Sworn to Protect His worst mistake was walking away from her Quinn Brody ended things with sweet sexy Athena when he learned she was a virgin Their relationship was getting too serious and walking away seemed like th

  • Title: Sworn to Protect
  • Author: Katie Reus
  • ISBN: 9781942447146
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • His worst mistake was walking away from her Quinn Brody ended things with sweet, sexy Athena when he learned she was a virgin Their relationship was getting too serious and walking away seemed like the best plan But Quinn has never been able to forget Athena And when she gets a marketing job at Red Stone Security, it becomes impossible Quinn wants a second chance, butHis worst mistake was walking away from her Quinn Brody ended things with sweet, sexy Athena when he learned she was a virgin Their relationship was getting too serious and walking away seemed like the best plan But Quinn has never been able to forget Athena And when she gets a marketing job at Red Stone Security, it becomes impossible Quinn wants a second chance, but Athena s not interested even if the chemistry between them is off the charts.Now his past has come back to haunt him The man Quinn put behind bars has been released from prison and is out for blood Quinn took years of the man s life and helped his abused wife flee so now the ex con is hellbent on using Athena to make Quinn pay He ll do anything to protect her When Athena is sent to Vegas for a tradeshow Quinn volunteers to accompany her to watch her back But professional quickly turns personal when the threat to Athena escalates Refusing to lose her again, Quinn will do anything to save her Even if it means risking both his life and his heart.Length 43,000 words

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    1. Katie Reus

      Katie Reus is the New York Times, USA Today, IndieReader bestselling author of the Red Stone Security series, the Moon Shifter series and the Deadly Ops series She fell in love with romance at a young age thanks to books she pilfered from her mom s stash Years later she loves reading romance almost as much as she loves writing it However, she didn t always know she wanted to be a writer After changing majors many times, she finally graduated with a degree in psychology Not long after that she discovered a new love Writing She now spends her days writing dark paranormal romance and sexy romantic suspense.

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    1. 4 - "Be careful, Devil Dog." Stars!The eleventh book in the Red Stone Security series see’s us getting Quinn Brody’s story. Although part of the series as a whole you can absolutely read these books as standalones. Prior to this I had only read book six, and although you get the vibe that all of the characters you come across have their own stories, nothing is confusing, and as a reader you don’t feel like you are missing important information or anything.This was a quick, satisfying read, [...]

    2. I love Katie Reus, she knows how to write alpha Hs that fall hard for their hs. They’re determined to win, they’re faithful, brave and always treat their hs with love and respect. It’s a win/win when reading KR.I picked up this one (out of order) because the blurb sounded interesting. Plus I’m a sucker for second chance romances with the H doing the groveling lol! And I enjoyed reading Sworn to Protect, it was easy, relatively drama free, and delivered a sweet romance between two likable [...]

    3. 2.5 starsSorry but I am a bit vindictive. Quinn was a douche and Athena was a pushover. I thought she was going to be tougher, but she kept being stunned stupid by Quinn and then folded like a cheap suit to his holiness.Why do I not like Quinn?HE DID NOT GO BACK FOR HER! He wants her back after she ends up in his line of sight!The action was pretty good, but I just did not like the MCs.

    4. **Book 11 in the Red Stone Security series, but can be read as a standalone.**Athena starts her new job as an event planner at Red Stone Security before she realizes she will now be working with Quinn, the man she was dating two months ago before he ended things after he learned that she was a virgin. Her plan of avoiding him fails miserably after Quinn realizes he made a mistake in pushing Athena away, and he wants a second chance. Athena isn't as forgiving as he thought she would be though and [...]

    5. 3.5 start, ARC ReviewWhen anyone asks me to recommend to them a romantic suspense series, I always include Red Stone Security. Katie Reus consistently provides drama, suspense, and a lot of hot smexy moments. Each book can also be read as a stand alone. One of the best parts of this book is Athena. I like that Athena has worked hard to get to where she is in both her work and personal life. As a chubby teenager, her self-esteem to a hit, but she battled her way to the strong, confidence woman sh [...]

    6. 4 Stars Sweet, Sexy and Intriguing This was my first read in this series and by this author and I really enjoyed it. The story was fast paced and yet fairly low on angst and drama. I would consider this an easy read:)I really loved the H but the h was just ok for me. I truly HATE, and I mean despise when an author has the h describing her past self in a not so great fashion. I don't want to read about my h feeling "down" about herself and describing her chubby self in high school. Nope, call me [...]

    7. This was a good and enjoyable summer read.Quinn and Athena had gone on a handful of dates when Quinn realized his heart was becoming too engaged, got scared and ran. He used Athena's virginity as the excuse. Athena was heartbroken.Fast forward two months and Athena has started a new job working as a event planner for Red Stone Security. At a party her boss was throwing she meets some of the people she now will be working with. And yes, Quinn walks in and we find out he works for the same company [...]

    8. You can find this review in English below.2.5 stars.La premisa de esta historia era interesante. No original pero interesante y los personajes me han gustado muchísimo. Son sinceros, dialogan y no hay lugar para malentendidos. Bueno, excepto cuando la autora necesita un poco de tensión en la pareja y recurre a uno… Pero lo que menos me ha gustado es la ejecución. Me ha resultado poco creíble. Todo lo que rodea al malo es excesivamente conveniente y cómo se soluciona el suspense es una ton [...]

