The Israel Lobby and U S Foreign Policy The Israel Lobby by John J Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago and Stephen M Walt of Harvard s John F Kennedy School of Government was one of the most controversial articles in recent memory Or

  • Title: The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy
  • Author: John J. Mearsheimer Stephen M. Walt
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  • Page: 133
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  • The Israel Lobby, by John J Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago and Stephen M Walt of Harvard s John F Kennedy School of Government, was one of the most controversial articles in recent memory Originally published in the London Review of Books in March 2006, it provoked both howls of outrage and cheers of gratitude for challenging what had been a taboo issue in AThe Israel Lobby, by John J Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago and Stephen M Walt of Harvard s John F Kennedy School of Government, was one of the most controversial articles in recent memory Originally published in the London Review of Books in March 2006, it provoked both howls of outrage and cheers of gratitude for challenging what had been a taboo issue in America the impact of the Israel lobby on U.S foreign policy Now in a work of major importance, Mearsheimer and Walt deepen and expand their argument and confront recent developments in Lebanon and Iran They describe the remarkable level of material and diplomatic support that the United States provides to Israel and argues that this support cannot be fully explained on either strategic or moral grounds This exceptional relationship is due largely to the political influence of a loose coalition of individuals and organizations that actively work to shape U.S foreign policy in a pro Israel direction Mearsheimer and Walt provocatively contend that the lobby has a far reaching impact on America s posture throughout the Middle East in Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, and toward the Israeli Palestinian conflict and the policies it has encouraged are in neither America s national interest nor Israel s long term interest The lobby s influence also affects America s relationship with important allies and increases dangers that all states face from global jihadist terror Writing in The New York Review of Books, Michael Massing declared, Not since Foreign Affairs magazine published Samuel Huntington s The Clash of Civilizations in 1993 has an academic essay detonated with such force The publication of The Israel Lobby and U.S Foreign Policy is certain to widen the debate and to be one of the most talked about books of the year.

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    1. John J. Mearsheimer Stephen M. Walt

      John J Mearsheimer is the R Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science and codirector of the Program on International Security Policy at the University of Chicago.

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    1. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in the Matrix. There is the reality that everyone seems to accept as being real and then there is the really real. What is going on in the Middle East at the moment messes with my mind in exactly that way. I wrote to a GoodReads friend a week or so ago – can’t quite remember how we got onto the topic, but I was telling her how distressing I was finding what was going on in Gaza. I started off by making sure I stressed I had grown up with Jewish friends and [...]

    2. When I encounter something I don't understand, I educate myself.I didn't understand the automatic support for Israel by the United States. What the United States stands for - liberty and justice for all - could not be further from the agenda of Israel. In that country an exclusive group of people are out to evict, dispossess, imprison, and in general oppress the people who lived there, or are the sons and daughters of those who lived there, before the arrival of Europeans known as Zionists. For [...]

    3. We all remember the events of 9/11, but can you remember your thoughts from 9/12? Were you confused, questioning the reason(s) for these attacks? Aren't we the good-guys, fostering human rights, democratic values, and the removal of authoritarian rulers? Clearly, there must be, or must have been, something about our foreign policy in the Middle East to cause such hate and anger toward us. Do you find President Bush's attempted explanation that " they hate us for our freedom and our democracy" as [...]

    4. Great book! A lot of Americans still have residual respect for Israel, and this book ought to smash that out of their skulls once and for all.

    5. "The Israel Lobby" asserts what almost 40% (per the authors) of Americans recognize - that Israel is one of the main causes of anti-Americanism, that the U.S. provides Israel with extraordinary material and diplomatic support, and that many policies pursued on Israel's behalf jeopardize U.S. national security.Documentation is not wanting for these claims. Israel is the largest recipient of U.S. aid since WWII, amounting to some $154 billion (2005 dollars), and about $500/citizen today. Since 198 [...]

