Sweet Damage I still dream about Anna London s house In my dreams it s as if the house itself has sinister intentions But in real life it wasn t the house that was responsible for what happened It was the people w

  • Title: Sweet Damage
  • Author: RebeccaJames
  • ISBN: 9781760112493
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback
  • I still dream about Anna London s house In my dreams it s as if the house itself has sinister intentions But in real life it wasn t the house that was responsible for what happened It was the people who did the damage When Tim Ellison finds a cheap room to rent in the perfect location in Sydney it looks like a huge stroke of luck In fact the room comes with a con I still dream about Anna London s house In my dreams it s as if the house itself has sinister intentions But in real life it wasn t the house that was responsible for what happened It was the people who did the damage When Tim Ellison finds a cheap room to rent in the perfect location in Sydney it looks like a huge stroke of luck In fact the room comes with a condition, and the owner of the house, the mysterious Anna London, is unfriendly and withdrawn When strange and terrifying things start happening in the house at night, Tim wonders if taking the room is a mistake But then his feelings for Anna start to change, and when her past comes back with a vengeance, Tim is caught right in the middle of it.A thrilling rollercoaster of a story read it with the lights on

    • Unlimited [Crime Book] ¾ Sweet Damage - by RebeccaJames µ
      327 RebeccaJames
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      Rebecca James is the author of BEAUTIFUL MALICE, SWEET DAMAGE and the forthcoming COOPER BARTHOLOMEW IS DEAD She has worked as a waitress, a kitchen designer, an English teacher in both Indonesia and Japan, a barmaid, and most memorably a mini cab telephone operator in London Rebecca lives in Canberra, Australia, with her partner and their four sons.

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    1. Tim Ellison has been staying at his ex- girlfriends house where he's been sleeping on the couch, but clearly it's time for him to move on. Tim has a casual job as a cook at his father's restaurant and when he's not working he's enjoys surfing at Sydney's beaches. So when Tim is told about a cheap room to rent he decides to check it out although he's not expecting it to be much.Tim is blown away once he arrives at Fairview and can't believe his luck. Fairview is a huge two storey sandstone and br [...]

    2. Tim Ellison is stuck, and has been for a long time. He was stuck right after high school, aimless and unmotivated. He’s happily stuck working at his dad’s restaurant in Manly, with no particular ambition to get a real job or go to university. And he’s really stuck in his constant spiral with ex-girlfriend, Lilla – they broke up months ago because he lacked ambition, and now he’s sleeping on her couch in the apartment she shares with new boyfriend, Patrick.Something has to shift, so whe [...]

    3. This post also appears on Happy Indulgence. Check it out for more reviews!Sweet Damage is the first book I’ve read that explores agoraphobia, a debilitating, traumatising and downright scary anxiety disorder that prevents the sufferer from being in public. Rebecca James captures the sheer horror and immense anxiety that comes with the condition perfectly.Tim Ellison finds the perfect opportunity to rent a cheap room in a beautiful, old house. Unfortunately, his house mate, Anna London, is stan [...]

    4. The casual laid back lifestyle that Tim Ellison had adopted since returning from Indonesia to Sydney made him happy – he was only young at not much past twenty years old, so the morning surf at Manly Beach and working for his father in their very popular restaurant were all he needed. He’d been crashed on the couch in his old girlfriend Lilla’s small unit and she was forever at him to get a “real” job and make something of himself. Finally she found him a room to rent, urging him to ap [...]

    5. Tim's ex-girlfriend Lilla has a strong hold on Tim, he can't seem to completely want her out of his life. Things start to change for Tim when he takes a room in the big old house of Fairview and meets Anna, a young girl who owns the house but has a whole range of mental problems and a terrible grief stemming from a horrible incident in her past.Many unlikable characters in this one, Lila especially. Tom seems rather blah until the end. Plenty of secrets are revealed,and some are life changing. A [...]

    6. Estava com imensa expectativa com este livro e não me desiludiu. Uma história bem contada, escrita de tal forma que me agarrou desde o inicio. Adorei o Tim, mesmo gente boa. Quanto à Anna, apesar de me ter irritado boa parte do tempo, estava supee curiosa com os motivos dela ser estranha. A Lilla irritou-me desde o início, detesto gente assim.Gostei mesmo mto, aconselho

    7. Aqui está um livro que me surpreendeu pela positiva. Nunca havia lido Rebecca James e por isso fui sem qualquer tipo de expectativas para esta leitura, sendo que conseguiu prender-me logo desde o início. As páginas eram lidas umas atrás das outras, o tempo passava sem dar conta e quando um livro tem este efeito no leitor raramente é menos do que intrigante. A escritora conseguiu criar um enredo muito interessante, com doses de mistério, suspense e até algum terror, nas doses certas. Este [...]

