Unruly The second novel in Ronnie Douglas sexy Southern Wolves motorcycle club series reminiscent of Kristen Ashley and Jay Crownover tells the story of an aspiring fashion designer and a biker who discover

  • Title: Unruly
  • Author: Ronnie Douglas Melissa Marr
  • ISBN: 9780062389633
  • Page: 132
  • Format: ebook
  • The second novel in Ronnie Douglas sexy Southern Wolves motorcycle club series reminiscent of Kristen Ashley and Jay Crownover tells the story of an aspiring fashion designer and a biker who discover a desire that knows no limits.When the daughter of one of the Southern Wolves gets a flat in the middle of a thunderstorm, there s only one thing to do strip down to her undeThe second novel in Ronnie Douglas sexy Southern Wolves motorcycle club series reminiscent of Kristen Ashley and Jay Crownover tells the story of an aspiring fashion designer and a biker who discover a desire that knows no limits.When the daughter of one of the Southern Wolves gets a flat in the middle of a thunderstorm, there s only one thing to do strip down to her underwear and get a little muddy But when Alamo, the sexy biker shows up to rescue Ellen yet again, things are bound to get a whole lot dirtier.Between the trouble he left behind and club rules, Alamo knows he needs to stay clear of Ellen He s not looking for a woman or complications even when that woman is everything a man could want Unfortunately, Ellen isn t playing by anyone s rules but her own these days, and a Southern woman who s been raised by Wolves is awfully hard to deny.So when they give in to their raging attraction, both get much than they bargained for.

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    1. Ronnie Douglas Melissa Marr

      Also writes as Melissa Marr.QA with New Adult Author Jay CrownoverJay Crownover JC What drew you to venture into writing in the world of New Adult Was it something specific or did the storyline and age of the characters just happen to fall into that category Ronnie Douglas RD I started this book back in 2008 when both of my first two books were on the New York Times bestseller list , but back then there was no term for New Adult and I was suddenly being contracted for books in my Wicked Lovely series and then an adult fantasy I had to put this aside About seven years later, there is a category for this book.The story itself was very much a case of write what you know I paid for graduate school by slinging beer for bikers Some of the naughtier bits of that experience bikini bike washes, auctioning off the rights to pour ice water over me at set hours, learning the rules for house dealers, etc are things I look back on in some shock, but the people are still so vivid in my memory Interacting with that world as a twenty something myself meant that writing about a biker bar feels like it s meant to be NA.JC Did you read and were you a fan of NA before you wrote Undaunted If so, what are some of the NA stories you loved and recommend to others RD I read everything I grew up without TV, so books are my daily relaxation and romance was my first love In general romance, I tend to go for historical, but my contemporary romance reads are pretty much NA Obviously, I read your Marked Men series, Jen Armentrout, Katie McGarry who I see listed as both YA and NA , Alyssa Rose Ivy Derailed , Rachel Van Dyken, Colleen Hoover, and Elizabeth Briggs More Than Music.JC What kind of research and or personal experience went into writing about a 1% MC Did you feel any kind of pressure to get the biker lifestyle and vibe right RD Obviously, there are aspects of reality that are omitted or altered in Undaunted This is fiction However, I grew up on bikes My father rode, so there were bikers and assorted so called rough characters around I simply feel at ease with them, so I ended up managing a biker bar in my twenties and yes, I have a definite loyalty to one particular 1% club as a result I still ride, but only ever on the back and only ever on a Harley I ve never once been on a bike that was anything other than a Harley or a Triumph, and I ll admit that I ve ridden with a few men because they had a gorgeous bike and the attitude to go with it.Honestly, I enjoy the old school chivalry of bikers, including being someone s old lady back in the day Handling guns, knowing how to move comfortably in biker bars, and not minding being secondary to a biker all still come naturally to me despite being a feminist in all other areas of my life.Obviously, I took creative liberties here and there with this fictional 1% club, but the heart of it that sense of loyalty, of almost tribalism, of passion, and of a somewhat flexible sense of legality is accurate The pressure I felt was walking a line between accuracy and story Trying to convey why it feels good to be in that world is the easy part being loved or cherished by bikers is an incredible feeling.JC What is your favorite scene from Undaunted RD Any scene where there s a Harley Getting to write about riding is a treat When a friend mentioned never having been on a bike, it was stunning to me It s been such a part of my life that I hadn t stopped to think that there are people I know who don t get that joy, so I started to try to explain WHY it s so amazing and why men who ride are too and the result was that I wrote a couple of books.JC Did you feel like you were able to take risks and push the envelope with the characters and story writing in NA since it s a genre that rose up from having no rules and no expectations RD Not at all, actually I started

