Stella Rose A Novel Upon Stella Rose s death her best friend Abby moves to rural Vermont to take care of her sixteen year old daughter Olivia But Abby struggles to connect with Olivia and she soon finds guardianship

  • Title: Stella Rose: A Novel
  • Author: Tammy Flanders Hetrick
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Upon Stella Rose s death, her best friend, Abby, moves to rural Vermont to take care of her sixteen year old daughter, Olivia But Abby struggles to connect with Olivia and she soon finds guardianship of a headstrong teenager daunting beyond her wildest misgivings Despite her best efforts, and the help of friends old and new, she is unable to keep Olivia from self destrucUpon Stella Rose s death, her best friend, Abby, moves to rural Vermont to take care of her sixteen year old daughter, Olivia But Abby struggles to connect with Olivia and she soon finds guardianship of a headstrong teenager daunting beyond her wildest misgivings Despite her best efforts, and the help of friends old and new, she is unable to keep Olivia from self destruction.As Abby s journey unfolds, she grapples with raising a grieving teenager, realizes she didn t know Stella as well as she thought, and discovers just how far she will go to save the most precious thing in her life.

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    1. Tammy Flanders Hetrick

      Tammy Flanders Hetrick has been telling stories all her life refining her skills at age ten through marathon tag team storytellingwith her best friend, honing her craft through decades of businesswriting, and ultimately finding joy in extracurricular creativewriting She has published short stories in Your Teen Magazine, BlueOcean Institute s Sea Stories, and Route 7 Literary Journal.Hetrick lives in Vermont with her husband of thirty years, theirtwo cats, and a beagle bull terrier mix She loves her two grown children than anything, and she appreciates the amenities of anempty nest.

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    1. This book opens in June with Abby St Clair attending the funeral of her soul mate and best friend Stella Rose who has died from leukemia. Stella has asked her to do something very important to her, finish bringing up her 16y old daughter Olivia. Over the next year she will live in Stella's house and help Olivia deal with her grief and guide her through her last year at school and into college. Having never been a mother herself, Abby is wondering if she's up to the task. Stella however, has plan [...]

    2. This was an OK read for me. Its not bad, its just 3 stars due to the fact that I have read something very similar before.Stella Rose is Abbys best friend, Stella dies leaving a young teenage daughter. Abby is left as guardian to her daughter Olivia who is head strong, and a typical 'I know best' attitude who doesn't want to conform, as a lot of typical teenagers are when finding their feet. As well as this, Olivia has lost her Mom, so of course, there are going to be added problems.Its a powerfu [...]

    3. Do you have a friend like Stella Rose? Someone you know is always on your side? Someone you would do anything for, without question?I'm lucky that I do. I joke around that my closest friends and I will always be each other's alibi.Having that friend who really knows you and loves you anyway is one of life's great powers, isn't it? There is comfort to be had, strength to be absorbed. It's the unconditional aspect of it that emboldens you.So it is with Abby and Stella. They've known each other for [...]

    4. "Does anyone ever truly know another person? Does it even matter? I'm starting to believe that friendship has nothing to do with intellectual or even emotional connection, that my friendship with Stella was moresceral. What else explains the achiness in my heart, the nonstop tears, the fact that I sense her presense everywhere, like the phantom leg of an amputee?"Nothing, and I mean nothing, I say can ever explain the beautiful nature of this book! I could write a review that's forever long, and [...]

    5. Stella Rose’s physical form has left the world, but her spirit is still everywhere. She leaves behind a daughter, Olivia, and many people who love her dearly. The story is narrated by Stella’s best friend, Abby, who takes on the responsibility of moving into Stella’s house to take care of Olivia.The novel is divided into months, each section consisting of a season, and each chapter being a different month following the death of Stella Rose. Stella, who died of cancer managed to plan out th [...]

    6. Stella Rose opens with the funeral of the title character. Even though she is dead from the start Stella is ever present in the story. She asks her best friend Abby to care for her daughter Olivia – just until she enters college – as Stella knows she is dying from cancer and has always been the type to control things and people. Abby cannot say no even though she has no experience rearing children. Olivia’s father lives across the country with a new wife and while he loves his daughter, Ol [...]