    8. Sweet Damage is the second novel by Rebecca James. Her first, Beautiful Malice, gained international success for it's chilling story of twisted friendship. In Sweet Damage, Tim, an easy going, twenty something kitchen hand who has been staying on his ex-girlfriends couch since his return from an overseas trip. When she insists he finds his own space he is thrilled to find an inexpensive room in a large house in the leafy Australian suburb of Fairlight. The only catch is his young, agoraphobic en [...]

    9. Mini review:Thank you Allen and Unwin for sending me this copy. No compensation was given or taken to alter this review. I guess this just goes to show how much of a wimp I am. I nearly ran to my parent's room because I could hear tiny creaking noises in the floorboard after reading a clearly not so scary scene for everyone else. I. Scare. Easily.Tim thinks it's a huge stroke of luck when he finds a not only dirt cheap, but also huge expensive house up for sale. However here's the catch, he has [...]

    10. De leitura fácil e sempre com bastante suspense criado ao longo da narrativa, o que torna o livro bastante fluído, Doce Tortura acaba por revelar sempre surpresas ao virar da página. É certo que queremos desvendar a vida sombria de Anna, e o que é guarda tão misteriosamente no sótão, mas há medida que o livro avança, outros mistérios se avizinham e outras personagens ocultam segredos que só começam a ser revelados mais para o fim do livro. Confesso que apenas alguns não consegui de [...]

    11. Nunca tinha lido nada da australiana Rebecca James, nem tão pouco tinha ouvido falar dela até Doce Tortura me ter chegado a casa, cortesia da editora Suma de Letras. Li algumas opiniões positivas e fiquei bastante interessada, pelo que não demorei a pegar-lhe.Doce Tortura é uma história contada sob dois pontos de vista; Tim, na primeira pessoa, conta-nos como a ex-namorada, com quem ainda vivia, lhe sugeriu um quarto para alugar numa maravilhosa mansão, propriedade de uma jovem de 18 anos [...]

    12. I haven’t read the author’s first book. This is a bit different to what I normally read. That said I found the book extremely readable and an interesting read. What I didn’t find it was, ’chillingly and nail-bitingly suspenseful storytelling’ or one to read with ‘the lights on as the front and back cover promisedTim can’t believe his luck when he ends up with cheap room for rent in a huge sandstone mansion at Fairlight, only occupied by one other person, the mysterious Anna who doe [...]

    13. Διαβάζω και στο οπισθόφυλλο και στις κριτικές το χαρακτηρισμό "θρίλερ" και θέλω να τραβήξω τα μαλλιά μου και να αρχίσω να ουρλιάζωΦαντάζομαι πως και τα πραγματικά βιβλία θρίλερ,αν είχαν σκέψη,βούληση και χέρια,θα έσκιζαν τις σελίδες τους - κατά το "σκίζω τα πτυχία μου".Το βιβ [...]

    14. I picked up Sweet Damage and was hooked by the second page: gorgeous, evocative writing (in parts reminding me of Kirsty Eagar), an effortlessly likeable Aussie male protag, gothick-y and twisty plot (I did not guess the reveal), above all this book does what it's genre should do best: sucks you in and keeps you up all night. James knows how to plot and how to keep those pages turning. 4am finish for me <3

    15. Real rating - 4.5.First off, this is being pushed as a YA but I think it would be better classed as new adult. I read a lot of YA and I just felt like the characters, who were around 20, were too mature. To me it had that NA vibe.Anyway, I loved this book and devoured it in two days. Rebecca James is a fantastic author, she takes you on a suspenseful, spine-tingling ride that will leave you gasping and guessing the whole way through.I was wondering if this book would live up to Beautiful Malice, [...]

    16. *This review also appears on the blog Chasm of Books*There's a lot more to her than she wants to let on. Her bland, robotic persona is some kind of disguise. A protective armour. The real Anna is hiding.Chilling, thrilling,and undeniably addictive, Sweet Damage is a thriller that I will not be forgetting anytime soon. With a plot expertly woven to reveal the innermost and darkest secrets of the main characters, this story demonstrates that there is often more to an old empty house and its inhabi [...]

    17. While not exactly the "thriller" this is touted as (sure a few creepy things happen, but it didn't scare my pants off. Probably a good thing, literally, for you and I), but true to it's namesake, this desirable tome is both sweet and deliciously damaged. Rebecca James writes characters - and the delicate relationships they have with each other so deftly, it's like watching her balance peas on the edge of a knife with one hand while she effortlessly stirs the plot with the other. Her pacing is on [...]

