Enter to Win Opportunity knocked em dead Director Rob de Heer s latest publicity stunt to revitalize his failing soap Crystal Falls a contest giving viewers a chance to have a character shaped after them seemed br

  • Title: Enter to Win
  • Author: Kirsten Jany
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Opportunity knocked em dead.Director Rob de Heer s latest publicity stunt to revitalize his failing soap Crystal Falls a contest giving viewers a chance to have a character shaped after them seemed brilliant right until Rob was found murdered on the set Could the key to Rob s death lie in the four finalists who have been invited to spend two weeks in a mansion in theOpportunity knocked em dead.Director Rob de Heer s latest publicity stunt to revitalize his failing soap Crystal Falls a contest giving viewers a chance to have a character shaped after them seemed brilliant right until Rob was found murdered on the set Could the key to Rob s death lie in the four finalists who have been invited to spend two weeks in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills Now the police recruit Rob s underpaid lackey Jeremy to babysit two liars, an accused wife killer, and a snitch under the guise of shooting a reality show that will crown one of them the winner Competition has never been this deadly.

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    1. Kirsten Jany

      Kirsten Jany author of Enter To Win was born and raised in Germany She emigrated to Canada in 1996, and works in television post production as a sound engineer She lives in Ontario, and spends her spare time with her four dogs and volunteering for various animal rescue groups.

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    1. Enter to Win by Kirsten Jany is one of those books that remind me why it's good to read outside of my usual genres. This is a book I'd have been disappointed to miss. It has all the elements to make it a classic whodunit with a bit of trendy fare that makes it both contemporary and riveting.I adore the concept for this book and think it's quite brilliant. In order to boost the ratings of a failing daytime television soap opera show, the producers decide to hold a contest where they will choose 4 [...]

    2. *Many thanks to the author for offering a copy of this book for review*Enter to win is a well written story of life inside and outside a soap opera. Crystal Falls has plummeting ratings and a cast and crew worried for their future. Director, Rob believes he has come up with the perfect solution, a competition to find one viewer whose real life story will be featured in the show in return for a $200,000 prize. The story rotates around the multiple viewpoints of the chosen finalists plus the long [...]

    3. Enter to Win by Kirsten Jany is a delightful whodunnit. Jeremy is the assistant to Rob, the producer of a struggling soap opera. To improve the show's ratings, Jeremy decides to have a contest: tell them your personal drama, and your life's story might be added to the storyline of the soap opera. Unfortunately, after they gather the four contestants to determine the winner, Rob is found dead, and the contestants are possible suspects.The book is written in first person from the point of view of [...]

    4. TITLE - ENTER TO WINAUTHOR - KIRSTEN JANYREVIEWER - WENDE SHEETSSTARS - 5Crystal Falls a soap opera that at one time was popular, everyone watched it. Now its down in ratings and director, Rob De Heer comes up with a plan to make it number one again. Thinking real life stories maybe the answer, Rob holds a contest, they submit their stories, the winner wins not only a character shaped after them BUT, also, two hundred grand! This contest cost Rob's life and was found murdered on the TV set.Jerem [...]

    5. Tight, polished and clever. This is a well-crafted mystery, a variation on the classic whodunit with all the suspects in a big mansion—except that mansion is being used for a reality TV shoot, not an English country house gathering. The four finalists in a contest to have one’s soap opera of a life become an actual soap opera script each take turns sharing their stories—the ones that made them finalists, and their take on events after the director of that soap opera is murdered. The fifth [...]

    6. A classic whodunit with a half twist, a jack-knife and a somersault, Enter To Win is sure to please mystery readers out there. The story is told in the first person and different chapters are told from the perspective of five of the characters in the book. I absolutely enjoyed this aspect of the book. Each of the five characters voices and perspectives were fully realized, fleshy people with desires, motives, wants, likes and dislikes. Each of them only knew things based on what they saw and exp [...]

    7. I was most impressed with Enter to Win by Kirsten Jany on a number of levels.Firstly the idea for this novel is completely different from anything else I have read and that alone was enough to keep me interested and wanting to turn the pages. Combining this with an excellent level of penmanship and presentation in the manor of James Patterson, limiting the chapters to two or three pages, and Kirsten Jany has come up with a thoroughly entertaining novel.Each featured character I found to be belie [...]

