Never Better What if your worst nightmare was the only thing you wanted Lydia worries she ll never recover from a violent assault at the hands of an intruder Therapy isn t working and her friends aren t a comfort

  • Title: Never Better
  • Author: Charlotte Stein
  • ISBN: 9781101882795
  • Page: 270
  • Format: ebook
  • What if your worst nightmare was the only thing you wanted Lydia worries she ll never recover from a violent assault at the hands of an intruder Therapy isn t working and her friends aren t a comfort All she can think about is how helpless and afraid she was.Then she meets Isaac.He s everything she wants to be cool, calm and controlled Trauma doesn t seem to affect himWhat if your worst nightmare was the only thing you wanted Lydia worries she ll never recover from a violent assault at the hands of an intruder Therapy isn t working and her friends aren t a comfort All she can think about is how helpless and afraid she was.Then she meets Isaac.He s everything she wants to be cool, calm and controlled Trauma doesn t seem to affect him Emotions don t bother him And best of all, he s prepared to teach her He shows her how to fight How to defend herself How to guard her heart.But Isaac soon finds he can t guard his heart from her She s starting to make him see all the things he s been missing, in his closed off and far too brutal life The only problem is He has a terrible secret.And if he lets himself give in to the desire that s building between them, her world may well be torn apart again.

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    1. Charlotte Stein

      Charlotte Stein is the RT and DABWAHA nominated author of over fifty short stories, novellas and novels When not writing deeply emotional and intensely sexy books, she can be found eating jelly turtles, watching terrible sitcoms and occasionally lusting after hunks For on Charlotte, visit charlottestein

    978 thoughts on “Never Better”

    1. Wait, is this a cliffhanger? Or was that really the end?This is confusing for me! The previous book, Never Sweeter, was one of my favorite books from last year, and possibly ever! This one had a slow start for me, and then got so action packed I kind of feel like I have whiplash. It needed more exposition, I think. I adore everything Charlotte Stein writes, but I guess I still need a HEA for me to be happy.

    2. Yes, Stein is the queen of training a lens on the interior. She specialises in illuminating those nearly minuscule spaces between heavy action where attraction blossoms. Her dialogue flows like intimacy achieved, minds opened, and stream of consciousness coursing forth. These are all lovely elements of her writing. But these facets must be balanced with an actual plot and actual characters. This book's dearth of plot, people, perspective, and purpose renders it perplexing. As in, aside from this [...]

    3. Beautiful writing, too short I love Charlotte Stein's books, they're all written wonderfully, and there's so much emotion in each one, this one included. Let's not get this twisted, I did like this book. Two things though: I'm bummed at how short this was compared to how much is costs, which colors my opinion of the book as a whole. More importantly, what really bummed me out here, is that there isn't an HEA, there's no HFN, it kind of ends with a "Happy I Guess?" It's like I got the prologue an [...]

    4. Originally reviewed at SmexyBooks-smexybooks/2017/02/februarGrade: C+Stein once again builds an intriguing, heavily characterized story that is far more complicated than originally suspected. Lydia finds herself the victim of assault though she is saved from rape by one of the men who broke into her home. When her roommate pressures her to go to group therapy, she meets Isaac whose ability to erect barriers gives him what she wants-emotional & physical immunity from the world. She asks him f [...]

    5. After reading Never Sweeter, which is the best book I have read in several years, I have been waiting on pins and needles for this book to come out. I will admit that I had set the bar pretty high, being a huge Charlotte Stein fan, but I am sorry to say that this book fell just a little flat for me. The big reveal at the end was so obvious that I seriously didn't realize that it wasn't mentioned in the blurb of the book until I read a couple of reviews on . The ending was abrupt and was so ambig [...]

    6. Quintessential Charlotte Stein with a big twist. I was left with big feels and also big questions. I want to saybate more but don't dare for fear of letting slip some very telling spoilers. It was a slow, slow, slow build to the sexy times, but the ending left me reeling.I'm a fan of Charlotte Stein. She has an unique, bold but dreamy voice that doesn't suit everyone and often requires a lot of re-reading with raised eyebrows. Never Better felt like a meandering step in a totally new direction f [...]

    7. I always enjoy Charlotte Stein books, because they're perfect if you're looking for a steamy book that gets to the point but still has a hint of a plot. I understand how others could be left wanting more, but having read other books by this author, it's just the way it is. Normally I'd be in the same boat in that I hate it and need a HEA but honestly? I like with Stein's books I can use my imagination and fill in the blanks. For me, it makes a story memorable because I'm always thinking back, "W [...]

    8. I will never read this story and not think about Oscar Isaacs' perfect mug. A gorgeous, super hot story with awesome banter.

    9. High-quality smut honestly Charlotte Stein writes so well and her books are so emotionally intense I need a moment. Also the hero looks like Oscar Isaac which is always a good sign.

