A Warrior Wedding After a devastating blow the VC Warriors find themselves fighting but not an enemy they can see Their power and expertise alone cannot save the ones they love Breaking new and old laws one Warrior

  • Title: A Warrior Wedding
  • Author: Teresa Gabelman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After a devastating blow, the VC Warriors find themselves fighting, but not an enemy they can see Their power and expertise alone cannot save the ones they love Breaking new and old laws, one Warrior is determined to save his mate no matter the consequences, but will his mate agree to be his downfall DISCLOSURE No Warrior or main character was seriously injured duringAfter a devastating blow, the VC Warriors find themselves fighting, but not an enemy they can see Their power and expertise alone cannot save the ones they love Breaking new and old laws, one Warrior is determined to save his mate no matter the consequences, but will his mate agree to be his downfall DISCLOSURE No Warrior or main character was seriously injured during the writing of this book.

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      Teresa Gabelman is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Protectors Series When not writing about sexy alpha vampires and the women who drive them crazy she can be found on a lake with a fishing pole Kindle, at a MMA event or spending a fun evening with family Being a full time writer has allowed Teresa to connect with readers which is what she loves most about writing If you find the time she would love to hear from you Website teresagabelmanFacebook facebook pages TeresaEmail tgabelman live Paranormal The Protectors SeriesDamon Book 1Jared Book 2Duncan Book 3Sid Book 4Adam Book 5Slade Book 6 A Warrior Wedding Book 7Slade Book 8Jax Book 9 Blaze Book 10The Invisible Warrior Book 11 Lee County Wolves SeriesForbidden Hunger Book 1Forbidden Seduction Book 2Forbidden Desire Book 3Forbidden Temptation Book 4 TBASanctuaryThe EnforcerMagic Mayhem Kindle WorldWicked itch Contemporary Rodeo RomanceBlind Faith

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    1. All his life he had waited for her; though he didn’t know it until he had seen her that first day playing tag football, and still he had tried to fight it. I absolutely love this series! I don’t want to say too much about this book, and give away any spoilers, but I will say that this was a wonderful addition to a fantastic series, and a must read. We spend time with all the warriors and their mates, as well as the introduction of 2 new characters whom I adored. And as always laugh-out-loud [...]

    2. 4.5 Stars, 2.5 FlamesThis is the 7th book in The Protectors series and it is best suggested to read the series in order; you will miss out on something. This book follows along after Slade and continues to to have a main poijnt of view of Jill and Slade. Lucky for us it also has point of views of Jax and Caroline, which is the next book.In A Warrior Wedding, we see Jill along with the other half-breeds struggling to figure out what is wrong with them and why do they feel they are dying. Jill and [...]

    3. 4.5 Stars I love this series. I had so many emotions reading this. I cried happy tears and then not so happy ones. I literally laughed out loud. Steve is a riot and Hunterwhat can you say about Hunter. I hope to read about him down in Lee County. I wanted to beat the shit out of a certain City Council. Glad they got their asses in gear. I took off a half a star because there were times I was kind of like "What is hell is going on" and I'd have to go back and reread a passage because I kind of lo [...]

    4. What can I say???What can I say about a Warrior Wedding? Love!!! I have been wondering about the dying half-breeds forever it seems and for my man Slade to be in the middle of the wondering keeps it at the forefront of my mind. I have always thought that Jill is one tough lady and this story just shows it even more!! If I ever decide to have a three way it would be with Slade and Jill!!! Lol!!Slade knows he's not about to let his mate die, but Jill knows she's not gonna be the reason Slade is go [...]

    5. I loved this book so much that I actually carried it around with me until it was finished. You cannot help but fall in love with these amazing characters and the story will keep you interested and entertained all the way through. I am so glad that I read this and I cannot wait to read the next one.

    6. Arghhhe ANGST! This book was sad and stressful. Yea - yea - it ended up ok, but man it took the entire book to get there!ok so I have a MAJOR issue with the plot that I will discuss under spoiler. If you have not read this series - you will have no clue what I am bitching about.(view spoiler)[Why was Damon able to change Natalie in book one and no one said Boo about it. But now everyone is going to jail if they even think about changing their mates? I do not get it!!!! (hide spoiler)]

    7. A Warrior Wedding by Teresa GabelmanJill & Slade & the rest of the gangI LAUGHED, I CRIED, AND I FELL IN LOVE!This is the 7th installment into the insanely rockin' series of The Protectors. It's got a little of everything in it. Although it focuses on Jill and Slade and their upcoming nuptials, it also dabbles in the rest of the warrior's lives. This is still packed with much action, steamy hot sexual content, and some uber funny shit!Jill is sick. Not just any sick she's incurable and a [...]

    8. Oh my word, how do I write this review? This story broke my heart. It freaking broke my heart and thank goodness for the warning that "no Warriors or main character was seriously injured during the writing of this book" brought me some small consolation.I don't want to give away the plot of the story so I'm not going to give you a recap. I think the blurb of the book was kept intentionally vague for a reason.I loved this story. The main story itself was gut-wrenching to read as I raced through t [...]

    9. A Love Worth Fighting For Vampire Style!! Trying to find a cure for his mate, Dr. sexy, mcsteamy Slade Buchanan will stop at nothing to the save the life of Jill and all the other half breeds being affected by this illness. Jill is a half breed vampire, her and the other half breeds are practically starving to death. Will Jill let the love of her life risk his career, and possibly his life to save her? Mean while, there is another attraction brewing, a flame that won't be doused. Caroline and Ja [...]

