The Second Coming A wedding planner who believes in fairytale weddings Mini yearns for romance in her own marriage The magic of the initial years has vanished leaving behind a hunger that she assuages with chocolate

  • Title: The Second Coming
  • Author: Shubha Menon
  • ISBN: 9789351363705
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
  • A wedding planner who believes in fairytale weddings, Mini yearns for romance in her own marriage The magic of the initial years has vanished, leaving behind a hunger that she assuages with chocolate Mini would love to change her situation, but she is over the hill, overweight and under confident The chances of having a hot affair with a happening man are dim, if not noA wedding planner who believes in fairytale weddings, Mini yearns for romance in her own marriage The magic of the initial years has vanished, leaving behind a hunger that she assuages with chocolate Mini would love to change her situation, but she is over the hill, overweight and under confident The chances of having a hot affair with a happening man are dim, if not non existent.An erstwhile royal scion decides to wed a Bollywood starlet and Mini is sent to Mumbai to plan the celebrations The manager of the Mumbai office is young Rustom, the answer to Mini s secret dreams Goaded by impending menopause, Mini decides it s now or never She simply has to take a second stab at romance.Rustom is a ladies man He is also married, and a skirt chaser Mini decides to shape up and get into the kind of skirts Rustom would want to chase.Working together closely, Rustom and Mini fall into each others arms Meanwhile, her husband gets wind of the affair and tries to reclaim her Now Mini must choose between heady romance and steady matrimony.But soon, Mini discovers that her romantic idol has feet of clay In a dramatic end, the trusty husband stages a timely rescue And Mini learns that a rock solid husband is worth many a dream lover.

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    1. Shubha Menon

      Short bio Shubha Menon is the author of The Second Coming published by HarperCollins Indiaeview.tinyurl pqheoympreview.tinyurl nvcu9m2This is her first book She is currently working as a Senior Creative Director with Ogilvy Delhi Apractising Buddhist, she dreams of living in the hills where she can read, write and grow climbing roses She lives in Delhi with her husband,daughter and two Dachshunds.

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    1. Naughty, Quirky and LightA huge thanks to the author for sending me a copy of the book and that too in such an amazing speed. i remember sending a mail saying how i would love to read her book and next thing i know i had the copy in my handd that by Indian standards in nothing less of a divine intervention The second coming is a true blood " Mills & Boons" romance but with a quirky treatment. Fans of M&B will find this one absolutely scrumptious.The book was funny, light and naughty. Man [...]

    2. Shubha Menon did a fantastic job. This is rom-com with a lot of comedy and lot of romance. In fact it has more humor and satire than comedy. Review can be found here too rajanmogha/2016/05Our heroine Mrinalini Mehta aka Mini is a happily married woman who is also regarded highly in her office also. She lives happily with her hubby Shyam Mehta who is a cricket enthusiast. Her boss Mahatta calls her Mrinalini and regards her as a top notch wedding planner. But is she happy? No. why?“It was not a [...]

    3. A romance with a twist. That's what Shubha Menon's debut "The Second Coming" is all about. Mini is a fortyish wedding planner who dreams up fantastic marriages for her clients even while she yearns for a Dream Lover who will sweep her off her feet and give her a last chance at romance. The breathtaking, heart-thumping, Mills & Boon kind. The zing has gone out of her marriage long ago and her reliable but paunchy life partner, Shyam, can never measure up to her fantasies. Besides, with menopa [...]

    4. Shubha Menon makes a fine debut with this book and weaves in the psychology of a married woman who seeks all those romantic fantasies that she has read in the fictions since romance is missing in her marriage ironic to the fact that she plans magical weddings for others being a wedding planner. More of a chick-lit novel I must say but a fun and easy read altogether climaxing with a good note.

    5. If there is one word to describe the book, it is HILARIOUS.The book has been written from Mini’s perspective and is funny from the word go. The language is simple and the scenes have been described in such a way that visualizing them is so easy and once they came in front of my eyes, I could not help laughing, irrespective of where I was sitting. For a debut, it is an excellent book. More on metroreader.wordpress/201

    6. The story“He was astride a black motorbike, his face hidden by a jet-black helmet. Behind him, his satin cloak billowed like a sail.”What a story! The character of Mini can be of any Indian woman who though not going through a midlife crisis but wandering how did she reach at this point of her life. When they have everything, yet there is no satisfaction. Maybe because the first bloom of love is over, the flush of youth has died down and most of all idealism has been replaced by reality. Thi [...]

    7. Mini aka Mrinalini is creative, forty something career woman who plans fairy-tale marriages at Soul Mates, a wedding planning agency. While she planned dreamy, romantic weddings for the clients, she knew that romance in a marriage is an oxymoron. And that’s proven by her marriage to fat slob ‘Sicko’ Shyam. She longs for a touch of romance in her life and hopes that one day her knight in shining armour, her Dream Lover – DL, would arrive and sweep her off her feat and make passionate, rom [...]

    8. Note : A review of this book has been posted in my Blog - Book and Ink as a part of TBC book tours!The primary characters of romance book these days are 20 something who crave attention (to be read as love!). What after they get married and turn 40? Does that sizzling romance still stay? Of course not! Even fiction writers don’t attempt to talk about romance and 40 year old women. It’s totally high time that subject is broached in our books! Shuba, the writer of this book seemed to be one am [...]

    9. It’s the story of India coming of age.That’s the story of a mind swinging like a pendulum between hope and despair-hope of a new lease of life and despair after finding out that life!The story of deep realization in life has been served in the coating of humour.That’s the story of Mini-the twenty-first century Indian urban woman- told fascinatingly by Shubha Menon in her hilarious romantic comedy –“The second coming.”Our protagonist- Mini –is a little overweight and still dreams of [...]

