Thorn s Bondmate Reporter Daria Zane stumbles across a situation that could get her killed while investigating a story about hundreds of missing women Pursued by the men and the aliens who ve been abducting the women

  • Title: Thorn's Bondmate
  • Author: Mardi Maxwell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Reporter Daria Zane stumbles across a situation that could get her killed while investigating a story about hundreds of missing women Pursued by the men and the aliens who ve been abducting the women and releasing a new drug, ZL3, onto the streets of Earth there s only one place she can hide Zarronia If she can make it to Ambassador Eirikson she just might have a chanceReporter Daria Zane stumbles across a situation that could get her killed while investigating a story about hundreds of missing women Pursued by the men and the aliens who ve been abducting the women and releasing a new drug, ZL3, onto the streets of Earth there s only one place she can hide Zarronia If she can make it to Ambassador Eirikson she just might have a chance to survive Thorn Valanson has spent several months on Earth handling warrior business for his father He s also managed to avoid the free spirited Earth females as bonding with one of them is the last thing on his mind In fact, his personal history has given him a distrust of females and a hatred of spies, especially female spies When he captures Daria on his starship he knows there s only one reason she s there to spy on his people and discover their most closely guarded secrets Daria can t risk her life by telling Thorn the truth as she can t be sure he s not part of the corruption Thorn knows she s lying and that raises his suspicions What happens when a warrior with a mating fever meets a female he lusts after but can t trust It s a long journey to Zarronia.

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    1. Mardi Maxwell

      Mardi Maxwell lives in mid America and is a fan of contemporary erotic romances and sci fi romances with a happy ever after ending In 2012 a friend dared her to write a book and send it in to a publisher She accepted the challenge and her first book, To Love and Obey, was published later that year Twelve books later she s still writing, and of course reading.You can receive notices about her new releases by following her on her author page at author mardimaxwell or on her website mardimaxwell

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    1. The book sounded like a bit of space romance, it had way more sex than I imagined, but I have no problems skipping a bit of erotic sex, and focusing on the storyline, and their was plenty of storyline.What I did have a problem with was the relationship between the two main characters. He raped her repeatedly over a period of several months. He tortured her, mentally and verbally tormented her. He treated her like absolute shit, all while raping her - on the grounds that some blue mist meant that [...]

    2. DNF at 40%This is the most horrible book I have read in over a year.I will make sure to avoid this author at all costs. Hero = horrible assholeHeroine = doormatF this bookriously.

    3. Rape fantasies are a strange phenomenon, though quite "logical" in a way. They are a tool for women to deal with and consider a violation of their basic personal freedoms without experiencing the act itself. They don't mean women want to be raped; they help us imagine a situation that looms over our heads pretty much every day and deal with it in a way that makes it palatable for us. That's why some rape fantasies involve happy endings. That's why some don't. They turn an experience in which we [...]

    4. I didn't even get to the forced sex and I was irritated with the writing. The beginning is rushed and loses out on the whys and wheres. There was more than one eye roll--heroine has violet eyes, men react to her low husky voice, etc. Some ideas were just plain lazy--stinkgoat: a stinky goat-like creature. Yes that is actually in the book under the glossary. I did read the first book and wasn't happy with how the mating fever was handled. I've read other books with a similar plot lines. I realize [...]

    5. stupid male. too much pride, arrogance and testosterone and not enough intelligence and common sense.

    6. I have come to expect nothing more than a great read from Ms. Maxwell's books, and this was no exception. Years have past and Thorn one of Valen and Lia's twin sons! He has been sent on a mission to Earth to pick up women who may be compatible bondmates for the Zarronian warriors. Little does he know that a different alien race is negotiating with the greedy humans, but someone does. Daria, a reporter, has come across information that has human and aliens alike trying to kill her. She knows that [...]

    7. After reading the first of the series (and hating it) and then reading some of the reviews for this one I was kinda scared to start it. Valan was such a horrible guy & Lia was SUCH a doormat I was worried about what kind of guy their son would be. He wasn't as bad, TG.Thorn is rather stern & distant, even to his boys, at the start. He cares but doesn't do a good job showing it. He believes Daria is a spy but the making fever is upon him she he treats her as his mistress on the ship. Even [...]

    8. LovedThorn and Daria meet when she stows away on his ship. He doesn't like her, but they are bonded and she is pregnant

    9. This sequel to Valan's Bondmate moves the time frame forward 30 years and focuses on Thorn Valanson, the son of the first book's titular hero and his bondmate, Lia. One of my favorite things about Thorn's Bondmate is the all-out family fest in the second half. Nearly all of the main and secondary characters from the first book, or their children, are in the cast. Meddling oldsters Eirik and Borg are even funnier this time around. Everyone has aged and has new responsibilities. Baby Thorn, born i [...]

    10. Overall Rating: 4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆Among the stars they fought a battle for dominance, equality and love and found something more than they expected a bond so intense it fused their souls together forever. In the second book of the Zarronian Warriors series by author extraordinaire Mardi Maxwell, we are transported into the future. In Thorn's Bondmate Daria, a journalist from Earth and Thorn, a fierce guardian of the galaxy collide. As the story unfolds we are captured by the intensity [...]