    10. 3,5"You don't have to say that out of concern for my feelings. My feelings aren't more important than your safety. If you feel unsafe, it should be my job to make sure you stop. Not your job to apologize for it."Isaac destaca como personaje, es un tipo que entiende los abusos que sufren las mujeres y en vez de culpar a la protagonista o sentirse ofendido porque ella se asusta de él es super amable, gentil, compasivo. Ultimamente estuve leyendo libros donde los "heroes" maltratan fisica/verbal/p [...]

    11. Well that was kind of a crappy ending. Obviously I wanted more, especially after reading Never Sweeter, which was fucking awesome. This was good, but not great.

    12. I LOVED this book. You can pretty much guess some of the salient plot points from the beginning, but Charlotte Stein is just such a talented author. The story sucks you in from the beginning, and you get so invested in the romance between the two characters but also in Lydia's healing process. Also, Isaac reads romance novels, so he's basically the perfect hero. Anyways, everyone should read this book. If you're reading this review, quit reading reviews, buy this book, and start reading IT inste [...]

    13. Love Charlotte Stein! Another really good story. A bit heavy on the witty repartee/verbal tennis (like smoked paprika, a little goes a long way), but I'm being nit picky. Clever is good, right? It's just that too much becomes a little exhausting. But again, that's just a personal thing. I'm sure it's just the right amount for others. Let me be clearough my review might sound passive/aggressive, I did love it.

    14. Good, intense, and surprisingly not triggering for me. The way the hero understands the heroine’s issues, and how gentle and helpful he is, was so powerful. I liked that the big reveal at the end wasn’t exactly what I thought, it was something better. One of the best parts of this book (and the series) is how funny the dialogue is between the characters. Bought from kindle

    15. A very interesting representation of 2 people that couldn't have possibly come together in happy circumstances, but made an effort and the psychological aspects are well documented :)

    16. FEELS!I'd like to request a side of Epilogue: Take Two, please and thank you!I'm gonna be honest, I tried to keep an open mind (really, I did!) but Lydia and her man just fell shy of my love for Letty and Tate (who make a little guest appearance here, so SQUEE to that!!)I was slightly distracted by Lydia being so different in the beginning, totally reasonable since she did have a rough go of it, what with the prologue, and she managed to rock it back to her awesome self (if you don't know what I [...]

    17. More of all I liked Isaac's and Lydia's conversations , but the plot not worked for me. Didn't been hard to know who was Isaac from the start so sincerely his problem with control of emotion is a bit extreme and useless if only for make more hot the sex with Lydia. I didn't understand what was his job , good, bad so so and also the Lydia's reaction at the news was not realistic. This story had potential but between all possible development , this is what I didn't liked very much.

    18. I love Charlotte Stein because of her snarky wit and fabulous sex scenes. This book was good on both of those fronts. The conversations were all over the place, though. The book was jut not as tight as some of her others.

    19. Why does this author have 1,000 reviews?Her banter. Her big emotions. Her utterly ridiculous but entirely forgivable external conflicts. I do not understand why she's not cracking 200 reviews. Come on people. Love on this with me!

    20. Another fantastic book in the series. Charlotte Stein has such a unique voice. The sexual tension is off the charts.

    21. Just when you think you know how it is, you get side tracked to only return, with a lot of hesitation, to where you were headed anyway.I love Charlotte Steins writing and stories

    22. I saw the plot twist in this one from a mile away but I still don’t really understand why Lydia was attacked in the first place (in the prologue)??? And the ending, what the hell? Arghh!!

    23. Another fantastic book in the series. Charlotte Stein has such a unique voice. The sexual tension is off the charts.

    24. Lydia experienced a home invasion and now feels scared and unsafe. She goes to a support group where she meets Isaac, another attendee, who impresses her with his avoidance techniques. She asks him to teach her self defense. Story was depressing with no uplifting message at the end, in fact it was a sad ending. I'm used to more sensual, quirky sex from Stein, but this only had one sex scene and some dirty talk in the car. A bit of a let down.

    25. So. Charlotte Stein has the most amazing voice as a writer. This book reads almost like a minimalist stage play of a fairytale, where we learn the most about the characters through their quirky, affected dialogue. There's some narrative and ancillary scenes that keep things moving along, but the heart of the book is Isaac & Lydia talking & flirting & teasing & finally, finally having fabulously open & dirty sex. It's really kind of magnificent. The last section of the book ca [...]

    26. Charlotte Stein is not for everyone but I really like her books especially this series. Lydia & Issac's story is full of angst & has a wonderful slow burn. Loved watching (reading?) how Lydia slowly works her way under his stoic shell while learning to watch out for herself and find herself. I mostly had the big secret figured out but didn't quite get it all so was nicely surprised. If you are easily offended by language & hot scenes Never Better might not be for you but if those don [...]

    27. Here's the thing about Charlotte Stein's books: they're just so damn good. I savored my read of Never Better, a slow burn romance that masterfully builds a sense of longing and intensity between its main characters.Never Better is book #3 in Stein's Dark Obsession series, but each is a standalone. In this book, Lydia is the victim of assault after a home invasion in which she was nearly killed. Consequently, she's left traumatized and constantly afraid. She fears interacting with strangers, of c [...]

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