Mine ting Hvis du kun m tte beholde genstande blandt alt det skrammel du har samlet gennem livet hvad ville det s v re for ting Hvad ville de repr sentere hvilke minder sejre jeblikke mennesker Gina er

  • Title: Mine 100 ting
  • Author: Lucy Dillon
  • ISBN: 9788771160901
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hvis du kun m tte beholde 100 genstande blandt alt det skrammel, du har samlet gennem livet, hvad ville det s v re for ting Hvad ville de repr sentere hvilke minder, sejre, jeblikke, mennesker Gina er i starten af 30 erne, hun bor i det sk nneste hus og har sit eget firma som byggeprojektleder Julen n rmer sig, da hun opdager, at hendes mand Stuart har en aff re StuHvis du kun m tte beholde 100 genstande blandt alt det skrammel, du har samlet gennem livet, hvad ville det s v re for ting Hvad ville de repr sentere hvilke minder, sejre, jeblikke, mennesker Gina er i starten af 30 erne, hun bor i det sk nneste hus og har sit eget firma som byggeprojektleder Julen n rmer sig, da hun opdager, at hendes mand Stuart har en aff re Stuart var der for hende, da hun havde allermest brug for det Da hun fik brystkr ft, st ttede han hende hele vejen, tog med hende til alle samtaler, skrev ned, hvad l gerne sagde, og stillede de rigtige sp rgsm l, men s snart behandlingen var ovre, og Gina s ud til at v re rask, stod sandheden om deres forhold klart De var bare rigtig gode venner, intet andet.Gina flytter ind i en lille lejlighed og beslutter sig for at starte helt forfra Hun laver en liste over de 100 vigtigste ting, som hun vil beholde, resten bliver givet til genbrug Dette betyder dog, at Gina m se sin fortid i jnene, og for at komme videre i livet m hun tilgive andre og ikke mindst sig selv.Vi m der Naomi, den uundv rlige, trofaste og rlige veninde, Buzz, en stakkels greyhound, et gtepar, der hyrer Gina til at hj lpe med istands ttelsen af det hus, Gina altid har dr mt om at bo i, Ginas mor, der ikke er den mest omg ngelige person, samt den hundeglade Rachel, vi blev pr senteret for i den f rste roman af Dillon, Ensomme hjerter og herrel se hunde Romanen handler om h b, tab og tro p fremtiden Og i h j grad om at leve i nuet.

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    1. Lucy Dillon

      Lucy Dillon was born in Cumbria, worked for a while in publishing in London, and now lives in the Wye Valley with her husband and their Border terrier She has written eight novels set in the fictional Midlands town of Longhampton, which looks a bit like Hereford, although the inhabitants tend to sound rather Northern than that.

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    1. The publication of any new Lucy Dillon book is something to look forward to, but as soon as I heard the story behind A Hundred Pieces of Me, I knew it would be extra-special. What a question to ask yourself! If you could keep only a hundred items from all the flotsam and jetsam you've gathered over your lifetime, what would they be? More importantly, what would they represent? What happy memories? What triumphs? Which people? In the aftermath of a sudden separation from her husband, coming on th [...]

    2. This story had premise from the start, and I truly wanted to like it more than I did. Very slow moving, following Gina's coming of age. So many things had gone wrong for Gina, and she faces the new part of her life, post-divorce. Culling her material items after the ghastly realisation that she just has SO MUCH STUFF, she decides to keep only 100 items, only those with significant meaning. Alternate chapters from past to present that intertwine to tell us the story of all that went wrong, to her [...]

    3. Gina Bellamy has had some rough times, being diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age and having a cheating husband that ends in divorce. She moves into a flat on her own and decides to keep just a hundred special things. The rest she will get rid of in one way or another. As Gina goes through the items the reader learns more of her life.I liked the premise of this book but somewhere along the way it took a detour and didn’t end up being about the hundred special things at all. Instead it e [...]

