Haunted Love My name is Thea Bell and I was murdered I always assumed that death was the end So when my life was cruelly taken away from me I never thought I would get a second chance to say what I needed to But

  • Title: Haunted Love
  • Author: Jessica Frances
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  • Page: 298
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • My name is Thea Bell and I was murdered.I always assumed that death was the end So when my life was cruelly taken away from me, I never thought I would get a second chance to say what I needed to.But then I was given a choice, a choice that allowed me to see the people I had left behind, and I knew I had to take it.I wanted to say a proper goodbye I needed justice for whMy name is Thea Bell and I was murdered.I always assumed that death was the end So when my life was cruelly taken away from me, I never thought I would get a second chance to say what I needed to.But then I was given a choice, a choice that allowed me to see the people I had left behind, and I knew I had to take it.I wanted to say a proper goodbye I needed justice for what happened to me.But even in death, things rarely go to plan.I never expected to meet him I didn t anticipate falling in love I hadn t considered the repercussions of coming back I never realized I would put another person in danger.I didn t know my actions were going to haunt us forever.My name is Detective Aiden Mercer, and I think I have gone insane.I am seeing the murder victim of my current case alive and in the flesh, and that is simply not possible.I can see her, hear her, touch her She s real to me, however I know this cannot be real Right But try telling my heart that, because as I grow closer to catching Thea s killer, I also fall deeper into trouble.Because love is rarely anything but trouble and I know this love will haunt me forever.Adult Paranormal Romance Standalone Recommended for readers 17 due to adult themes, sexual situations, violence and occasional swearing.Professionally edited by CD Editing.Approx 105,000 words.

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    1. When I started Haunted Love by Jessica Frances, I thought I knew what it was going to be about by reading the synopsis. Let me tell you, I was not prepared for this book. Jessica Frances, you have done it again with this one. Just Wow! This book has humor and gripping suspense, but mostly, for me anyway, this was a love story. It is a story of two people destined for each other, each needing the other desperately without even knowing it. But finding each other at the most inopportune of times, w [...]

    2. What if you met the man you are suppose to spend your life with…after you're dead?Thea Bell is murdered and is given a choice of staying in the afterlife or return for a time. She returns as a ghost to comfort her brother Flynn, but finds that it's Detective Aiden Mercer that is the one that she is attached to and that can see her, not her brother Flynn. As Aiden works on her case to find the killer they slowly start to fall for each other, but how can there be a future together, when one of [...]

    3. “You are mine, woman, and I am yours. Until you, my life was desolate. I existed, but I didn't truly live. Now I live, even in my death.”-----Gena Showalter,the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of paranormal and contemporary romances, as well as young adult novels Jessica Frances, an Australian author, penned her new adult paranormal romance book, Haunted Love that captures the love of two souls in death and life.Synopsis: My name is Thea Bell and I was murdered.I always assum [...]

    4. Not as good as I expected but still readableThe blurb of the book was pretty alluring so although I do not prefer to read paranormal, I decided to read this one.It starts in an impressive way. Thea, the newly murdered girl, who happens to be our heroine, starts to tell her story.The heroine was a teacher who was living alone. She had only her little brother alive as family. She is raped and murdered violently (no graphic definition) and now she finds herself in a place too white with a man who l [...]

    5. Life is awesome, life is kind Life interrupted? That's a whole new different story. NOTE: I firmly believe that I am afraid of death. Ever since I found out the real gravity of death, I have dreaded it. It's this unhealthy fear that I often think of. I don't think I have Thanatophobia, but yeah I kind of hate dying. I hate the notion of the people close to me dying. It brings me to tears just thinking about it. More importantly, I hate that I too, would die someday. It would totally suck to leav [...]

    6. Thea Bell is dead. When given the choice whether to cross to the 'other side' or return as a ghost to make sure her baby brother is okay, and going for the latter, Thea finds herself attached to Aiden Mercer, the Detective investigating her murder case. He's the only one who can see, talk to and touch her, and after constantly butting heads at first, they slowly fall in love. But their love is star-crossed. Thea is back on borrowed time and will eventually have to leave Aiden and her 'life' behi [...]

