The Piano Girl Part She plays from memory Her memories Part One is FREE on The day after her sixteenth birthday party Princess Alia finds out that she s been given away in marriage to a man she s never met The war has j

  • Title: The Piano Girl, Part 1
  • Author: Sherri Schoenborn Murray
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • She plays from memory Her memories Part One is FREE on The day after her sixteenth birthday party, Princess Alia finds out that she s been given away in marriage to a man she s never met The war has just ended, and for Alia s protection, she must travel to her future kingdom disguised as a chicken farmer s daughter This princess to pauper story is filled withShe plays from memory Her memories Part One is FREE on The day after her sixteenth birthday party, Princess Alia finds out that she s been given away in marriage to a man she s never met The war has just ended, and for Alia s protection, she must travel to her future kingdom disguised as a chicken farmer s daughter This princess to pauper story is filled with prayers, promises and plenty of piano This is Part One of a Two Part Series In 2016, the Counterfeit Princess series will continue with Alia s sister, Wren.

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      Sherri Schoenborn Murray has a bachelor of arts degree in English from the University of Idaho She lives in Vancouver, Washington, with her husband, Dave Two of their four children are still at home When she s not writing, she does web work for a fishing company Her Christian romances always include a few favorite recipes Join her newsletter for new releases, freebies, and recipes.Visit Sherri s website at christianromances

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    1. About this book:“She plays from memory. Her memories. The day after her sixteenth birthday, Princess Alia finds out that she's been given away in marriage to a man she’s never met. The war has just ended, and for Alia’s protection, she must travel to her future kingdom disguised as a chicken farmer's daughter. This princess to pauper story is filled with problems, prayers and plenty of piano. This is Part One of a two-part series. In 2016, the Counterfeit Princess series will continue with [...]

    2. Age: 10+Plot: 4 starsCharacters: 4 starsWriting: 4.5 starsOverall: 3.5 starsMy Review: Free on kindle.This is a review of parts 1 and 2This book was better than I expected it to be. The Christian elements were an unexpected part that I loved. There was even a Christian gnome and a Christian giant :) Those made me a little uncomfortable at first, but I eventually got used to it. Prince Wron was so sweet. I don't get why it wasn't just put together as one book in the first place. They aren't like [...]

    3. I loved this book! A sweet, fun fantasy that is reminiscent of ages past. Plus, the musical part made this musician happy. The moral was great. Overall, an awesome read!

    4. My two daughters who are authors loved the book and asked me to purchase the second one. They are the ones who reviewed it first. I just read both of them in one day (I stayed up until 2:00 in the morning). I see why they enjoyed them so much. I have read many books recently (mostly new self-published fiction) and yours is one of the best I have read to date. There was NOTHING niggling me. I would not want anything changed, which is a first. The book is error-free, the cadence is wonderful, the [...]

    5. The Piano Girl (part 1)By: Sherri Schoenborn MurrayI really loved this story. I liked it kept me reading to see what was next in her adventure. I can't imagine what she went through being a princess one day then the next knowing she is promised to another in marriage whom she has never met. She has been drugged and when she awakes she in the back of a wagon with chickens. And who is this man that has her. No way for a princess to be treated. They go through lots of adventures together to get to [...]

    6. The Piano Girl (Part One) – Sherri Schoenborn Murray3.5 starsWow. I must say this story has me intrigued. It is quite different from what I had expected and I am still wondering what will happen next. It pulled me in from the start with the delightful prologue and kept me reading until the end.Part One was well written, and those who do not care for “fluff” (extra dialogue and unnecessary filler) like me will enjoy this. Though at some parts I did wish there was more detail.It was a strang [...]

    7. This is an absolutely wonderful story. A spoiled young woman learns a lot about herself all throughout this story. What she endures is so very hard and I could truly feel for her as she keeps on going. Will she succeed at what she needs to learn??? You must read this book in order to find out. I was drawn in from the very first paragraph. Highly recommend. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

    8. This book was great! I loved it! Not something I would read over and over again, but still amazing! Very original!

    9. My first read from author Sherri Schoenborn Murray The Piano Girl - Part One (Counterfeit Princess Series Book 1. An entertaining book that I enjoyed reading. I’ll definitely read The Piano Girl - Part Two (Counterfeit Princess Series Book 2 from this author!

    10. Princess Alia is a gifted pianist, and also the heir to the crown of the kingdom of Blue Sky. Her kingdom has been at war for twelve years, and it has just ended.On the day after her sixteenth birthday, Princess Alia discovers she's being given away in marriage to a man she's never met. For her safety, she's got to travel in secret, disguised as a chicken farmer's daughter, to the kingdom of Yonder. She's about to get an education she never imagined.This is a Ruritanian fantasy, set in two imagi [...]

    11. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but whatever it was, this book wasn’t it — it was so much more.The Piano Girl: Counterfeit Princess was such a fun book. Even though I wanted to know what happened, I was truly very sad knowing I was coming up on the end of this story. I can always read it again, and I will, but there’s just something about reading a book for the first time that grabs my heart in a way that can never be with a reread. You just can never read a book for the first time tw [...]

