Paradise Falls I didn t believe in heroes until I met him For five years I ve lived in fear No one will stop my stalker Nobody can his father is a senator Alone and powerless I couldn t run couldn t hide couldn

  • Title: Paradise Falls
  • Author: Abigail Graham
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I didn t believe in heroes until I met him For five years, I ve lived in fear No one will stop my stalker Nobody can his father is a senator Alone and powerless, I couldn t run, couldn t hide, couldn t escape Then I met Jacob He s built like a freight train, covered in scars, and fights like a trained killer He scares me Fascinates me Makes my heart stop when I I didn t believe in heroes until I met him.For five years, I ve lived in fear No one will stop my stalker Nobody can his father is a senator Alone and powerless, I couldn t run, couldn t hide, couldn t escape Then I met Jacob He s built like a freight train, covered in scars, and fights like a trained killer He scares me Fascinates me Makes my heart stop when I imagine what his rock hard body can do to mine One look in his haunting eyes draws me in Tempts me to do things I ve never imagined He kisses like he fights furiously One taste, and I want If I can trust him with my life like I have with my body, he might just be my hero I came to destroy this town I lost everything, spent a year under a torturer s knife, and woke up a dead man walking, hungry for vengeance Then I saw her The man I hate was laying his hands on her and I snapped Something went off inside me, something that drove me to remove his filthy hands from her beautiful body and replace them with mine The mission has changed I won t stop until she s safe, and I ve found out how hot her lips burn on mine

    • Unlimited [Historical Fiction Book] ï Paradise Falls - by Abigail Graham ✓
      109 Abigail Graham
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      Abigail Graham Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Paradise Falls book, this is one of the most wanted Abigail Graham author readers around the world.

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    1. Overwriting Kills!The author immediately grabbed my attention with Elliot running his dead brother's wife off the road & the dynamics of this long-standing abusive relationship set in a good'ol'boy corrupt town. A former student returning as a mysterious, rich, hulking hero of a teacher Well, damn, if that didn't sound like a swoon waiting to happen. Soooooo.Ever wonder why such a perfect creation as a strawberry has to be tainted with mold? Yeah, me too. It's a real bummer when you walk by [...]

    2. WOW, what a book. It was one that was hard to put down.Jennifer is living in the past. She has some really issue from when she was a teenager that cause her not to get physical with a man. Add on top of that she lives with the death of her husband that died in a bridge collapse. Even after several years she has issues getting past it. I truly hated Elliot. Elliot was Jennifer’s brother-in-law who was obsessed with Jennifer. Elliot was a type of person that liked to take what he wanted. The pro [...]

    3. Holy Overwriting, BatmanThis book was so incredibly sloooooooow, that it took me several days (with several breaks) to finish it. The storyline had promise, which was the only reason I stuck it outd the only thing it had good about it. Now, let's talk about the bad. First, I understand "painting the picture" for your readers but the author attempted the Sistine Chapel with all the details. Way, way too much. I found myself skimming several parts without losing the understanding of the storyline. [...]

    4. Paradise Falls by Abigail Graham gives us the story of Jennifer and Jacob. When the Paradise Falls bridge fell, Jennifer Katzenberg lost her husband and gained a obsessed stalker. Elliot, her abusive brother-in-law. Elliot has wanted Jennifer since before she married his brother. Now that he is out of the way Elliot is trying to claim her any way he can. Even by force.Jacob has come back for revenge. He lost family the day the bridge collapsed and now plans to make the people responsible for his [...]

    5. I am sorry I just couldn't get thru it. It was not just the atrocious editing, I have read books with bad editing before and loved them. No it is the repetitive writing and the overly descriptive wording ad nauseam. I really tried to like it as the premise was interesting but there is way to much focus on things that do nothing for the story (ie the several sentences on ductwork just because she took a breath. With some judicious editing the book would be great not to mention half the size.

    6. I went into this not knowing that this was a serial of course I eventually figured it out, but that wasn't without the fits of annoyance at strangely abrupt chapter endings, repeats of stuff we've already read and then, the worst part, the inconsistencies.Story: Starts as small town teacher harassed by psychotic former brother-in-law who believe she should be his even though he attempted to rape her when she was 17 and she married his brother, who dies in a tragic bridge collapse. First day of s [...]

    7. Paradise Falls by Abigail Graham Widowed for four years Jennifer was working on her career mode and trying to still deal with the death of her husband Franklin. Teaching the children at the high school means everything to her. On the first day back on a warm August day she is stopped and almost kidnapped by her former brother in law Elliot. His actions bring back all the painful memories as she fights back. This time, however, a man stops and saves her and totally captures her imagination. Later [...]