    4. iheart-chicklitI've never read any of Lucy Dillon's books, so A Hundred Pieces of Me is the first ever book I've read by such an wonderfully talented author. She's been on the women's fiction scene for some time now and I regret for not reading her previous books because after A Hundred Pieces of Me, I'm in desperate need of her other books!A Hundred Pieces of Me follows the story of Georgina "Gina" Bellamy who has come to a crossroad in life - she's torn between moving on or holding on to her p [...]

    5. Every once in a while I need a break from my typical reading of serial killers. So I decided to check out this book. While it was not bad it was just not as light hearted as I thought or hoped it would be. It was kind of sad in a depressing way. So unless you are in the right mood to read this type of book you might want to hold off until than. While I liked Gina. I liked the Gina of the present and not the past. It was the past that I found that I really disliked. It was the sad parts. Thus par [...]

    6. I love Lucy Dillon's books. Like, LOVE love them. And so I was all prepared to love A Hundred Pieces of Me. I loved the concept of it before the book came out. Gina Bellamy has had a tough few years, dealing with illness, a cheating husband and divorce, and finds herself moving into a small flat on her own. While there, she realises that she has too many possessions - something I can relate to as a closet hoarder - and so resolves to sort through her belongings and keep only 100 items, that are [...]

    7. I am afraid that last chapter totally soured my feelings about this book, like BOOM, instant bad feeling.It started off well enough. Gina is going through a divorce. She left a house she loved. She is going through all her things and making a list of 100 things to keep.We learn that she knows nothing about her dad. She had cancer. She lost her one true love. She has issues with her mother. She is a bit lost.So a book about her finding herself, moving on, letting go.And boom, I am not gonna spoil [...]

    8. ~ LuisterboekIk keek er heel erg naar uit om aan dit boek te beginnen. Helaas viel ie me behoorlijk tegen en kwam ik er met moeite doorheen. Zonde, want het plot is erg veelbelovend.

    9. I feel quite ashamed to admit that I have a few of Lucy's books on my bookshelves still waiting to be read. However after this lovely read I shall hunt them out and give them the attention they deserve.Gina Bellamy has been through an awful lot in her life, including the death of her father when she was only a child, surviving a life threatening illness and now a marriage breakdown. Newly single and having to move into a much smaller flat, she is horrified at the huge amount of boxes of possessi [...]

    10. This book had an interesting premise: a young woman chooses 100 items to bring with her to her new home after her divorce. However in time, the character (or author) seems to give up that plan, and there was nothing to with which to replace it, except for an artificially convenient love-interest. The flip-flopping through time got tedious after a while, and these little out-of-sequence snap-shots did not add enough to the story. It was a nice attempt at a fun Brit-Chick-Lit book, but it didn't q [...]

    11. A slow burn beginning, where, several times, when the main character was first decluttering, I had the fleeting thought "I can't actually believe I'm ploughing through this level of mundane detail". But the sheer quality of writing, and the outstanding depth of character development pulled me through, and this turned out to be one of my most enjoyable recent reads. A fabulous book, with a lovely, yet poignant story, where the interweaving of the different story threads from the past and present [...]

    12. At first, I have a doubt on whether I can finish to read this book ( 516 pages is a huge number for me. lol). I'm afraid if I get bored in the middle of reading and just don't want to proceed . But guess what, I did it ! cheers! the story line is very interesting. I can't deny the story is quite slow but I just love on how the author manage to reveal all the questions and thought through the chapters. This story is about Gina who undergo divorce in her relationship with Stuart. Divorce is the mo [...]

    13. Lucy Dillon is one of my favourite authors, she’s one of those authors that is a proper storyteller, meaning you can quite easily get lost in one of her books, with her wonderful characters, and all the beautiful dogs you want to keep as your own. It’s been a few years since Lucy’s last release, and A Hundred Pieces of Me has been delayed a couple of times, but it pleased my greatly when a release date was finally set for the novel. February 2014. It even acquired a cover – a sure sign a [...]

    14. A Hundred Pieces of Meby Lucy Dillon is a bittersweet and inspiring story of loss and love, forgiveness and finding what is important in life; a compelling tale of starting over and self-discovery. Gina Bellamy has been through many struggles in her life, she now finds herself on her own and single, starting over from scratch in a tiny apartment and decides she will only keep a hundred of important thingsa hundred pieces of herself.While many of us have been down similar roads in our lives, some [...]

