Murder in Palm Beach In January the doorbell rings at the Palm Beach home of a man and his wife who have just returned from a dinner party He answers and is mortally wounded by a shotgun blast Rodger Kriger was a pr

  • Title: Murder in Palm Beach
  • Author: Bob Brink
  • ISBN: 9781941859117
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
  • In January 1976, the doorbell rings at the Palm Beach home of a man and his wife who have just returned from a dinner party He answers and is mortally wounded by a shotgun blast Rodger Kriger was a prominent citizen, and pressure on law enforcement to solve the crime grows Police settle on a charismatic karate instructor named Mitt Hecher, well known to police for beatiIn January 1976, the doorbell rings at the Palm Beach home of a man and his wife who have just returned from a dinner party He answers and is mortally wounded by a shotgun blast Rodger Kriger was a prominent citizen, and pressure on law enforcement to solve the crime grows Police settle on a charismatic karate instructor named Mitt Hecher, well known to police for beating people up for money and sport, then question his guilt But Assistant State Attorney John Scraponia despises Hecher and charges him with murder A jury finds him guilty, and a judge sentences him to a minimum 25 years in prison During Hecher s term at the brutal and anarchic state penitentiary at Raiford, an often fatal disease strikes his loyal, loving wife He is devastated Did Hecher kill Kriger Some people, including a few criminal attorneys and private investigators, have their doubts A number of scenarios cast suspicion on other possible perpetrators Did the sons of a wealthy Cuban do it Were the operators of a gambling enterprise out to get Kriger Was a love triangle the basis for the shooting Did a vicious underworld figure do the bidding of a criminal gang Was a prominent politician behind the slaying Judges repeatedly frustrate Hecher and several attorneys working, without fees, to get a new trial for him Will they ever succeed If those who think he was innocent are correct, will the real killer ever be found And what will happen to the politically ambitious prosecutor Murder in Palm Beach is the saga of a battle between a man whose swagger has sent him spiraling to the bottom and powerful, sinister forces determined to keep him there It is a story of redemption wrapped in a mystery tale reeking with power, sex, violence, and romance.

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    1. Bob Brink

      Bob Brink is a journalist who worked with the Palm Beach Post, The Associated Press in Chicago, Milwaukee Journal, Tampa Tribune, Joliet Herald News, and Palm Beach Media Group magazines His byline has been on thousands of news stories, features, and entertainment reviews He has been a freelance writer for several years, and now is embarked on writing novels To promote MURDER IN PALM BEACH, he has a website, with a blog on which he addresses three passions grammar, alternative health care, and socio political issues The website address is bobbrinkwriter.Brink has won numerous writing accolades and several awards, including three for Palm Beach Illustrated, which won the Best Written Magazine award from the Florida Magazine Association after he became copy chief and writer He was a reporter for the Palm Beach Post when the crime this novel is based on occurred It was an enormously sensational event that was featured six years later on a national TV show, and made newspaper headlines for 15 yearsBesides dabbling in short story writing over the years, Brink immersed himself in learning to play the clarinet and tenor saxophone He performed many years with an estimable, 65 piece community symphonic band, and played a few professional big band gigs He relegated music to the back seat after embarking on writing novels.A product of Michigan and Iowa, Brink has a bachelor s degree in English from Drake University in Des Moines and completed graduate journalism studies at the University of Iowa.

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    1. Rodger Kriger is a prominent member of Pal Beach society. One night, after returning home from a party, he is shot by an unknown assailant, and dies of his wounds 11 days later.Law enforcement officers are pressured to find the killer and find him fast. Police don't seem to care who actually did the killing. The assistant state's prosecutor settle on Mitt Hecher, a long-standing trouble maker. He's a karate instructor and known for starting fights and then offering his targets a discount to atte [...]

    2. When Bob Brink asked me to review his debut novel, Murder in Palm Beach, I was unable to do so immediately due to other pressures on my time. That was a shame, bacause when I started the book, I really enjoyed it. Of course, anybody who reads this blog knows I espaecially enjoy murder mysteries. Bob was a journalist before he turned to novel writing. so it is not surprising that this book reads smoothly and easily.Murder in Palm Beach begins in January 1976 when the doorbell rings at the Palm Be [...]

    3. Mitt Hecher was definitely not a model citizen and he did get into many different types of fights with people and even the police. One thing he did not do is murder anyone. Unfortunately, thanks to a corrupt judicial system and some prosecutors who are trying to make a name for themselves, it looks like they have convicted an innocent man. Being sent to jail for minor charges would be acceptable but to be convicted and sentenced for murder when the witnesses are all people who are in jail with t [...]

    4. Bob Brink has written a book about Palm Beach. but not the Palm Beach you see on tv, land of the Kennedys, glitz, yachts and glamour, ohhhh nooo. The characters here are for the most part,hard-core unrelenting bad asses. The 'other' part of Palm Beach perhaps? Yep, there is a high profile murder. The wrong man is found guilty. He's not a saint by any means, but he is innocent of THIS crime and gets locked up anyway.Yearso many years, pass by while he greatly improves himself and life inside pris [...]

    5. Palm Beach is in the news quite a bit lately – you know, the Mar-a-Lago version of Palm Beach. Well, apparently, there is another side to this town, and it is the setting for Bob Brink’s Murder in Palm Beach, a work of what is sometimes called “faction.” It is a novel that is based on true events, in other words.In this story, Mitt Hecher is not a model citizen and he was known to battle other individuals and even the police. He wasn’t a murderer, but with a corrupt judicial system and [...]

