To Be His A companion novella to the RT Reviewer s Choice Nominee His Every Need told from the hero s POV I didn t amass an empire without taking risks but I m not a complete arse So yes when I offered to tr

  • Title: To Be His
  • Author: Terri L. Austin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A companion novella to the RT Reviewer s Choice Nominee His Every Need, told from the hero s POV I didn t amass an empire without taking risks, but I m not a complete arse So yes, when I offered to trade Allie Campbell three months as my mistress for her family home, it was a joke Only thing is, she wasn t laughingd she bloody well took me up on it.Well, all rightA companion novella to the RT Reviewer s Choice Nominee His Every Need, told from the hero s POVI didn t amass an empire without taking risks, but I m not a complete arse So yes, when I offered to trade Allie Campbell three months as my mistress for her family home, it was a joke Only thing is, she wasn t laughingd she bloody well took me up on it.Well, all right then I could play that game I figured I d take her on, we d have some fun, and in three months, she d walk away with her family intact and I could get back to what I do best making money.But I d made one mistake along the way I stupidly assumed that after having her, I could walk away I was wrong I don t know how long this feeling this consuming need will last, but I m not ready to let her go.Not now Not yet Maybe not ever.Beauty and the Brit His Every Need To Be His companion novella His Kind of Trouble coming Fall 2015His to Keep coming coming Spring 2016

    • ☆ To Be His || ↠ PDF Read by è Terri L. Austin
      307 Terri L. Austin
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    306 thoughts on “To Be His”

    1. 'To Be His' by Terri L. Austin is the 1.5 book number in the " Beauty and the Brit" story. This book covers Trevor's thought on meeting Allie and leaves you halfway through their story with his point of view. I actually read this book first by mistake so fir me this was a cliffhanger book but if you read the books in order as Good Read has them Book 1 'His Every Need' covers they whole story with both point of views. I enjoyed this book and and 'His Every Need' book so much that I stayed up all [...]

    2. First reviewed at Keeper BookshelfTo Be His is a charming, sexy, steamy and totally entertaining companion novella to the first novel in this series, His Every Need. I have only one regret about this review – that I didn’t follow my instincts and read His Every Need first. This story is an enhanced version of the beginning of the relationship between Trevor and Allie, told entirely from Trevor’s viewpoint and in his voice. You don’t have to read the first novel to enjoy this short story [...]

    3. WOW. I really enjoyed this novella! Trevor has a very strong, distinctive voice, and it carries the first-person POV of this novella effortlessly. He's British, and he sounds like it -- he is impressively authentic down to his cursing and affection for Jammie Dodgers. The writing is excellent--skillfully developed and seriously fun--and it was very easy to get sucked into this story. Cheeky, unexpected, and incredibly hot, this novella has earned Ms. Austin another life-long fan. I can't wait to [...]

    4. The circumstances under which Allie and Trevor meet are not very conductive to an amorous liaison. He is not very likeable in his demeanor. His staff is actually more personable. The novella is a decent intro into their relationship but I am on the fence as to whether I'll be pursuing the story or not. Trevor just did not do it for me.

    5. If not for free I would have been angry just ok read from H POV. Not really anything new, same story skipped a lot of pages since same story and it was already a short read. Would totally recommend skipping just read the first booky bonus was several chapters from next book.

    6. cuma 8 chap si, dan dr POV si masnya overall ya kejadiannya sama si (ya iyalah)cuma ada bonus 4 chap buku 2 a pengen baca si Monica - Cal ^^

    7. I was supposed to read "His Every Need" first but I read it first and I'll have trouble going to sleep tonight! This one just ends abruptly :(. Just when I was anticipating the twist, it endedke just ended. *cries loudly* Anyway, the first person POV was really good. It didn't feel that I was reading a first person POV. It was smooth. I didn't cross path with too many "I". I was actually enjoying the bickering between Trevor and Allie. They have got the hots for each other, of course. It was ste [...]

    8. Its okIt was an ok book I was shocked it was all from the guys point of view though. I would have liked to see was she was feeling, bit since this was a 1.5 boo and not really the full novel I'm seeing im not suprised.

    9. Annoyed64% then it ends. Not on a cliffhanger, it just ends Two more books in the series and I will not be buying them. The other 36% is a preview of other work available, but why not give us more of the story we paid for and a smaller preview of other works.

    10. To Be His,  Terri AustinReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Genre:  Romance, I loved His Every Need, so really wanted to read this one from Trevor’s POV. I do like these reads where we get an alternate POV, though I prefer them in one book, in an alternating chapters way. Its a short read, doesn’t cover the whole book, just the beginning where we can see just what type of man Trevor is. And wow – he he a jerk or what! He really doesn’t want to even consider what he’s doing to All [...]

    11. ***Stop if you have not read HIS EVERY NEED first! ***TO BE HIS is the companion Trevor POV book to HIS EVERY NEED which is told from Allison’s POV.The story follows the typical billionaire guy/helpless girl story line and puts a delightful spin on it. At the heart of the story is Allison Campbell and Trevor Blake. Allison has recently lost her mother to cancer and has left college to keep her family together. Turns out her dad has mismanaged his business and lost everything including the hous [...]

    12. Awesome! This novella by far exceeded my expectations regarding a new author. This story captured my attention right away, and the pacing didn't slack off. The novella was told from Trevor Blake's first person perspective. I was caught up in the fascinating, truly original storyline, romance, and drama. I was blown away by her well written, descriptive storytelling, interpersonal dynamics, and engaging personalities of characters. The mood was set, and you could feel the emotions poured through [...]