    7. Prepare thyself. That's my advice when you pick up Stella Rose to begin reading I defy anyone to say that in some way they could not relate to the characters here.Each and every one of us has, or has had, a best friend or BFF as they say these days. Beyond the scope of regular friendships, it's that person with who you share that undefineable bond that time and space does not break. Stella Rose and Olivia have itI have one and this book is getting sent to her. Stella Rose left behind letters and [...]

    8. 3.5. I enjoyed this book.a lotbut toward the middle it started getting overly melodramatic. Too many things happened that were a little far fetched and too many things were blown out of proportion. When Abby's best friend, Stella Rose, dies, she requests that Abby move into her house and take care of her sixteen year old daughter, Olivia. This is the story of that year, highlighted by monthly letters and gifts that Stella left for Abby and Olivia. I loved that the setting was Vermont, a place I [...]

    9. This is a really nice debut novel. I don't know the author personally, but we share a very good friend. I wasn't sure this was my "type" of book, but friendship and curiosity motivated me to read it. I'm glad I did. I ended up thoroughly enjoying it and definitely look forward to reading whatever she writes next!

    10. This book grabbed me, twisted me around and only let me go for a brief second, before it grabbed me again, for another round. Tammy's words made me cry and laugh - sometimes at the same time!I cannot wait to read her second novel! Can I preorder it now??????Stella Rose has found a home on the shelf with my favorite authors - Pat Conroy, James Patterson, Nichols Sparks and Patricia Cornwell.

    11. slow readit took quite awhile to get involved in the story but once I did I was hooked. I've never read any of this authors work but I will check it out.

    12. Tammy Flanders Hetrick's stunning debut novel, Stella Rose, hooked me on the first page and I was glued to it until the end of the book. Relationships are thematic throughout: family, friends, work, and romance—not always in that order. The story opens as Abby returns from the funeral of her best friend, Stella Rose, on a cold Vermont June day. Stella bequeaths guardianship of her sixteen-year-old daughter, Olivia, to her best friend, Abby, and the story unfolds at a sometimes frightening pace [...]

    13. Stella Rose "Finally. The pain, the anguish and the struggle are over. Well, your pain, anguish and struggle are over. Me? I'm looking over a cliff, and pain, anguish, and struggle roil below amid jagged rocks of grief.  And you know how I hate heights." Stella Rose starts with the above paragraphs. So sad, but that is what happens when your best friend dies of cancer at such a young age, leaving behind a  teenage daughter. Stella Rose has asked that Abby raise her daughter Olivia. Abby is [...]

    14. Stella Rose is the heart-wrenching story of three women: Stella, a mother who has just died of cancer; Olivia, her sixteen-year-old daughter; and Abby, Stella's best friend. As the story opens, Abby and Olivia are grieving over Stella's death, wondering how they will cope. As per Stella's wishes, Abby has become Olivia's guardian until her eighteenth birthday. Abby moves in with Olivia to be her companion/mother-figure to shepherd her through her grief.Stella has left behind twelve packages with [...]

    15. Stella Rose is the story of two women's emotional journey. One (Abby) lost a best friend, the other (Oliva) lost her mom. While the novel does center around Stella's death we also see how it is a catalyst for how Abby and Oliva (our main characters) process her death through the five stages of grief, but also jump starts a self-exploration process.At first, it is very hard for Abby and Oliva to accept her death. Oliva is a angst ridden teen trying to fight through her sadness and Abby is mournin [...]

    16. In the spirit of full disclosure, the author was published by my publisher, She Writes Press. What drew me to this one, however, are all the positive reviews and awards it has been receiving. They are appropriately bestowedis book is a compelling story about friendship and parenting and the layers of love that make up both. It's one of those books that you read until you can't keep your eyes open any longer, and then pick it up as soon as you can the next day! The characters are finely drawn wit [...]

    17. To be honest, I started reading this book without knowing anything about it. I borrowed it from someone who knows the author, and read it based on that alone without having any idea of what kind of novel it was. After only a few pages I discovered that it was a heartfelt story about friendship and love that dealt with the loss of a loved one to cancer - not a book that I would typically read. However, after starting to read it I felt that, even though it wasn't what I would normally read, I coul [...]

