Cloud If there was a wonder drug to make you feel happier would you take it With no side effects Leata is the perfectly safe pick me up What if everyone you knew had been taking it for years your teachers

  • Title: Cloud 9
  • Author: Alex Campbell
  • ISBN: 9781471403545
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback
  • If there was a wonder drug to make you feel happier, would you take it With no side effects, Leata is the perfectly safe pick me up What if everyone you knew had been taking it for years your teachers, your friends, your family Leata helping the country feel positive What if your dad was dead set against the drug and the corporation behind it Not all questions brIf there was a wonder drug to make you feel happier, would you take it With no side effects, Leata is the perfectly safe pick me up What if everyone you knew had been taking it for years your teachers, your friends, your family Leata helping the country feel positive What if your dad was dead set against the drug and the corporation behind it Not all questions bring the answers we need What if he died What if you begin to suspect he was killed What if you ve lived your whole life believing in something only to find out it s a lie Life s short Enjoy it

    • Unlimited [Contemporary Book] ô Cloud 9 - by Alex Campbell ✓
      222 Alex Campbell
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    1. Alex Campbell

      Alex Campbell Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Cloud 9 book, this is one of the most wanted Alex Campbell author readers around the world.

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    1. With awareness of mental illness rising, it’s not a big stretch of the imagination to see a world where everyone is on mood altering drugs. Yet Leata is not an anti-depressant. There are still people with depression, those that Leata fails on get shipped off to health farms or worse, they just disappear. The happiness has an overly cheery falseness too it. It’s more about fitting in and not doing anything that might upset the balance. And how do you measure happiness if there is no sadness?T [...]

    2. I was thinking of giving this book a 4 stars whilst reading, and then at some point 1, and I finally settled on 2.5 stars. The beginning was NOT promising at all. I hated the boring story line and slow place. But I started to like it as the story took its own turn. I skimmed through the last quarter of the book simply because I lost interest. I was hooked at some points but only by the characters. I felt I was so uninvolved and couldn't care less about the book. The 'Him' and 'Her', changing of [...]

    3. pagetostagereviews/201Set in a dystopian world where a wonder drug makes people happy without any of the side effects we've come to know and fear of traditional emotion enhancing substances, we meet two teenagers on opposite sides of the moral scale; Hope and Tom. Hope has been taking the drug, Leata, for years and has been transformed from a tomboy into the epitome of the perfect magazine-cover teen and the poster child of the Leata-sponsored blogging community. Her father is a lawyer for Pharm [...]

    4. This remains to be one of my favourite books of this year so far. I found the story line so interesting

    5. I would've given this story 5 stars on plot alone but unfortunately, I have to review the book as a whole and it was lacking tension. There was just no driving force to encourage me to read it. Howevern, I admit that there was an enticing plot and the main characters were actually quite likable despite their flaws:Tom was your average angst filled teenage boy who put himself and his dad's wishes before anyone else, except for Hope of course. Despite their rough start, they soon became great frie [...]

    6. Visiting YALC back in July, I got to know a little more about British publishers and authors. One of those publishers that caught my eye was Hot Key Books and I have to say that they were my favorite stand at YALC (where I spent way too much money). Even though I wasn’t able to pick it up there, Cloud 9 did catch my attention and I didn’t hesitate to buy it as soon as it was published.Within two chapters, I hated our female main character Hope with a power of a thousand suns. At a certain po [...]

    7. "Come on Hollie, give us a BIG SMILE!"Happiness is only good when you feel happy. I like to surround myself with happy people (as does most people), it's what we all crave; happiness. But, when you're not happy, or someone you know isn't happy, you feel like you need to put on a 'brave' face, as if sadness, or anger, is something to be ashamed of.Leata, a powerful drug, gets rid of all those nasty, contagious feelings, leaving you with joyous thoughts and a creepy smile all day long. But cover u [...]

    8. Leata is quite scary because it seems like something that could easily happen in our society. When something seems too good to be true, it usually is. I thought the premise was really interesting and I was really looking forward to reading this book.I found the plot quite predictable however, despite there being some twists along the way. There wasn't really enough suspense and there were many clues along the way as to what was going to happen. I thought that it was pretty obvious from the start [...]

    9. Initially I thought this book was very heavy handed with its references to social media. However, as the plot of the story unravelled it started to make more sense. I'm not someone who agrees that because social media plays such a large part in our lives, especially teenagers lives, that it needs to be a part of what we/they are reading too. But Campbell pulled it off. The plot of the story revolves around a drug that makes everyone happy. It appears to be good for everyone, with no side effects [...]

    10. Thanks to Hot Key Books for this review copy.This was a fairly big disappointment. I was imaginging something quite different to what I got, and the reality was frustrating and not exactly captivating. The characters, Tom and Hope, annoyed the heck out of me with their attitudes and whinging, and I didn't understand how when you really shouldn't (and know you shouldn't) trust anyone, you give every new update to the girl you used to love but now hate. The girl who stands for everyhting you're ag [...]

    11. This book is amazing I have to say. The writer is so clever with the storyline and as you read on the book becomes more intense and gripping. If you are fond of teen reads or thrillers this is the BOOK TO READ!! Truthfully at the beginning the pace of the book was very dysfunctional, as the writer attempts a teenage tone. But as the book goes on he becomes better at it. Then the book becomes very enjoyable!! YOU NEED TO READ THIS. I even rated it a 4/5 stars.

    12. Since being in a reading block for a while now, when i picked up this book i felt so excited to read it. Cloud 9 is such a thrilling book that will make you feel weird emotions and put you on the edge of your seat. I had goosebumps along my skin as some parts were so tense! I love the message of this book as it gives you an idea of how controlled our society is today by social media and how we need to really open our eyes and study the world around us.

    13. Loved it! Alex Campbell's books always make me think about things and are always reflective of what's happening right now out there. I like young adult fiction to be rooted in reality and experience - with a twist and this definitely has the twist. Loved Land as well and looking forward to the third novel.

    14. hope is the face of leesha she blogs with happiness toms dad died trying to discover bad things about leesha tom doent take leesha and tends to be broody hope and tom used to be best friends but one day they fell out now they both have to put the pasts behind them to discover the secrets of leesha and how and why toms dad died

    15. It was a real page turner, engaging characters that you cared about and was very clever - weaving together the obsession with putting across a happy facade to the world, pressures of social media to conform and our attitudes towards mental health/treatment. Really enjoyed it and will definitely be looking out for the next book.

    16. I could NOT put this book down. Talk about writing tension. I loved the characters and felt the whole premise was plausible. until it went Junior Bond. It took such a silly turn, IMHO. It was almost a 5 star for me but the M15 aspect lost my interest.

    17. Started off well with a good concept, liked the narrative swapping between Tom and Hope. However the story became so far-fetched towards the end that I was disappointed.

    18. A cleverly written book based on social media and consumerism in the future in satire form with a mystery and a romance thrown in for good measure. Coming-of-age quirky in style.

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