Orphan Moon Alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here Palo Pinto Texas Under the spectacular glow of a Comanche moon a family is slaughtered their homestead torched Nineteen year old Barleigh Flander

  • Title: Orphan Moon
  • Author: T.K. Lukas
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here1860 Palo Pinto, Texas Under the spectacular glow of a Comanche moon, a family is slaughtered, their homestead torched Nineteen year old Barleigh Flanders survives the terrifying midnight raid Fiercely determined to rebuild, she seizes an opportunity meant for another It s a foolhardy, reckless scheme Desperate, near peAlternate cover for this ASIN can be found here1860 Palo Pinto, Texas Under the spectacular glow of a Comanche moon, a family is slaughtered, their homestead torched Nineteen year old Barleigh Flanders survives the terrifying midnight raid Fiercely determined to rebuild, she seizes an opportunity meant for another It s a foolhardy, reckless scheme Desperate, near penniless, it s her only hope Her grueling physical journey stretches from Texas, to Missouri, and into the rugged Utah Territory However, it s her emotional journey that takes her to places of uncharted darkness, discovery, and redemption In Hughes Levesque, Barleigh gains an unsought ally with dark secrets of his own A hired gun, it becomes his personal mission to keep Barleigh safe Doing so may cost him his life, his job, and his heart, none of which he s keen to lose Orphan Moon is a heart wrenching saga of family love, loss, and betrayal Both a gripping adventure and a timeless love story, it gallops across the bleeding edge of the western frontier.

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    1. T.K. Lukas

      As a young girl and long before she could remember remembering, there were two things in T.K Lukas s life books, and horses And mostly, the books she read were about horses When T.K reached twelve years of age, her father surprised her with a birthday gift her very own horse a palomino gelding named Thomas Dandy Dan, as she called him, was the first male to whom she gladly gave her heart Unfortunately, it was a short love affair Two years later after a family tragedy, she had to surrender Dan to another owner Depressed and rebellious, at times the only things to get T.K through her misery were the stories playing out in her head, fanciful tales of magical horses fast horses with swift hooves and kind eyes The horses she conjured in her dreams would always be at the ready to spirit her away from any sadness.At eighteen and graduated from High School, T.K would journey through life wearing many hats, high heels, and boots until finding her way home ballroom dance instructor, US Air Force Air Traffic Controller followed by a stint with the FAA , co owner of a tree company, returning college student, Realtor, free lance journalist, and finally, full time novelist Now, the circle complete, she once again focuses on the two things er, three things she loves horses, books, and her husband and family.T.K s life experiences and world travels fuel the native Texan s ever expanding imagination, which she pours into everything she writes Combining history with fiction, fact with fantasy, she delivers stories that, at some point along the narrative, always have horses making their presence known.Her first book, Orphan Moon, published in 2015, immediately climbed the charts and became an Kindle international best seller in several countries and on a variety of categorical lists, from U S Historical Fiction to Western Romance Soon after its publication, Orphan Moon was chosen as a top five finalist in the 2015 Writers League of Texas Manuscript Contest, placing in the Historical Fiction category.An active member of the Historical Novel Society, Writers League of Texas, and Romance Writers of America, the author continues to hone her craft by attending conferences, workshops, and seminars In conjunction, she works closely and tirelessly with editors to make sure that what she brings to the reader is a quality product.T.K and her husband live in north central Texas on a small ranch that they share with a variety of four legged friends equine, canine, feline, and bovine Their three grown children are scattered across the globe When not on horseback, T.K enjoys international travel, snow skiing, photography, and collecting antique deviled egg plates The egg plates are a long story please email her for that explanation She ll be delighted to share it with you, along with some favorite deviled egg recipes For information and to stay abreast with T.K Lukas and her current projects, please visit tklukas or like her on Facebook at facebook T.K.Lukas.Au

    277 thoughts on “Orphan Moon”

    1. I found this book difficult to put down. The story of Barleigh, high spirited and determined, brave and generous, is packed with adventure, suspense, sadness and romance. Barleigh is tough, but has her vulnerable side too, especially when she learns about her past. She keeps a journal, the only place she feels able to disclose her true feelings. Her family mean a great deal to her, and the thought of them drives her on through great hardship. Hughes Levesque, a Texas Ranger, makes a promise to L [...]

    2. I was given a copy of 'Orphan Moon' in return for an honest review. Wow, this is a great read. Take a step back into the 1860s, the pony express is burning trails across the mid west. It was like reliving some old western movie. Gunslingers, cowboys and Indians. But the real glue to the novel is the plot. Barleigh Flanders' father and step mother perish in an Indian attack on their homestead. A tax debt hangs over the ranch and time is fast running out to save the property.Orphan Moon traces Bar [...]