    11. I will admit, when I read the first book in this series I was way out of my league. I had never indulged in a book that took me into the galaxy and a different planets and lifestyles. It didn’t take Mardi Maxwell long though to hook me with such a fantastic story of angst, loss and love. There is a deep rooted history to this series, which she explains brilliantly in the beginning of each book so I highly advise you read this series in order so you can trace the family connections and dynamics [...]

    12. Years have past since the first book and this book is about Thorn one of Valen and Lia's twin sons! He has been sent on a mission to Earth to pick up women who may be compatible bondmates for the Zarronian warriors. Reporter Daria Zane is a reporter Nd she stumbles across a situation that could get her killed. Some one is releasing a new drug, ZL3, onto the streets of Earth. Men are chasing here and one of her friends has already been shot. She has to get to Zarroniaand speak with the ambassador [...]

    13. This one was way better than the first. There was better storyline. I wasn't frustrated with this one at all. I read few comments and the coupling mating fever in this one didn't really annoy me, I skipped a few of those, sure but it wasn't overdo. The reason I liked it more it was I saw a purpose in this book, there was also a background. A little thing disturbed me, or may be it was me since I could have miss something. Now that I'm thinking of it may be it was me with the love situation. He e [...]

    14. A Mardi Maxwell series always guarantees strong personalities; overbearing, arrogant Alpha males who command rather than ask are a given, accompanied by women who must be prepared to stand their ground and fight for respect (or lose their identity along the way) to challenge their dominance.This second instalment continues the theme of Zarronian Warriors searching the galaxy for compatible mates, but evolves to incorporate a trade agreement with Earth, deception, kidnapping, corrupt earthlings a [...]

    15. Great book! I just finished reading Thorn's Bondmate by Mardi Maxwell, the second book in her new Zarronian Warriors series and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Mardi has a real talent for SciFi romance. Her characters are fresh and interesting and the story kept me wanting to read it straight through. The hero of the story, Thorn, was betrayed and hurt by his first mate who was a traitor to their people and was executed right after the birth of his twin sons. He has deep trust issues regarding women. T [...]

    16. Thorn was scorned and betrayed by his mate. Executed for her sins, she left behind Thorn's twin boys who now remind him of the shame his mate brought. He leaves them behind for years with his parents while he goes on missions in space for his people.On this particular mission he brings his twins aboard. Now it is time to go home, but what he doesn't know is he is bringing someone else home on his ship.Daria is a reporter. When a tip of deception against Zarronia goes wrong, she needs to go to Za [...]

    17. I liked this one a little more than the first one. I also read this one first. The lead female annoyed me. She was so pissed that he didn't trust her, then she refused to give the information that proved her point and throw it in his face. But then she would go on to be pissed when he didn't believer her. I also did like that he suddenly, out of nowhere, decides he loves her and begins to shower her with affection and she doesn't question it. Also, Valan and Lia act completely different in this [...]

    18. WOW!! WORTH EVERY MINUTE OF READING!It's going on midnight and I was supposed to be sleeping with the busy day I have tomorrow but I'm telling you I just couldn't put it down until the end and now I'm going to see if book 3 in the series is available. It's just that GREAT OF A STORYLINE!! I'm SO RECOMMENDING THAT YOU HAVE THIS SERIES IN YOUR OWN PERSONAL LIBRARYIT WILL KEEP YOU GLUED TO THE PAGES AND YOU'LL LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT TOO!! Characters that draws you into the story,drama,sassiness,a [...]

    19. Loved the sequel as much as the !st. Great world building and characters you have to love. It's great to see the 3 generations living and loving together. Daria was strong, but not over the top bitchy. She straightens Thorn's ass out. Big, sexy, alpha Thorn. His past has made him kind of a jerk, but with the love of a good woman, his sons and his nosy but loving family he heals. I can not wait for Sorin's story. I'd also like to see who wins the heart of the sexy Ronin. It isn't the prettiest lo [...]

    20. I haven't read the first book in the series just jumped straight into this one, it didn't fail to please! A few grammatical errors but it didn't take away from the story. Really enjoyed seeing all the different relationships develop. The twins just sound adorable and love the banter between Thorn and Daria. Do feel that certain things towards the end felt a bit rushed. Eagerly anticipating Sorens story!!

    21. Thorn's BondmateI gave it a big resounding 5 stars. The author now has a me a fan. I read book 1 and loved it. This is the sequel about the son of the couple in the first bookd wow it is even better. If you love alien abduction romance grab this book. It won't disappoint youyou will be hooked like me and waiting impatiently for the next book.

    22. I cannot wait for the next one! just like the first book this will make you angry, irate, sad and happy in the extreme! I just could not put this down and cannot wait for the next one!!!

    23. RelationshipsA lot of character dynamics happening. Abuse: drug and people. Family dynamics, trust, love, acceptance, and culture clash. Plan to read Soren!

    24. Great book.Loved the story line. Can't wait for the next instalment. Will definitely look for more of her books Hope to read more on the Zarronians

    25. Great sci-fi love story I'll love this 2nd book as much as the 1st. Lots of tension and friction between the two main characters.

    26. I just love this series. Love the world, the people, and most of all, the hunka hunkas. This tells the tale of one of the sons from the couple in book 1.

    27. This was not a favorite for me. I did not like the relationship the characters had while on the ship and could never quite move past the 'forced' portion of the beginning.

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