    13. To Be His is the companion novella to His Every Need by Terri L. Austin. This novella is told from Trevor Blake's point of view, the main male character in both books. At the beginning of this story Trevor is an unyielding, pompous, jerk that has no time for anything other than his work as an investment guru. By the end of the book, he has softened up quite a bit, and falling for Allison Campbell is why he is a changed man.Allie, is the main female character in both books and she is a true heroi [...]

    14. This book is a novella told in first person from Trevor's perspective. It is a companion story to the book told from Allison's perspective, His Every Need. Personally, I really enjoyed getting the male perspective. The basis of the story is a desperate Allison willing to do anything to save her family from eviction and worse misunderstands Trevor's joking offer to forgive the debt in exchange for acting as his mistress and fulfilling his every need. She takes him up on it and he feels obligated [...]

    15. Received a copy from NetGalley for a reviewNot sure what to say about this book. I picked it without really knowing what it was about. I was really into it and was fascinated by this arrogant man who had issues. He was a dirty talking rich guy with no manners. I couldn't wait to watch him get changed by the little poor girl, but then it stopped! It just ended after they had sex. I was shocked because I then learned it was Trevor's POV on Allison's story. I thought if that was the case it should [...]

    16. Not really a bookOk , I was quite excited to see this as I always like the male point of view . However, this was only a few chapters of Trevor's point of view and the remaining and larger part were the chapters on the new book focusing on Monica. So I was pretty disappointed that it wasn't as advertised. But at least it was free.In addition, the new chapters on the book involving Monica worried me a little. The book makes Alllie out to be very uptight and judgemental towards her sister even way [...]

    17. Totally stupid charactersI was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. CLIFFHANGER! I hate fricking cliffhangers. The author is so money hungry they can't give us a complete book. After 100 pages of Trevor and Allie being totally stupid, I mean what man agrees for a woman to be his mistress and move in with him and then decides he's not going to touch her! I thought the whole point of a mistress was sex it is only in the last few pages they finally get the deed done and theno [...]

    18. A companion novella to a series.I read this ARC from netgalley, and was pleasantly surprised. I usually don't like Novellas, however this one was just right!I was not adversely affected by not reading the other books in the series, as this was from the Alpha males POV, and as such gave you a insight into the main series. It definitely made me want to read much much more!!Its quite short, but offers a nice taster!! I finished this in just under 2 hours, I couldn't put it down.I will be reading th [...]

    19. God Trevor's crudeness was so damn show sexy, “I never joke about sex, Miss Campbell. I take my effing very seriously.” Needless to say, she wasn’t amused." Allie was sassy and I loved it, “I apologize, Trevor. My family problems have gotten in the way of effing you. Would you like me to suck you off while you eat your salad?” I nearly choked on my wine." I knew this was a novella but was this a prequel to a book? Is there more to come? I liked this novella until the end I'm hoping the [...]

    20. A companion novella to the amazing series Beauty and the Brit by Terri Austin (His Every Need – Book #1 is phenomenal)!To Be His is a short well written story told from the hero’s POV, just with a few small editing errors, but a nice short story nonetheless! Negative part of this book is that I finished it in record time, I couldn’t put my damn tablet down!Can’t wait for the next installment His Kind of Trouble, which is coming next fall. I received a complimentary copy from the publishe [...]

    21. It was obvious that this was not a whole book since, it was called a companion novella. Being Trevor's first-person point of view of the beginning eight chapters of the main novel, His Every Need, it provided excellent insight to who Trevor is and why he is the way he is. I loved seeing this, just as I loved the first book. All the characters, secondary included, are exceptionally well written and are believable. I will continue reading this author.

    22. I received an ARC from the publisher for an honest opinion. I didn't realize this was a companion novella to an earlier story but I thought the story was still understandable. This a hot little novella but I had a hard time in that short time connecting with the characters. I will read the first book so I can get the in depth story. I do enjoy reading from the male perspective and Trevor is my kind of hero.

    23. This is a companion novella to His Every Need, free on Kindle now! His Every Need for Trevor's point of view. An interesting take on how Trevor feels about Allie. In His Every Need, we meet the jerk billionaire who makes a shocking wager with Allie, but in To Be His we meet the vulnerable man who uses flippancy as a defense mechanism, particularly when confronted with the beautiful and stubborn Allie. A spicy, smexy quickie with a sweet heart.

    24. Received an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.Having not read the book this novella was a companion of, I wasn't sure how I was going to do with this one. I have to say, I appreciated seeing a book entirely from the hero's perspective, although it did annoy me how much he played with her. There's teasing and then there's being just down right mean. I am intrigued enough to read the companion book, so I guess Austin did well.

    25. I received an ARC from the Netgalley for an honest opinion. I didn't realize this was a companion novella to an earlier story but I thought the story was still understandable. I would recommend reading the first book though.This story was told by Trevor's perspective and Trevor is my kind of hero.

    26. A Brit bad boy with a swoon worthy physique and a sassy innocent American. A brilliant novella to an equally exciting and sexy series. The language initially is a bit crass but by the end of the story you love it and I sure am fan of Brit baddies of the fictional world. There is enough sass, lust and romance to keep you hooked and pick up this exciting series.

    27. I enjoyed this book, it is told in the male perspective it is a well written story, with a good story line. this is a hot and steamy short read but well worth it. the characters are well written and the story flows from beginning to end.highly recommendedfacebook/obsessedbookobsessedbookreviews.wordpress

    28. Unexciting and quite dull to be honest. I felt no chemistry or sparks between the main characters. I bought His Every Need before reading this, but after finishing this short story I don't feel compelled to read it anymore :-(

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