Light of Day The danger of night can bleed into day Like any other Saturday night Gabby Perez and her best friend Maria are out dancing But this isn t just another night When a mysterious stranger warns Gabby t

  • Title: Light of Day
  • Author: Allison van Diepen
  • ISBN: 9780062303479
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The danger of night can bleed into day.Like any other Saturday night, Gabby Perez and her best friend, Maria, are out dancing But this isn t just another night When a mysterious stranger warns Gabby their drinks have been drugged, she hurries Maria home Sure enough, the next day, Maria can t remember a thing Gabby s shaken by their close call And she s not going to stThe danger of night can bleed into day.Like any other Saturday night, Gabby Perez and her best friend, Maria, are out dancing But this isn t just another night When a mysterious stranger warns Gabby their drinks have been drugged, she hurries Maria home Sure enough, the next day, Maria can t remember a thing Gabby s shaken by their close call And she s not going to stay quiet about it.She opens up on her radio show and discovers an even worse truth the guy who drugged them was going to force them into prostitution Then Gabby s friend Bree never makes it home from a party, and Gabby fears the worst.Gabby reaches out to the guy who saved her, the gorgeous stranger she knows only as X As they dive into the seedy underworld of Miami, searching for Bree, they can t ignore their undeniable attraction Until Gabby discovers the truth about who X really is and the danger that surrounds him Can their love survive the light of day

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      458 Allison van Diepen
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    1. Allison van Diepen

      Allison van Diepen is the author of many teen novels, including Takedown, Street Pharm, Snitch, Raven, The Oracle of Dating, The Oracle Rebounds, and The Vampire Stalker Her novels have been named ALA Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers and New York City Public Library Books for the Teen Age Her latest is the heart pounding ON THE EDGE series set in Miami ON THE EDGE and LIGHT OF DAY are in stores now The final installment is RUN THE RISK, due out in early 2017.

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    1. (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss.)“Of course he was high. That’s what this kiss was about. And yet I couldn’t stop.”This was an okay YA contemporary story, but it dragged a bit for me.Gabby seemed to be looking for trouble in this book, trying to turn pimps in to the police does not sound like a good way to stay safe, and she really did keep pushing the limits and feeling invincible, which was more t [...]

    2. This was an interesting story and an interesting concept. It basically follows Gabby an aspiring DJ, who is saved from being drugged at the club by a mysterious handsome stranger named 'X' and somehow gets tangled up into a darker world of girls getting kidnapped, pimps and sex trafficking.The story was a quick read for me. I think in a way the author was trying to spread awareness about this issue that's so big in this world right now, I just felt as far as the story went, it was a bit unrealis [...]

    3. '“You’re a sweetheart.”It’s because I love you. I would never say it out loud, of course. But even if I did, he was probably too drugged up to remember it tomorrow. I sat down beside him. “I’m sorry you got hurt. It’s my fault. I’m the one who wanted us to find Bree.” I was trying to hold back tears, but doing a terrible job of it.“Shhh, don’t cry. It’s not your fault. Come here.”He guided my face to his and kissed me. Maybe he meant to soothe me, to comfort me. But the [...]

    4. I liked Light of Day. I read On the Edge last year and liked it as well, so I was curious about this one.Light of Day is the story of Gabby who is saved by a mysterious guy who goes by the name of X. She is out with her best friend when X catches a guy slipping something into their drinks and warns her. When one of Gabby's friends goes missing soon after, she reaches out to X for help in finding her. As she grows closer to X, she learns the truth about who he really is. Gabby was an interesting [...]

    5. Review also found at kristineandterri/2**I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher HarperTeen via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. The expected publication date is November 24th 2015** I know I am going to struggle with penning my thoughts on this book. This was a YA book that I really enjoyed even though I am a couple of year (cough cough) beyond the age demographic that this is aimed for. This is also a second book that covers the "Destinos". I did not know this un [...]

    6. My thanks to HarperTeen--------------------------------------------------------------Point of View: Single (Gabby)Writing: First Person | Past TenseSetting: MiamiGenre: Young Adult | Contemporary--------------------------------------------------------------Another wonderful book about gang, drugs and sex trafficking by Allison van Diepen that I absolutely enjoyed. Since I read another book by her based on the same topic, it didn't surprise when I ended up liking the heck out of it just as much a [...]

    7. This book was a disappointment for me and I'm beyond sad right now.If you read my review of On the Edge, you will remember that I absolutely loved it and it was even in my "2015 favorites" list. When I learned that there would be a spin-off/sequel and my babies from the previous book would be present, I was ecstatic. I couldn't be happier, you get me?But this book, naah I mean, I should have known I would not like it because the jacket material was different than the first book's and I didn't li [...]

    8. Gabby is an aspiring DJ who has had to find a new social group after breaking up with her long time boyfriend. One night at a club she meets a mysterious guy named X who warns her about the dangers of Miami street life. Gabby is intrigued by X and after one of her classmates goes missing she contacts X to enlist his help in finding the missing girl, Bree. At first Gabby thinks X is an undercover cop but it turns out he is the leader of a street gang who save teen girls from street pimps. Upon fi [...]

    9. I’ll be honest, I enjoyed this story a lot more than I was expecting too. I read the first book in the series, On the Edge and I did not like it. I decided to give Light of Day a chance because the synopsis intrigued me and I was not disappointed! It was also a quick read, which I always like. I loved X. He was so mysterious and original. He was the leader of a gang and he literally had a heart of gold. I loved what he and his gang were trying to accomplish. I really liked X and Gabby together [...]