    8. The storyline is a good idea, but (and I almost never do this) downgraded the rating due to grammar, editing, and readings issues. This is a serial and according to the author's thank your, etc, this took a year. The grammar, writing and editing did not improve. That made this difficult to read. I liked the main characters but the author could have cleaned up the serial before publishing as a "book" but this is just my opinion. if you want suspense and not the fun easy Sunday afternoon read it s [...]

    9. Really wanted to give this 5 stars, but couldn'tReally enjoyed the story line and characters. Kept wanting to read and find out what happened next. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed the suspense with less romance. (I tend to read mostly romance genre). The reason I only gave it a 4 was because there were a lot of typos and errors. I found myself rereading to make sure I was following the story.

    10. Overwrite much?On October 9, 2015, I wrote: I'm 9% done with Paradise Falls: I am being driven out of my mind with boring details about things I could care less about. I am 9% into this book and I've already put it down twice. I read a couple more pages, and I don't think I can finish this one. I might go crazy if I read about how her ring itches (what?!) one more time or have to endure her awkwardness anymore Ugh. Done for now. Now in March of 2017, I will formally admit to myself that I have a [...]

    11. @27%I honestly forgot I had this book on Kindle Unlimited until I was trying to check out more books and saw this was still there. I just felt like I was going no where in the story and it was just taking way too long to get to the point. When a story is contemporary I don't think it should have the length of a book that has to do world building. I was on chapter 18 of 64 nope nope. I felt as though I should have gotten a better understanding of the story by chapter 18 and I just hadn't. Maybe I [...]

    12. While I enjoyed this book, it was awkward to read in some ways. It is a compilations of serials, which I hadn't realized when I first started reading it, and I kept wondering why there seemed to be short recaps every once in a while. It made sense once I figured out it was a serial collection, but it really threw me for a loop at first. This was not the healthiest of relationships, and I never quite got into it. I think it was good at building her confidence in herself and finding out she didn't [...]

    13. Jacob & JenniferMs. Graham calls this book a soap opera and in many ways it is, especially if you consider the book is so much better than a tv show or movie. The plot is convoluted and expands in scope constantly. It is amazing how the author never looses sight of the romance and love that is the underlying character and structure of this entire book. The people inhabiting this book are well written and complex and the events leading to the explosive end of this book is carried by the intri [...]

    14. This book had a lot of potential, but it was very poorly executed. The story line was intriguing, but too far fetched. I couldn't figure out why this high school in this insignificant and all but forgotten town was targeted. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it all ties back to Jacob, but it would have made more sense in a bigger city, because the impact, in the grand scheme of the book's premise, would have been greater. The ultimate impact was the entire point of the existence of the bad guys in the first pla [...]

    15. I received a ARC for an honest review. This was a story about adventure, romance, suspense and intrigue it was one of the most well written stories I've read in a long while it captured your attention from the first page with Jennifer Katzenberg and her meeting Jacob Kane as an adult who is now a new teacher in her school No 1 in Paradise Falls something evil happened there several years ago that changed the lives of many the bridge fell during the Christmas season and Jennifer lost her husband [...]

    16. When I first got this book I thought it was going to be one of those stories where the guy has issues the girl has issues and somehow being together makes everything OK and BAM happily ever after. And I'm ok with those kind of stories. What I didnt except was what this book delivered. It came with romance (but it was not the focus) mystery and action-lots of action. This book had me on edge until the very end because there was so much going on and such intense scenes that I kept turning page aft [...]

    17. Overall, I enjoyed it. I was entertained. I didn't mind that it wasn't a very believable plot because it's a book. Who cares if it's believable? It was fun and action packed. Now, as for what's wrong with it. EDITING. That's a big one. I am not super nit picky when it comes to editing on self published books. You kinda have to expect them to be somewhat below par. However, this had WAY too many errors. When there are multiple errors in one paragraph, that's a problem. There's no excuse for that. [...]

    18. I received this book for an honest review.Jennifer is living in fear everyday of her stalker who just so happens to be her brother-in-law and the son of the senator. Jacob is back home in Paradise Falls to uncover the truth of a tragedy from years ago a tragedy that him and Jennifer both lost people in. He had planned to stay a loner but what he hadn't planned on was the pull him and Jennifer would feel for each other. United by a common goal they work together to uncover what really happened ne [...]

    19. I don't like giving negative reviews for any author butThere are so many things wrong with this book. First of all the grammar absolutely sucks. Not only are words wrong or mixed up, but apparently this author can't keep her own characters name correct. In one chapter, Hailey n Kirsten are sisters but by the next couple of chapters the sisters are now named Hailey n Kelly. I'm just thinking if an author can't keep track of her characters names. , there is a problem. Also the stuff that's going o [...]