    8. Juvenile and contrived. I couldn't even finish it, and I'm surprised at the high rating everyone gave it. I remember when I was about 10 years old I attempted to write a mystery. It was 4 pages, handwritten, on loose leaf. This book reminds me of my story. But mine was better.It's implied by the four main characters' fear and actions toward each other that among them is the killer. There's zero explanation as to why everyone else on the planet has been eliminated as a suspect. I just couldn't ge [...]

    9. Unique voice. Smooth, easy flow. Author uses the eternal fight for ratings to weave her story of greed and intrigue. Daytime struggling soap holds contest for $200,000 to spike ratings. Enter murder and who done it. The show’s director is our victim, one of those alpha types that deserves what he gets. The four chosen contestants are put up in a rented mansion and the guessing unfolds as we begin to get to know them. This author has a future. The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott

    10. Kirsten Jany's 'Enter to Win' offers a trifecta of literary tricks that characterize a solidly suspenseful novel: strong premise, stunning pacing, and an expertly controlled story and reveal.Here is the logline: A popular Hollywood soap opera holds a viewer contest to ramp up their ratings. Each contestant shares a hard luck story as potential storylines for future episodes on the soap, and the real-life entrant with the strongest, most compelling story wins $200K. Four finalists are selected an [...]

    11. Enter To Win is as much a commentary on the current regrettable trend towards bare-all, tell-all reality programming as it is a murder mystery. Told using first person multiple point of view, the contestants tell their individual stories, explaining how they came to take part in a reality show contest that ends up being an ongoing murder investigation after the show's director is found murdered on the set of cheesy soap opera "Crystal Falls." The contestants, who are thrown together in a mansion [...]

    12. I really liked the story that Kirsten crafted. A take on the classic whodunnit genre, her story is set in the world of television with the deeper undercurrent of life being ruthlessly exploited in the quest for higher ratings. It is in this ruthless setting that we meet the characters - participants of this reality TV/soap opera mash-up. All the characters were well realized and I enjoyed hearing their varying voices as they told their bit of the unfolding story that quickly turns into a murder [...]

    13. I've read my fair share of crime fiction, but this one kept me guessing til the end! Great read, at times very funny, and not one of those gory thrillers. I've recommended this to several folks in my tennis club already. It's one of those rare books you want to finish in one sitting.

    14. My rating: 3.5/5Enter to Win is a whodunit novel about a mysterious murder on the set of the seemingly unpopular soap opera, Crystal Falls. With ratings down, director Rob de Heer decides to put together a contest sparked by the idea from his assistant, Jeremy. Contestants will win the opportunity to have a character shaped after them in the show. Not to mention, $200,000. When the contestant pool is narrowed to four, Rob digs a little deeper to find out the real secrets behind the lives of the [...]

    15. I got this book as first reads giveaway and when it arrived the cover made me wonder if I'd made a mistake in entering! I put the book to one side for a while and have finally read it a couple of months later. I wasn't overwhelmed by this one but didn't hate it either. The premise was that of an American soap opera struggling for ratings and therefore running a competition to find some true life stories that could be run as part of the soap. As part of this the finalists in the competition are t [...]

    16. Have you ever said to yourself, my life could be a soap opera? That's the premise of Enter To Win, a fun, unique and enjoyable mystery centered around the realities of television production. Fans of the soap opera, Crystal Falls, are invited to submit their stories to be filmed as a storyline in a last ditch effort to save the fading soap. When the well-disliked producer is found murdered there are more than enough suspects, but could it be one of the four final contestants? With the cash for th [...]

    17. Kirsten Jany’s novel “Enter to Win” is a murder mystery of the “who-done-it” genre that keeps readers attention from the first to the last page. A stage for the story is Daytime Soap Opera Show struggling to improve ratings. The contest was held to find real life stories for the soap opera and four finalists were picked for the chance to win $200,000. They were brought to the rented mansion just as the Show’s director was murdered. They became the main suspects in the murder mystery, [...]

    18. Sometimes all you want is a smooth, pleasant, engaging read, and this is what we get from Kirsten Jany's "Enter to Win."Entertaining and well writtenBy Stephen Seitz, authorThe premise is excellent: a struggling daytime soap opera decides to give its sagging ratings a shot of adrenaline by holding a contest: viewers are asked to send in their life stories, and the one that would make the best storyline is rewarded with $200,000. The four finalists are flown to Los Angeles and put up in a mansio [...]

