The Unseen Face James Maddox must face the demons of his past and question everything he thought was real even his own memory James was used to living without emotion after losing his Emilia unexpectedly he gave up o

  • Title: The Unseen Face
  • Author: Joannes Rhino Don Cox
  • ISBN: 9781514210062
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback
  • James Maddox must face the demons of his past and question everything he thought was real even his own memory.James was used to living without emotion after losing his Emilia unexpectedly he gave up on happiness the day she died His plans for their future, of marriage and kids, died right along with her He preferred feeling numb, rather than feeling the pain of losingJames Maddox must face the demons of his past and question everything he thought was real even his own memory.James was used to living without emotion after losing his Emilia unexpectedly he gave up on happiness the day she died His plans for their future, of marriage and kids, died right along with her He preferred feeling numb, rather than feeling the pain of losing his dreams That all changed the day he received an anonymous letter in the mail with just three words I am innocent James began dreaming of Emilia that same night However, his dream quickly becomes his nightmare as she haunts his sleep, demanding he knows the truth, that he faces the unseen And what is hidden threatens to change James life forever.

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    1. Joannes Rhino Don Cox

      Joannes Rhino was born in Indonesia in 1980.He was educated at the local state school until graduation in 1998 and continued to study in Hospitality University He was then employed by a financial company, where he began to receive many awards related with customer satisfaction Having been working the same routine for years, he started to write a novel to kill the time Finally, his first novel Etzhara was published by the biggest traditional publisher in Indonesia and made him one of the best young writers under thirty at Khatulistiwa Literary Award in 2009 Feeling confident with the writing skill he has, he published the second novel in the same year by another traditional publisher in Jakarta He then began to receive many invitations to attend book signings, talk shows, radio interviews, and other literature activities This second novel made him an overnight success.Feeling secured in terms of financial and social life, he felt something was missing The turning over point of his life had occurred when someone handed him a novel by Paulo Coelho The Alchemist and a motivational book by Rhonda Byrne The Secret Those books really changed his perspective about life, and that was when he decided to let go of the glamorous life of Jakarta and hit the road He was 30 at the time That year, he self published a collection of poetry in the United Kingdom This poetry collection was made during the most troublesome moments of his last 10 years of life, when dark clouds enveloped him Anger, anxiety, emptiness, guilt and lost love coalesced into a single, unbearable emotion.With all the savings he got from the previous job and book royalties, he traveled to Bali and worked for a timeshare company Three months was all he needed to understand that it was not what he wanted He then changed course to a publishing company as an Editor in Chief As much as he loved dealing with words, his passion to see the world kept haunting him Finally, he decided to travel to Australia and Thailand for 8 months It was between 2011 and 2012 when he tried to fit in with a new life working from farm to farm, hitchhiking from place to place, and volunteering from school to school He went all around Australia and returned to Bali with tons of stories to tell.During his journey in Australia, he had written two other novels and got rejected from several publishers in Indonesia because the content was not sell able Therefore, he translated to English and self published them with a USA publisher This huge change made him an international author However, this achievement did not stop him from pursuing his literature obsessively He is now working freelance as a ghostwriter, copywriter and scriptwriter.He is based in no place, as he is still in a search for a place to be called home.

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    1. Busy, but never too busy to write a review on a book that I thought was well written and held my attention throughout the entire read. Joannes has done an excellent job of offering the reader a feeling of being connected in the story. I had to rate it a five because he deserves it. Great job Joannes!Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi, Therapist, Author, VP to PnPAuthors Promotions where we spotlight author's book; freepattimari@hotmail

    2. The Unseen Face is one of those books that manages the most important thing I can ask for from a story – it kept me turning the pages. It's a bit of a departure from some of my usual literary fare, but I certainly don't regret the time I spent reading it.I'll say straight up that The Unseen Face is quite a bleak story – quite intentionally – and Joannes Rhino writes in a spare style about the world through which the protagonist, James, finds himself moving. This works pretty well to give f [...]

    3. The Unseen Face is a psychological thriller from an up and coming author, certainly one to keep an eye out for in the future. It starts in media res, making use of classic literary vehicles and there is some truly brilliant writing in places that make the most mundane moments seem so much more vibrant and engaging.We follow the protagonist James Maddox to the depths of his living hell and back again. Despite having the apparent trappings of success working at the bank and the support of his clos [...]