    18. This is a must read! A powerful story about 2 best friends. When Stella Rose is dying she asks her best friend Abby to raise her daughter who will be entering her Senior year of high school. Devastated by the death of her best friend and overwhelmed by the thought of raising a 16 year old Abby struggles to do the best she can and finds many challenges along the way. She wonders why her best friend Stella Rose left her with this monumental responsibility of raising her daughter Olivia. But Stella [...]

    19. In Stella Rose, Tammy Flanders Hetrick perfectly captures the complexity, ferocity, sweetness and necessity of female friendship. What we ask—aloud or in our thoughts—of each other, what we fervently hope for each other, what we will sacrifice for each other, these are there on the page in a powerful way. The dialogues between the teen girl and the main character are spot on, and make one want to wrap ones arms around both of them. This is a book that speaks to the heart, and while the scena [...]

    20. Perhaps it’s because I am about to face life with a teenager (my daughter turns 13 in less than a month), or that I’ve been thinking a lot about the meaning of friendship, love, and how we create our lives–but this book had me laughing and crying and traveling on an intense emotional journey with lessons to learn. It has messages for those who don’t trust; for those who fear love; for those who feel alone. It explores the complexities of parenting, of mother-daughter relationships, and o [...]

    21. Stella Rose is a lovely, wonderful story. While the premise sounds a bit depressing (a woman having to care for her best friend's grieving daughter upon her death), the novel is anything but. Yes, there are sad, touching moments (the letters the best friend leaves behind) but they are wonderful, too. There is a lot of hope, a lot of life in them, and I found myself wondering what I would say to my own children if I had been in that spot. It's an intriguing story of their journey together, comple [...]

    22. This ballet of a novel is beautifully written with important pas de deux among the major characters but plenty of story and setting to support the narrative of love, friendship and loss at the center of Stella Rose. There is much to say about the other characters, but Stella Rose, stole my heart with her very human reminder that we can’t control what happens to us- only how we respond. Mothers, daughters, friends and lovers learn this lesson at their own rates. A particular pleasure is the bea [...]

    23. This is a fine debut novel, a moving book for any woman who loves her friends deeply and thinks she will do anything for them. The narrator in Stella Rose has to: she takes on raising her best friend's difficult teenaged daughter. The two have their struggles, realistically and skillfully developed and rendered. A central device in the novel is letters and packages left for both the friend and the daughter, each to be opened on the first of the month for a year. For me, this worked well for a wh [...]

    24. Friendship, motherhood, grief and love were all captured with grace in this novel by Tammy Hetrick. I fell in love with Stella Rose, Olivia and AbbySol. When I finished the book, I missed them all deeply. The characters jumped off the page and were real and believable to me. The love between them is powerful and enriches the story tremendously. Dealing with grief and losing your mother (Olivia) and best friend (AbbySol) is a complicated and harrowing experience and I thought the author captured [...]

    25. Stella Rose hypnotized me at the first sentence. I opened it as I received it, and had to reschedule my day because I wanted to keep reading. I immediately became interested in the characters and their lives. The mother choosing who should raise her child after she dies- Oh I cannot imagine. At the beginning of each month, she writes to her friend and reflects on the previous month and the challenges of being a mother. You should spend a year with these characters. You will not regret it/ My lif [...]

    26. BeautifulThis is one of the best books I've read in some time. It is sad and funny and tragic and hopeful. It is a story about loss and love, of forgiveness and acceptance, of friendship and motherhood. It is well written in a style that engages the reader while it flows effortlessly. I spent many nights up much too late, simply unable to put it down.Read and share is book. Teens to adults. For the mourning. For mothers, daughters, friends.

    27. Losing a mother when you are a teenager changes your life in ways nothing else can, and Tammy Flanders captures those feelings here. Losing your best friend too young changes us as well. This lovely story combines these two life-changing circumstances in a moving and well-written story.

    28. It’s hard for me to move on after Stella Rose too, it was that good. The love of the friend and for the daughter, was so real and believable. The daughter was exceptional, loved Olivia but how could she be less raised and loved by those 2 beautifully imperfect yet perfect mom’s.

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