    18. Mais um exelente thriller!Adorei especialmente poder acompanhar e sentir todo o sofrimento que Anna passa nesta história. Todos os seus ataques pânico, todas as suas ansiedades, todos os seus medos. Leva-nos a acreditar que tudo tem um destino traçado e que mesmo no meio de uma situação 99% desfavorável e triste, existe sempre uma réstia de esperança. Fiquei bastante "ligado" a Anna e isso agradou-me imenso!Como ponto negativo, destaco apenas alguns acontecimentos ao longo do livro que p [...]

    19. A minha opinião em vídeo: youtu/cXTbh7jpIqsComo estive muito tempo para matar entre aeroporto e vôos, consegui devorá-lo num só dia. Este livro foi uma surpresa muito agradável, gostei bastante.Não sendo uma obra prima, lê-se bem, torna-se viciante e a história é original.Não é um thriller muito elaborado mas fiquei contente por ter apostado neste livro.

    20. Muito bom. Um tipo de leitura diferente daquele a que estou habituada, mas que, ainda assim, me prendeu da primeira à última pagina. Posso dizer que me viciou. Mistério, loucura, romance, ciúme, doença e paranóia. Tudo isto fez do livro um "must read"

    21. Sweet Damage is a compelling New Adult mystery with a distinctly gothic feel. I was new to Rebecca James' work so the quality of her storytelling took me completely by surprise. She is a master at building suspense to almost unbearable levels and leaving her readers terrified of their own shadows.In other words, this woman scared the living daylights out of me. In addition, good male narrators are hard to find, and Tim is far better than most. His voice isn't particularly strong or particularly [...]

    22. The product description for this book says 400 pages but it reads more like 200, with a story that just races along. The story is set in Manly, and I loved the main character, Tim. He is a bit of a drifter, a surf dude who is quite happy working in the family restaurant and camping out in his ex girlfriend Lilla’s apartment. That is, until she asks him to leave because he is cramping her style with new boyfriend Patrick.He moves into a house share with timid, mouse like, and very mysterious An [...]

    23. *I received this book in exchange for an honest review.Sweet Damage was a dark thriller built upon lies and malice. I didn't become nearly as invested in this story as I did in Beautiful Malice, but I was reminded what a great author Rebecca James is!The author is so good at creating messed up, complex, and surprising characters. The thrill of the book came from these characters and their secrets and ulterior motives--it got intense when it all came crashing down. Don't expect a lot of action. I [...]

    24. If there is one thing I have come to except from one of Rebecca's reads it is that it will completely mess with my mind and my emotions.I never know what to think, who to trust, or even what in the world is really going on until the very end. Her reads are filled with the unexpected, the strange, and it makes you leery, distrustful, and down right anxious to know what will happen next, eagerly turning the pages wanting more and dreading what will be next.I love that they keep me guessing, keep m [...]

    25. This is pretty bad. The pacing is poor (too little happens for 200+ pages and then a bunch of plot points happen too quickly), said plot points are really stupid, and the characters are cardboard and/or deeply obnoxious. Also, the prose is totally artless. The vocabulary and sentence structure seem pitched at around a 4th grade reading level. There is not one well written phrase in this book. It is just as lame stylistically as it is substantively. This isn't the type of book I usually read but [...]

    26. really enjoyed! review soon :)This book was originally reviewed on The Book Hookup.4.5 stars I read this book in one sitting. I couldn’t help but turn each page and wonder what was happening and whether or not Tim was going to be able to draw Anna out of her shell. It seemed like an impossibility at times, but then she would soften and let him in…which drew me in and I couldn’t put this down.I love characters with baggage, and oh boy, does this heroine have baggage. Written in alternating [...]

    27. I didn't want to compare Sweet Damage so much to Beautiful Malice so much but I really can't help it when they're of the same genre, same sort of setting and then there's such a vast difference in delivery. This book is fantastic, no lie, and I (am about to reiterate a very well-used opinion on my half) love Aussie lit, and this was exactly what I look for in my Aussie stuff. The breakdown: Character wise, we had Mr main character, Tim, who was your average laid-back, surfer, Aussie bloke from S [...]

    28. Tim Ellison is an amiable and unambitious young man at a loose end, whose gentle-paced days consist of surfing and helping out his father in the family restaurant in Manly. He's been avoiding the question of what to do with his life when his volatile ex-girlfriend Lilla, with whom he's been uncomfortably sharing quarters, turfs him out, and he's offered what looks like an amazing opportunity--a cheap room in a strange, rambling old mansion called Fairview. The mansion's strange but then so is it [...]

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