    4. THIS ONE IS 5 OUT OF 5 STARSGo buy this book now, and sink your teeth into “The Unseen Face”. You will NEVER be the same again. “The Unseen face” is gripping non-stop roller coaster ride of heart throbbing screams, and a bit of emotional baggage. Rhino, puts a wicked spin on reality and an unpredictable way of shining circumstances to make you think twice about certain things you have experienced in your own life. With that said this is an enjoyable book for the ages. One to be remembere [...]

    5. I was sent this book for review and found it an interesting read.I have always been fascinated with the mind and how it works and why people do the things they do and this story explores the very nature of illusion and delusion in an unusual way.It concerns memory and dreams and how the mind can trick in the most brutal of ways.A good read for those who like to delve into the ways of human behaviour.

    6. Joannes Rhino has definitely written a high-quality piece of literature. The Unseen Face brings to life the internal conflicts that humans experience every day. When these conflicts escalate, they often have disastrous consequences for others. More important, they make the life of the person experiencing them a living hell. Literary critics often point to Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment as best portrayal of the life someone experiencing this type of conflict leads; however, it is clear that, [...]

    7. Good Plot Potential, but Flawed in Its TellingThe Unseen Face has the plot of a taut, psychological thriller. James Maddox is slowly self-destructing, as his nights are plagued by a recurring, horrifying nightmare. Only his two friends, Richard and Jennifer, seem to stand between him and complete withdrawal, depression, and perhaps, insanity. The author builds the tension immediately in chapter one by presenting a scene that logically falls near the end of the story. Use of the technique is fort [...]

    8. When the author Joannes Rhino approached me on to ask if I would be interested in reading The Unseen Face, I first of all read the blurb to find out what it was about.I started to read it, as I turned the pages, it intrigued me with how the book was going, it was not straight forward reading at times, but I knew that it was going to be something I needed to read more of for things to fall into place more with me, so I carried on.The first part was a slow burner for me, but it soon heated up in [...]

    9. James Maddox is 22, living and working in New York. Five years earlier his girlfriend Emilia supposedly died from a brain disease. James has recently been having nightmares involving Emilia. He tells his friend Richard who sets up a meeting for him with a psychiatrist Dr Glockman. He also tells his current girlfriend Jennifer. Together, James and Jennifer, visit Emilia's grave and go to her parents home in an effort to help James discover the reason for his nightmares. The plot intrigued me, but [...]

    10. A clever psychological thriller with a shocking twistAs a fan of psychological thrillers, this one made me sit up and take notice. The Unseen Face by Johannes Rhino is a cleverly plotted, well written and complex novel that delves into the incredible power of the human mind, its ability to create any narrative of its choosing, and how easily we accept that narrative and cling to it as the truth.James Maddox is an orphaned twenty-two year old who works at a bank, smokes too much, and is still gri [...]

    11. The review was first posted on For The Love of Fictional Worlds. I received a digital copy of the book in exchange for an honest reviewBefore you read the review (or even the book), you should know that you need a particular mindset to actually be able to immerse in this book - You need to be a little philosophical and lot more pragmatic because when this book grips you, it won't let go until it has wrung out each and every bit of emotion that you have in you.Or maybe it was just me!James has be [...]

    12. The story is told in first person, with much introspection and internal monologues. Although it took me a while to get into the flow of the narrative, as the story unfolded I found myself becoming more and more intrigued. What at first seems like a cut-and-dried case of long-lost love develops into an unexpected mystery centered around the main character's dead girlfriend.Without saying too much about the plot, for fear of spoiling any of the many surprises waiting within the pages, I will admit [...]

    13. The Unseen Face by Joannes Rhino tells a suspense story of a man with a psychological problem. The reader is immediately inside the mind of the main character, James Maddox where his thoughts and views are actively playing out. He had some high points, and he had some low points. There was some sort of trauma in his life that he doesn’t seem able to deal with.He had horrible nightmares that started when he got a note in the mail from someone who was in prison. He goes down a spiraling path whe [...]

    14. The Unseen Face by Joannes Rhino is an interesting story that follows the life of James as he struggles to overcome the loss of his girlfriend and move on with his life. What is particularly noteworthy about this story is that one of the main focus points of the plot, Emilia, does not really appear in the story, but is talked about and dreamed about. So, in a way the reader is provided an image of Emilia even though her presence is revealed mainly through dreams. I could sympathize with James, a [...]

    15. Mehreen Ahmed's reviewThrough the many poignant monologues from the protagonist, questions about the human plight, fate, destiny have been explored in The Unseen Face. The writer Joannes Rhino's success lie not in telling an all too familiar story of tragedy, but in endeavoring to find the ultimate purpose of it all; life which has not come with an option button. Given half a choice, the lot probably wouldn't even sign up. 'More sinned against than sinning,' as Shakespeare might have said is the [...]

