Divine Collision An African Boy An American Lawyer and Their Remarkable Battle for Freedom In a Ugandan prison for two murders he didn t commit Henry is losing hope He pleads with God for a sign Jim in California finds himself saying a small yes to God who brings their two lives together

  • Title: Divine Collision: An African Boy, An American Lawyer, and Their Remarkable Battle for Freedom
  • Author: Jim Gash
  • ISBN: 9781617956713
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In a Ugandan prison for two murders he didn t commit, Henry is losing hope He pleads with God for a sign Jim, in California, finds himself saying a small yes to God who brings their two lives together with momentous results.

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      Jim Gash Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Divine Collision: An African Boy, An American Lawyer, and Their Remarkable Battle for Freedom book, this is one of the most wanted Jim Gash author readers around the world.

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    1. Early in "Divine Collision," the author tells the starfish story, a myth about the power of one individual to make a difference in the world, even if it's only to save one starfish. The story is a fitting metaphor for Henry's and Jim's narrative. Jim Gash, a law professor at Pepperdine University, narrates the story of Henry, a Ugandan teen unjustly convicted of murder. The book chronicles Gash's efforts to help free Henry. I read the book via Sync audiobooks summer reading program, and perhaps [...]

    2. This was a very uplifting book which I enjoyed much more than I thought I would. It's about Jim, a lawyer and professor at Pepperdine University, who is led by faith to Uganda. He is there for a week to assist imprisoned children with getting their day in court. Some of the children had been there for two years. It is also the story of Henry, a bright Ugandan boy, who is falsely accused of a murder that happened while he was at school. That week in Uganda changes the lives of both Jim and Henry. [...]

    3. Listened to this on audio--although it's a very inspirational story, I don't know that I would have gotten through it if I had been reading instead of listening since it is a long and detailed account.

    4. by Andrea Renee CoxThere is something beautiful about serving other people. This came through well in Divine Collision. The fight for a more just and swifter moving justice system in Uganda was interesting to learn about. I enjoyed Henry's story and am glad Jim Gash told it in this book.That being said, I struggled with this book, mostly because of its organization. Through the first third of the book, the POV never settled long enough for me to feel connected with and invested in any of the cha [...]

    5. I was surprised at how much I enjoed reading this book. I love the "starfish" story (p. 69-70)! Where the man sees a little boy throwing starfish back into the ocean trying to save them when there were thousands of stranded starfish along the beach as far as the eye could see. The man asked the little boy how could he possibly make a difference, and the little boy defiantly replied as he threw a starfish back into the ocean, "I made a difference for that one, didn't I?" It immediately reminded m [...]

    6. Wow! What an amazing telling of God's sovereign work in the lives of His children! One thing stands out -- the faithful answered prayers of Henry and his mother. Not to minimize the faith of many Americans involved in the story, but in perspective, Henry's and his mother's prayers were pure faith, because there was no Plan B, nothing on which to fall back. Truly the character and integrity of Henry is the heart of this story, without which the story would fail to stand.While I have never gone on [...]

    7. I received this book free via the Audiobook Sync program. I was surprised that they would offer an overtly Christian book in this program. I was even more surprised to begin listening and find that Bob Goff had written the introduction. Having read and been inspired by Bob Goff's Love Does, I was eager to learn what had happened when someone else was inspired by Goff's work. This story is inspirational and filled with the good work of God, but it's also compelling and a fun read. I couldn't wait [...]

    8. I loved it!! This is an amazing story of how God used one man to make a difference in so many people's lives. One man who didn't think that he had the calling to missions. One man who just listened to God's calling and served. One man who did make a difference because he was obedient.This story is very special to me because I had the opportunity to go to Uganda in the summer of 2015 and serve in some of the schools and medical clinics in the rural communities. Two of Jim Gash's children, who is [...]

    9. Amazing true story about an American lawyer and a Ugandan boy wrongly convicted of a crime. Got a little wordy, but the events are amazing. Power of prayer and faithfulness prominent throughout entire book.

    10. 3.5 stars. True story of Jim Gash, a lawyer/teacher who works for Pepperdine University, who ends up in Uganda working to help free imprisoned youth. In particular, this is Jim's story meeting and befriending Henry, a 17 year old Ugandan male who has been wrongly imprisoned on a double murder charge.This is also the story of how Jim and his other colleagues helped to reform Uganda's penal system, bringing in plea bargaining aspects to lighten the heavy burden of an overwhelmed judicial system th [...]

    11. I was able to listen to this book for free from a summer Audiosync download. It was absolutely a heartwarming book, perfect to get you in the Christmas spirit with the idea of giving of yourself and lifelong friendships formed because of helping one another. It had a strong Christian background running throughout the book. I listened in the car but that is a dangerous idea as it was so good, it brought me to tears frequently while driving!

