Into the Fire Piper Atkinson uses the truth as a weapon but her latest interview candidate is than just a headline Piper wants to be the kind of journalist who makes people sit up and take notice of the issues an

  • Title: Into the Fire
  • Author: Claire Boston
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Piper Atkinson uses the truth as a weapon, but her latest interview candidate is than just a headline.Piper wants to be the kind of journalist who makes people sit up and take notice of the issues, and in Houston, Texas, there are plenty to go around In the city s high end restaurant world, reclusive Native American chef Taima Woods is discussed in reverential whispePiper Atkinson uses the truth as a weapon, but her latest interview candidate is than just a headline.Piper wants to be the kind of journalist who makes people sit up and take notice of the issues, and in Houston, Texas, there are plenty to go around In the city s high end restaurant world, reclusive Native American chef Taima Woods is discussed in reverential whispers, so when the opportunity to interview him arrives, Piper jumps at it.But getting to Tai is tougher than she expected He has a deep mistrust of reporters, and a private life he d prefer to keep hidden There are two passions in Tai s life his cooking and his tribe and he means to keep it that way But the closer Tai gets to Piper, the closer he comes to conceding a third.Through Tai, Piper discovers a world she knew nothing about a damaged and ostracized community in need of a voice But the Piper wants to help them, the Tai understands that to love Piper is to turn his back on his people.Will Tai reject the one woman who s ever understood him Or can Piper show him that hardening his heart helps no one Perfect for fans of Nora Roberts, Liane Moriarty, Jojo Moyes and Jane Green.

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    1. Claire Boston

      Claire Boston is a contemporary romance author who enjoys exploring real life issues on her way to the happily ever after She writes heart warming stories, with resilient heroines and heroes you ll love In 2014 she was nominated for an Australian Romance Readers Award for Favourite New Romance Author.When Claire s not writing she can be found creating her own handmade journals, swinging on a sidecar, or in the garden attempting to grow something other than weeds.Claire lives in Western Australia with her husband, who loves even her most annoying quirks, and her grubby, but adorable Australian bulldog.You can connect with Claire through Facebook and Twitter, or join her reader group here.You can join her reader group here

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    1. ARC received for review This was a great romance with an extremely hot Native American chef named Tai and newspaper journalist Piper who we met in the previous books. He was angsty, and she wasn't. I was just so G rated. There were a couple kisses and hints at the bedroom. All the old peeps show up and there a sweet epilogue with all of them.

    2. I'll admit that, at times, I've been a touch frustrated with the Texan Quartet, but I've pressed on because, while not perfect, it's been a thoroughly enjoyable, charming series. And then came this book—the fourth and final one—and I am not frustrated. Nope. This one was more than enjoyable. In fact, it was damn near close to perfect… Honestly, I was not expecting to be as invested in Into the Fire as I was. Certainly not as quickly as I was… Almost from the first page, I was rooting for [...]

    3. Slick's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsWhen I read the first book in Claire Boston's Texan Quartet series, I was blown away and somehow the next two books escaped my attention, but I was very happy to pick up the last book, Into the Fire. While I enjoyed this book quite a bit, for me it didn't work quite as well as the first book. That being said, this book was engrossing, informative and extremely entertaining.When Piper (whom we met in the first book) meets Tai for the first tim [...]

    4. I received an ARC courtesy of The Romance Review in exchange for an honest review.I never heard of this author prior to reading INTO THE FIRE. I chose to read and review this title as I was intrigued by the premise and was keen to learn more. Such was my keenness that I was willing to read this title without reading the previous books in the series. I knew this was a gamble as the possibility existed that it could not be read in isolation. I am glad I took the risk, because not only could it be [...]

    5. Claire Boston is a fantastic author and her first book in The Texan Quartet series blew me away. I haven’t written reviews for the first three books because I needed a break in reviewing books and writing reviews. Ms. Boston knows how to set up characters in her books and how to balance them out. The nanny and the rockstar (What goes on tour with Abby and Adrian), perfect combination. The princess and the gardener’s son grown up (All that Sparkles, Imogen and Chris). The damsel in distress a [...]

    6. ***3.5 Stars***I’m the type of reader that prefers to read a series in order, even if it is stated that a book can be read as a standalone, but there are times where I make an exception to the rule and Into the Fire ended up being one of those exceptions. The cover caught my eye, but the description peaked my curiosity since the main character was of Native American heritage and a chef, and the world he grew up in appeared to play a large role in the development of the main characters and thei [...]