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    1. Not your typical MC read, Unruly brings strong storytelling with much less romance, cursing and hard living.Ellen is the daughter of a deceased wolves’ member. The club still keeps a tight eye on the pulse of all that surrounds her, so when she has a bad “final” separation up from her bootie call with one of the club member Noah, things are about to get a little weird.Noah doesn’t want to acknowledge Ellen has his property but he also doesn’t want her to have anyone else in her life an [...]

    2. Like your Biker/MC stories on the light side? Well look no farther than this series. For me initially it took a while to get used to PG rated bikers. Sure they mean business and they give good 'business' but they are on the lighter side. They are sweet and they are protective. However, as a lover of a rough alpha male I am left a bit wanting more.Ellen is a child of an MC world, she is a daughter of fallen club member and with her father's death she loses her desire to sing. She is very talented [...]

    3. Unruly is the second book in the Knights in Black Leather Series. However, it can be read as a standalone or out of order because the timeline in both books one and two run concurrently. I enjoyed Unruly. I liked the main characters, Ellen "Ellie" Gillham and Alejandro "Alamo" Diaz. Ellie was a strong, sassy, brave, outspoken, and genuine woman. She was a little rough around the edges and very blunt due to her upbringing in the Southern Wolves MC Club culture. I liked her, as I got to know her i [...]

    4. See this review and more on my blog, After Hours at LilybloombooksDo you love MC's? Looking for a good book/series to start and can't figure out where? Then I recommend you pick up the Knights of Black Leather series!Although this is the second book in the series, the first half actually reads parallel to the first one, Undaunted, so it can be read as a standalone. I do however, recommend reading the Undaunted first just so you have a feel of the secondary characters present in both.Honestly aft [...]

    5. DNF'd at 46% I thought this was a NA romance and zero romance has happened yet. I can't imagine rating this higher than 3 stars so I'm giving up. I feel like I've wasted my time b/c it's only been a lot of Ellie talking about herself and what she wants. It's also been a lot of her sharing cute little stories about MC clubs and their dynamics. I mean, it was clever how they snuck a gun into a hospital but still. Meh Sorry, I give up

    6. 3.5 starsUnruly is book 2 in the Knights in Black Leather series by Ronnie Douglas, aka Melissa Marr.This one didn't pull me in as much as Undaunted did. This is Ellen's story. We know from the first book, that her and Noah Dash had a thing.We find out that they were F. Friends. The book begins with Ellen not happy with their secretive non relationship. Her feelings are shot and she's tired of not having something real. It's a sh*t situation that I think a lot of women can relate to from experie [...]

    7. 3.5 MC Lite stars! Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of William Morrow via Edelweiss and Tasty Book ToursSometimes I think I'm a bit of a masochist when it comes to reading series.  I didn't love Undaunted but for some reason I signed up to read this book.  I guess I was invested enough to continue.  Now that I read it I'm glad I carried forward, as I was pleasantly surprised with this story.  Maybe it was because I had no expectations or maybe because it was a good story.Alamo is now [...]

    8. UNRULY (Knights in Black Leather 2) by Ronnie Douglas3 starsABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date February 23, 2016When the daughter of one of the Southern Wolves gets a flat in the middle of a thunderstorm, there’s only one thing to do—strip down to her underwear and get a little muddy. But when Alamo, the sexy biker shows up to rescue Ellen yet again, things are bound to get a whole lot dirtier.Between the trouble he left behind and club rules, Alamo knows he needs to stay clear of Ellen. He’s no [...]

    9. Review Courtesy of Romance Junkies Multiple NYT Bestselling author has written the next installment to the Southern Wolves Motorcycle club series. In this book, Ellen is an inspiring fashion designer who can't help but have feelings for the new wolf in town Alamo. This book begins when Alamo moves to a new charter after he got into a fight and has to leave in order to start over. What he doesn't expect to is to meet Ellen, who needs a ride after leaving Noah. As soon as he meets her his is hooke [...]

