Redemption From bestselling author Kate Douglas comes a breathtaking tale of unraveling secrets heart stopping passion and a love that conquers allSECRETS THREATENING TO CONSUMELola Monroe knows that appearanc

  • Title: Redemption
  • Author: Kate Douglas
  • ISBN: 9781250064776
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • From bestselling author Kate Douglas comes a breathtaking tale of unraveling secrets, heart stopping passion, and a love that conquers allSECRETS THREATENING TO CONSUMELola Monroe knows that appearances can be deceiving even in the most beautiful of places and angelic of faces She s seen how the ugliest rumors and lies can destroy women s lives and careers So when rooFrom bestselling author Kate Douglas comes a breathtaking tale of unraveling secrets, heart stopping passion, and a love that conquers allSECRETS THREATENING TO CONSUMELola Monroe knows that appearances can be deceiving even in the most beautiful of places and angelic of faces She s seen how the ugliest rumors and lies can destroy women s lives and careers So when roommate s brother in law shows up at Lola s doorstep unannounced, unassuming, and unbelievably gorgeous she can t help but wonder if he s hiding something behind that handsome face, that sly smile, and those tempting lipsPASSION WORTH FIGHTING FORA battle scarred veteran with devilish looks, Ben Lowell has spent his entire life running from his past, his family and his deepest, darkest secrets When he meets Lola, he knows in his heart he can trust her with the truth, even if it means baring his soul and losing her forever Lola wants to help Ben find redemption by reconciling with his family But when she discovers skeletons hiding in his closet and dangers waiting in the shadows the powerful love that binds them together could be the one thing that tears them apart

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    1. Kate Douglas

      Some people just seem to know they are meant to write, but it can still take a while to figure out exactly what their career will entail Kate Douglas started out writing radio copy for a country western radio station in 1972, wrote and illustrated an educational cartoon strip for the American Mosquito Control Association for a number of years, was a newspaper reporter for a small town weekly where she covered everything from high school sports to drug busts, and then, in the mid 1980s, decided to write her first romance Many submissions and rejections followed.In 1998, she sold to a small ebook publisher before anyone knew what an ebook was, but it wasn t until 2005, a full twenty years after finishing that first romance, that she signed with a New York publisher.In January 2006, Kensington Publishing launched their Aphrodisia imprint of erotic romance with Kate s Wolf Tales, a sexy paranormal series about a lost race of shapeshifters She went on to write 21 novels and novellas in that series, then wrote three other series for Kensington before moving to St Martin s Press.She has two series with SMP The Intimate Relations series complete with three novels and one novella of romantic suspense set in California s wine country, and an erotic paranormal series, Feral Passions, set in California s Trinity Alps.She is also continuing her Spirit Wild series, the sequel to Wolf Tales, independently.Kate and her husband of over forty five years have two adult children and six grandchildren They live in the small town of Healdsburg, California, in the heart of the beautiful Sonoma County wine country katedouglas and katedouglas eroticromance for full chapter excerpts of all of Kate s books You can find Kate on Facebook at facebook katedouglasthorpage or on Twitter wolftales

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    1. I was sort of looking forward to this book with what we learned of Ben in the last one. I sort of expected to not like him, but he was so different from the stupid kid he was. As a man he was someone you wanted to be around, the sad thing is that Ben never saw that of himself. In fact he had to be smacked upside the head with that fact over and over before it started to even slightly click with him.Ben and Lola were adorable together, never any doubts that they would make it as a couple. What wa [...]

    2. I know I've read other books by Ms. Douglas - I specifically remember the story with the Colonel and the winery. So I went in expecting to enjoy this book.I did not. I won't say it was dreadful, but there were large swaths of it, particularly in the early portions of the book, where I felt like pieces of the story were missing. Judging by the description of book 1 in this series, I didn't, since the events of that book appear to take place prior to this one. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe the scenes whi [...]

    3. Redemption,  Kate Douglas Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre:   Romance I enjoyed the first novel in this series but with a couple of reservations about communication between the leads, Kaz and Jake. Then getting into this book, Jake’s brother Ben is thinking about the mistakes Jake and Kaz made in not being open with each other, not telling each other what they were concerned about, and how it led to danger for them. So I guess my reservations were unfounded, and it was part of [...]

    4. Rating 3 to 3.5This is a book 2 in the series, the hero her being the brother of the hero in the past book. It can probably stand alone in a pinch, but it is much richer with knowledge of Jake's history with Ben from the prior book. That history plays at large part in Ben's attitude and the past 20 years of his life, as well as playing into the rather complicated mystery/action part of the plot. And believe me, that was confusing enough even with the knowledge of the first book.So here Ben, our [...]

    5. Redemption by Kate Douglas is part of one of the best contemporary romantic suspense series I have read in a long time. This is the kind of story that I believe Kate Douglas excels in writing. It is nothing like her paranormal Wolf Series so if that is what you are looking for when you see her name you will be disappointed. If, however, you are looking for a novel where it is all about the story not just sex to carry a story, you will be as thrilled as I was to read this second book concerning t [...]