    6. An interesting and captivating read, which is heavily steeped in high sexual content, drugs, violence and murder, a crime fill book mixed with a little political drama, that would peak the interest of readers that love these books. The characters are really into their parts and the storyline is okay. The violence content level is high so is the sexual content, which makes this a most interesting story indeed.

    7. I liked how the author "mixed" fact with fiction in this book. The story is very well written, and you can almost imagine the way things were back in 1976. Did they actually did the correct guy for the murder or is the murderer still free? Was it a killing for revenge? Jealous boyfriend/husband? We may never know the answers, but this story is great to read!

    8. This was my first time reading anything by Boob Brink and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this great story. Bod Brink has given us a story with great characters that will suck you in from start to finish and leave you wanting more. This story is full of mystery , suspense and intrigue that is have you setting on the edge of your seat to see whats going to happen next. The way that this author writes about the prison system is great and shows that he is quite knowledgeable about the legal sy [...]

    9. Mitt Hecher owns his own karate studio and is known by the local law enforcement. If there is a bar fight he is probably in the middle of it. Hecher is well known to be hirable if you need someone beat up. However, he meets the right woman, Diane Berglund, and tries turning his life around. it is a little too late, though, and he gets charged with weapons, drugs, stolen property etc and gets sent to prison for 28 years.Rodger Kriger is a local, prominent citizen and owned some local restaurants. [...]

    10. Murder in Palm Beach: The Homicide That Never Diedby Bob BrinkReviewed by Jaime KurpThis book was different from what I normally read. I honestly had a hard time reading part one of the story. I felt that the author threw in so many characters all at once and it was a little hard for me to keep track of everyone. In part one you really don’t like the main character, Mitt Hecher. He is a guy who fights, hustles people and has a bad record. But by the end of part one you start to feel sorry for [...]

    11. I can't believe how much I love this book! From reading the back cover, I assumed it would be the same thing you see on tv and movies and I would be bored with it. When I started reading though, I could not stop reading. I spent many nights lying in bed reading, when I should have been sleeping. The way Bob Brink writes is magical! He has great knowledge of not only the legal system but also the prison system. It translates well in this book. Now on to the book. Mitt Hetcher has done many things [...]

    12. Murder in Palm Beach was a really great read. It was actually really hard for me to put it down because I had to know what would happen next. Mitt Hecher and his friend Davey Ross like to go to different bars and pick fights to get people to sign up for Hecher's karate classes. Hecher has been in trouble many times with the law because of the way he lives his life, until one day he finds someone who changes him. When Richard Kriger, a restaurant owner and a guy with a big reputation in town gets [...]

    13. Mitt Hecher, a petty thug who ran a karate school and his pal Davey Ross, liked to cause trouble in Palm Beach bars. When Rodger Kriger, a wealthy restauranter was killed in his home the state's attorney, Bosworth and prosecutor, Scraponia pinned the rap on Hecher. Hecher was convicted and sentenced to prison for twenty-five years. After twenty-five failed appeals the Florida Board of Clemency commuted the remaining ten years as time served. Tom Palladin, a key player in his release gave Hecher [...]

    14. Murder in Palm Beach is a great read, I found it really interesting and extremely well written a page turner I just had to know what really happened and how things would be resolved and I found it really hard to put it down luckily have kindle will travel any where. Full of mystery, suspense and intrigue and a grit this book was fantastic , with some humour thrown in and characters I loved and others I hated it really was spell binding for me and this is definitely a author I will read again. Li [...]

    15. The plot is well-structured and there is always something going on, Murder in Palm Beach was all I could have hoped for in a travel read. When I’m flying I love to have something to keep me distracted and engrossed to take my mind of the fact that I’m in the air! This book definitely did the trick. Never a dull moment or character and it was also informative in terms of the law, you can really tell that Brink knows his stuff and now I feel like I do in a sense too, so thank you! I also enjoy [...]

    16. I was really looking forward to this book based on the blurb. Unfortunately, there was just too much of it for me. What I mean by that is that the reader is given more information than is needed to move the story along. The writer obviously has a great deal of knowledge about the legal and penal systems, and uses that to make the story very realistic. I would recommend this to mystery readers who enjoy tales full of procedure and details.I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest [...]

    17. This book will have you on edge waiting to find out the end and who did what.A twisted story of how a wrongly convicted man will go through many hoops to get heard by anyone that will take his case and relook at it all. Mitt is just your average everyday guy. He may have had scraps with law. But when a murder goes down in his area. They searched far and wide supposedly, only to convict him. With everything they compiled together it makes no sense at all and Mitt will not go down without a fight, [...]

    18. so this was an interesting read. Parts were a bit confusing but overall I really enjoyed it. I went into it expecting to have rich preppy type people then realized very quickly that Bob wrote about the dives, bars, prostitutes, etc It was very well done and fast paced. The writing was superb. The hero was th eoposite of what you normally would think of a hero being and yet it was wonderful.

    19. Good fast read. I don't read many murder mysteries but this one was able to keep my interest. Wanted to find out how it would all turn out and was rewarded. Great legal and courtroom knowledge. Not bad at all.

    20. A crime and punishment storyNot a bad read, though the contrived dialogue is distracting annoying. " who talks like that ? " I was entertained.

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