    10. This book is different then other mc books I have read and to be honest I had no idea how to rate it. Now I haven't read the first book in this series so when this book starts out it seems parallel to the first one. Ellen is attending college and is the daughter of a deceased southern wolves member. She just ends her on again off again relationship with Noah and Alamo comes to pick her up and take her wherever she wants. Alamo is the new guy and while he's starting over in tn he doesn't want to [...]

    11. Unruly is not your typical biker romance story. This book gives us the story of Ellen 'Ellie' and Alamo and takes us on a twisty emotional road. Ellie has been involved with the Southern Wolves MC in one way or another for her entire life. The daughter of a former member, and best friends with two of the prominent younger members, she knows the life. She knows what she should expect, and she knows what she's receiving. Ellie thought she was on the path to finding her own 'wolf', thought that she [...]

    12. This is the second book in this series. It can be read as a stand alone novel even with some mention of a prior event from the first book and past character names. It is from the first book that I was first introduced to Ellen. She showed tons of personality. So I was looking forward to getting to know her better with her own story. Although, I did not love this book as much as the first one.For me, I did like Ellen but I found some of her bright personality to not come across as strongly as in [...]

    13. I find that romance triangles are full of intrigue and interesting twist and turns, but this was the kind of triangle that none of the participants wanted. I felt very little interest and the twist and turns were mostly expected. Noah had her used her and discarded her, but still wanted her. Alamo wanted her, needed her, but wasn’t supposed to touch her. Ellen was tired of it, Noah, the club, the I want you but can’t keep my pants up and hands to myself. Then comes in Alamo.I found the writi [...]

    14. Alamo knows he needs to stay clear of Ellen even when that woman is everything a man could want but Ellen isn’t playing by anyone’s rules but her own in this riveting contemporary romance. The story is a great romance story where there are lots standing in the way of the couple’s happily ever after which kept me glued to the pages as I had to know how things turned out, although I think it could’ve used a bit more action and a little less angst, but that is just my opinion.“Copyright N [...]

    15. For a Motorcycle Club Romance this book didn't actually have lots of sex and action scenes (only a little bit of each) but I still actually really liked the story. The characters were all great (obviously Noah is a ass but he was still good) since the book focuses on Ellen and Alamo they were fleshed out the most but the other characters weren't lacking in personality. This is the first book I have read by this author and I really liked the writing style. I didn't read the first book in the seri [...]

    16. I think it's supposed to be a romance. A little hard to tell because the H and h barely spend any time together. There was a lot of focus on MC politics which was great at first but then got SUPER repetitive. The whole book ended up being a few repeated refrains, about the MC, about the MC President, about her longtime friend/ex-lover. Around and around and around until the last little bit when, BOOM, everything happense end. Despite all the repetition and probably because this book runs concurr [...]

    17. ellie and alamo.n a good biker storyt violent for sureo has to leave nrolina chapter and goes to tenn. he beat up a guy for raping his sisters friendfalls for ellie but she is under noah protectionhe never wants to take her on his bike and only uses her for sex alamo wants her but holds back because of the wolves the end they wind up togetherd noah may want to start up with zoe alamo sisterbut story ends we shall if another book comes out

    18. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: A sexy romance that sadly had way too much drama and an annoying MC. I really enjoyed the first book in the series, but this one was a struggle for me!Opening Sentence: Alamo stood in the middle of a sea of boxes that filled his new house.The Review:Ellen has spent years waiting for Noah Dash to wake up and admit that he wants more than a causal relationship. But Ellen is finally done waiting and she realizes that it is time to move on. She [...]

    19. 3.75 StarsSexual Content: SubtleLanguage (Profanity/Slang) Content: MildViolent Content: MinimalEllen is tired of accepting the crumbs of a relationship Noah keeps offering. He wants her in his bed—when he’s not seeing someone else—but he will never breathe a word of a ‘relationship’ between them to anyone else. He pretends it’s a secret and nobody knows—so does Ellie. Until, after six years, she’s had enough. Enough waiting for Noah to make their relationship official. Enough of [...]

    20. Review can also be found on my blog.I really loved the relationship between Ellie and Alamo. When I read Undaunted I really expected the couple in this book to be Dash and Ellie so I got a little pouty and put off reading the book. But I’m really glad that I read it and I read it pretty much non-stop until I was finished. My only issued with these two books, and books like these in general, is that if you’re going to write a book with a believable motorcycle club then there needs to be menti [...]