    7. Well. This was my second underwhelming romance read in a row, but it was marginally better than the last.Piper, a frustrated journalist meets the enigmatic Tai Woods, Chef and brooding hero extraordinaire.There are a few things I liked about this, and all of them revolve around Tai Woods' character: Native American, chef, passionate about his heritage and his people, gives to his community, brooding and gorgeous. Wonderful character, what's not to like.There was very little else I liked about th [...]

    8. A Review of Into The Fire by Claire BostonPiper and Tai - 5+++ starsWe met Piper back in the first book of the series, when she helped Libby get to the truth of Kate's previous Nanny. We met Tai in Elle's book, when the girls went out to eat at his restaurant and when he went to Elle's bookstore/cafe. As a journalist, Piper wants to do investigative writing of stories that will make people sit up and take notice of the issues and help to make a difference. Tai is a reclusive Native American chef [...]

    9. I have read the others in the series, and this book doesn't let them down. a fab story line with even better characters, I absolutely loved it . the story flowed from the beginning to the end so effortlessly it was a pleasure to read. this story is about 2 people who come from totally different backgrounds but find a way to merge the two and fall in love. a fantastic romantic story.highly recommendedfacebook/obsessedbookobsessedbookreviews.wordpress

    10. Such a good book!! Amazing love story that totally enwraps you in its story along with investing you in amazing characters!! Absolutely loved and I wish there were more books out there written it even a nearly similar genre. 100% recommend!!

    11. This was the first book I’ve read by Claire Boston, and when I finished it, I wondered why I’d been hiding under that rock for so long. “Into the Fire” is a contemporary romance with substance, with a message and it is delivered beautifully.It’s told from the point of view of Piper—a truth-seeking force of nature determined to make the world a better place through her writing—and Tai—a reclusive chef who works tirelessly both in and out of the kitchen. Although they come from com [...]

    12. Into the Fire is a refreshing ride into a world of romance where issues of ethics and justice exist alongside the frisson of connecting eyes/hands/skin. Piper is a girl with a mission that is not all about men. She’s a writer and she wants to win the Pulitzer and change the world. She enters the world of Tai, successful Houston chef whose Native Indian food is all the rage with the rich and powerful in that oil soaked city, but whose nascent celebrity status hides a painful past and his burnin [...]

    13. I was given this Arc in exchange for my honest review. For those who haven't yet read Claire Boston why haven't you? With diverse characters and a fun plot lines I've read all 4 in the Texas Quartet series and loved each one more than the last. The books can be read as standalone or as part of the series and you don't miss out. There is no rehash of the previous books that last for the first 4 chapters, although the couples from the previous stories play a part they are not the story and I love [...]

    14. This book was nothing like I expected and I am delighted I had the opportunity to review it. Before I started the book, I thought it was a romance story about a journalist and a chef. In reality, that was the undertone of the story. What the story really focused on was the racism and misconceptions of tribal members. I understand this book is a work of fiction. But I couldn't help but wonder if what the author wrote was true. This story is powerful in its ability open up a different culture And [...]

    15. Tai was introduced in Under the Covers (George’s story) and I knew that I wanted to find out his story, but at the same time I was afraid that he’d be too militant about his tribe. I shouldn’t have doubted Boston. She does a great job of showing his dedication to his people and detailing their struggles. You feel for everything they’ve been thru and can understand why they might be a little hesitant to trust outsiders. And that commitment sets up the conflict, and resolution, well. Piper [...]

    16. Into the FireI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.We first meet Piper in What goes on Tour and she kept popping up in the next two books of Claire Boston’s Texas Quartet. Piper needed her own story and she gets one, in the beautifully written, Into the Fire. Piper is a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. She wants the story of Taima Woods - chef and discovers she wants Tai.We met Tai in Under the Covers and he appears unsociable and rude. As the story un [...]

    17. I like her already. She does her research and doesn't judge a book by its cover.What kind of a reporter does that? That's a really good idea. I would like to know more about what Native Americans ate in the past. Geraldine you're wrong and I do not like you. You'd be surprised, Piper. Oh, that's a nice tradition, Tai. Dude! I would kill to work for you. Omigod, what a horrible reason to escort a kid home! Oooh, she knows her stuff, and she comes to play. And I'm crying. To me, suicide is cowardl [...]