    6. You will need to read the 1st book in the series then you will know who all the characters are. Do you deserve forgiveness even though you destroyed your brother's life? Ben has been away for 20 years and now he is back home and he needs to find out where his brother RJ is. What he hears stuns him as he always thought that RJ was left off without been charged.Will his brother forgive him and welcome him back? RJ goes by Jake now and he has missed his brother so much. Jake has moved on with his l [...]

    7. At the end of Intimate, book 1 of the Intimate Series, Jake's brother Ben is introduced and by that point all I could say was that there was nothing appealing to me about him. But that didn't stop me from wanting to know his story. 
Wow can this author change ones viewpoint in a mind-blowing and sensitive manner. He character is written as a broken person seeking redemption and as the plot goes on you watch him develop a refined character through love, family and forgiveness.
This book [...]

    8. This was the second story I've read by this author. I really enjoyed getting into this story. The intrigue around the main character and his new found friends was great! The story line continuously moved forward with little to no straying. Will definitely be looking for more to read by this author!

    9. 3.75 stars--ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date December 29, 2015SECRETS THREATENING TO CONSUMELola Monroe knows that appearances can be deceiving—even in the most beautiful of places and angelic of faces. She's seen how the ugliest rumors and lies can destroy women's lives and careers. So when roommate's brother-in-law shows up at Lola's doorstep—unannounced, unassuming, and unbelievably gorgeous—she can't help but wonder if he's hiding something behind that handsome face, that sly smile, and th [...]

    10. NOTE: Although Redemption can be read as a standalone, I highly recommend reading Intimate first for the best reading experience.Ben Lowell has been living a nightmare for the last 20 years. After his brother was arrested, Ben didn’t stick around to find out what happened. Instead, he abandoned Jake to whatever his fate may have been, enlisted in the army and disappeared from his life. Now, after a close call in the line of duty, his guilt has overwhelmed him and he is ready to face the man he [...]

    11. “Redemption” by Kate Douglas is the sequel to “Intimate”, and centers on Ben Lowell, who has been fleeing the results of a horrific accident that ruined several lives almost twenty years ago. Finally reconnecting with his younger brother and learning some unpalatable truths, he finds a woman he can trust with his deepest emotions. Unfortunately, redemption usually comes with a price, and this one has already cost far too much and future payments may be made by those who should not be cau [...]

    12. Lola Monroe knows that appearances can be deceiving, so when her roommate’s brother-in-law shows up unannounced, unassuming and unbelievably gorgeous she can’t help but wonder what he’s hiding in this exciting romantic suspense.He’s spent his life running but Ben Lowell knows in his heart that he can trust Lola with the truth and the reader can’t help but be pulled into the suspense as the powerful love that binds Ben and Lola together could be the one thing that tears them apart. The [...]

    13. Ben’s home had been the U S Army for almost twenty years. Ben had no interaction with his parents or brother in that time. Ben had ruined his, his brothers, and two innocent strangers lives when he was younger. The young mother and her son was the innocent strangers and they died. RJ his brother could no longer compete in the Olympics he already had earned three gold medals. Lola’s sister was Mandy . Lola felt it was her fault Kaz got kidnapped and Jake got shot. Lola had given kaz some disg [...]

    14. Sexual Content: SensualLanguage (Profanity/Slang) Content: NoneViolent Content: Minimal2nd in Intimate Relationships Series San Francisco, Present timeBen Lowell left his home town twenty years ago because of an accident he caused. He did not take responsibility, instead he allowed his brother to take the fall. For the past twenty years he has felt the guilt eating away at him and when he was almost killed overseas with the military he felt it was time to face his parents and brother and ask for [...]

    15. I have read plenty of paranormal written by this author so this was a treat to read this one in a different genre. This was also one on my tbr that I scooped on it right away when I got my grubby hands on it. She has you go through a tail spin right away with two brothers that does not end so well but needed to be the bases of much to follow and wrongs to be righted. Lola makes a joking comment to her sister one that unexpectedly will turn out to happen, so door to anticipation has really been o [...]

    16. Even though this is the second book in a series, it can be read as a stand-alone without any issues. Ben knocks on his brother’s door and wants to make amends. He blamed his brother for something horrific years ago and now wants things to be set right. Lola answers the door and he immediately falls for her from the moment he sees her. It shocks him to his core, but he can’t deny the feelings she brings out.Lola has had a terrible past with men, but even she can’t deny the attraction betwee [...]

    17. I know it's the second in the series and even though I didn't read the first one called Intimate this can be read as a standalone. You immediately fall in love with Ben just like Lola does and when Ben knocks on Lola's door looking for his brother he is in love with Lola too. Ben has just gone back to the US to hopefully right a wrong he did to his brother RJ twenty years ago but his brother won't be back until tomorrow so Lola and her sister Mandy ask him to stay and eat. Ben feels extremely co [...]