    6. گفته می‌شود جان کری در مذاکرات هسته‌ای به تیم ایرانی می‌گویدآمریکا کشور لابی‌ها است. اگر به دنبال منافع خود هستید باید راه و رسم لابی کردن در آمریکا را بیاموزید.این کتاب، کتابی حساب‌شده و دقیق در باب نقش و تاثیر گروه‌های فشار و لابی‌های اسرائیل در سیاست خارجه آمریکا از دو [...]

    7. I could barely stomach this book. First of all I have read other accounts of the Lebanon affair. One was an autobiography. The author described life before the influence of Hezbollah in Lebanon.She was a Moravian Christian. Before Hezbollah the Christians and Moslems lived side by side peaceably. Her father was killed in the war. Hezbollah would shell Israel from residential neighborhoods (NO mention of that in this book) and that is how her father was killed. She worked as a translator for the [...]

    8. I had really high expectations for this book but unfortunately the authors have managed to write a book full of naivite, incorrect claims and too much good faith in the US government. The book does give plenty of insight into the world of the Israel lobby (AIPAC, WINEP etc) on Capitol hill and elsewhere yet manages to make bizarre conclusions. Maersheimer and Walt claim that the primary reason for the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 was the pressure upon politicians by the Israel lobby. I regard it [...]

    9. Fantastic book, I could not recommend it any higher to a person who wants to learn about the relationship between the U.S. and Israel. The fact that it even exists and that it is known as 'The Israel Lobby' will upset many people, but Mearsheimer goes well out of his way to explain that there is, in fact, no such thing as an Israel Lobby. Instead, the book chronicles all of the reasons why the U.S. supports Israel so strongly and why it is a poisioned topic in the public forum. This book is enti [...]

    10. Hitler would really liked this booki cant believe this antisemitic book has been so famouseven in backward areas like my country you hear Clerics reciting this book while preaching hate lectures about Jewssorry but this book is really amplify what anti semite believes about Jewsand i wouldnot surprise if it were found in Osama bin laden own libraryplease dont buy this CRAP

    11. Mearsheimer and Walt are two respected scholars who took on this project and the invitation of Atlantic Monthly - both were very aware that they were about to kick a hornets nest. The reaction to their outstanding work is perhaps the ultimate vindication of their points. While this particular exposé discusses the role of the Lobby in US foreign policy, a discussion about the role of the Lobby in domestic policy would be just as enlightened to be sure.The relevance and importance of the authors' [...]

    12. A modern day version of the anti-Semitic screed "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion". Walt and Mearsheimer set out not to just bash Israel, but American Jews. While they lambast Israel a threat to America and supposedly "normal" Americans, it is their self-proclaimed cabal of American Jews who they hunt and label as a fifth column who would eagerly bring down the Republic. That the two have followed up this disgusting work by attending Palestinian advocacy meetings while holding up their secret [...]

    13. I had long wondered why the U.S. and Canada immediately come to the defense of Israel whenever its critics voice a concern, however justified. This book answered my questions and should be read by all North Americans (especially U.S. citizens) as it provides insight into the unique relationship Israel enjoys with the West and the enormous costs associated with it. The authors apologize frequently (too much so) in an attempt to prevent the inevitable accusations that they are anti-Israel but the [...]

    14. See my full review here: isak.typepad/isak/2011/04/The authors are determined to think through the loaded topic in clear, plain prose that makes their case in the style of an old-fashioned argument: stating a conclusion, offering evidence for the conclusion, sympathetically engaging with the best of the counter-argument, reaffirming conclusion, offering ideas for alternative strategies. There is something blessedly scientific about this. The first part of the book examines the domestic shape of [...]

    15. It's impressive that even such a fact-based and cucked publication such as this gets attacked as "anti-Semitic" only for pointing out things that are not debatable. Where it fails is when it comes short of assigning blame on the actual Jewish lobbyists or the community as a whole that holds a dual citizenship, and loyalty towards Israel, not the countries where they live. The authors, in their politically-correct attitude, want to blame institutions but not individuals. Great for the the list of [...]