    10. Characters: Meet Mrinalini aka Mini, who is in her early forties. A wedding planner with exceptional ideas, M&B romance novel lover, chocolate addict, avid dreamer waiting for Dream Lover (DL) and a plump and unhappy wife - that is Mini Mathur for you. Meet Rustom, the person with looks of a Greek God. Soulmates' Mumbai branch head, this Parsi has no lack of girls who drool over him. Skirt chaser, women's man, smooth talker and flirt are the kind of the word that can be associated with Rusto [...]

    11. Disclaimer: I received an author-signed paperback of this book via The Book Club in return for my honest review. I have NOT received any monetary compensation for the same.Mini has been married to Shyam for eighteen years and they have become habits to each other. They live in Delhi. Working for a wedding planner as the creative head, Mini has still not given up on her aspirations for finding her Dream Lover or DL as she prefers to call him. Being overweight, her main focus in life is to lose we [...]

    12. My review hereI was giggling or grinning most of the time when reading the book. Mini, you are adorable!To the traditional Indian mind, it can cause trauma but I am glad it didnt portray a morale-principle abiding tale.See the narration is so natural, I am describing Mini as if she is real-life. The comical scenes are hilarious.Shubha, you can also become a good food writer. Just a tip ;)

    13. It was enjoyable to read about how Mini always lands into some funny situation, especially the scene at the pub when she first arrives in Mumbai and accidentally meets Pritam Pal Singh, her neighbour from Delhi . There were many such funny incidents. Every woman's story which every woman should read. Read complete review hereicecandy16blog.wordpress/

    14. More like an Indian version of Paulo Coelho's Adultery. If you're in a mood to read something light and humorous then this is a perfect read for you. Brownie points for the witty style of writing. Considering the fact that it's her first book, it's pretty impressive. Highly recommended for married women and men.

    15. A really fun book to read. Shubha Menon's writing style, picking up witty phrases from daily speak and some of the quite-unabashed visions of fantasy make for this to be a very entertaining experience. This should just directly be made into a movie. Will be a hit!

    16. The Second Coming is a fast, funny and well written book. It talks about the needs and dreams of a woman on the verge of being past 40 and almost obese Mini and her dream lover. The book opens with Mini dreaming of a happily ever after with her handsome knight in shining armor who sweeps her away. Yet soon we know these are all dreams and ideas are going to get her into a lot of trouble or not?As the author points out, Mini’s thoughts…… “what kind of meaningless farce has their relations [...]

    17. Plot:Mini, a woman in her early forties is a wedding planner. She is successful in dreaming and making happen beautiful weddings. Be it in hot air balloons or a Swayamvar, ideas pop in crazy in her creative head. However, she suffers from a monotonous, dull marriage. And therefore she believes that weddings could be sublime and marriage, a mere joke! She believes in fairy-tale romances and when Rustom, the handsome Manager at the Mumbai office enters her life, she pictures him as her Knight in s [...]

    18. 4.5/5 starsStory of an over-the-hill woman thinking of re-igniting romance, and add to it a dash of humor and you have the unique recipe for a mind-blowing tale. And it was high time someone tackled the romance missing in lives of married, urban woman who have lost that spark or zing required to make a relationship majestic. Shubha Menon has done a superb job with the subject and with her subtle wit and humor injected at the right moments in the novel.Mrinaliniji aka, Mini is a wedding planner w [...]

    19. The Second Coming ' book .I received the paperback copy of this book as the ARC from the author Shubha Menon herself via TBC .Thank you Rubina Ramesh for the same.The story : The Second Coming is a story of Mirnalini Mehta aka Mini a wedding planner who is dealing with mid- life crises where she thinks the romances in her martial life is fading away .So in order to make her husband 'Sicko' Shyam realize the need . She makes an escapes route to Mumbai where she meets the Parsi Guy and head of Sou [...]

    20. Shubha Menon’s The Second Coming deals with second chances in a refreshingly different way. When I heard about the plot, I knew for certain that I had to read this book!!! And I am glad I did. It is funny, quirky, refreshing, and a quick read.The Second Coming is a story laced with a little twist here and a slight turn there-another thing that I liked about it. The characters are beautiful and relatable. Out of the three characters, I liked Shubha’s potrayal of Shyam the best. A quick revela [...]

    21. The Second Coming is an adventurous tale where a forty plus woman named Mini comes to peace with herself and her current situation. Thus, embracing, and treasuring what she has after she has seen, lived, experienced that grass is also not green on the other side of the fence that she had been fantasizing about.This book had a jaunty way of describing the day to day life of Mini, who was actually going nuts in finding her dream lover who would make her heart tick at each of his moves. In spite of [...]

    22. The title is apt: this book is also a Second Coming for the chick lit genre. After your twenty-somethings have been exhausted by stories of love, work and life, well, life still remains, and must be lived. Everything that lives on from teens and twentties fills this book: crushes on one's peers, conspiratorial friendships, the heaving ups and downs and big big surprises life throws at you from little corners you did not peek. Great book, and that too with a saucy accompaniment of Shubha's young [...]

    23. I received a free copy of this book from the author. Honestly, this book was pretty funny. The problems and dilemmas the protagonist faces are so common and the way she deals with them won't really make you laugh out loud but make you smile and sympathize atleast. The storyline is original and makes for fun and light reading. The characters are strong and easy to relate to. The author has a way of showing situations from every angle so you understand what is going through the minds of the charac [...]

    24. A perfect recipe for romance, with the spice of an extra-marital affair (4.5/5)Full review- wp/p2vbKI-5v

    25. A pathetic attempt to write a story. Two stars for making no gross mistakes in the language. And for writing a book that's not half as revolting as the junk that turn up as best sellers.

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