    12. Divine Collision is the story of American lawyer finding his calling in helping the Ugandan judiciary to be able to dispense justice in a timely fashion. The majority of the book is about his experience helping juveniles (and one juvenile in particular) to see justice they've been waiting way too long for. It's a cool story, but I gave it two stars because the writing is pretty bad. Great story, terrible story-telling.

    13. I highly recommend this book to anyone needing to strengthen their faith in people and in God. It is a story of a wise young man with faith in God and the drive to succeed. This book left me with a recognition that I have so much in life to appreciate and be thankful for, while also reminding me lessons are learned through difficult life events.

    14. Amazing story, fine book. For those who think Christians only divide and criticize, here's a true story of people literally changing the world for the better, bringing justice where it was languishing. Highly recommended.

    15. I don't typically read non-fiction books but a friend gave this to me to read. I really enjoyed it and read in 4 days. It was a powerful reminder to stay hopeful and trust that God has a plan for everyone.

    16. So inspirationalThis book is so incredibly inspirational and a true testament to God's unfailing grace! Even in the darkest of times, He works for that which is good!

    17. What a remarkable story and telling; listen to it if you can to hear the voice of Henry. This story is inspiring -- surely this has motivated many to go to help others in Africa (or elsewhere).

    18. Such an inspiring story. It is always amazing to see how God uses those that surrender their plans and pick up their commission.

    19. "But there must be tens of thousands of starfish on this beach. I’m afraid you won’t really be able to make much of a difference.”The boy bent down, picked up yet another starfish and threw it as far as he could into the ocean. Then he turned, smiled and said, “It made a difference to that one!”Mi problema con este libro es que, normalmente, yo estoy más interesada en las historias de la estrella de mar que en la del niño que las lanza. En este caso y aunque Jim acabe diciendo lo con [...]

    20. Falsely accused of murder, along with his brother, Joseph, Henry arrived in Ihumgu, a juvenile imprisonment/detention facility. It more closely resembled punitive hard labor in the mornings, spending the rest of their time in “the custody,” a primitive concrete building. Violating any of the rigid rules brought barbaric punishment, including caning and being buried up to the neck. Punishment was first ordered by Rose, their cruel “caretaker,” and often delivered by fellow detainees, then [...]

    21. My husband knows me pretty well. He knows what gets me. He bought me this book and I'm super glad that he did because I hadn't heard about this story and it's worth knowing about. Jim Gash said something I have said before, "Africa? Nope, no plans on ever going there." Yeah, well - never say ever. *wink* Jim Gash is a lawyer and a professor at Pepperdine in California. Through a series of nudgings he finds himself in Uganda assisting in getting juveniles stuck in the Uganda court systems out. An [...]

    22. Divine CollisionAn African Boy, An American Lawyer, and Their Remarkable Battle for Freedomby Jim GashWorthy PublishingChristian, Religion & SpiritualityPub Date Jan 26, 2016I was given a copy of Divine Collision by the publisher and there partnership with Netgalley in exchange for myhonest review: Henry dreams of going to college but fears he may have to drop out of Senior Three after there family looses there savings. In 2008 Henry, his Father, his Mother and his younger brother Joseph [...]

    23. This book was about an American lawyer helping out a group of kids in Uganda, accused of crimes they did not commit and subsequently given jail sentences for these crimes.I really enjoyed this book. I really liked the character of Henry. The book showed his disappointments at his hearings being delayed, depression over being imprisoned when he did not commit a crime, but the book also showed his resilience and perseverance, reaching out to other prisoners, working hard in school when he did get [...]

    24. This is a book to pick up when you have time to read it from cover-to-cover. Jim Gash is a Californian law professor who went to Uganda, East Africa. He did not know what would be facing him there or what he would be asked to do.This is an honest, up-front telling of the pros and cons of Uganda from this man's eyes. He saw how the criminal court system left a lot to be desired, yet he still developed a deep care for the country and the culture.Divine Collision does not hold back when talking abo [...]

    25. Lawyer works in Uganda to help defend young people in prison. One of the young men in his cases is extremely "good", helpful and would like to be a Dr. Thanks to the lawyer's help, his is acquitted of his charges and begins medical school. Nice. Also, the lawyer works to reform youth's rights to a speed triald is successful in changing Uganda Law. Having been to the compounds of Zambia several times, I could relate to much of what was in this book. I'm curious what some of the ripple effects of [...]

    26. Wow. I really wanted to not cry while reading this book, but I basically teared up all the way through it. This was an incredible story; there are so many lessons to be taken from Jim Gash's account ofthe Ugandan mission he and his family found themselves on, and even the children had a profound input. There was an essay written by one of his young daughters that I wanted to photocopy and keep; that's how much it spoke to me! And really the whole book is like that. I highly recommend reading thi [...]

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