    16. An outstanding book. well balanced. For me, and most the most important aspect of the book's structure is the frequent use of cross references to hard evidence supporting the author's observations and conclusions.What is now most disturbing is the discussion on pages 250-260 regarding the dreams of regional transformation and what we now know as the Arab spring. A CHILLING PREDICTION FROM THE AUTHORS WHEN YOU NOW CONSIDER THEIR OBSERVATIONS RE IRAN AND THE DIPLOMATIC SPEAK NOW (NOVEMBER 2011) ur [...]

    17. Since I have read many books on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and recently traveled to the region with Global Exchange, most of the information in this book was not new to me. However, I must admit that I was a bit skeptical of the authors' position that Israeli pressure was a key, decisive force behind the U.S. decision to invade Iraq (and the current pressure to attack Iran). I still am, but they are very persuasive. In addition, this book serves a critical role by bringing together in one [...]

    18. This is overall a very good book, but the authors spend way too much time reiterating the fact that they believe Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish state. This right after criticizing just about everything about the country since its founding, yet they still can't drop this point. There's also too much use of the term "terrorism" where it doesn't quite belong. Despite these shortcomings, however, the book is invaluable for anyone seeking to understand this country's pathetic "special relati [...]

    19. While the general idea is nothing groundbreaking, it's the details of the mutual cooperation that are pretty spectacular. The authors go to great lenghts to prove that The US gain nothing from being associated with Israel, and that it's more of a liability than a strategic asset that increases the American superpower. Still,this begs the question as to why? Why do The US keep being the biggest tool this planet has ever seen? And why does their public opinion keep being manipulated like this?

    20. Probably a good bit longer than necessary. Took me almost two months to finish. The make a good point though, something has to change about our unconditional support of Israel. I wish more Americans were aware what Israel was doing to the Palestinians, but unfortunately our media shows us nothing but the Israeli side of the story.

    21. This book offers an interesting insight into the affect on the United States' international and domestic security standing of its fervent backing of the State of Israel. I recommend this text for anyone interesting in knowing more about U.S. foreign policy or the role of the U.S. in the Middle East.

    22. Informative and brave. I wish Qatar would start an Arab lobby instead of flirting with Indyk in their Doha-based Brookings institute.

    23. Insightful on the influence pro-Israel lobbyists wield with Congress through campaign contributions and blocks of votes.

    24. A prolific non-fiction book, The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy by John J. Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago and Stephen M. Walt of Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government, not only surprised me, but will worry many who go through the book coming to know that how the strong lobby is formed and exists is in the United States. How it influences the United States’ foreign policy toward Middle East? How the lobby seeks diplomatic, military and economic supports of the United St [...]

    25. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed 'The Israel Lobby'. I anticipated that it would be an overly partisan book that would provide a slanted viewpoint. I was pleased upon reading the book to see that the author provided thorough scholarship, a balanced perspective, and realistic expectations of the lobby as well as the Middle East situation.The premise behind the book is that the 'Israel Lobby', (which generally consists of various lobbyist organizations that support Israel and in particular, t [...]

    26. If the authors of this work did go slightly overboard in their description of Israel's behavior or show some bias contra-Israel, I'm afraid my response would be that that was what cost them a five star review from yours truly. This book is an excelllent counterweight to:• The extent to which Israel and its lobbying groups control public discourse within the United States on just about every media channel out there, • The outlandish sums we send them under the most favorable terms any suppose [...]

    27. This book takes a much-needed look at the "special relationship" that exists between America and Israel.First of all, the authors do not question that Israel has the right to exist within secure borders, or its right to lobby Washington for its interests, or that America should aid Israel if it is attacked. But, the current unconditional level of US support for Israel ($154 billion since 1948) cannot be justified on moral or strategic grounds.Perhaps Israel was a strategic ally during the Cold W [...]

    28. Riveting.First, I need to call out the guy who said, "A lot of Americans still have residual respect for Israel, and this book ought to smash that out of their skulls once and for all." This book is explosive, and like WMDs, will be dangerous when they get in the hands of an anti-semitic idiot like that guy. M&W did not diminish respect I have for Israel or world Jewry; in fact it has reinforced it. The source they use are primarily Israeli and Jewish American. I'm heartened to see the signi [...]

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