    9. I've always enjoyed the romance trope where the hero rescues the heroine from something. It's just always been a trope I've enjoyed. Anyway, for awhile I had a lot of stress going on in my life, and I was just craving books with this trope. Something about someone taking care of the heroine appealed to me right then, because I had so much stuff on my plate. ANYWAY, so I did some googling, and Katie Reus's Red Stone Security series kept popping up. So I decided to give some a try, and they were e [...]

    10. Book 11 of the Red Stone Security series gives us Quinn and Athena's story. Quinn Brody is a former cop who stepped up to help an abused woman break free of her abusive husband, Quinn's boss. Now, years later having left law enforcement, Quinn works for Red Stone Security. At a company BBQ Quinn sees Athena, a new Red Stone employee and the woman he dated briefly months ago but hasn't been able to stop thinking about.Realizing ending things with Athena was a mistake, Quinn is determined to make [...]

    11. I love coming back to this world. It’s like reading a new chapter of the old book every time I re-enter the Red Stone Security series (in fact I feel this way every time I read any of Katie Reus’ series). In this instance it was Athena’s sweet yet leveled head that made me like it. She fell for Quinn but when he left her because he didn’t want to think about committing to a virgin, she decided to just get on with her life, regardless of how much her ego, pride, and heart were hurt in the [...]

    12. Quinn broke up with Athena when things got too serious, but months later he still haven´t forgotten her, and when fate puts them back together, he takes that chance.Athena can´t believe it when her new job comes with a co-worker she thought she´d never see again - Quinn. When Quinn´s past threatens her, though, he comes to the rescue with guns blazing - metaphorically speaking. Can she trust him with her heart a second time?Contemporary romance, suspense, action and smutty fluff in a great c [...]

    13. The Red Stone Security Series is a great RS series that always has romance, suspense and characters you like. You can easily read them as stand alone books. I enjoyed both Quinn and Athena and I loved that Athena made Quinn work a bit to get back into her life after he broke up with her when he found out she was still a virgin. This was a fast read and enjoyable. This series is always a hit to me.

    14. Sworn to Protect is a fast-paced contemporary romantic suspense, and the characters were quite enticing.Full review to come soon.This and all my other reviews are originally posted on my blog(un)Conventional Bookviews

    15. As always, Ms Reus does not disappoint. This book has great action. The plot is well written. The characters are unique and interesting. Quinn and Athena have chemistry and the loving is scorching. Definitely looking forward to more from Redstone :-p

    16. a really sweet and sexy read. loved Quinn and Athena, separately and together, and getting to see the Serefina gan was cool too. looking forward to what's next.

    17. 4.5 stars--ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date July 7, 2015His worst mistake was walking away from her…Quinn Brody ended things with sweet, sexy Athena when he learned she was a virgin. Their relationship was getting too serious and walking away seemed like the best plan. But Quinn has never been able to forget Athena. And when she gets a marketing job at Red Stone Security, it becomes impossible. Quinn wants a second chance, but Athena's not interested—even if the chemistry between them is off the [...]

    18. What do you do when you discover you will be working with your Ex at your new job?? For Athena - working at Red Stone Security brings her back to the man that stirs her blood…Quinn. The two are certainly no strangers. In fact, Athena and Quinn were becoming quite serious until she dropped the fact that she still had her v-card. Quinn ended things between them right then and there and the two have not spoken until this moment. The last thing Athena expected was for Quinn to speak with her at a [...]

    19. Review posted on Got Fiction?This is book 11 in the Red Stone Security series, and with the exception of seeing many couples who were obviously from previous books, this reads really well as a stand-alone.But I will say, seeing all the happy couples from books past made me want to start the series at book 1!Quick recap is that Athena and Quinn went out on a few dates, and when they got serious and Athena told him she was a virgin, he freaked and bailed.A couple of months later, they're at a BBQ [...]

    20. Book: Sworn to Protect (Red Stone Security #11)Author: Katie ReusPublication Date: 7/7/2015Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts My Rating: 5 Stars REVIEW Sworn to Protect is the next book in the fantastic Red Stone Security series. In this one we have Quinn Brody who has finally fallen for a woman. Athena is a friend of some of the other wives of the security team and Quinn took a shine to her right from the start. They dated for a few months but then he abruptly stops seeing her. Quinn has [...]

    21. You know you got an alpha male.on your hands when he gets all Neanderthal on you after pleasing his woman, "and felt like a fucking caveman, all proud he’d made her climax." I liked seeing Quinn's reaction to his woman touching him, "but she wasn’t looking into his eyes, she was watching herself stroke him, as if mesmerized. It was effing hot." Athena knows how to stop her man in his tracks, "I’m on the Pill,” she blurted the instant before his mouth would have descended on hers. His big [...]

    22. This one was ok for me. I had a hard time getting why Athena was so smitten with Quinn as he kept pushing her away. I did love how this one opened, actually wanted more of Quinn helping abused women. Loved how Athena stood up to a creep, throwing him off. It was just the two of them together that was a bit boring for me.

    23. Link to full review below! I adore this series and while this wasn't my favorite book, I still enjoyed it! See full review on The Book Disciple

    24. I liked that H had already regretted his fool decision at the beginning of this book rather than let us went through his struggle to be serious about a relationship.It would better if there were more excitement though, the ending felt a little rushed.

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