    10. If you are looking for a breezy plane read or have to fill your library with appealing books for reluctant readers – this book is the perfect selection to make. Read the rest of my review hereGoes live January 2016

    11. Awesome book, really enjoyed having X's story, and his real name, and Gabbie! Really great story! And I wouldn't mind more Destino boy's stories!

    12. Gabby and her friend are saved by a mysterious stranger when someone tries to put drugs in her friend's drink. Turns out that there are bad people who are kidnapping attractive girls and turning them into prostitutes. Gabby finds out more about Mister X, and ends up falling in love, even though they are from different worlds. This is a classic romantic suspense book; lots of action and suspense surrounded by an aura of love and angst. Teen girls and their moms will eat it up.

    13. Ok so I read the first book loved it,read this loved it too now I'm quarter of the way through the third and am enjoying it as well.All the characters are different in each book,but each book has a different tale and each gritty and hardcore and end in a twisty love story.Each book is so well written and so gripping and edgy I just love each book.I never can wait for the next.

    14. I liked this book more than I liked the first one in the series, On The Edge. Although, I didn't find the fact that Gabby and X fell in love so quickly realistic. If the book would've been a little longer, so that they could learn more about each other would probably make it better.

    15. Gabby and her friend are out dancing at a club when some mysterious guy warns her that both her drink and her friends have been tampered with and the guy they are talking to is not up to any good. Gabby is able to get her friend away and stay safe, but when she talks about what happened on her radio show the mysterious guy shows up and says its too dangerous to talk about that. His name is X and soon Gabby needs his help finding one of her old friends who has gone missing.

    16. 3.5 StarsHuge thank you to the publisher for sending me a copy of this to review!So I didn't read On the Edge even though I have an eARC of it and now that I know that this was a companion I might go back and read it someday. If you've read OTE, then you'll be happy to know that Lobo and Maddie made an appearance in this book. This book and OTE both have the Destino gang connecting them, just fyi.Anyways, I rather enjoyed this book. I wasn't too sure about it when I got a copy of the publisher, [...]

    17. First, I would like to thank the publisher for the advanced copy of this book. I received this copy in exchange for my honest review.I have mixed feelings about this book. Overall, the main character, Gabby, is a smart girl. She catches on fairly quickly – although, at the most crucial times when she should and it seems obvious, she does not. She doesn’t overreact, which is a huge plus because this often leads to unnecessary and time consuming drama. But there are a number of things about th [...]

    18. Well, I'm not sure this one was as good as the first book in the seriesThis book is a companion novel to On the Edge and follows a new couple, Gabby and X. One night, after sneaking into a club, Gabby and her friend Maria narrowly escape their drugged drinks after a stranger warns them. Gabby soon finds out that the man who tried to drug them was going to kidnap them and force them into prostitution. Things pretty much go back to normal until Gabby's ex-friend Bree doesn't come home from a party [...]

    19. When Gabby Perez is almost drugged at a night club, she takes matters into her own hands. Teaming up with a mysterious stranger known as X, she scours the seedy underworld of Miami, determined to take down a ring of pimps who are drugging and kidnapping innocent girls. As their search deepens, Gabby and X can’t ignore their undeniable attraction to each other. Then Gabby discovers the truth about who X really is and the danger that surrounds him. Can their love survive the light of day?Light o [...]

    20. Originally posted on City of BooksLight of Day is a companion novel to On the Edge, as both books are set in the same world and feature similar premises. But this can be read as a standalone, even if you haven't read On the Edge. I've read both, and I think I enjoyed this one a little more.Gabby is introduced to the seedy side of the city when she takes it upon herself to find her missing friend, who has apparently become part of a prostitution ring - according to the mysterious guy Gabby meets [...]

    21. Before I even started this novel, I knew it was going to be good. Allison Van Diepen is by far one of my favourite authors, and she never fails to amaze me with the stories she writes! Each urban novel she creates contains the perfect balance of mystery, drama, suspense and romance. I really love the fact that Light of Day has such a realistic story line and characters. Allison Van Diepen not only creates a great story, but she also informs her readers on issues that happen in the real world whe [...]

    22. One Saturday night, Gabby Perez goes clubbing with her friend Maria and their drinks are drugged. But before Gabby takes her first sip, she is warned by a mysterious and handsome stranger. Her friend Maria, however, is not so lucky. Thankfully, Gabby manages to get Maria out of the club and away from the pimp who was planning on kidnapping both girls before the evening was over and forcing them into prostitution. The next morning, Maria has no memory of what transpired.After that night, Gabby wa [...]

    23. Heart-pounding, page-turning urban romance!A companion novel to Van Diepen's ON THE EDGE, this contemporary romance and mystery novel is told from the point of view of Gabby Perez, a high school student who loves her friends, her family, and her weekly talk radio show. Gabby uses the airwaves to raise awareness of a growing problem in her community - girls being drugged, kidnapped, and trapped into prostitution. When one of Gabby's close friends disappears, she takes matters into her own hands, [...]

    24. I am a huge fan of this author's work, basically having read every book she has ever written. While I did not know this before reading it, this book follows up the first book in this series (albeit very minimally) - which was a nice touch.Gabby is a wonderful main character. At first, I thought she was headed into the "usual" bitchy rebelling against my parents, but this was not the case. She was smart, goal oriented and a fun character. She wants a career in radio, she wants a shot at her passi [...]

    25. When I saw this book my first thought was "what a cheesy cover". But since it was in the new book shelf I picked it up to see what it was about and it didn't sound too bad. A friend who disappears and probably was kidnapped to be forced into prostitution. What I expected was some type of exciting thriller which explores the dark side of Miami. What I got instead was a cheesy romance which just fits the picture perfectly.The whole story seemed very artificial/fabricated and not very realistic. I [...]

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