    21. I think I was expecting a harder-hitting and rawer portrayal, more fitting with the tone of a Motorcycle story, and Ronnie Douglas spins this story into another direction. In fact, I didn’t find a ton of action (or even a tangible romance) for a large portion of the book. While the book did manage to stand alone, I was often left wondering where the strength and oomph for Ellie was: she seemed to dissolve (for me) into a navel gazing storyteller without any real connection to the action except [...]

    22. 3 1/2 starsUnruly is book #2 in Ronnie Douglas's Knights in Black Leather series. I have found myself loving biker books lately but was pleasantly surprised when I started reading this book. Unlike most biker (MC) books I have been reading, this one was packed with drugs, alcohol and sex. While I don't find those factors disturbing in a book it was refreshing to see a biker book with a different spin on the biker world. Sure there was some "light" sex scenes and references to a criminal lifestyl [...]

    23. **This ARC was provided by the publisher for an honest review.Nothing is more noteable then when one of your favorite authors crosses her usual genre and pens something totally unlike her other books. Her writing style versitle but her voice can still be heard.In this novel, wolves are not from fairy tales and folk lore. They are actually a motorcycle gang from all over but this one in particular is tucked in the south. I found myself totally engrossed in the story even reading the converations [...]

    24. Unruly by Ronnie Douglas is hot, exciting, and packs a whole lot of trouble. A young woman soon finds herself attracted to an irresistible man. A man that completely unravels her like she does to him. Rules mean nothing to Ellen. She has her own that she createsleaving one man falling for her harder than he wants ever intended. Alamo is a man with a past. The kind of past that can bring in trouble faster than a blink of an eye. He doesn't want to start any kind of relationship that would endange [...]

    25. I would truly recommend anyone to the first book in this series,Undaunted. However, the first half of this novel did a fairly lack lustre job of rehashing that novel from Ellen's point of view. As Dash was a pretty difficult character to like the first time around, it was a bit of a disappointment to see him have even more of a centre stage in this novel. Ellen and Dash have a friends with benefits sort of relationship that comes to an end in the opening chapters of this novel, but ends up being [...]

    26. After reading the first book in the Knights in Black Leather I definitely wanted to read book two Unruly. Ellen is first shown to us in book one as the main characters’ best friend. We learn a lot about Ellen in this book that we didn’t know before about her. Unruly happens more or less while Undaunted the first book was going on. Ellen has been doing a “friends-with-benefits” thing with Noah for a long time. She wants a real relationship but Noah doesn’t want to be in a real relations [...]

    27. Ellen is a daughter of a departed Southern Wolf but she still has protection of the club thanks to her on/off again relationship with Dash.Alamo is a member of the Southern Wolves, after leaving his old club because of a situation while protecting his sister and her roommate, he is hoping to make a new start with the Tennessee chapter. He is not looking for a woman or complications with his new chapter but all that changes when he meets Ellen.I love reading MC books but this was a very tame vers [...]

    28. I won this book in a Giveaway and I was eager to get started on it. Now this is the second book in the series and I was concerned if I would feel lost, but it was not a problem at all, and I am pretty sure that I will be reading other books by Ronnie Douglas in the future. It was a fun, though rather predictable read, with interesting characters, not a lot of violence and only a few sexy scenes. I wasn't really sure what to expect, maybe more volatile situations or more romance since it was a MC [...]

    29. 4.5 stars.I liked this one way more than Undaunted. I liked the characters and the story infinitely more and I wanted a girl who wanted to keep with the MC. Aubrey was fine but not a character I could really get behind. But Ellen, I loved. Alamo was great but I was so frustrated that no one could solve the issues sooner. Like the first, it's easy on the sex scenes but high on the sexual tension.I can't wait for the next book because I'd love to see Dash try to handle a strong woman who won't put [...]

    30. Unruly is the second in Ronnie Douglas' Knights in Black Leather series. After Undaunted, I was looking forward to the next book and couldn't wait to see which biker we were going to get next. I like how Douglas set up Ellie and Alamo's story. We get their story from the time they met to when finally they can't deny or ignore their attraction. While Unruly can be read as a standalone, I always enjoy seeing characters from previous books. I'm looking forward to the next Knights in Black Leather b [...]

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