Mischief Season A Twins Story The first book in an exciting new chapter book series by John Bemelmans Marciano and Caldecott medalist Sophie Blackall Welcome to Benevento an ancient town famous for its witches The children of Ben

  • Title: Mischief Season: A Twins Story
  • Author: John Bemelmans Marciano Sophie Blackall
  • ISBN: 9780451471819
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The first book in an exciting new chapter book series by John Bemelmans Marciano and Caldecott medalist Sophie Blackall Welcome to Benevento, an ancient town famous for its witches The children of Benevento have to be careful and clever to evade the clutches of such witches as the Manalonga, the Janara, and the Clopper, who hide in wells and under bridges, fly at midnightThe first book in an exciting new chapter book series by John Bemelmans Marciano and Caldecott medalist Sophie Blackall Welcome to Benevento, an ancient town famous for its witches The children of Benevento have to be careful and clever to evade the clutches of such witches as the Manalonga, the Janara, and the Clopper, who hide in wells and under bridges, fly at midnight, and play tricks during Mischief Season.Five cousins Primo, Emilio, Rosa, Maria Beppina, and Sergio share adventures and narrow escapes, and discover astonishing secrets as they outwit the witches in each exciting story Book 1 Mischief Season a Twins StoryThe Janara are wrecking the farm with their nightly mischiefs Father blames Rosa for everything that goes wrong, and it s up to the Twins and their friends to find a way to stop the Janara Will some mysterious advice from an unexpected source be the solution to their problems

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    About "John Bemelmans Marciano Sophie Blackall"

    1. John Bemelmans Marciano Sophie Blackall

      John Bemelmans Marciano carries on the legacy begun by his grandfather, Ludwig Bemelmans, author and illustrator of the Madeline books, with stunning watercolor artwork and playful, energetic storytelling.

    940 thoughts on “Mischief Season: A Twins Story”

    1. 3.5 starsEmilio and Rosa are twins living on a farm outside the village of Benevento, an ancient town famous for its witches! Mysterious and bad things are happening on the farm. Rosa blames the Janara, the witches but Papa blames Rosa! Rosa has blamed witches on her own laziness one too many times. Papa doesn't want to hear another word about Janara. The twins and their cousins set out to find out how to stop the Janara.This is a really cute story. The introduction by the demons explains the di [...]

    2. This book has a lovely, old fashioned feel to both the subject matter and the illustrations. It's never too scary for the audience, always interesting and I love the illustrations. I wonder if some parents might take exception to the words "hell-hag" being in a story for young readers, but it was used to greet a Manalonga so maybe that's the proper greeting. Or maybe the only way to get a Manalonga to be quiet is to say that loudly. Who knows? It was used by a cranky, but kind pirate sort, so ma [...]

    3. The illustrations are lovely but the writing is so stilted, it's like the story was written in another language and then translated (was it?). An editor should have taken a second stab at the story. In the end I couldn't finish it -- but the illustrations really are wonderful.

    4. I liked the concept: historical fiction with an interesting setting plus witches for the beginning chapter book crowd. But I could not stand how horrible Rosa was. She was such an unpleasant character (and really didn't suffer for it at all) that she turned my opinion of the story. Plus, I couldn't help thinking about how much parents would dislike the unnecessary "stupids" and "hecks." I guess I've been finding books for moms who don't want another sassy Junie B. character for their early reade [...]

    5. Interesting storyline. I enjoyed the authors' writing style. It reads like a fairytale to me. I would recommend this book to my students especially the one who likes a bit of mystery and horror. This book isn't that horrific but it is after all a story of witches and strange happenings in a little town of Benevento.

    6. Charming story for young readers with a touch of the supernatural for suspense and intrigue. Fun illustrations and intriguing characters in an unusual setting (rural 19th century Italy). It's a bit dense for my brand-new-to-reading kid, but it's pleasant to read aloud. Looking forward to reading the others in the series, which overlap and work together like a puzzle.

    7. Five young cousins from the ancient town of Benevento, Italy team up together when they discover mischief caused by the Janara. These (Janera) tricky characters are witches, who come in a variety of forms such as sprites, fairies, ghosts and demons, etc. Twins, Rosa and Emilio live on a working farm in their medieval little town, and are expected to do their chores. When their barn is ransacked their father blames clever and sneaky Rosa for the mess. Accompanied by their cousins Maria Beppina, P [...]

    8. I really wanted to love this. The book design, art, and presentation are so great. I love the size of the book. Just great book design. But I thought the writing was meh. I was hoping that this would be the next step after Rainbow Fairy Magic or those other first chapter books. But it's still those books, in a beautiful package. That being said, there is world building and quite a bit of fantasy. Which I imagine are new reading skills to navigate through. I'm going to continue to read the series [...]

