history books, and picture books for children two zany grammar guides for folks needing a refresher and a historical fiction novel I write books and stories for children and some for adults I ve written biographies on diverse people, such as track and field legend Jesse Owens, detective Allan Pinkerton, poet Nikki Giovanni, musician Louis Armstrong, composer Ludwig van Beethoven, labor activist Mother Jones, and freedom fighter Nelson Mandela One of the things I love about writing biographies is the chance to shine a spotlight on fascinating people Sometimes they are interesting than anyone I could invent Especially interesting to me are those who overcome challenges and provide positive role models for children In my books on childhood history the Our America series , I explored what children were doing during various eras in history using children s diaries, memoirs, photographs, songs, games, and I have also written nonfiction picture books, and as a co author with Edith Fine, two humorous grammar guides and a picture book nominated for the 2009 2010 California Young Reader medal, Armando and the Blue Tarp School When I am not scrutinizing words, I enjoy writing poetry, playing my violin, reading, swimming, snorkeling, walking, and spending time with my family For about me, visit judithjosephson, grammarpatrol, and bluetarpschool.

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    1. Want a beautiful love story with authentic history and art? Try this delightful mingling of the true story of Gertie and Fred who kept their love alive via letters across the Atlantic 100 years ago and an imaginary modern-day young woman who wonders if romance is even possible in the era of email and social media. School teacher Lisa finds the "courting letters" as she cleans out the attic of her family home in St. Paul, Minnesota. Readers enjoy with her the amazing history of lovers separated b [...]

    2. Reading this charming story of lovers from the past separated by an ocean makes me sad for today’s younger generations who “court” via on-line dating sites, hook-ups, and social media. Their descendants are unlikely to discover a cache of love letters stored in a dusty box or drawer and will never know what it is like to get to know one another bit by bit through the exchange of thoughts, doings, and emotions put on paper, lovingly sent, received, and saved. Like the letters that inspired [...]

    3. After the sudden death of her thirty-five-year-old husband, Thomas Wiggington, dressmaker Margaret Bailes Moon Wigginton moves back home to Newmarket, England from Chantilly, France with her five children leaving the two oldest behind, James and Thomas. Being the oldest at the time, Fred is forced to apprentice at a grocer at the tender age of thirteen to help his mother take care of the family. They move to Maldon, England and Fred finds a job in Ipswich at Leatherbys Grocers. Under the suggest [...]

    4. Wow. Just wow! Dear Heart: The Courting Letters by Judith Pinkerton Josephson is an old-fashioned love story based on fact. The author shares the romance between Fred and Gertie who courted by mail over 100 years ago. Their letters filled with poetry and romance will take you back to a gentler time when courtliness and love was a priority. How I wish some of the courtliness and old-fashioned romance existed today as the courtship of Fred and Gertie was lovely indeed.The main character, Lisa who [...]

    5. I was particularly taken with two things about the book Dear Heart: First, the layering of historical facts and cultural elements from long ago that younger readers may not be familiar with. Second, the graphics—really like the color palette on cover (I got the color copy, so the interior also features full color) combining photos from the time, Gertie's art, postcards, and a sampling of the long letters sent between Fred and Gertie (her handwriting must have been hard to wade through). The bo [...]

    6. I did not finish the book and put it down after chapter 11, a little over a third of the way in. The book has potential in the concept (lovers courting across the Atlantic in a series of letter) and I did quickly read the section I did however I can only give it 1 star as I just couldn't complete it. To me, the writing seemed juvenile and young. Everything was "told" rather than "shown." For example, twice early in the story, Fred and Mag commend on Gertie's independence and fiery streak except [...]

    7. Interesting premise but deadly dull and amateurish execution. The scenes set in contemporary times are particularly weak; at least the early 20th century epistolary sections have a bit of interesting history. Advice to anyone who finds their grandparents' love letters in the attic: before you decide to publish, consider whether there is an actual story worth telling and whether you have the skills to see it through.

    8. "Dear Heart: The Courting Letters" is a sweet, romantic, but very slow moving novel. Would I recommend this book to a friend? Without reservation. But I also won't remember much about it in a month. 3 stars.

    9. This is a charming dual romance. My rating 4.25Lisa Anderson is a school teacher in her mid-thirties. She has mostly moved on from a longtime relationship that ended with her beau saying something like ‘I’m not interested anymore’. Lisa’s mother has recently died so Lisa is cleaning out her mother’s house to prepare it for sale. Lisa finds an antique writing box in the attic that is full of “courting letters”. Lisa doesn’t recognize the names of the writers but she soon becomes e [...]

    10. I received this book from NetGalley for an honest review.My sister in law wrote a book about the neighborhood she grew up in and lived most of her life. She died a year ago, June 1, 2016. Today is June 6, 2017. After she passed away I found the novel that she wrote and was waiting for the editing to be done by a publisher. (Yes, she did have a publisher set up to distribute it.) I read her novel and it was written so poorly, past and present confused, past tense used where it was supposed to be [...]

    11. This was a sweet, light read based on letters exchanged in the early 1900's by the author's grandparents. It is a nice reminiscence of how people used to communicate, and a reminder of how patient they had to be compared to the instancy of today's world. The author is lucky to have such letters in her possession. I was provided a copy of Dear Heart: The Courting Letters by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    12. Thank you to NetGalley and Efrog Press for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I loved the premise of this book -- a story told mostly through letters. Overall, it was a nice story, however I was disappointed in the delivery of the story. The writing was very simplistic almost juvenile in its delivery. Perhaps it might appeal to a younger group?

    13. The book description caught my eye. I love when something from the past touches the present day.In this book, it is a modern woman who discovers old love letters in her deceased parents' home. Only, she has no idea who the couple is and why her parents had the letters.Over time, she learns more about herself including the desire for a strong connection like Gertie and Fred had a century earlier. Ultimately, the connection to the authors is revealed thanks to a long time family friend. Gertie and [...]

    14. I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This book is a love story; two actually. One story line follows a woman named Lisa who finds a box labeled "Courting letters," while she is cleaning out her recently deceased father's house. The letters are the second story line. The letters are written between a woman named Gertrude and a man named Fred. They meet in Ipswich England in 1907 and soon begin courting. The letters are exchanged after Fred and his family [...]

    15. This novel was a delight to read, I actually tried to go slow (found it really hard!) because I wanted to experience all the feelings the story was calling from me. From the cover to the little illustrations throughout the book, the length of the book (perfect for this kind of story), everything was just right. The last time I felt like that with a book was with The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society; so needless to say, that if you enjoyed that book, you will definitely enjoy Dear He [...]

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