Y Negative In the last surviving cities of a ruined world the concept of woman has been forgotten to history Those unfortunate enough to lack a Y chromosome live as second class citizens in a world dominated by

  • Title: Y Negative
  • Author: Kelly Haworth
  • ISBN: 9781626493346
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the last surviving cities of a ruined world, the concept of woman has been forgotten to history Those unfortunate enough to lack a Y chromosome live as second class citizens in a world dominated by mascs.Ember is Y negative He is scorned, bullied, abused by every masc he encounters, at work and at the gym Not even his Y negative roommate cuts him any slack He wantIn the last surviving cities of a ruined world, the concept of woman has been forgotten to history Those unfortunate enough to lack a Y chromosome live as second class citizens in a world dominated by mascs.Ember is Y negative He is scorned, bullied, abused by every masc he encounters, at work and at the gym Not even his Y negative roommate cuts him any slack He wants so desperately to be accepted as a masc that he d rather buy black market testosterone than food Something s gotta give he needs a change in his life, but has no idea how to find it.Jess is a masc with a passion for studying the recovery of their devastated world His boyfriend is pressuring him for commitment, and his father expects him to take over the family business He can t wait to get away from civilization for his seasonal research out in the wild.When Jess offers Ember a job, their lives collide in the isolated wasteland, and their initial attraction turns into a relationship that horrifies those around them Soon their struggle to stay together and to be who they are turns into a fight for their lives.

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    1. Kelly Haworth

      Kelly Haworth has way too active an imagination, so she channels it into writing Kelly is genderfluid and pansexual, and honestly doesn t know if she ll ever write an allo cishet couple again When not working at a genetics lab or staying up too late writing, she can be found wrangling her two toddlers, working on cosplay, or curled up on the couch with a good TV show or book.

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    1. This book. Is special.In so many ways. Man, this really rocked my world for a few days. I read it slowly because I was studying very hard for the exams but I couldn't put it down when it was (more than) time to go to sleep. The cover doesn't do justice, this tale is more than a story or two. It's about Ember and the world he lives in. A world divided by genetics, full of dangers and disdain from the mascs towards the Y negatives, the lowest of the food chain. In between we have the andros, Y neg [...]

    2. WOW.Woooooooow.This is by far one of the most bizarre book concepts I have ever read, the synopsis didn’t even touch the surface of how twisted and unique this world was… I can’t say whether that was a good or bad thing, it was just bizarre.There are no women in this world, people have even forgotten what the word mother is. “Females” are non existent, but actually not really. There is no easy way for me to explain but simply stating the facts, so heres a quick learners guidePeople are [...]

    3. Imagine a world with only one gender, the male. Only gay relationships. There would be no need to bigot or discriminate any longer, right?WRONG!!In this Dystopia world the male gender is divided into 4 sub-genders:1 – The Mascs, they are truly 100% genetically male2 – The Exins, also genetically male but with some abnormalities that makes them more feminine.3 – The Andros, Y-negatives (genetically female) that have endured being surrogates for the human population and now are allowed to re [...]

    4. Five fabulous stars!!!!!!My gosh I truly enjoyed this story! It has a dystopian/sci fi feel to it and drew me in, holding my attention from the first word. It was just such a great read!!I was rather curious when I saw this on NetGalley but requested it because it sounded interesting. I do like sci-fi as long as it doesn't have too much futuristic technology and this book was pitched at the right level. Both fans and non-fans of dystopian or sci fi fiction will enjoy this story about a world whe [...]

    5. I received a free ARC from the publisherYou can read this and other reviews at Things I Find While ShelvingWoah.Forget a two gender social system. The world of Y Negative is more like a four gender social system. First in the hierarchy are Mascs - genetically male. Next are the Exins who are genetically male but have some genetic abnormalities that makes them more feminine. Then there are Andros - born genetically female, they have surgery to remove their breasts and inject testosterone. Last, Y [...]

    6. 4.5 star review by The Blogger Girls.This story was unlike any I’ve read before. There is a lot of worldbuilding in this dystopian futuristic society where the world has all but been destroyed. Most of society lives in the city where everything is carefully controlled, from the air to the food and even the people to a degree.Outside the city is a vast wasteland that is monitored and tested for signs of recovery. It is out here where most of the story takes place.Then there are the people and w [...]