    7. I've never been a big ghosty person. I'm not saying that I don't believe in ghosts I'll just say that I don't NOT believe in ghosts. I've never really enjoyed movies about ghosts (except Ghostbusters, hello!) and because of that, I've not picked up a book about them either. I find the whole concept a bit creepy, actually. Just a thought of someone watching nope. Nopeity nope nope. I was a little shocked when I felt this book kind of call out to me to read it. I second guessed myself and decide [...]

    8. Haunting Story but a little too cliché I would definitely say that the story is pretty alluring. It opens explosively that you can’t stop yourself from reading further. I like the way the author opens the book with a crucial turn of events so that the hook is set right on for its readers. The book has a good story plot but it only remains solid for the first half as by the second half , the book suddenly hops over to cliché romance and spoils the fun that was slowly developed by the first ha [...]

    9. Emotional. Funny. Suspenseful. So beautiful.The first thing I have to say is that this book made me cry my eyes out at the end! The progression isn’t typical of most romance books, well, paranormal romance. Meaning there is no love, or lust, at first sight. The progression is really slow and meaningful. More of finding a common interest, bonding over it, then growing into something more. I really, really enjoyed that aspect of the book.The relationship between the ghost and detective was incre [...]

    10. I thought it would be a good idea to read this book. It sounded interesting (crime, ghost helping solve the crime yaaay) and I love the movie with Patrick Swayze, so what could go wrong? Everything.For one, Thea is such an irritating character. She claims over and over again that it's her brother she came back for and that he's her highest priority, but when sexy detective Aiden enters the picture, she seems to forget about her brother and focuses on lusting after Aiden's strong arms, awesome si [...]

    11. Haunted Love is a beautiful, heartbreaking love story that is unlike anything I've read before. I laughed, I cried, and I'm so glad I decided to give this one a try.The story starts off with Thea, our heroine, telling us about the day she was murdered and how she was given the choice to come back as a ghost to make sure her brother, Flynn, is going to be okay without her. She's told that only one person from her old life will be able to see her and she goes in with high hopes that it'll be Flynn [...]

    12. After participating in the book blitz for Haunted Love, I immediately went and requested the book for review. Although ghost + human relationships are always a hit or miss for me, the premise of this one was just too intriguing to pass up.This was such a unique romance and story line. Not only is there the budding romance, but there is also a murder mystery (more than one, actually) but it was so much more than that.Their relationship doesn't start off on a good note. I mean, Aiden starts to se [...]

    13. 4.5 StarsIt was the synopsis for this book that had me one-clicking, but it was the authors talent for reeling the reader in that kept me turning the pages until the very end. The storyline was unique (I've never read anything like it before, anyway!) and there was a great mix of mystery and romance.In all honesty, I thought the prologue was really cheesy. If the book carried on that way, I probably would have DNFd it, but as soon as chapter one arrived, the story completely took off and I was c [...]

    14. This book was okay. I really just read it to the end just to see how the author was going to play out the scenario. I did get a little bored with it after awhile. I did not however expect it to end the way it did. At least it was logical because the whole time I kept thinking to myself what far fetched ending is going to end up happening. It was not bad.

    15. I cut my book nerd teeth reading books where time travel and other worldly characters were at the center of the plot. I believe a bit of whimsy lends itself well to romance stories and Jessica Frances blends the two in a distinct way. Now, add in a well plotted mystery and you have all the makings for a great read.It’s difficult enough navigating a relationship in the purely physical world, so adding a ghost as your main character is going to add many layers of complexity. It also gives the au [...]

    16. What can be said about Jessica Frances' Haunted Love other than WOW! You will need your tissues at the ready.Do You like a good Ghost story? This is for you.Do you like a nice little romance? This is for youMaybe you enjoy getting stuck into a mystery? This is for youHow about a crime story? This is for you.I'm not kidding Haunted Love has something for everyone and some. The story will evoke some deep emotions, as I said earlier you Will need those tissues, I was howling in places, then rolling [...]

    17. After reading Haunted Love just looking at the cover turns me into a blubbering kleenex sniffling mess!Sometimes death isn't the end as Thea is about to find out, she also gets more than she bargained for when she's given the chance to say goodbye. You see Thea was murdered and when she meets up with "Santa" she gets given a second chance but this also comes withconditions.Aiden , the detective working her case is a real workaholic and this caae is about to become really personal , it quite lite [...]