    18. This is a beautiful story beautifully written. The final instalment of the Texan Quartet is the best story so far. After reading about Piper in previous stories, I was interested to find out more and I was not disappointed. I was gripped right from the beginning where we meet Piper, get a hint about some of the upcoming themes about Native Americans, and then meet Tai. The hero of the story takes moody and mysterious to new levels. I loved it!

    19. I really enjoyed this read because it was different. The story line was romance based, but it also came with a topic you don't see quite often Native Americans. My son is half Native American so I really could relate to Tai's character. It had a very nice flow to it and I love how it came full circle at the end. Moral of the story. Love is love.

    20. Sadly, this 4th bk in the Quartet gets a 3⭐️. And tbh, if I had read this one as a standalone rather than having loved the three before, it would have rated lower and I might have been irritated enough with the issues to not bother with any others from this author. For the most part it was ok, but there was lots of skimming of details (same with the other books, but there seemed to be more), and this one seemed a little more intensely focused on 'nope, don't need details for that, see it's g [...]

    21. This. Is. It.Talk about leaving the best for last! I read a review of the first book, saying, "There was no 'depth' or 'empathy' in the book." An I would have agreed at that point not that I didn't enjoy the book, I did (I gave it 5-stars). It was just sort of a piece of fluff, which is what I was looking for. With this book I take it all back. The lead characters had depth, love, empathy, conflict, everything you need. It still has a certain fluff to it, but the writing was amazing. To tell yo [...]

    22. I received a copy from NetGalley for exchange of my honest review. Lately I'm honored to receive plenty of great ebooks either from the authors themselves, either from services who promote book titles to professional readers, so the titles will be reviewed and promoted by them as well. I can't name myself as one professional reader, not yet tho, but I can picture myself as a booklover, who is ready to start reading a new adverture, a new love story, a new epic story and give my honest review, ha [...]

    23. Into the fireGood read liked the strong stories of the Indian reservations in America💓👍 💞 😇 ✊ 👌 👰 💑 🙋

    24. This is the first book by this author that I have read; while it is part of a series it can be read as a stand alone.Tai is a well known, successful chef who owns a popular restaurant in Texas. He is known for being against publicity and does not grant interviews to reporters. He prefers to spend all of his time in the kitchen, not even greeting customers when they ask to praise his talent.Piper is a young, aspiring reporter who prefers to use her talent to make a difference in the world. Unfort [...]

    25. What would you do for love? Piper is a writer at the local paper, she has become very unhappy with her job but there ain't that many around. This could be her chance to shine, she has been given a new assignment but things ain't going all that great. Her one subject isn't playing nice as he has been burnt before by the press. Piper won't just give up so Tai gives in and accepts that could be good for the business and his tribe.Tai likes Piper no matter how hard he tries she is always on his mind [...]

    26. Piper was at a bar looking for her friend Jack. Piper is a reporter for the Houston Age. George was an agent and he was at the reserved table another man was also there and his name was Tai Woods. The singer on stage was Adah- Tai Woods brother . Tai was chef of The Wooden Spoon and had made a hit with his restaurant. Piper had wanted to interview Tai but he was very reclusive and did not talk to the media. Geraldine is Piper’s editor Piper wanted to as her why Tai was on the interview list. P [...]

    27. Into the Fire is the fourth, final and very much anticipated book in the Texan Quartet series. Each book is able to be read as a standalone, as they each follow different characters, but I would recommend reading the entire series, as they are all really good and you won't be disappointed.Piper has become a favourite character of mine right from her introduction in What Goes on Tour, so I was looking forward to her finally getting her time in the spotlight.Taima we first met in the previous book [...]

    28. I was given this Arc in exchange for my honest review. I've read all four of her Texas Quartet series and with each book I fall a little more in love with her writing. Although part of a four book series the books are able to be read as standalone or you can go made and binge read all 4. You may get a book hangover but it's well worth it. There is no rehash of the previous books so if you do reread there are no repeats and haven't I just read that questions? Claire Boston finds the balance betwe [...]

    29. Readers who have come to expect heart-warming love stories about intriguing characters from Claire Boston will not be disappointed by the final book in her Texan Quartet series. As with the earlier books in the series, Into the Fire can be read as a standalone novel. However, one of the most enjoyable things about reading a series is being reacquainted with characters we've come to know and like and Boston links her stories well. The characters who take the lead role in one book take a step back [...]

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