    7. For a first novel Y Negative is an excellent achievement. Kelly Haworth has written one kick ass fantasy, which is also dystopian in nature and rather dark but not over the top nasty as some dystopian novels can be. The basis of the story is obviously about genetic's and I'm sure a few people might relate it to other books but because I read a lot in this genre I found it had an original and refreshing storyline. Without giving too much away you do not want to be male in this repressed world tha [...]

    8. Y Negative was generously provided to me by the publisher, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest reviewWow. So, that was one of the most usual stories I've read in a while. I wasn't, at all, sure what to expect when I requested this book from Netgalley, but the blurb sounded really interesting. And so was the book.Y Negative takes place in a future where women no longer exist - but that isn't really true. They're still there, it's just that the male pronouns are used to refer to everyone. And [...]

    9. “So I was just born bad and you’re bad by choice?”In this case, being born bad, is having the misfortune to be Y Negative. You may expect a life of prejudice and antagonism. Y Negatives strive to be accepted as male using both weekly testosterone injections and surgery, but their 'andro' status is viewed with scepticism and hostility, and therefore they mostly keep to themselves.In this skewed world Ember lives as an andro and struggles to pay his rent, buy his weekly injection and pay for [...]

    10. I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.One of the things I loved about this book was that it really turned sexuality on its head. There are no women, at least none in the traditional sense. The people once called women are now called Y-Negatives. So for those born Y-Negative, they generally had women’s genitals. Or at least, they mutilated themselves so they would have them. Or something. I didn’t really get that part. A Y-Negative is forced to be a surrogate for [...]

    11. 3.5 Stars I am fascinated by post-apocalyptic stories and the world building that some authors can perform. The description for 'Y Negative' interested me immediately. I couldn't imagine a world where the gender equivalent of female had disappeared and been replaced with Y Negatives. These people account for one fifth of the population, having no Y chromosome bundles on either X chromosome. They are not referred to as females, girls, ladies, or women. Everything in this world has a male designat [...]

    12. I absolutely loved this book. Although a little confusing at first, it completely absorbed me and I found that I couldn't put it down. I read it with a buddy, and we talked about it for hours.Yes, there are issues that aren't completely developed, but that's what sequels are for. I just found Ember so endearing and the romance so compelling that none of that matters. And the premise--so interesting! What an imagination the author has, and what a great storyteller she is. This isn't a story for n [...]

    13. Wow. Just wow. I was/am just completely blown away by this novel. I'm not sure what to do with myself after finishing it and I wish I hadn't finished it yet, or that maybe there was a sequel. Amazing book.

    14. DNF @ 55%I rarely flounce. But this time I just couldn't read on.I'm sorry.It's a great story, just not for me.Flounced - no rating.

    15. I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads5 Stars In the last surviving cities of a ruined world, the concept of “woman” has been forgotten to history.Genre: Dystopian | MM Romance (but not) | Transgender (but not) | Government influence affecting societal actions and reactions (Brainwashing the sheep) | Violence | Dark & Twisted | Heat-level: low (story-driven) | The first thought that came to my mind upon finishing Y Negative, "I hope there is a sequel- I'd rea [...]

    16. I've read in a lot of the other comments that this world Kelly Haworth created is really confusing to them. For some reason, it wasn't for me. Sure, there were some aspects that seemed a bit foreign but nothing I couldn't get into after reading the first few chapters.This is just a really good book from the first to the last sentence. I wish there was a sequel. (view spoiler)[I really want to know what happens when the testosterone cocktail story hits the newspapers. And if they can trace it bac [...]

    17. This is sort of a HET-for-you but it isn't because there are not any 'women' in the book. Just different types of mennda. Wow it's so hard to explain.This was amazing. Wish there was more but also glad with the way it ended.This isn't a typical Romance book and there isn't the MM sex you usually expect. You don't miss it. It's there just different. Loved it and wish more people read it.