    18. I loved Haunted Love; the story was gritty and hard to read at times, but it was a beautiful love story that went past the grave. Theresa "Thia" is brutally murdered at the beginning of her story and when she is offered to go on and "hang" with her relatives in a perfect day of her choosing, she declines and decides to stay on "Earth" to be with her brother, who is her only living family. The catch is that only one person would be able to see her and she has no say in the matter. Of course the p [...]

    19. It was nice. Nothing unexpected, rather conventional in an American way, I felt like I was watching a Christmas tv movie ? Don't worry, you will need your tissues but it will end well !The heroin is a small kids teachers, she dies violently (nothing graphic), she misses her brother and wishes to ascertain that he's doing well (how could he do well after his sister's death ?), her ghost meets the cop who's investigating her death, they're not satisfied with each other at first, then finally get a [...]

    20. This story made me sad yet--well, I really couldn't say happy because of the events and ending that occurred. The best word that I can come up with to sum what I felt after turning the last page was satisfied.I like how it's a perfect blend of mystery, romance and the supernatural. It did not feel off as their story progressed. They both learned a lesson from each other and the encounter that brought them together in the first place. If you are into the supernatural romance, then Haunted Love is [...]

    21. At first I wasn't sure if it was a comedy or a love story but as I read I realized it was both. Thea and Aiden were such an unlikely pair but they ended up mixing so perfectly . This book really makes you wonder is someone watching over you? At times it was a little sad but then it made you happy, overall, a great feel good storyReviewed on behalf of Once upon an Alpha

    22. Actual rating is 4.5 stars. I recieved this book as a gift from one of the groups I am on in facebook. You had to guess what book a quote came from and I went on gooddreads and found the quote. I am so glad I won it because I don't know if I would have ever read this book. It's not my usual style. It's romance, but it's also a mystery. I haven't read a mystery book, let alone a romance mystery book in quite a while. I really liked this book. I loved the dual point of view between Aiden and Thea. [...]

    23. (Copy provided by Xpresso Book Tours for an honest review.)Theresa Bell makes one mistake the night of her murder. She walks into her house and let her guard down. When she wakes up, she surrounded by light and introduced to a man whom she dubs Santa Clause for his white beard. Santa tells her she has two options, she can move on to the Afterlife or return back to the mortal world. The catch is that she can't choose who sees her and the first person to see her is the only one who can and she is [...]

    24. Haunted Love is an incredible new book by one of my favorite authors, Jessica Frances. Ms. Frances’ books have always been amazing and I have yet to find one that did not keep me completely engrossed while reading. This new stand-alone novel is no exception and I am beyond excited to share my thoughts with you!Thea Bell wasn’t ready to die, but one day someone took her life. With so much to do and so many things left unsaid, she is given a choice to go back and accomplish just that. The only [...]

    25. I received an ARC of Haunted Love through Xpresso Book Tours for the purpose of writing an honest review. Thea Bell, a sweet and independent twenty-seven year old has her life cut tragically short by an unknown foe. Adamant that she has unfinished business before passing on, she is granted the chance to return, though not in the way she hopes. She does not get to make the rules, and the only person who can see her is Aiden, otherwise known as the overworked police officer assigned to investigate [...]

    26. Independent Reviewer for Arcaheolibrarian, I Dig Good Books, I received this book from Xpresso Tours, in exchange for my review.Thea is murdered and is given the chance to return, to say goodbye to her beloved brother Flynn. But Flynn doesn't see her, Aiden does. He is the detective currently standing over her body, broken as it is, wondering who is standing in front of him, if he is seeing things. Aiden can see Thea, touch her, speak with her, and while investigating her death, falls in love wi [...]

    27. Haunted Love is one of those books that I had a love, hate relationship. While reading this book, in any given second, I either loved it or I hated it. There were moments that I felt the sting of tears in my eyes for the heartbreak and the feelings. Then, there were the moments where I felt like things were so cliche and I knew what was coming.I loved the love story behind it, how the two were destined for each other and found each other only after one was dead. I also loved the general idea beh [...]

    28. *Sigh* That ending! I love it and hate it at the same time and you'll be sure to know that it'll pull some heartstrings. From the moment you open the book and read that first page trust me, you'll be hooked. I don't read much books with ghosts and such but I was happily surprised at how much I loved this book. I loved the mystery of wondering who the killer was and when she would leave and when they would find out about the murderer. I loved both the characters and that there was the dual point [...]

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