Serving Trouble Five years ago Josie Fair left timber country in search of a bright future Now she s back home with a mountain of debt and reeling from a loss that haunts her Desperate for a job she turns to the on

  • Title: Serving Trouble
  • Author: Sara Jane Stone
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Five years ago, Josie Fair left timber country in search of a bright future Now she s back home with a mountain of debt and reeling from a loss that haunts her Desperate for a job, she turns to the one man she wishes she could avoid The man who rocked her world one wild night and then walked right out of it.Former Marine Noah Tager is managing his dad s bar and holdFive years ago, Josie Fair left timber country in search of a bright future Now she s back home with a mountain of debt and reeling from a loss that haunts her Desperate for a job, she turns to the one man she wishes she could avoid The man who rocked her world one wild night and then walked right out of it.Former Marine Noah Tager is managing his dad s bar and holding tight to the feeling that his time overseas led to failure The members of his small town think he s a war hero, but after everything he s witnessed, Noah doesn t want a pat on the back The only thing he desires is a second chance with his best friend s little sister.Josie s determined to hold onto her heart and not repeat her mistakes, but when danger arrives on Noah s doorstep and takes aim at Josie, they just might discover that sometimes love is worth the risk.

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    1. Sara Jane Stone

      Sara Jane Stone lives near New York s Hudson River with her very supportive real life hero, two lively young children, a lazy Burmese cat, and a very active dog When she is not finger painting with the kids, she loves writing sexy stories, staying up past her bedtime reading red hot romance, and chatting with her readers on Facebook.

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    1. 4 - "I knew you wouldn't let me down." Stars!Sara’s Independence Falls series was in my top ten of 2015, so I was extremely happy to hear that she was shifting over to the neighboring town of Forever, for her new, Second Shot series, as it means we get a whole new cast of characters, as well as a few catch-ups with people from the previous series.If you haven’t read the prequel novella to this book Running Wild I recommend that you do, you can find my review for it here –/review/showAlthou [...]

    2. Kitty's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 starsWow. Serving Trouble was a really interesting, intense story. I was drawn in right from the beginning and really had a hard time putting it down to do little things like work. I kept turning the pages waiting to see where the story was going to go, dying to find out what was really happening in Noah and Josie’s lives. Who was threatening them? How were they going to get through Noah’s Hero Complex?What else could possibly happen? [...]

    3. What an awesome read! As expected the writing and story are great and these characters are simply heartbreakingly real. After joining the Marines 5 years ago, Noah Tager has returned to his hometown disillusioned and bitter. If the Marines taught him anything it was to trust no one. Josie Fairmore is also back and desperately needing a job. The one person she knows can help her is Noah but he seems determined to push her away. Josie refuses to take no for answer though and before long she has No [...]

    4. This (and it's prequel) were my first reads from this author. All in all, it was an okay read. Kept me turning the pages and I do look forward to more stories in the series, but there was nothing sensational in the story line. Review to come

    5. This was a decent story, but it seemed the same as the prequel novella, and thus didn't hold my interest for long periods of time. The romantic suspense plot felt ill fitted to the book, but I kinda saw the twist coming. The characters were somewhat engaging overall, but I found myself more interested in Caroline's story than any other! Noah had the whole protective nature thing going on, which is somewhat appealing, but he came off to wishy washy to be an actual hero to Josie. My heart goes out [...]

    6. Serving Trouble is the first story in the Second Shot series, a name which implies second chance romances and that’s indeed what this story is about. There is a prequel novella, Running Wild, which takes place a few years earlier and features the same couple, Noah and Josie, and their ill timed one night stand, but it doesn’t have to be read in order to keep up with this one. Josie has returned home, having experienced a devastating loss and being under a mountain of debt, one she hopes to w [...]

    7. Josie Fairmore left Forever five years ago armed with a full ride to college and in search of what she hoped to be a start at a better life for herself. She wanted to prove to her family and the residents of Forever that she was far better than the rumored reputation they labeled her with, and was on a mission to not let her past mistakes define her future. But after a devastating loss, leads to another failed relationship, and some unforeseen debt, she is left with no other alternative then to [...]

    8. Josie is back in Forever. When she left five years ago she had big dreams, but the only thing she has now is a mountain of debt. She has to move back in with her father and she needs to find a job quickly, so she can start paying off her loans. She will beg if she has to. Josie hasn't seen Noah since their passionate night before he left to join the Marines. He manages his dad's bar and Josie is determined to join his staff. She wants to prove herself and knows she has something to offer. Noah i [...]

    9. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads, so here is my review. I am a sucker for a military story and when it is a U.S. Marine, well I am all over it. And Noah did not disappoint. He joined the service to help his family because the country bar that has been in his family for years was not bringing in enough money to cover the bills. So he is the all around hero, he doesn't feel he is but he still has a heart of gold and wants to save everyone, especially Josie. S [...]

    10. My first ever Sara Jane Stone book, opening it i was so excited there is always a certain thrill too opening up a book by an author you haven't read before.Josie has always seemed too have been the town's wild child. But now as she has returned home with her tail between her legs or so too speak, she needs to keep strong and fight on. Josie has allot of baggage but she is determines to prove everyone wrong about there impressions of her. First, she has too get a jobd one that she can keep her de [...]

    11. This is my first book by Ms. Stone and I absolutely enjoyed reading every page of it. I really enjoyed the plot and the characters. Josie went through a major heartbreak but I loved the fire she had by wanting to pay the bills that she owned to the hospital and the doctors who helped keep her baby alive for the 27 days they could. She was a really strong heroine and very inspiring. I also really enjoyed Noah. Sure everyone says he comes off as a jerk and sometimes he does but overall he has a go [...]