    18. Very different. VERY VERY good. This is a dystopian story with quite a bite. For one it's some of the strongest world building I've read in this genre. Very layered and complex society/social justice themes. I have to commend the author this was good, and brave. Oppression is a human by-product, inevitable.

    19. 4.5 starsThis is not your typical M/M romance and that is one of the reasons I loved it so freaking much. I love it when authors push the boundaries and manage to create something both unique and well-written.This is basically a dystopian tale, but the focus is on sexuality and gender rather than what happened to the planet. That’s not to say there isn’t any world building because that isn’t the case, not at all. In fact the world building is phenomenal, it’s just not the usual type that [...]

    20. Wow! Just Wow!So I am going to be honest and say that I am not a fan of Sci-Fi and I wasn't too sure about this book. I found the premise intriguing but I was a bit wary not knowing what to expect. The first part of the book was hard for me. Chapters 1 through 3 seemed to drag and they were hard to understand, at least to me. I knew we needed it so the reader could get an idea of the world these characters were living in but I had a hard time connecting to the story because of it. I even conside [...]

    21. This book is very hard to rate. I liked the world building and it reminded me a little of the movie Total Recall in that where Ember lived was kind of like an underground city where you went from place to place without actually going outside. Ember was very well developed. I could feel his frustration and self-loathing at being a negative. I liked Jess but I think his character should have been more developed. We didn't really get to see inside what he was feeling for the most part even though s [...]

    22. A Joyfully Jay review. 2.75 starsI noticed this book months and months ago and I was so excited to read it because I have a weakness for dystopian fantasies, but to be honest, I really wasn’t feeling it. One thing I will say is that the premise of the story is fabulous, but I felt like as a reader I was led to the edge of something spectacular, but not given the full picture.The way the author deals with gender identity is intriguing. At one point there is even a line that struck me as groundb [...]

    23. Y Negative by author Kelly Haworth is a very different take on the future. There are no women per say in the in this future. But there are people born XX they have to take hormone treatments and are subjected to horrible body mutilation. They are also teased and beaten by the XY group of men. This has been the life of Ember. He has dealt with being XX all his life. He wants to be more than what he was born into, but life keeps kicking him down. He would love to have an XY man love him but being [...]

    24. The world building is very unique. The characters live in an acidic wasteland so old that no one even remembers how it came to be that way. Masc or males are dominant. Y negatives (or females) are nothing more than slaves used for surrogacy. Once the babies are born, they are given to their masc fathers to be raised. When Y negatives are finished with surrogacy, they remove the parts they no longer need and start taking testosterone injections. The main character Ember is Y negative. He goes wit [...]

    25. Astonishingly good! Kelly Haworth's future-Earth dystopian romance is insanely, mesmerizingly, off-the-hook great reading. I couldn't put it down, and I spent several hours after I finished it in that disconnected state where the novel's world is still more real than the real world. Haworth is a gifted wordsmith. Near photographic descriptions of the shattered environment set the backdrop, while the inventive slang used by the characters reveals the twisted social milieu of their world. The peop [...]

    26. I would recommend Y Negative to anyone who's interested in exploring the many meanings of sex and gender. It was all too easy for me to understand Ember's disgust at being Y negative in a world that only values being Y positive. Yes, I found the terms a bit confusing at first, but it didn't take long for me to figure it out. I can also understand his het orientation, in a world where such a thing is considered to be hateful and perverse. During the course of this novel, many perspectives were br [...]

    27. I loved the twist on the world, and this book really drives home how dangerous and painful homophobia is in today's society. The hurt it does to those who are "different" and how hard many of them try to fit in just to be "normal". The descriptions of society in the city and in outskirts was a tough and thought provoking read. Even now several days after I finished it I can't stop thinking about this book. I highly recommend it.

    28. Unlike anything else I have ever read, truly a one of a kind novel. Depicts a unique portrayal of a minority influenced society. Kept me thoroughly entertained the entire read.

    29. Wow! Stayed up all night reading this one-sci fi dystopia dealing with gender in a world contaminated by chemicals. Great characters and some new twists.

    30. Interesting concept, tough is was painful to read about Ember's life. Happy he had Jess.

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