    12. Along the line of some of George MacDonald's books, The Piano Girl is fantasy, almost fairytailish in nature. And since I LOVED George MacDonald I found this book and Book #2 very entertaining.Alia is the princess of the kingdom of Blue Sky. Her abilities on the piano are astounding and from the age of seven she has played by ear and from memory (meaning whatever she plays is from what she's seeing in her mind from her memories, composing as she goes). At age 16 her father decides she is a bit s [...]

    13. I liked the story but I was disappointed that I had to purchase part 2 to finish the story. Part 1 focuses on Dory's adventures in getting to the kingdom of her betrothed. I actually liked part 2, which focuses on the relationship between Dory and her betrothed, better.Sex - none, definitely a clean readLanguage - noneViolence - noneReligion - none

    14. I had a hard time getting into this novel for some reason. I picked it up several times and restarted. When I finally got into the story I was glad I did. I enjoyed the book very much. The story is about a young princess Alia who was pledged in an arranged marriage to a prince from another kingdom as an alliance to make a united Kingdom that would become strong and prosperous. Alia starts out as a spoiled, sheltered girl but as she travels incognito to meet her betrothed, she encounters many tri [...]

    15. A sweet fairy tale story. Reads well and fast. Honestly, I would have bought into rhetoric story more if I had seen the princess behaving in a spoiled manner prior to her adventure. Sure, as a princess I know she is spoiled and the basic concept of teaching her about the people she is to serve is excellent. But didn't seem as though, in the beginning, she was spoiled enough to require such drastic action. We are told she is stubborn and will rebel, but never really shown that side of her, which [...]

    16. This book was absolutely amazing. I loved how she changed from a haughty princess to a humble character. The wretched circumstances that she went through brought me to tears numerous times in the book. I only wished that it was longer. I was so entranced by the story that I read it way too quickly. The ending had me itching to start reading the next book in the series. The author did a splendid job writing this as the storyline was woven with inspirational scriptures. Overall this book left me i [...]

    17. While the plot seemed intriguing enough for me to download this freebie, I was not impressed by the dialogue or the how the story moved along. Yes, it was clean, but it was also too dry for my taste. Where's the wit? Where's the humor? There's nothing funny to comment on either. I really need a story that draws me in, but this book fails miserably in that respect. I'm not even going to bother with Part Two.

    18. I really enjoyed the beginning half of this book. It reminds me of Shannon Hale's goose girl book. I can't wait to finish the next half and see how it ends for the princess. Will she recover from her swamp pox and will the adventure her father wanted her to enjoy before her marriage end happily? This is a shorter clean read that I really like the lessons being taught, I think we could all learn from them. Happy Reading!!!

    19. I have to buy the second bookWhat can I say. The title had me from the beginning since I also play piano. The situations the talented princess faced as she became "common" were teaching tools that taught her things she never would have learned otherwise. I had to keep reAding to see what happened next. Now that she has arrived at the castle, I can't wait to see what happens next.

    20. DelightfulI really liked this book . I liked that it addresses issues if the heart and how we see others. I liked that it taught Alia to examine her own heart and see where she could improve. Often I forget to see myself as I am and be honest with myself. It is easy to judge others by their looks or speech and not see their heart. We often fear the unknown and we don't take the time to learn any lessons from situations in our lives.

    21. Lovely Regency RomanceOh how the mighty have fallen. I don't think " Dory" needed the lessons in humility that was hinted at by the King and Felix. I think she has heart and could have learned about her subjects in time. If Felix knew of the giants I am sure that an easier way to get away was available to him. I think it was their plan to leave her alone to make her to her future home. We will see in part two I guess. Thank you for an enjoyable book, Danny Scott.

    22. This book, with its "The Prince and the Pauper" feel, quickly became one of my favorite stories. The writing is beautiful in several passages, in how the author weaved words, wit, and emotion. The whole story line is adventurous. Although the ending was too abrupt for me, it does make you want to buy the sequel (Which I've done). Five stars!

    23. I want to know what happens but this book could have been better. I hope some of the questions are answered in the next one. I liked that some one so high and mighty could be brought to the level of common people and learned the lessons of humbling herself. I will read the next one before I cast my final thoughts

    24. Could be a Disney princess story!This book is well written and edited (unlike some Kindle books). Very creative and original story with and old theme of how a princess needs to be a servant in order to be a good ruler for her people some day. I've enjoyed this read and look forward to the sequel.

    25. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this book. It was refreshing to read a fairytale princess book where the princess grows and matures. She experiences real, character shaping trials that allow her to blossom from a nice girl into a wise and kind woman, that kind of person you want leading your people. I immediately bough the second book, and stayed up all night reading.

    26. "This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook Blast."I was very glad to read this historical fiction. The plot was exciting and flowed nicely. The characters were likable.The narration is very well done.The voices and accents were amusing.

    27. Love the bookThe book was so good and I had a hard time putting the book down for food and that is great love the book and I think if we could do this for are kids but not as bad as this girl went through. Great Book Thank you for letting me read the book I Love That You

    28. This was a great read that I really enjoyed. Good, clean & fun. Part one was good, but I liked Part 2 even better - probably because it includes more of the romance story.

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