    20. A Let DownThis story had so much potential but I think it got away from the author and became too much. It started really good: the storyline was awesome and the characters were extremely interesting but something happened that changed the story from one I perceived into something bigger, messier, and boring because of its implausibility. POSSIBLE SPOILERS The book begins as an obsessive stalker/bully harasses the hometown girl but nobody can or will do anything to stop him because his father is [...]

    21. A TRUE PAGE TURNER.Let me start out by saying I picked this book because of the cover. I new that there had to be a story behind the guy with the scars. I didn't realize it had all of the books together which please me immensely. Jennifer was not what I expected at all. She took a complete turnaround. I expected her to be this damsel in distress run and hide woman. But instead she stood next to Jacob reading to go waste deep in anything. Once she got around him she came alive. She didn't let her [...]

    22. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.Where do you start after you read a book of this quality? I had such a hard time putting this book down as soon as I started reading it. The plot was complex, yet well planned and executed. The characters? I don't think I could have came close to having created the characters in this story. They will have you twisted in knots trying to figure out what they are feeling and thinking. Abigail has done an outstanding job with the people [...]

    23. ARC read for an honest review.This book was the best I have read in awhile. I love all the twists and turns thus book took me on. I was retelling the biggest highlights to anyone that was near me while reading this. The background that Jennifer had wad to real. The hardship she has to conquer is unfair for one women to have to go though. Without Jacob I know she wouldn't of made it past chapter one. Jacob also has a lot of demons to conquer for himself. Jennifer is his saving angel for him every [...]

    24. ARC given in exchange for an honest review I have to say this was a hard book for me to stay focused in. I was practically lost in parts of it but overall it does have a good plot. You can tell the author put a lot of time into this story and focused on some things a little to much. This book was just different for me and new. Jennifer is a teacher and has been living in fear for five years and deals with a stalker on a daily basis. She lost her husband to a bridge collapsing and lives on her ow [...]

    25. OMG! Talked about having a bad day that won’t end. Story is action packed, full of suspense, with surviving after losing loved ones, a town filled with corruption along with a lot of twists. Jennifer lives in fear from her stalking brother in law while struggling to get over the death of her husband but truly only existing. Jacob comes home to Paradise Falls to uncover the truth. What really happened in the tragedy that claims the lives of his family and Jennifer’s husband. Seeing what is ha [...]

    26. Great Plot, Punctuations/Misplaced words, eh.This story was amazing. I fell in love with Paradise Hills and all the town craziness. What I wasn't in love with were some (plenty) of the misplaced punctuations and words. At one point I was so confused because a character said they took something of his, only to read a page later and discover he had his, but someone's was missing. (I understand if that's hard to get without me quoting the book, I don't know how to do this without spoiling stuff). A [...]

    27. This is a re-read for me as I read this book when it came out as a serialized novel. I will say the same thing I’ve said before: What a ride. I knew how the book ended but was still biting my nails. Paradise Falls is a fast-paced, action-never-stops read that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Get ready for a wild ride – the book gets into the action right from the start and it gets better and wilder from there. My heart was beating wildly in my chest and didn’t calm down until I fini [...]

    28. Great concept for a story lineI enjoyed the story, but the descriptions were so in depth that they took away from the story so I would skim them. The plot was excellent, but the timeline was off. She was 26, a teacher for 4 years, and had taught while he was there plus he was held captive for 2 years and went to school to become a teacher I would suggest she take another look at some grammar errors. Silly things that can be easily missed like hand supposed to be hang and double words. A LOT OF D [...]

    29. Given to me for an honest review. This is all of the serials in one book. Scar Tissue, Open Wounds, Turning Point, Spy Games, and Shock Waves. This book is like a Bruce Willis movie (Die Hard series) with a little less killing and more romance. You have Jennifer and Jacob who are trying to save their little corner of the world (Paradise Falls) and then you have the bad guys who are running Paradise Falls, which includes the Chief of Police, the mayor, and a senator. This book has lots of layers. [...]

    30. Hitman meets Jason Bourne meets James BondI would have rated this a five star but the ending just kind of taper off. I'm sure this is due to an installment to come. The novel itself was action packed, full of conspiracy, and budding romance. There was some editing and spelling needs but the non-stop action packed novel makes you overlook those editing-spelling sections. The storyline was goodke I said the Hitman meets Jason Bourne meets James Bond :) The H/h were very likeable. They each had the [...]

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