Forced Play for Libby Coming January Elizabeth Libby Lillian Montgomery McGrath was born and bred bred to be the perfect polished wife of some well to do man who would probably never love her Then she laid eyes on Pet

  • Title: Forced Play for Libby
  • Author: Hayley Faiman
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  • Page: 104
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  • Coming January 2016Elizabeth Libby Lillian Montgomery McGrath was born and bred bred to be the perfect, polished wife of some well to do man who would probably never love her Then she laid eyes on Pete McGrath, a bad boy who would undoubtedly be unacceptable by the standards of her family For Libby, it was love at first sight To her complete and utter astonishment, hComing January 2016Elizabeth Libby Lillian Montgomery McGrath was born and bred bred to be the perfect, polished wife of some well to do man who would probably never love her Then she laid eyes on Pete McGrath, a bad boy who would undoubtedly be unacceptable by the standards of her family For Libby, it was love at first sight To her complete and utter astonishment, her father not only accepted Pete, but encouraged and rushed them into marriage She thought she had been given her happily ever after, but the honeymoon never lasts foreverPete and Libby appear to be the perfect couple from the outside Affectionate, beautiful, successful and rich, strangers envy them and their friends adore them Pete McGrath harbors hidden truths that eat away at him daily, destroying the love he holds for his Libby One email threatens their picture perfect marriage, exposing their most intimate imperfections Libby is devastated, Pete s eyes are opened, and he s forced to play for the woman he loves Recommended for readers 18 due to Graphic Sexual Content and Language This is book 3 in the series and can be read as a standalone, but it is encouraged that the series be read in order.

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    1. One thing I have to say about female lead.HAVE SOME F*****G PRIDE!!One thing I will say about male lead.YOU ARE F*****G NASTY AND THERE WAS NOTHING SEXY ABOUT YOU!!!I seriously felt like throat punching them both, two losers who deserve each other!!@

    2. This is no exaggeration. I think this is the WORST book this book reviewer has ever attempted to read my entire life! After exchanging a few emails with the author I hesitantly received an ARCowing I would have to take into account a hero who had a lot to make up for (dumped heroine after the honeymoon/marriage in name only/was with OWl due to his greed in pursuing his baseball career/wealth due to a twisted contract agreement with her fake father, but taking his own self disgust for doing so ou [...]

    3. so after reading 50% of the book I pretty much just skimmed through it. here's a recap of the book1. virgin girl meat boy, virgin girl gives it up first day they meet. 2. 7 years later and they've been married for 7 years because her dad promised him a place in the a pro baseball team. 3. he resents her, treats her like shit and cheats kn her. 4. she hasn't gotten laid in 7 years. 5. she gets a photo of him with a knock of version of herself. 6. she moves out, friends tell her to give him a chan [...]

    4. I adored this book. This series just keeps getting better and better with each book. I have been dying to read Libby's story since her weird behavior in book 2. I was really surprised, I did not see the reason for her behavior coming. I enjoyed every aspect of this book, I can honestly say there isn't one thing that I didn't enjoy. I also enjoy how the author incorporates all the characters from past books into the new books, it's like getting a continuation of their story. I really enjoy how Ha [...]

    5. wow- what a crock of crap. H is a total douchcanoe. Just some of his statements- they make him not only sound like an asshole, but just a complete idiot as well. This plot was awful- h looks weak and H looks like a tool.

    6. 4.5-5 stars"It's never too late when love is on the table"Forced Play for Libby is book 3 in the Men of Baseball series by Author Hayley Faiman, and is the first book I have read by this author. It is a sports-related, second-chance, contemporary romance novel that can be read as a standalone (although it is recommended that you read the previous books in this series to avoid any spoilers). "Being perfect is what's most important anyway; or at least appearing so. Perfection has been ingrained in [...]

    7. 3.5 StarsI had a tough time with this book. I was familiar with Libby and Pete from the first 2 books. It was obvious something was wrong with their marriage. But even I was surprised at the truth. Pete had a pretty miserable childhood but he was such a talented baseball player that he was destined for great things.Libby met Pete at a college party and sparks flew. But then things got complicated with her ultra rich father and a deal he made with Pete. Libby and Pete married quickly, and after t [...]

    8. Five Effing-Dirty StarsPete had me at "Libby Baby." I loved this book. After reading Catching Maggie, I really needed to know what was going on with Libby. The conflict that was revealed in her marriage wasn't what I was expecting, and the way the plot unfolded made me want to keep turning pages! One of the things that I liked the most about this story was the evolution and the growth of Hayley's characters. It definitely made the story well-rounded, as both Libby and Pete were challenged in the [...]

    9. Oh Hayley Faiman.I am positive that Forced Play for Libby is my new favorite read. Where to begin. First there is Libby and Pete, they have been married for 7 years now they had a whirlwind romance, engagement, wedding, and honeymoon until they returned home. Libby is old money rich, her family expects few things from her: marry upper class, have babies and appear perfect at all times, the idea of being in a loveless marriage scares her. Then there is Pete poor boy from the wrong side of the tra [...]