    19. Enter To Win is a classic who-dun-it. You learn of the murder on the first page. Then, you go back and learn the back stories of the suspects--would-be contestants on a quasi-reality show. Then, after the murder, the suspects are still cooped up together, a rather improbable decision on the part of the police. Throughout the book, the suspects take turns telling their stories, justifying their actions, and suspecting each other. Their narrations are intriguing. There's an upside and a downside t [...]

    20. Great old-style whodunitWith her debut crime fiction Kirsten Jany managed to write a successful old-style whodunit that contains neither excessive violence not gory details.To improve the ratings of a struggling soap opera, a contest is launched for viewers with the most dramatic real life stories. The winner's story shall be incorporated into the soap. Among the four finalists are a man pronounced not guilty in his wife's murder, as well as a woman who testified against her own husband and land [...]

    21. A fun book, although I didn't really get into the concept and plot. It was well written, but the multitude of first-person viewpoints detracted from the whodunnit aspects of the story. I did get a bit distracted because although the manuscript was very presented, it frequently was missing the space after punctuation. I'd blink, and have to reread it before I realized it was another sentence. It was a really quick read though, very smooth, streamlined writing with just enough detail to add realis [...]

    22. I had this biased impression before I read the book. I thought at first it was a guide on how to enter contests or somehow related to contesting. However after reading the book, it was obvious that it had nothing to do with contests per se, but was a fictional book portraying the events of a contest. I found the plot line very hard to follow as it followed the hopes or should I say thought patterns of about 5 contest entrants and each chapter went back and forth among the 5 so it was very hard t [...]

    23. Ratings on a soap opera are dropping, and its up to Crystal Falls, the director to bring back the ratings. The plan-to have real life stories to be used on the show. The contestants that are selected each have issues and seem somewhat desperate. This is a classic who dun it story and I found this to be a good read. The murder is told from the get go.The positives are the many viewpoints of the characters involved and how we learn from each perspective. As many would find that confusing, I like s [...]

    24. Disclaimer: I was given this book by the author in return for an honest reviewI really really enjoyed this book. Okay, it wasn't a particularly complex mystery story; with only half a dozen major characters, there weren't many complicated twists and turns in the plot, but I think that's why I liked it. It's a simple concept, executed well with a very unexpected twist at the end. The style of writing was unusual, with short 'chapters' from each character, telling the story from multiple viewpoint [...]

    25. Enter to Win is a fun and interesting story that had its genesis in the reality TV world (at least something of value has come from that genre!). The writing is clean and concise without drifting into any extra verbiage. The story moves along quickly but yet gets you involved with the very different characters. Having five narrators could have been a real disaster but she pulls it off well.As far as negatives, there were a few formatting errors but not enough to distract and there wasn't an expl [...]

    26. Decent murder mystery, although I must admit I'm not a fan of so many viewpoints to tell the story, particularly without much change in voice or tone. In this case, the feeling comes all too often that we are being told about things, rather than seeing direct action. Not much in the way of character development or evolving relationships. Still, the setup is interesting and the reveal is both surprising and satisfying. Astute readers have enough clues to at least suspect who the murderer is.I rec [...]

    27. I received this book as a Giveaway.I really enjoyed this book! I enjoyed the plot, the premise, and the way the story was told through the eyes of the main contestants/suspects.I like the pace of the book. The chapters were short, varying by contestant point of view, and did a good job of conveying information to you with a slant based on who was telling the story at that time. The plot was engaging, and kept you guessing until the end. Overall, it was a solid story that entertained as it unfol [...]

    28. I won this novel in a drawing.A fairly good mystery about four finalists of a contest to have a soap opera character based on them. The director of the soap is murdered, and all four are suspects. Told by multiple viewpoint chapters. I know some people don't like that sort of thing. I'm not sure I liked the solution to the puzzle. It seemed a bit unbelievable to me, but it sufficed.

    29. I won a copy of this to review through . Four contestants in a competition end up embroiled in a murder mystery. Crystal Falls an ailing soap opera wants to create a character around a real person, the people who enter the competition turn up as a murder is committed. Characters were a little hard to believe that they would enter such a competition, one hadn't even watched the show. An interesting mystery for an easy holiday read.

    30. Disclaimer: I received this book from the author to review. This book was a great read,simply smooth story line.I was very impressed with the lack of gore and violence most books share these days. Kirsten nails the plot,suspects,mystery, backgrounds and of course the twist and turns. I thought this book shined and gave 5 stars.Must read!

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