Cloudy With a Chance of Destruction In a high school science class Lois Lane must deal with some bad chemistry This is an official teaser short story for the young adult novel LOIS LANE FALLOUT that takes place before Lois moves to Met

  • Title: Cloudy With a Chance of Destruction
  • Author: Gwenda Bond
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 160
  • Format: ebook
  • In a high school science class, Lois Lane must deal with some bad chemistry.This is an official teaser short story for the young adult novel LOIS LANE FALLOUT that takes place before Lois moves to Metropolis FALLOUT is forthcoming from Switch Press in May 2015.

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      I m an author of young adult books My latest are Lois Lane Fallout and Double Down, which bring the iconic comic book character front and center in her own YA novel series, and Girl on a Wire, Girl in the Shadows and the comic book miniseries graphic novel Girl Over Paris, set in the Cirque American In 2017 Lois Lane Triple Threat and a new middle grade series, the Supernormal Sleuthing Service, co written with my husband Christopher Rowe It s possible that I escaped from a classic screwball comedy.I live in a hundred year old house in Lexington, Kentucky, with Christopher and our menagerie.

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    1. A very short preview of an upcoming young-adult novel. It was so short that I didn't think it deserved 4 stars. First things first, the main character was not even the focus here. It was the dumb guy and his girlfriend. I wanted to know more about Lois Lane, aside from the ones that I already know from the comics, but I think I'm reading the second (correct me if I'm mistaken) short story about this series so maybe the author is already expecting that i know more about her from the first one. De [...]

    2. Lois Lane: Cloudy with a Chance of Destruction by Gwenda BondPublished 2015, CapstoneStars: ★★★★★(Prequel short story for Lois Lane: Fallout, just released)Review also posted at: Slapdash & SundryThanks for Netgalley for providing a review copy of this exclusive short story prequel in exchange for an honest review.This mini-novella gives a little background information and sets up the storyline for Lois Lane: Fallout by giving us a sneak peak at Gwenda Bond's take on the famous fem [...]

    3. ACTUAL REVIEWFinally got around to actually reading this. I liked it, but it was nowhere near the same level of awesome as the first short story. I found the idea that a girl as smart as the one breaking up with her boyfriend in this story, could have ever dated someone this dumb in the first place!!! Seriously!!! The kid takes a device from his scientist father to make their project the "best" without knowing what it even is or what it does! Also, this is after trying to blackmail/threaten her [...]

    4. More reviews @ The BiblioSanctumLois Lane: Cloudy With a Chance of Destruction is a short story tying in with Gwenda Bond's novel Lois Lane: Fallout, which was released May 1st. This story takes place right before Lois, who is an Army brat, and her family moves to Metropolis where she'll set root to become the Lois Lane that you love and/or hate. In a high school chemistry class, Lois finds herself in the middle of a turbulent love affair of two of her teen classmates, Mike and Sophie. What love [...]

    5. Meh. Don't read this, read the full-length novel, Lois Lane: FalloutAT is a 5-star read (here's my review)IS is a 17-pg teaser, which is actually just a quickie description of an event mentioned in the book a Lois-shenanigan that took place prior to her moving to Metropolis. It's a bonus scene for those who have read the book, and not at all representative of the fantastic character-development and storytelling of the full-length novelIS was enjoyable, though, because I love the Lois Lane: Fallo [...]

    6. I love new takes on old comic book heroes. And in a twist, this is a new take on Lois Lane, not Superman. I hope her upcoming book gives her the credit she deserves, and not just as a prop for Superman. But if this short story (released as a teaser for the book) is any indication, it will. When the short story is well-written and suspenseful, there's a good chance the book will be, too. (view spoiler)[Bonus points for not relying on Superman(boy) to save the day since I thought that's where this [...]

    7. Actual rating: 3.5 stars.I liked this short-story a lot better than the other one! This happens before Fallout (before her move to Metropolis) and Lois's actually commendable actions in this one are also briefly mentioned in that book as a huge misconduct on her permanent record. What she's done here is create a harmless but explosive chemical reaction in chemistry class to cover for - and save - her classmates from serious harm.I actually would recommend you read this before Fallout. It's quick [...]

    8. Rating: 3.5 stars.Awesome, just awesome!!Here we have another Lois Lane adventure! Once again, it's a prequel set before Lois movesto Metropolis.This time she has to save her classroom from a possible radioactive contamination and well, she did it thanks to her explosive personality!The writing style is definitely more mature than how it was in "A real work of art", the story more intriguing but still funny and so enjoyable!!My questions about the mysterious SmallvilleGuy have multiplied!I am mo [...]

    9. Another story, another school, another escapade -- Lois has an upcoming presentation for her high school chemistry class, and in the meantime, one of her fellow students takes an impossibly bad risk while trying to impress his girlfriend. Great lead-up toLois Lane: Fallout, particularly for readers who want an idea for what Lois was up to before her family moved to Metropolis.

    10. I've had this short story on my phone for a while--and have always been a Lois Lane fan--so I finally decided to read it this morning.Lois Lane is in a new school, and because of that she doesn't have a chemistry partner. This gives her the opportunity to work alone, and eavesdrop on a couple breaking up.Good thing she does, because in an attempt to get his girlfriend back, the guy takes a dangerous device to school that might end up getting the attention of everyone in the class. And not in a g [...]

    11. Lois Lane: Cloudy With A Chance Of Destruction is a prequel/teaser short story for the recently released Lois Lane: Fallout. Overall I was not impressed by this short story, and don't think I'll be looking further into the Lois Lane series by Bond - however, if you're a fan of fluffier YA reads with a dose of action, I'd recommend giving one of the short stories a shot and deciding for yourself. Personally, this short story really fell flat for me, and I am disappointed. I was hoping for a lot m [...]