    18. Ben Lowell was responsible for the death of a mother and her son. He stole a car and hit them when he was joy riding. He let his younger brother take the blame. Twenty years later he wants to find him and apologize. Can Ben find the redemption that he needs? Kate Douglas did a wonderful job. She was able to show that Ben was a good person and that he wanted to own up to his mistakes. He joined the army and escaped his responsibility. He never knew that his brother had been convicted of involunta [...]

    19. Redemption is the second book in Kate Douglas's series and is a complete standalone. Though I think readers would thoroughly enjoy the first one. In the first book Intimate we know the background of this book right off. We also know the the first chapters, but in the younger brother's POV. With redemption we will get Ben's POV and see just how eat up with guilt he is for all his choices. Lola is his saving grace. She helps him through it. They met when he was looking for his brother Jake and the [...]

    20. Marie's Tempting Reads Netgalley ARC Review:Fast-paced, action-packed, sexy, dangerous, heart melting awesomeness! These come to mind when I think of Redemption by Kate Douglas. This is the second book in her Intimate Relations series and it is more intense and had more steamy, sensual, crackling sex and lots of action going on then in the first one. The characters were so endearing and I absolutely adored them! Lola is a gorgeous woman who knows what danger and ugliness looks like. She is also [...]

    21. Review will be posted atbooks-n-kisses MBER OF HEARTS: 3 3/4Redemption picks up where Intimate left off. We got to learn a lot about Ben in book one of this series. But in Redemption we learn a lot more about Ben and his way of thinking. Ben has been battling the demons from his past. But now he has a chance to face those demons and slay them. Ben might be surprised by the reception he gets when he gets home. I liked this story. It was a great continuation of Ben & Jake’s story. I was happ [...]

    22. I like reading Kate's books. She takes you down deep into the story. Of course this becomes an over 18 story. This continues on from her previous book. This goes on from Ben and younger brother Jake and the car accident. Major Spoiler. Ben has come home to settle the air between him and Jake. He meets Lola and is enthralled. Lola turns to jelly when she she sees Ben. He runs outside, she follows and Ben goes over the accident and lets the past start to go. Then someone seems to want to kill him. [...]

    23. This is Ben's story and there is so much more to it then redemption. It's also a love story, a mystery to solve and a house full of instant friends. Although broken, he is determined to right his wrongs, he is shocked to discover that his brother already forgave him and was just waiting, wanting to see his brother again. Ben hasn't been a civilian in almost 20 years but with a new lady love & unconditional love of his brother, he learns to forgive himself. No nice words to say about their un [...]

    24. Great Book!This is a great book; this is the second book in the Intimate Relations series by Kate Douglas. Lola Monroe knows that appearances can be deceiving, so when her roommate’s brother-in-law shows up at Lola’s doorstep, she can’t help but wonder what he is hiding. Ben Lowell has spent his entire life running from his past and his family, but when he meets Lola, he knows he can trust her. If you are looking for a great romance with suspense and mystery then you need to read this book [...]

    25. I thought I would like this book, and perhaps I would at a different time, but I didn't finish it. I read about 3/4 of it, and kept putting off finishing it until I decided to just forget it.

    26. to start off with, what i didnt like was how ben didnt take up for jake aka his little brother . At the begining ben accidently ran this woman and this little girl over and jake had to tell the cops it was his fault and that ben wasnt part of it.Now , what i did like. I like that ben and lola had a thing for eachother. In my opinion i think lola and ben are such an amazing couple. I do recommend this to people who loves romance and intense books. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat. [...]

    27. Ben has been living with the guilt for the last 20 years and has finally come home to see his brother. Jake is now engaged to Kaz and Ben is introduced to her roommates Lola and Mandy. Ben’s attraction of Lola is instant and as they grow closure strange things keep happening to Ben, why are people following him. I enjoyed the suspense and mystery, the relationship between Ben and Lola moved and super speed and there are some parts that move a bit slow. Overall I enjoyed the book and am looking [...]

    28. This book will make a lot more sense if you read Intimate first. Intimate is Jake and Kaz's story. I was looking forward to reading about Ben, although I was unsure whether I would be able to like him or not. He and Lola seemed to be getting cozy, but he made some serious mistakes when he was younger. I loved this one. Great suspense as well as steamy romance. I ended up liking Ben and rooting for him and Lola.

    29. Redemption is a great read for those who enjoy romantic suspense. Redemption could be read as a standalone. However I strongly suggest for the back story to read Intimate first. Told in the third person, the story is full of intrigue and suspense. But don’t forget what happily ever after would be complete without betrayal and heartache.Redemption was provided by Netgalley for an honest review. 3.5/5

    30. by Samantha Young is such a popular book, I find it irritating that the author of Redemption would choose to use the same book cover. It's just a pet peeve of mine.

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