    10. OMG!! Teresa has done it again!! Fantastic read So many twist and turns that I never seen coming. I think I fell in love with these Warriors all over again if that is even possible!! I was laughing and crying sometimes both at the same time. I cannot say enough great things about this book I loved that she did a cross over with Hunter from her wolf series he was one of my favorites in that book! You get to meet new characters like blaze i really enjoyed him and can't wait to find out more about [...]

    11. The VC warriors are fighting an unseen enemy, one that could take those they love most from them. Slade and Jill are set to be married, but this enemy is determined to take that away from them. Jill fights back with all she has, but is it enough? What about the others who are fighting this enemy as well, Adam, Pam and many others, will they be able make it through?This book was amazing. I love the humor that comes in all of Teresa's books, but this one made me cry too. There was so much heartbre [...]

    12. Slade and Jill plus all the other characters. Slade and Jill steal the show, but there's plenty about the other characters you love as well as more on Jax and his evil brother and a new intriguing character. It's hard to write a review on this one without giving too much away. Suffice it to say, this one is more bitter sweet than the previous books. Bitter in that the situation becomes so hopelessly dire, but sweet because of the love between Jill and Slade and her love for her friends and famil [...]

    13. A warrior wedding is a great addition to the series. The whole group is there and it was a great story. I have to say that I am glad that the author posted this " DISCLOSURE* No Warrior or main character was seriously injured during the writing of this book." I read it before I started reading, boy am I glad I did cause about midway, I about cried my eyes out. Thanks for the heads up because I would of been really upset if what happen came to pass.Look forward to the next.I would definitely reco [...]

    14. What an amazing story!! Teresa is such a talented and gifted writer She draws you in within the first few sentences written!! I have read this series and her other books several times because I am so engrossed with each and every character she writes about! Waiting patiently (well as best I can) for her next book! WAY TO GO TERESA GABELMAN!! You have outdone yourself again!!

    15. Loved this short novella. The story had everything suspense, humor, romance, and sexiness. The plot line was captivating and gripping. We get to see our most loved characters in all their sarcastic glory as well as new characters. Must read the entire series. I know you'll fall for our beloved vampires-The Protectors;). Ms. Gableman you rock. Can't wait to read Jax's story.

    16. 4.5 stars. This was an excellent book and perfect set up for Jax's story and the Lee county Wolves as well. Loved the intro of Blaze and Hunter to the story. the mix of action humor and romance was spot on. Love this series and can't wait for the next book.

    17. I loved this book. This instalment in the series more or less continues the story of Slade and Jill, but the focus is spread between all of the characters, while also setting up the storyline between Jax and Caroline. This was a real rollercoaster of a book. There was humour and everything that you would normally expect from these characters, but there were also some moments of sadness and heartbreak, that we haven't really seem in this series all that much. The half breeds are getting sick and [...]

    18. Buku ini bisa di bilang perpanjangan buku Slade dan Jill karena walau pasangan lain mendapatkan porsi tapi spotlight utama tetap di mereka. Aku paling suka pasangan ini karena mereka sama-sama kuat dan saling mendukung. Slade dominan tapi dia menghargai Jill dan kekuatannya. Jill rebel dan tidak bisa di remehkan tapi dia juga tahu kapan sikon dia harus mendengarkan Slade. Aku juga suka bagaimana ikatan mereka di uji dan dikuatkan dalam banyak tempaan. Salah satunya dalam konflik buku ini. Teranc [...]

    19. Laugh, Cry, Sad, Mad, Happy, Etc. You will feel all kinds of emotions throughout this book I laughed out loud I cried it's the same in every book in this series so far. I hope you choose to read this series if you like this type of story. I don't think they can get much better than this series is. This great author can make you leave your world and enter into theirs and to me that's what reading is about.

    20. Warriors stick together through thick or thinAnother 5 start book. Man made half breeds are getting sick, even dying, and the human government is covering it up. Then Jill, Pam and Adam get sick and Slade is trying everything he can to come up with a way to slow down and cure the illness. But, it's something in the serum that they were injected with, and nobody can figure it out. But Jill had a plan.

    21. Book 7 of the Protector series, preceded by Slade and followed by Jax. A great continuation where the last book ended; it follows Jill and Slade as they try to arrange their wedding, while overwhelmed by Jill's sickness. All halfbreeds are "starving" to death and Jill, Pam and Adam are all effected. I enjoyed this story and can't wait for Jax's turn; as well as the spin-off to the series - "The Lee county wolves" series, where Hunter is featured in the second book.

    22. Another good oneThe half breeds were getting sick. Slade was trying to find a cure while pam, Adam and his beloved Jill lay dying. Three new characters are introduced including jax evil brother who can change into anyone he wants. The excitement mounts, the wedding is here and time is the enemy. Can't wait to read the next.

    23. Book 7 in the seriesMass weddings, forgiving of ass hat mothers, turning of loved ones. it’s all going on in this book and this list is just jills activitiesLots of input into Caroline and jax up nicely for future book and again hinting at prospect love interests for hunter and more teasing of Sloan.

    24. America's Sweethearts! I absolutely loved this book! I have known since Jared & Tessa's book that this book would be SOMETHING ELSE and "DAMN I LOVE BEING RIGHT!" THE Love Slade has for Jill is so Scary, Sweet, Wonderful, and TBH this is what "EVERY LITTLE GIRL DREAMS ABOUT!"

    25. Excellent This was an amazing story that was so well written. I loved this storyline it was a nice tale that includes all the couples. Highly recommend it!

    26. Oh these warriors!I love these books. This one had me boo hooing like crazy. I don’t want them to end! So love.

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