    12. Reviewed by JoAnneBook provided by Edelweiss for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookThis book was not what I expected, it was better. Noah and Josie have a history. They were childhood friends since Noah was one of her brother’s best friends. They’ve been apart for five years. She went off to college and had some unexpected events in her life before leaving school and eventually running home. Noah enlisted in the Marines and after returning home he’s back to running his fa [...]

    13. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.This book brought together so many complex plot points and wove them together seamlessly into a wondeful story in which you can't help but fall in love along side Noah and Josie.Both left the small town of Forever in search of a new beginning, leaving the past - and who they were - behind. Noah joined the Marines where he learned that being a good Marine sometimes meant not blindly following those who gave the orders, especi [...]

    14. Josie’s been through a lot and she’s fought hard – and is still fighting- to get through it all. I admire her character’s strength and I wanted a better life for her. A former marine, Noah has seen more than anyone’s share of turmoil. Although he’s back home, like many others, he still lives with the terror. On the surface, the man that returned is not the man that left, however, deep down, he still has the same essence.I’m always intrigued by second-chance love stories. I like und [...]

    15. After reading the prequel novella, Running Wild, I was ready to dive right in to Serving Trouble to see where Josie and Noah's story would pick up several years later. Here in this story, they both start off extremely guarded around each other, reluctant and wary. But Josie needs Noah's help and despite his reluctance he still can't keep himself from helping her out.There's some good supporting characters-unbalanced Caroline, sweet and supportive Josh, Josie's father and her brother Dominic (eve [...]

    16. I will admit that this is the first book I've read by Stone. I just never had enough minutes in the day to read it before. I decided to read Running Wild first because I wasn't sure how important it might be for the story. I'm glad I did but it won't kill you if you don't read Running Wild first. Since I did read it will say that I enjoyed it and because of it I got a better insight about both Josie and Noah. Even though I felt for Josie, I really think that girl had trouble growing up. At times [...]

    17. Josie has always been the town wild child. But as she returns home with her tail between her legs, she fights to keep strong. Her baggage has baggage but Josie aims to prove everyone wrong about her. First, she needs a jobeferably one where she can keep her clothes and dignity intact.Noah does not need the distraction of Josie in his bar. He does not need to think about that night 5 years ago. He certainly does not need to think about what she said then or how she would look in a replay of that [...]

    18. I don't usually post reviews for my own books. (If I didn't enjoy writing & reading them, I wouldn't share them with all of you:) But SERVING TROUBLE marks my 10th full-length romance novel. And while the number alone feels like an accomplishment, having the opportunity to share this story and these characters trumps the milestone. Josie Fairmore walked into my imagination four year ago and never left. But when I started writing, SERVING TROUBLE diverged from my carefully outlined plan for t [...]

    19. 3.5 StarsThis was a good story, but it lost my attention a little bit. The twist I didn't it see coming. It was a shock, bit it all made sense though. The characters were engaging. Truthfully I was more interested in two of the secondary characters then the main ones. I wasn't a huge fan of Noah. He had the whole protective nature which is hugely appealing, but for some reason he rubbed me the wrong way. My heart goes out to Josie no one should experience what she had to go through. This is a se [...]

    20. I received this book as an ARC for a honest review. This book was read and reviewed by Stacy Aube for Cutting Muse Blog Review.Praise for Sara Jane Stone. This is the first book I have read by this author and I got hooked right away. This book covers so many issues that were well written and believable to me. I will be looking for more from this author.

    21. Straight forward 2nd chance romance. Also, a best friends little sister romance so its a 2-fer! I enjoyed Josie and Noah. Noah has the tortured hero thing and Josie was a wild kid who has come home a bit tattered. Predictable? Sure. But, the book kept me reading and I finished it pretty quickly! Full review will be on the blog

    22. [1.25 stars] book started out ok but then slowly its gets boring. at abt 60-70%, i was skimming through the book already but still force myself to finish it. overall the book is just bland. probably not gonna continue the series nor any book from this author.

    23. Good read It was a good story. A little suspense and lots of crazy. I definitely wanted to smack Noah a few times but overall a good read.

    24. Haunted by the loss of someone extremely important to her and in desperate need of a job to pay off a huge amount of debt, Josie Fairmore has returned to her hometown to ask her brother's best friend if she can work at his bar. The only thing is, she has to remember to keep her hands off him, even though Noah is everything she'd ever want in a man, if she was looking for a relationship. Noah Tager hasn't laid eyes on Josie in five years. Not since he walked out on her after they spent an incredi [...]

    25. To read this book and others like it check out my site at homelovebooks Second chance romance? Yes please. Slightly damaged (that might be an understatement) characters? Sign me up. This book definitely had a lot going on it, and it was one of those books that was just set up to pull on your heartstrings. You have two people who knew each other way back when coming back together in their small town after years apart. And saying that these two people had massively changed since the last time they [...]

    26. I loved Running Wild, which is the prequel to Serving Trouble; so that already set this book up to a high standard! Did Serving Trouble live up to it….well you will have to read on to find out…When your life has fallen apart and you feel defeated, what is the one thing that we all do…we go home and that is exactly what Josie Fairmore has done. But now she needs a job to pay off the large amount of hospital debt and she goes to the one person who offered to always help her…Noah Tager and [...]

    27. Find this review and more at Ramblings From This ChickServing Trouble is the first book in the Second Shot Series by Sara Jane Stone. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone story. I have really enjoyed books by Sara Jane Stone before, and I was excited to start this new series of hers. I love a good second chance romance story as well as a best friend's little sister book, but while I liked this one I didn't love it. Five years after leaving, Josie Fairmore returns home to look for [...]

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