    3. Orphan Moon is a novel by T.K. Lucas. It is a historical fiction which takes place in 1860 near the Brazos River. The book is really good and although fiction give us a glimpse into life in the 1800’s. The characters are realistic and the plot is really good. I simply loved the book. The action and adventure are well written and you feel like you are there with them. Barleigh Flanders was 19 when the Indian attack near the Brazos River took her father, Birdie, and Uncle Jack. She, Aunt Winnie, [...]

    4. Set in 1860 this is a story of a courageous girl (Barleigh) losing everything and growing into a woman while scraping her life back together.With easy to follow flashbacks we learn about Leighselle and how she weaves into the story via Hughes, a Texas Ranger, and a dear friend of Leighselle. Hughes is a tough character, capable of many things but loaded with his own problems, too. Barleigh is/and becomes intrinsically linked to them both. With her fierce grittiness she’s a character that quick [...]

    5. I have to say that I’m not much for reading about Westerns (watching them, heck yeah!), however Orphan Moon has me rethinking that. The young heroine Barleigh (Bar) Flanders faces a harrowing life event, and rather than take what’s being offered by an unscrupulous banker she seizes her own fate, and impossibly joins the Pony Express. We also follow a Texas Ranger Hughes Levesque (aka Wolf Eyes) on his own mission complete and motivation. Overall I think the realism offered in the landscapes [...]

    6. This was a most satisfactory read in every respect. I love historical fiction, and if there's romance in it, so much the better. This is a literary romance set in a most unusual time and place -- the fringe of the US western frontier from 1830s-60s. Texas, Missouri, New Orleans, and Utah, to be specific. There is a still teenaged girl, Barleigh, who endures tragedy and faces ruin. To solve her problems, she assumes a daring role, and along the way encounters the Pony Express (many wonderful deta [...]

    7. Great Story Well ToldI am not particularly knowledgeable about this era of American history or indeed about horses but I need not have worried! The author is extremely well versed in both. If you like adventure, romance and an exciting story against the backdrop of a time of great change, then you will love this tale. The characters are well developed with great back stories (a must for me!). The story moves along at a good pace, neither too slow or too fast.My only concern was the number of soa [...]

    8. Wonderful read!!I may be partial? Being that I am a direct descendant of a Texas ranger and a Comanche woman. But I read a lot and you made me cry, which is rather difficult to do. I am a very happy reader. Thank you and please keep writing. Ginny

    9. Historical adventure/love story. Young woman’s parents killed in an Indian raid in the 1800s. Nasty banker threatens to foreclose on the ranch she inherits from her father. Young woman, Barleigh, disguises herself as a boy and gets a job as a Pony Express rider to earn money to save her ranch. This story gives a good insight into the bravery of these young riders and the perils they endured to get the mail through. The characters are believable and sharply defined. The flashbacks and parallel [...]

    10. Oh my goodness. I sooooo should have read more reviews and looked at the gender of the reviewers. I read lots of my father's Louis L'Amour and Zane Grey books and loved them. It's where I developed a fondness for Westerns. So, when I read the synopsis of this book, it sounded great. After an Indian attack, the males in the family were slaughtered while the women and baby hid under the goat pen in the cellar and survived. In the aftermath, the teenage daughter needs to pay back taxes to save her [...]

    11. ExcellentWhat a great story! I read it through non stop! A tough life that a tough girl overcame. It inspired and encouraged , lessons from long past generation to today. Loved it!

    12. Orphan Moon was a story I had trouble putting down. Both Barleigh and Leighselle are bright and strong characters that earn respect as this story progresses. Hughes is easily likeable immediately not just for his high standards but also for his stand to protect those around him. This story is a wild adventure from the beginning to the end. Though the events as they unfold, both the memories, and what is happening present day in the story, break your heart, there is this strength of character tha [...]

    13. **I received a copy of this book for free in return for an honest review**I enjoyed the way T. K. Lucas wrote this book. When in action, her sentences were short and choppy, accentuating the stress and thoughts of her characters to enable the reader to experience those same emotions. Her use of vocabulary and the way she described people and places was very well done, and I had a clear picture of everything right from the beginning.There is a trigger warning that should accompany this book, as i [...]

    14. It's no surprise this book gained acclamation in several book awards. Orphan Moon is a gritty, tell-it-like-it-is, in your face, tale about a courageous young woman who fights to regain her life after a terrible massacre. As I read along, this novel had me cheering, crying, and white knuckling my kindle. Barleigh Flanders looses everything after her family is massacred. Determined to fight for her money so she can rebuild her life and take care of her young sister, she sets out on an incredible [...]

    15. A thrill ride from go. I am an admirer of facts and a lover of history. When an author can bring me back in time and not only deliver the scenes and the senses of a time period but also deliver facts, interesting and funny, then I become an instant fan.Ms. Lukas has a skill that I admire, her writing never bores and the story has a quick and detailed flow. I love Barleigh, she has grit and wit. She reminds me of myself a bit when I was younger with tons more brashness and daring :-) This is an a [...]