    16. It is quite a challenging task to write a book with a surprise ending. Throughout the story, the author needs to give many puzzle pieces to the reader and connects them at the end of the story. The "aha" moment of connecting the pieces creates the excitement in the reader's mind. Without sufficint pieces, the "aha" moment does not occur. With too many pieces, the reader sees the surprise coming, and the journey becomes boring.For The Unseen Face, I saw the it coming miles away. I can't speak for [...]

    17. I love psychological thrillers, and this one kept me at the edge of my seat. The Unseen Face by Johannes Rhino is ingeniously plotted and well written novel that probes the unbelievable power of the human mind.James Maddox is an orphaned twenty-two year old who works at a bank, smokes, and is still grieving the loss of the love of his Life, Emilia, who died several years ago. His best friend Richard insists that James seeks help for the horrible nightmares triggered by a letter he receives, that [...]

    18. A 5 STARS WELL DESERVED! I will be honest here, I just love this book. You want to know how to write a successful killer twist? Then, read this book and take notes. You will be going on hell of a ride ! Joannes Rhino succeeded in illustrating a lost, confused young adult and made it all feel natural. Not forced, without trying too hard. Just the right amount. I am a huge fan of dark psychological thrillers and plot twisting is one of my favorite elements in a story. This book’s ending blew me [...]

    19. I was gifted a copy of this book in return for my honest opinion.This is a rather slow-burning psychological thriller written in the first-person with a twist ending you will see a mile away if you pay the slightest attention. The writing is flowery at times, and repetitive, but overall it’s an easy read and a good way to spend an afternoon.There is a tremendous amount of inner monologue that could have been trimmed with no loss to the actual story, which does finally pick up about midway thro [...]

    20. This is a story of healing.The Unseen Face is many things but you're going to have a tough time trying to pigeonhole it into one genre. It is quite simply a story, a tragic tale, one filled with relatable characters, detailed imagery, and vast poetic prose. It feels like a dream through a place that is familiar and dark and our guide tours us around this place with a tortured voice. You'll figure out what's going on easily enough but this doesn't distract from the novel's intent. This is a story [...]

    21. I'm giving this book 4 stars because it had me turning pages late into the night. It is a story of a man who lost the love of his life. He becomes obsessed with her loss and she begins to visit him each night in his dreams. As the story progresses I had figured out the plot a little more than half way through. Even though I knew what was to come, it did not seem to matter. I needed to know why and how. What I didn't like was how the story focused on his feelings alone no matter who he may hurt a [...]

    22. Let me start this review off by saying: what a unique and well written piece of fiction! Joannes Rhino has incredible talent. His writing style is almost poetic and each sentence flows wonderfully across the page, making for an easy and enjoyable read that had me hooked from the beginning. At no point does the book feel rushed or sluggish, the characters are well-developed and relatable . . . and that ending! It left me hungering for more, just as all books should do!I urge you to pick this up. [...]

    23. A brilliant, psychological masterpieceWritten in the first person, The Unseen Face is a thrilling story that will leave its readers questioning their own sanity. In my opinion, a book so expertly crafted in that it causes emotions to simmer at the surface from beginning to end, such as this one, is extremely well crafted.Joannes Rhino has my five star vote, and I look forward to reading more works from this incredible author. I have received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

    24. A dark and intense thriller:This is unlike any other novels I have read recently. I usually read fantasy sci-fi or suspenseful novels but on the occasion, I do break out of my comfort zone and go for something entirely different. The Unseen Face by Joannes Rhino is a dark literature. It deals with the uncomfortable subject of mental illness and what can happen to all of us when pushed to the brink. The Unseen Face is dark, suspenseful and intense. A five stars from me.

    25. This is a magnificent psychological thriller that grabbed me from page one. It is well written and might give you "nightmares", no pun intended. If you love a great thriller that will keep you up at night, read this book. The characters are well developed and the story had great flow. I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I will definitely be reading more from this author in the future. Right up there with Stephen King!

    26. I swapped books with this author for a review and I am very glad I did. What a thrilling story! It is very well written. I enjoyed the pace of the novel and the descriptions. They were very vivid and well done. It was an entertaining read and I never saw the ending coming! I would recommend this to those of you who like supernatural/thriller type stories. It is definitely worth the read!

    27. Witty. Mellifluous. Joyous. These are the words that spring to mind when I pick up this novel, and I find myself grinning before I’ve even cracked open the cover. Complicated, nice flow, perfect ending. What's not to like about this piece? It's a perfect 10 for me.

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