The Falling of the Moon If Ascot wants a Happy Ending she ll have to write it herself In the gloomy mountains of Shadowvale Ascot Abberdorf is expected to marry a lugubrious Count and settle down to a quiet life terrorizin

  • Title: The Falling of the Moon
  • Author: A.E. Decker
  • ISBN: 9780692526019
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
  • If Ascot wants a Happy Ending, she ll have to write it herself.In the gloomy mountains of Shadowvale, Ascot Abberdorf is expected to marry a lugubrious Count and settle down to a quiet life terrorizing the villagers Instead, armed with a book of fairy tales, her faithful bat winged cat, and whatever silverware she can pinch, Ascot heads east, to the mysterious Daylands, wIf Ascot wants a Happy Ending, she ll have to write it herself.In the gloomy mountains of Shadowvale, Ascot Abberdorf is expected to marry a lugubrious Count and settle down to a quiet life terrorizing the villagers Instead, armed with a book of fairy tales, her faithful bat winged cat, and whatever silverware she can pinch, Ascot heads east, to the mysterious Daylands, where her book promises she can find True Love and Happily Ever After, if she only follows her heart.Determined to win the hand of Prince Parvanel, Ascot storms the Kingdom of Albright With the book s guidance, she s confident she ll overcome any obstacles the imperious Queen Bettina Anna throws in her way, be they witches, evil stepmothers, or Big Bad Wolves.Unfortunately, the book doesn t cover reluctant princes, wolves who read Dostoyesvsky instead of blowing down houses, or a guild of Godmothers whose motivations may not be as pure as three drops of blood on a sweep of snow Most annoying of all is the captain of the guard who swears he ll see the moon fall before she weds Prince Parvanel There are stories and then there are stories, and if this parade of shifty shenanigans continues, Ascot might have to rewrite her own tale lest she end most Unhappily Ever After

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      382 A.E. Decker
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      A E Decker was born in Pennsylvania, but has lived in California, Virginia, and New Jersey before returning to her native state She holds degrees in English and Colonial American history, and has worked as a tai chi instructor, framer, doll maker, and ESL tutor.In addition to the Moonfall Mayhem series published by World Weaver Press, her stories have appeared in Fireside Magazine, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Phobos Magazine, the Sockdolager, and several of the Bethlehem Writers Groups homegrown anthologies She prefers to thrust her tongue deeply into her cheek before she writes, resulting in stories that are witty, lighthearted, and filled with off beat characters and quirky situations.Here there be dragons But they re likely to eat chocolate and quote Monty Python than devour you.

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    1. Kat Mandu saysFans of the quirky, come hither, because Ascot’s story is just for you.Half-vampire Ascot Abberforth is determined to find her Happy Ending. Armed with kindness, a group of strange but loyal friends, and a book she feels will lead her to become the prince’s future queen, she leaves her dark homeland and enters Albright to win Parvanel’s heart.Instead she finds a competition of wannabe princesses who will do anything to make sure she doesn’t win, a queen with bad history of [...]

    2. Vampires, fairy tale balls, ghosts.every time I thought I had a handle on the world that Decker created, she took another twist. With Ascot as an unlikely heroine, the reader goes on a journey that uproots all convention. This story-line sort of reminds you of one fairy tale, this one another; then you realize there are layers upon layers of commentary and thwarting of fairy tales we think we know. Since it's the first book in the Moonfall Mayhem series, sometimes knowledge is given for the long [...]

    3. Characters are quirky, original and likable, (think Charles Addams invades Mystery Date) but a lot of the time the reasons why they do what they do is whatever. It was obvious when they didn't like something, but when they liked something I wasn't convinced or wondered why they did what they did. I especially was confused how a smart girl didn't fully understand (or care) how much she was being manipulated, after she was told she was being manipulated.

    4. The falling of the Moon is a fairy tale unlike any fairy tale I have read or heard before! There are lots of twists & turns that draw you in and have you rooting for Ascot.The female lead is strong and determined with loyal friends who support her in every trial she faces.The Falling Moon is not the normal style of fantasy book I read BUT this book caught my interest from the start and it kept my interest to the very end. The author kept me wanting to read the next chapter to see what happen [...]

    5. When I purchased this book the seller, who just so happened to be one of the owners of the small press that had published it, told me it the main character in the story reminded her of Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family. She said the story was "as if Wednesay Addams had decided to go chasing fairytales". This is an apt description. The Falling of the Moon is all about Ascot, who hails from the land of Shadowvale, and has decided to seek her Happily Ever After in the Daylands. Ascot is joine [...]

    6. I loved this book and zoomed through it; I just couldn't put it down! It's not quite like anything I've ever read before. The closest would be the movie SHREK, but even that comparison doesn't do it justice. I'd say it's like Shrek meets The Wizard of Oz if Dorothy were Wednesday Addams and Toto a talking cat with bat wings. Fun and funny with many laugh-out-loud moments. Can't wait for the next book in the series!