    15. A Hundred Million Pieces by Lucy Dillon is very depressing. Gina, the female protagonist, has been through so much heartache in her life. She lost her one true love in a car accident she blames herself for. She was too tipsy from a party and he decided to drive. Her one true love ends up paralyzed, and turns his back on her even after all his talk of love and having this great connection with her. His mother blocks all attempts Gina makes to get in touch with him. A few years later she meets her [...]

    16. A 3.5 star book. I loved the writing style of Lucy Dillon and found that I could really relate to the main character. Following her divorce from her husband, Gina is forced to drastically downsize and think about what she really needs to keep in her tiny flat. As we examine each of the objects that Gina keeps, we are told a snippet of the story from the past that explains how Gina has become the person she is now, the mystery of Kit, her first love and the breakdown of her relationship with her [...]

    17. 3.5The book is kind of difficult to rate as I enjoyed the overall story but didn't like every way it was told.In the beginning many things were described in way too much detail for my taste. I see that every item had a meaning for Gina but I don't need to know about every bowl or how many different mugs she is having in her cupboards, including a detailed description. Fortunately this got less throughout the book. I think the book could have been way shorter.I did like the reviews of Gina's past [...]

    18. Recently divorced Gina decides to slim down her life after moving into her new flat. She decides to keep only 100 things that are most important to her, everything else can go! During the process, she has to come to terms with past events and secure herself a future.I came to love Gina, a fabulous character who appeared tough on the outside, but was vulnerable and fearful underneath. The story travels through different stages of her life, childhood, marriage, illness and not necessarily in chron [...]

    19. It was an okay read. Somehow the sequence of the chapters, the 100 things, and the way it went backward and forward in time made it a bit dull for me. I inevitably compared it with 'The last letter from your lover' by Jojo Moyes who had employed a similar technique. She did it wonderfully whereas this book at times bored me. It has a beautiful message that urges us to live in the moment. It also asks us to let go of the past, forgive and forget. I could not relate to Gina who is a hoarder. Maybe [...]

    20. I found this book to be a little hard to get into and a little slow-paced at times. There were also a few time jumps/flashbacks, which I'm usually not too fond of. Those did, however, add to the story. I also think this book was very interesting and I really enoyed the characters.

    21. I love discovering new authors and this one is one of my favorites. I hope to read her other books. She is a talented writer that takes you on a journey that is unforgettable. This is one of the best reads I have had so far this winter.

    22. well I like the idea I just dont like the book very much I found it quite booring to be honest and the main character to be a big wimp

    23. Overall it is absolutely lovely, well written, a little predictable, but so solid that it doesn't matter. I shed tears twice, most people that have read it will know exactly which two scenes got me. The only reason that I cant score it higher is because it is not original enough. The way of telling the story is very gentle, very effective (insofar that it keeps you reading because you have to find out!), but it has been done before. Still enjoyed every minute and have a few people that I will po [...]

    24. Mysig bok av Dillon, som även innehåller en del svärta. Jag lyssnade på ljudboken, vilket jag tror var en fördel i det här fallet då den är väääldigt lång. Men när jag lyssnade på den så kändes det som att varje gång jag tryckte på play, så återvände jag till ett samtal med en god vän. Det blev en lång följetong om huvudkaraktärens liv, med en berättelse i nutid och tillbakablickar i det förflutna. Älskade den hemlösa greyhounden och hans berättelse om hur han utvec [...]

    25. I really loved the beginning. I was engaged and interested in the characters. I loved finding out the backstory of her items and her relationships. And then. Then I didn’t like it. It dragged in the middle, the back stories of her pieces fell off and then the predictable “she meets a new man and will feel fulfilled after a couple months of soul searching” ending. Meh. Don’t know if I’ll read more by this author or not.

    26. A lovely read. Every page brings a new & delightful insight. It's very real with a unique format. My favourite Lucy Dillon so far.

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