    10. I LOVED LOVED LOVED this story so much, but what can I say, I freakin LOVE this whole series! Elizabeth Lillian Montgomery was groomed to be the perfect wife of some well to do man. When she laid eyes on Pete McGrath in college, all of that goes out the window, as it was love at first sight for her. Too bad her family didn't agree with her, but rushed her into marriage with him as quickly as possible. She was so happy until the honeymoon was over. Libby and Pete seem to be the perfect couple on [...]

    11. So my immediate reaction to this book is Oh My Hotness! Libby and Pete can really heat things up. I have to admit, at the beginning of this book all I could think was Hayley Faiman has a lot of work to to to change my opinion of Pete. He definitely was not a good guy, and I found myself hating him more than I've hated a lead male in a book before. I am a total sucker for a sweet guy, and at the beginning Pete was anything but sweet. But She did it, Hayley made me cry for Pete and at that moment [...]

    12. Well sweet shizzle sticks!!!!! I have finally recovered enough from reading Libby and oh my word was it amazing!!! I honestly can't even thing of strong enough word to describe how much I loved everything about this book. I stayed up too late and my house literally looks like and F5 tornado has ripped through it. Once I started, game over, I could not stop!!!! Hayley has has outdone herself and has worked her way of becoming one of my absolute favorites, a for sure go to author for me!!!I have b [...]

    13. Ok, so I have made it clear I LOVE LOVE LOVE this baseball series but the story about Libby and Pete. I was in utter shock when I first read it. Couldn't believe the relationship they had and frankly wanted to bash Pete over the head. Thankfully Hayley came through. She has created another great edition in this series and has redeemed Pete in my eyes. If you don't like emotional upheaval and yelling at your ipad. This is not the series for you!!! Kudos for ripping my heart right out and stomping [...]

    14. 2.5 stars. I knew the premise going in, so I wasn't sure how the H would be redeemed - but he pretty much was (the h made it a little too easy for my liking). But the last third dragged a little bit for me, and I ended up skimming quite a bit. Haven't read the other books, and I wasn't lost at all. May check them out at some point.

    15. Another home run for Hayley Faiman! Hayley Faiman has unique way of writing these complex characters and drawing you in until you"re completely invested in their story. My heartaches for Libby, she was the beautiful, sassy, amazing woman and her husband was horrible to her. I couldn't imagine living such a sham of a life and to actual love the man that made me feel so weak, useless and broken; but Libby did love Pete so much my heart broke for her. Pete had his own reasons for his behavior and b [...]

    16. Falling for a jerkWhoa! I wasn't expecting this at all. Pete is a first class, world-renowned jerk in the beginning of this story. I wasn't sure how he could redeem himself. Libby-man I felt for her. She's been through so much, how she was raised, how she first fell for Pete, and then what happened to her life as soon as the honeymoon was over. But redeem himself Pete did. What an uphill battle and struggle for them both. Absolutely love the hea in this one!!

    17. Love, love, loved this story! Even though Pete was a straight-up a*hole in the beginning, he grew so much over the course of the book that you can't help but love him at the end. And knowing that he was paying attention to the little details over the past 7 years, deep down you knew he always did love Libby. Favorite book in the series so far!

    18. Hated PeteI absolutely hated Pete. I'm not sure if I ever forgave him and I'm ok with that. Libby was a beautiful soul and I hated seeing her so broken. But the HEA we got in the end was well deserved.

    19. Forced to Play for LIbby is a hot and steamy 5+ star read.Romance, Hot Alpha ball playeri869otobucket/albums/ab“I am to go to college, be perfect, join a sorority, be perfect, marry a wealthy heir of something, be perfect, make his children, be perfect, join millions of committees and clubs, be perfect, raise perfect children, and then die.”I am so emotionally exhausted after reading this book. This is Elizabeth (Libby) and Pete's story.Hayley gets you right from the beginning, I was already [...]

    20. Forced play for Libby was a pretty good book. I really like this one better than the first, butthe second book, Catching Maggie is still my favorite. The author did much better about incorporating the main plot more than the sex scenes. That's not to say there's no heat, because there is plenty.Forced Play for Libby has some controversial topics. The main plot has some parts to it that some readers may find offensive or hard to identify with. With that being said, I find it very realistic. I thi [...]

    21. ***ARC received from author in exchange for honest review. Solid 4 to 4.25 stars.Where oh where the heck do I start with this review? There are so many WTF moments in this book where my common sense questions what I’m reading. Even with those glaring WTF moments I found myself oddly hooked and wanting a HEA for these two with each other even if it makes no logical sense given their history. The story starts out quick from frat party hookup to horrible marriage and at the center of it all is Pe [...]

    22. *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*I haven't read the previous book in this series, but I may end up looking in to it! Sooooo, we begin with a very unfaithful Pete. Pete and Libby have been married for seven year, but in name only. When Libby has finally had enough of his crap she leaves like any sane woman would. This finally makes Pete come to his senses that Libby is wayyyy too good for him. This book was basically how they worked their way back to each othe [...]

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