Five Rivers Met on a Wooded Plain One quiet evening in Salisbury the peace is shattered by a serious car crash At that moment five lives collide a flower seller a schoolboy an army wife a security guard a widower all facing thei

  • Title: Five Rivers Met on a Wooded Plain
  • Author: Barney Norris
  • ISBN: 9780857523723
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Hardcover
  • One quiet evening in Salisbury, the peace is shattered by a serious car crash At that moment, five lives collide a flower seller, a schoolboy, an army wife, a security guard, a widower all facing their own personal disasters.

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      Barney Norris Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Five Rivers Met on a Wooded Plain book, this is one of the most wanted Barney Norris author readers around the world.

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    1. Unequivocal 5 starsFive Rivers Met on a Wooded Plain is the debut novel of playwright Barney Norris. These rivers meet in Salisbury, England, where the five characters of this novel live. The beginning is beautifully lyrical. I had no idea what I was in for, as I hadn’t bothered to read the blurb.Five ordinary people are impacted by a car accident, either as observers or participants.One by one, we get to meet each of them through first person narrations.First, we meet Rita, middle-aged, flowe [...]

    2. Barney Norris is a playwright in his twenties, so it’s no surprise that there’s something a little staged to his debut novel. The lives of the book’s five narrators collide one night when a car hits a moped in Salisbury town center. We hear from each protagonist in turn as they reflect on their losses and wonder whether religion – represented by Salisbury Cathedral and the scripture and rituals of Christianity – might be able to help. Rita is the liveliest and most engaging character i [...]

    3. This book has a nice concept at its core but unfortunately the self-consciously “literary” tone and excessive amounts of exposition (as opposed to dialogue or action) killed it for me. I had misgivings from the beginning. The prologue is very florid, containing all kinds of confusing metaphors. There were sentences in there which I had to read two or three times to try and work out what they meant, sometimes just giving it up as a bad job. There was also some weird grandiosity in the mix (eg [...]

    4. This is a spectacular book; unusual, sad, poetic, and gorgeously-written. Five intersecting stories in five very different voices, all set in the shadow of Salisbury Cathedral and the context of a single incident reveal how closely we co-exist; how fragile our lives can often be and how beautiful the small human connections that we make on a daily basis can be, when revealed in just the right kind of light.

    5. Cannot recommend this book enough. The author's nuanced touch and deft handling of emotion and history and the beating heart of this part of the country, is magical. You won't regret this wonderful interweaving of five lives.

    6. Der Anfang des Buches, ist zu Beginn etwas "schwülstig". Aber der Autor schält sich immer tiefer in seine so unterschiedlichen Figuren hinein und das ganz ohne Pathos oder Kitsch. Was mich besonders begeistert, ist (neben der ganz eigenen Melancholie, der dadurch so authentischen Stimmung dieser Kleinstadt und ihrer Bewohner und der vielen schönen Sätze), dass er jedem seiner fünf Erzähler eine ganz eigene Stimme gibt. Das drückt er auch in der jeweiligen ganz eigenen Sprache aus. Ich fin [...]

    7. "Five rivers ran together and the earth sang in celebration at the top of it's voice, a music hidden in the details of everyday, in footfalls of thousands of locals, ringing of cash registers and the great soaring dream of the spire,""the ideas and dreams encased in the buildings is what makes them beautiful." And so begins a novel in love with stories and dreams, thoughts, silences and words. And Salisbury. Here in this city is where "Five rivers flow make a single voice of the Avon." This is [...]

    8. I thought this was an excellent book. Barney Norris writes with clear-eyed, unflinching insight into the human condition, but with real compassion and a redemptive note of hope which makes this something quite special.Five Rivers Met On A Wooded Plain is a sequence of five stories, each narrated in the first person by a variety of characters all of whom live in or near Salisbury. It becomes clear eventually that their stories are related to a greater or lesser extent, but each is an individual t [...]

    9. Despire my hopes, this one simply didn't work for me. The characters' behaviour was not believable. I liked Alison best - her reader had a lovely voice - but that a woman in her late 30s who'd been married to a serving officer for nearly 20 years would be so immature seemed unlikely. Of course the teenaged Sam would have told his girlfriend that his father was dying of cancer & for someone so inarticulate his monologues were too poetic. And the farmer who accidentally hit the thoroughly nast [...]

    10. Set in Salisbury where five rivers do indeed meet we first learn a little about its history, touching on the magnificent Stonehenge that is built upon Salisbury plain. So although this wasn’t part of the story it does the job of setting the scene in the present when an event causes the lives of five people to collide. ‘There exists in all of us a song waiting to be sung which is as heart-stopping and vertiginous as the peak of the cathedral. That is the meaning of this quiet city, where the [...]

    11. “I thought it was a coincidence and my English teacher said the whole point of novels is to write about coincidence, so I thought it might be a good start.”Five Rivers Met on a Wooded Plain is Barney Norris's debut novel, being better known previously as a playwright and poet.The novel is a paean to the Wiltshire countryside, home of Stonehenge, the ancient settlement of Old Sarum and the cathedral city of Salisbury and the plain on which the five rivers of the title meet.There is certainly [...]

    12. Merrily Down The StreamThe opening chapter in this book belies what is to follow. And as I began the book I feared my interest would not be sustained throughout. For much as I admired the poetic prose in all its eloquence, at that point I couldn’t see where it was going or see how an entire novel could continue in this way.But as the structure of the novel became apparent I appreciated the diversity of style. I liked the premise of the book which I guess is to say that we are all tributaries n [...]