    9. a bit of a funny book. Some of the details of the worldbuilding are so odd that I assume they must be drawn directly from real Italian folklore, all of it told in a strangely direct manner. There's a pretty large cast of characters (this seems to be a series with rotating protagonists) but not all of them are well defined or well integrated into the narrative. Speaking of the narrative, it lurches about a bit, often switching gears abruptly - although thankfully not to the point of becoming garb [...]

    10. Five cousins who live in Benevento Italy are being plagued by Janara (witches) Janara are especially likely to appear during mischief season which occurs four times a year. The Janara suck food out of the stomachs of sleeping children, blow all the tiles off the roof, prevent gardens from growing and make all kinds of trouble. One of the cousins Rosa, has been making mischief herself and blaming it on the Janara. Turns out that the Janara don't like being blamed for things they didn't do, and no [...]

    11. I enjoyed Mischief Season more than the second book in the series, which I'd grabbed without realizing it wasn't the first book (or part of a series, in general). I regret that I didn't read the books in the correct order, as Mischief Season introduces the characters, setting, and overaching conflict very well and would've gone a long way toward helping me make sense of the second book. I remember wondering if the second book had been translated from another language; something about word choice [...]

    12. A tale unlike any that you have ever heard! I enjoyed learning about each of the characters, albeit some more than others; as this books primary focus was on the twins. I also appreciated how the character Rosa was written. While she was a very irritating and, at times an infuriatingly lazy being, I liked that I disliked her; it goes to show that John Bemelmans Marciano has a true talent for writing. Ultimately, this was an intriguing and adventuresome tale that kept the reader questioning every [...]

    13. I enjoyed this book enough, but the end is so open I'm forced to read more of the books!I think if you give young readers a bit of a background - how the setting is different. Maybe read the end notes to kids first to give them a sense of 1800s Italy. And give them a really good summary. I'm interested in finding out how this series does with readers.

    14. A delightful little book that already has the feel of a classic. I tried this out on my fidgety just-4-yr-old: He loved Blackall's illustrations and the "big kid" thrill of having a chapter book read to him but much of the story went over this head. This would be a great choice for parents looking for a first narrative series to share with their 5/6-year-old.

    15. Picked this up because the striking book design caught my eye. My verdict echoes the other reviews I've read here: lovely illustrations paired with a ho-hum story and nondescript characters. The writing wasn't engaging, and even the cliffhanger ending isn't enough to make me want to read the next installment in the series, though I will probably flip through it to check out the pictures.

    16. I wanted to like this more than I ended up liking it. The concept of a small chapter book based on superstitions and myths from a different culture is super appealing. It's a small book but there's a lot of human characters and they are all so slightly drawn I couldn't really care about any of them, especially the main character who was all negative character traits.

    17. I wish I liked this more because it was giving me a Pinocchio feel (the book version) and I enjoyed the illustrations but I didn't like the characters. This would be good for a study in folk tales and fairy tales.

    18. This book was calling to me from the shelf. Charming illustrations, a witch-infested village, an overall vintage feel- sign me up! I read this and the second of the series and will continue as they are published. They're not mind-blowing but definitely enjoyable.

    19. Stories of mischief carry their own sort of charm and this twin tale doesn't disappoint. The reality of sibling disagreements mixed with the magic of fantasy makes this a series starter that's sure to please.

    20. A Strega Nona-like (set in Italy, where superstition and magical mischief rule) early chapter book with a set of protagonist cousins. Feels like a classic, a la HALF MAGIC or FIVE CHILDREN AND IT, with more illustrations and an easier reading level

    21. I'm completely obsessed with the stunning black/white/blue illustrations but the story is just so, so odd. I don't quite understand this and really wish I loved it because I want to share these drawings with EVERYONE! This was a 5-star illustration and a 2-star story for me.

    22. I read an ARC of this first in a new chapter book series that is enhanced by lovely illustrations by Sophie Blackall. The story has an old-fashioned "folk tale" feeling, fun language for students (ish-ka-bibble), and upcoming books will continue the adventures of the cousins.

    23. 1820s Benevento, Italy: a town with charm, mushroom selling, an ineffective town crier, a gang of plucky kids and don't forget witches, ghosts, goblins, and plenty more troublesome spirits. A darling historical-fantasy (very short) novel for kids, illustrated by Sophie Blackall.

    24. Reads like a folktale, illustrations are wonderful, and feels in hand like a treasure book. Would be great to read and discuss in small group. Wish I had all the series in hand!

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