    12. I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.This is a short story to sort of lead into/tease full length books about Lois Lane before she moves to Metropolis.Lois overhears (and sort of butts in on) an argument between the (now-ex) couple who share the chemistry table with her. She's working alone, and other than her inability to keep out of other people's conversations, she seems to like that.The g [...]

    13. This teaser short story made my fourth period civics class 500% better. I really enjoyed reading this short story almost as much as the first short story. THe first short story was amazing and really made me want, no need to read Fall Out. This one made we want it more, but if someone else read this story before reading the one before, they wouldn't be allured.Cloudy With a Chance of Destruction did portray the snarky heroine was have as a protagonist, yet it focused far too much on the secondar [...]

    14. This is a short story prequel to Gwenda Bond's new YA book Lois Lane: Fallout. It introduces us to teen Lois Lane as a new student in a high school chemistry class. Now, here is the thing, I actually read the novel Lois Lane: Fallout first, and I'm glad I did, because Cloudy With a Chance of Destruction is so, so short and it has so little meat to it that if I had read the short story first I don't think I would have picked up Fallout because I would have reckoned the novel to be just as weak as [...]

    15. I actually really liked this short story. Lois Lane is presented with a strong personality and even though she's sticking her nose in other people's business it wasn't presented in an annoying way. The reader is led towards thinking that Clark Kent may be her mysterious online friend; but really there's no way to know other than to pick up Fallout and see if the answer it there or not. Personally, I think this is a fun teaser for a reimagined Lois Lane origin story.

    16. Promising new seriesTeen Lois Lane, loves reading the Daily Planet and chatting with her friend SmallvilleGuy. Even in high school, she possesses an inquisitive and smart mind that surpasses your average teen (I'm talking chemistry class here). But what I enjoyed most, was watching her react under pressure. This is no Mary Sue. This short story provides a great glimpse of Lois Lane Fall Out, that came out in May 2015. Looking forward to following her adventures.

    17. This short story isn't quite as good as the other one. I mentioned in my review of the first story that I was a bit disappointed with the addition of Lois' pen pal. I want Lois to exist pre-Clark Kent. Kent was able to have girlfriends and a life before Lois, so why can't she have high school without him?

    18. When I saw that this was up for review I jumped on it, even though this is just the preview! A whole series from Lois Lane's PoV? YES PLEASE! Thankfully, this was just as good as I hoped it would be. Definitely picking up the hardcopy!

    19. Wish I'd realized that was set BEFORE the books. I read it last and was sad it didn't have Lois's high school friends.

    20. This is a quick, easy read, and an excellent introduction to Ms. Bond's Lois Lane. Read, fall in love, and seek out the others!

    21. In this teaser short story, "Cloudy with a Chance of Destruction," Lois and her family have moved once again, and she finds herself in yet another high school. Because she began the semester late, she doesn't have a partner in chemistry class. Working alone gives her time to observe what is going on at the workstation next to hers between studious cheerleader Sophie and basketball bench warmer Mike. Sophie is breaking up with Mike, who refuses to accept that. But Mike won't do the work and Sophi [...]

    22. This review and more can be found at The A P Book Club!*I received this as an eARC from Capstone on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*So after reading A Real Work of Art, I knew I had to read Cloudy With a Chance of Destruction, if only to hold me over until I can get my hands on a copy of Fallout. This story was just as much fun as the other one, if not more so! This time, instead of being in an art class and using her innate reporter abilities to out the bad guy, Lois now has to save [...]

    23. This was a review for Netgalley that previewed a short story from Gwenda Bond's "Fallout". First, this story was cute and rather fun. It does a good job of living in both young adult and lighter adult fiction. The story centers around Lois Lane and the challenges of her chemistry class where she's the newest student who started partway through the semester. For any DC fans out there, you'll be familiar with the fact that her dad is General Lane, meaning Lois is an army brat and doesn't get to se [...]

    24. Lois Lane, yes the very same from Metropolis and the Daily Planet, is a high school student and in this particular story, in chemistry class. It touches on the effects of being an “army brat” and being forced to constantly move around and her self-described nosiness which in turn ends up making her a great reporter and really comes in handy in this particular event. Most of my comic experience (in the classic superhero sense) has been with Batman and the characters associated with him, so I [...]

    25. **A copy of this book was provided by the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**Original Post: nerdprobs/books/book-r"Cloudy with a Chance of Destruction" is a short story introduction to the already released "Lois Lane: Fallout", which I reviewed back in April. Being only a handful of pages, there is not much to say about it aside from it's great. This short story has the same fun vibe "Fallout" held and is reminiscent of Veronica Mars, yet again. We got a glimpse of Lo [...]

    26. Not sure whether to give this a two or three stars as this is a novella, so this affect rating system for me. I was given this for review from publishers via NetGalley in exchange for honest review.This is a short story about Lois Lane, before she moved to the big city of Metropolis. In this, Lois has to deal with some bad chemistry. In more ways than one. Now, this is a sneak peek, a short story, and it was a short and fun story. A bit addictive as well. It updated and "rebooted" Lois and I lik [...]

    27. I got this story from NetgalleyWhen I started this I did not know it was teaser/novella for another book. Basically I just went in seeing the words "Lois Lane" and being like heck yes. Few pages in I went to make a status about it on here and that's when I learned it's a teaser for the upcoming book Lois Land: Fallout, which makes a lot more sense.It was a nice, quick story that really did leave me wanting the actual book right at that moment. It was really easy to picture Lois and her voice whi [...]

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