    13. Every so often, without planning for it, reading can offer a wonderful package of one's own personal experience finding echoes and fresh insight through the prism of someone else's imagination. So it was when I opened 'Five Rivers Met on a Wooded Plain', a book handed to me by my excellent local bookshop owner as one that I might find 'interesting'. His recommendations seldom disappoint, but I had no idea that the themes of this unusual and beautifully constructed novel would catapult me back in [...]

    14. You can tell that Barney Norris has another career as a playwright, this being his first novel. The language and the setting feel very much like a stage. The lives of the book’s five narrators collide one night when a car hits a moped in Salisbury town centre. We hear from each character in turn as they reflect on their lives. There are links to the other characters/ narrators, some only tenuous. Some narrators are more interesting than others with Sam given the largest section of the book and [...]

    15. I wanted to like this book and some of it I really did. A few of the narrators of the book were vivid and realistic and compelling. However the book as a whole suffers from an attempt to be literary that doesn’t quite land. The metaphors are as subtle as sledgehammers. Which was disappointing.

    16. Based on a clever idea of five lives intersecting, I found this a touching read, only slightly let down by the drawing of the fourth life in diary entries.

    17. Marvellous book, please write more!I was lucky enough to download this book free through Bookbub, but it would be worth every penny of the price. There are so many true thoughts and feelings and experiences expressed in it with such clarity and sensitivity. I will read it again. Thank you for writing it.

    18. Five stories united by a common theme and an intersection. This isn't a great book by any stretch of the imagination, the stories are not particularly well-written, the plots are entirely predictable (X has something at the beginning of the story, loses it in the middle and bemoans the loss between that and the end, where there is a bad twist). The philosophy behind it is that we all need something to be attached to, which is neither new nor treated in an interesting way. Some especially cringew [...]

    19. I requested a copy of this book for review from the publisher via bookbridgr because I was intrigued by the premise. The book is set in the English city of Salisbury, where (a fact I did not know) five rivers do indeed meet on a wooded plain. The plot is cleverly constructed to follow the lives of five very different characters whose lives, like the rivers, converge in one spot on one fateful night.As it turned out, this book was not quite what I was expecting. It felt to me like five (fairly lo [...]

    20. This is a novel of five lives intertwined. Of individual voices drawn together by geography and circumstance. I’ll admit that first change of voice, with a side-step from poetry to profanity, caught me by surprise. But I love a book that can do that. Barney Norris has melded truly distinct voices with a deep perception of the human condition and I was bowled over from the very start. Though a catastrophe links them, it is the ordinary lives of a flower seller, a schoolboy, an army wife, a secu [...]

    21. There is an accident in the middle of Salisbury, a woman is knocked off her moped and lays critically injured in hospital. Rita, the victim, is a flower seller and part time drug dealer with a a trouble strewn past. Barred from seeing her son and grandchild is a desolate character who you feel has wasted and wandered aimlessly thorugh much of her life.Three people witness the accident, George the driver of the car, who has just lost his wife, Alison, a lonely army wife and Sam, an anxious, teena [...]

    22. *Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for providing me with an ARC in return for an honest review*The book is split into five separate narratives of characters who all leave near Salisbury and lead very ordinary and uneventful lives, and pass each other in the street. I've read plenty of books with the premise of intertwining lives, or about ordinary uneventful things, many of which have been some of my favourites and most influential. However, somehow this book just remains ordinary and uneve [...]

    23. Before I started working as a bookseller for Waterstones I would never have contemplated reading a book such as this.I would have looked at the blurb and thought ‘why would I want to read a story about real lives intertwining?’ I was far more interested in magic, dragons, spaceships and lasers, quite a limited reading pool really.This was one of our books of the month and I’m trying to read beyond my normal genres, so I opted to read this.I was captivated, the rambling nature of the books [...]

    24. Crikey, this book gets inside of your head. As the lives of five characters, involved in different ways in a traffic accident, are revealed and explored, so the author lays bare our own thoughts and fears at different stages in our lives. What is the point to it all? Who am I really? Why did I make those decisions? It's tough reading having your, often deep seated, fears opened up and challenged in this way and I must admit to wanting to close the book and not continue at points when it came too [...]

    25. A story of briefly interconnecting lives - how one accident links five different people. All told in the first person, all rather depressing and focused on the futility of life. I didn't really like any of the characters, although the Army wife had a sense of positivity towards the end.I can understand why this is proving popular but it's just not my cup of tea.

    26. I have spent quite a bit of time today thinking about this book and whether it was worthy of 5 stars. It is so so close but I think it falls just short and I mean just. On the plus side, I could not put it down (a good sign) and I liked all of the characters (another good sign) and I really related/connected to 1-2 of the stories that some of the characters were going through. I even love the title (so different) and the stories and how they weave together is so clever. So all in all, a brillian [...]

    27. *minor spoilers about the structure of the book*I really didn’t know whether to give this book three or four stars. In the end, I gave it four stars because of the overall accomplishment rather than my personal enjoyment. I’m still not entirely sure what to make of it.The book covers the lives of five characters whose lives intersect in some way. A portion of the book is given over to each character and they don’t intercut - you read a chunk relating to one character, then the next, then t [...]

    28. Five Rivers Met on a Wooden Plain is the story (or rather stories) of five people who happen to encounter an accident outside MacDonalds in Salisbury. The characters are very well done by Norris, there was a lot of realism written into their personas, they felt like actual people which reflects well on Norris' skill as a writer. I also enjoyed how the story was focused on the location of Salisbury although I am not familiar with Salisbury (I've never been). It was interesting how the lives of th [...]

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