    16. Orphan Moon is a beautifully written historic romantic adventure, combining multiple surprises and suspense. The author, T. K. Lucas, writes with gusto, I fell in love with all her characters. I longed for the hero and heroine to connect. The suspense as to when and how kept me turning the pages. The heroine, a naïve young woman, loses her home, her land and more, for lack of tax money. Her desire to regain the homestead, gives her the impetus to change her identity in order to take a position, [...]

    17. Orphan Moon is an exciting story of the Wild West, uniquely told from the heroine’s perspective. The author has done her home work in terms of the very descriptive characterizations of both the settings and the characters.Young Barleigh Flanders faces a terrifying future following the death of her father and stepmother at the hands of marauding Indians. A crooked banker tries to take advantage of her naiveté but she boldly joins the Pony Express to help provide for herself and her sisters. Al [...]

    18. I won this book on , and while I mostly enjoyed this book, I think I'm giving it a 3- rating, based on the language and the graphic portrayal of a rape scene, and other brutality. Accurate or not, it's too much. Granted, the main character is acting as a 18 year old boy who becomes a Pony Express Rider, and language and sexuality were likely part of that, but I didn't enjoy that part of the book at all. Too much sex, both blatant and implied, for me.Parts I did like: The developing relationship [...]

    19. I received Orphan Moon for free through First Reads.Western isn't my usual genre, but Orphan Moon caught my interest because I've always been intrigued by historical stories of women disguising themselves as men in order to work or fight in eras when they had few options or rights. I'm glad I won it because it was a fun and wonderful story -- emotional and fast-paced with complex characters, well-researched history, and humor woven in with tragedy. It took me a while to get started reading beca [...]

    20. It's a while since I picked up a western and this was a great welcome back to the genre. It's a captivating, well-written historical western adventure, with a healthy dose of tasteful romance. This intiguing story has plenty of action in a well-paced, beautifully descriptive style which kept me turning the pages. I really liked the characters, especially the plucky Barleigh and the protective Hughes, the tough but tender ranger who is tasked to find her. A very satisfying read.

    21. Historical fiction set in America 1860 – I found the historical aspect of this novel interesting as I know little to nothing about American history.The style of writing was good, well written prose. I did have trouble believing that a young woman, 19 years old, could carry off masquerading as a young boy for as long as she did. Descriptions of the hardships endured, relationships made and tragedies make up this particular novel and kept me reading to the end.

    22. I loved this story. A new twist on a love story and a history lesson as well. It was interesting learning about the pony express. While the deception of the main character isn't a new concept, the interaction between the main character's and their story is a new and exciting twist. I am anxiously awaiting book two's release, to see how the story plays out. This book is a must read.

    23. One of the best books I've read for a while. I prefer not to know what is going to happen in the book within the first chapter. This book has many twists and turns. It is well researched and interesting.

    24. Orphan Moon was such an exhilarating novel. I was unable to put it down! Now I am anxiously awaiting the sequel to be published.

    25. I enjoyed reading Orphan Moon! It was a good historical romance. I learned a lot about the short history of the Pony Express.

    26. I received this book as a give-away for historical fiction from GoodReads, the author and the publisher. I would actually rate it as 3 1/2 stars. The story was well told and I enjoyed the heroine. I didn't like the romance and felt it was waaaay too predictable, (You know that the heroine will give in and fall in love with the protector figure) but I suppose that there are others who like that. Still, it is in part because of that that I am not willing to give a better rating.I didn't expect the [...]

    27. This book was entered and was a FINALIST in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. This is what our readers thought:Title: Orphan MoonAuthor: T K LukasStar Rating: 4.5 StarsNumber of Readers: 23StatsEditing: 9/10Style: 9/10Content: 10/10Cover: 7/10Of the 23 readers:22 would read another book by this author.14 thought the cover was good or excellent.12 felt the blurb was enticing.10 thought the well-developed characters were the best part of the book.15 felt the author’s no. 1 skill was balancing histo [...]

    28. I was listening to a compelling segment on NPR as they interviewed author Christopher Corbett who spoke about his critically acclaimed, non-fiction book about the Pony Express. His book, titled 'Orphans Preferred,' took its name from the California newspaper help-wanted ad, circa 1860, that read: "WANTED, YOUNG, SKINNY, WIRY FELLOWS. NOT OVER 18. MUST BE EXPERT RIDERS WILLING TO RISK DEATH DAILY. ORPHANS PREFERRED. WAGES $25 PER WEEK. APPLY PONY EXPRESS STABLES, SAINT JOSEPH, MISSOURI."After his [...]

    29. Between September 1860 and December 1850, someone masquerading as Indians kills most of Barleigh's family except for a new baby girl. Barleigh finds back taxes owing on the now destroyed ranch and she takes off across several states (territories) to join the Pony Express in order to pay the taxes and rebuild the ranch. She's an expert rider, never had a mother, and has a mean, ornery grandfather. Disguised as boy, she is accepted as a Pony Express rider, makes friends with another new rider, and [...]

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