    7. I received a copy of this book, along with the two sequels, from Netgalley for purposes of review. A fun story which both celebrates and undermines the fairy-tale genre, with a half-human, half-do-not-say-vampire-we-don't-use-the-V-word going out from Shadowvale, where her people live, into the wider world to live her own life. Equipped with a book of fairy tales, she finds that real life is a bit more complicated-and, indeed, the plot has an impressive number of twists. In all three books, I fo [...]

    8. When I started this book, I already fell in love with the dedication - it was dedicated to Sir Terry Pratchett. This book somehow manages to get up to his style. It is funny and wary of the way things should be 'because they have always been that way'. I loved it.I received a free copy through Netgalley in return for an honest review.

    9. I think this should have been appropriately titled The Misadventures of Ascot Abberdorf.I got an eARC from A. E. Decker of The Meddlers of Moonshine, which is book two. I told myself I need to read book one first. Here it goes.This is a fairy tale adventure or misadventure like no other. This is like a combination of all fairy tale stories you can think of and put it into one story where the center of everything is a vampire who only eats rats. Ascot is willing to go to whatever lengths to be ab [...]

    10. Clever, witty, whimsical, and brilliantly written, this series should appeal to fans of Terry Pratchett, Christopher Moore, and Piers Anthony's Xanth.

    11. If you love quirky and fun fantasy like Princess Bride and my Lady Jane then look no further because The Falling of the Moon by A.E. Decker is a quirky fun fairy-tale, and an absolute must read. This was definitely a high fantasy fairy-tale. The Falling of the Moon is reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz, meets Shrek, meets The Adams Family, meets The Princess Bride, meets Pirates of the Caribbean. The main character Ascot is a half vampire that runs away from home to find herself a happy ending, and [...]

    12. When her brother demands that she marry an umbrella-loving weirdo, Ascot Abberdorf leaves her family castle. With nothing but her winged cat, a little of the family silver, and a book of fairy tales, she sets out on a quest to find her own happily ever after. According to the book, this means marrying her true love, who of course must be a prince, so Ascot applies at the nearest castle and gets to work. Along the way, Ascot collects an assortment of loyal friends reminiscent of Dorothy's in the [...]

    13. Ascot, a delightful and surprising adventurer seeking her own true love travels with an entourage of preposterously bizarre misfits to the Kingdom of Albright. In the end she finds something else entirely, something of much more value, but oh, along the way we have such fun. A. E. Decker builds words into super-colossal mountains of entertainment, where the chapter titles alone are worth the price of the book. (Of course, you must read the chapter to catch the jest) Her stupendous ability to ent [...]

    14. The Falling of the Moon was recommended to me by a friend and since I had taken a reading challenge that included reading a young adult novel I thought I would give it a try. It was a delight. Ascots starts out on a journey to find her true love and along a very harrowing and humorous way, aided by a troupe of unique accomplices, she finds her true self. The book has a lot of fairy tale elements that have fun twists, but mostly, and what I find most appealing, are the great characters that I roo [...]

    15. Falling of the Moon is a fantasy fairytale like nothing I have read before. Mystery and secrets take you to a fantastic mystical world sure to have a book two. It is pirates of the Caribbean meets Cinderella. Looking forward to Ascot’s next adventure. Strong and determined with her loyal friends she will certainly make the Moonfall Mayhem a great series of books. I am ecstatic that this is just the start to what will be a truly great trilogy. girlplusbook/ya/scififant/

    16. Do you like fairy tales that wrap around each other you will like this book? This book follows young Ascot after the death of her father. She is an unlikely heroine, but you will love her. The cast of characters include vampires, ghosts, and an aunt with a big dress. I don't want to give away too much of the book. Usually I read memoirs, or crime novels. I wanted to read something different so I was able to snag this up as an eARC on Library Thing. I am glad I tried and now on to book 2.

    17. On the recommendation of my friend, I read 'Falling of the Moon'. Lots of fun; I'd highly recommend it for fairy-tale fans. It reminds me a lot of T. Kingfisher's stories, actually; the heroine isn't quite as rock-solid sensible, but she's got a kind heart, and the story itself is very aware of how the world works around the glittery charm of the fairy-tale.

    18. Ascot Abberdorf is a great heroine, and this is a fantastic fairytale full of engaging characters. I'm glad there are more books coming in this series because I can't wait to see where Ascot ends up next!

    19. A.E. Decker is the kind of writer who is incredibly skilled at backing her characters into seemingly impossible situations, then getting them out through creative and unexpected means. THE FALLING OF THE MOON is a delightful twist on familiar fairy tale tropes.

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