Third Eye P I Cassie Woods just landed her first big case Determined to prove herself as a private investigator and catch a cheater Cassie discovers than she bargained for when the unveiling of a devastating secr

  • Title: Third Eye P.I.
  • Author: Ravenna Young
  • ISBN: 9781310531293
  • Page: 312
  • Format: ebook
  • Cassie Woods just landed her first big case Determined to prove herself as a private investigator and catch a cheater, Cassie discovers than she bargained for, when the unveiling of a devastating secret initiates the emergence of an unwanted gift.Nothing is ever simple.Her personal life is chaos Her professional life is a mine field That whore between her legs has aCassie Woods just landed her first big case Determined to prove herself as a private investigator and catch a cheater, Cassie discovers than she bargained for, when the unveiling of a devastating secret initiates the emergence of an unwanted gift.Nothing is ever simple.Her personal life is chaos Her professional life is a mine field That whore between her legs has a mind of her own It was going to be an awe inspiring lesson in self restraint

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      312 Ravenna Young
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      What you will find between the pages Humor twisted, dirty, ridiculous , sexy sensual romance, and probably although I try to tone it down profanity Ravenna Young will always be supernatural, romance, suspense ghosts, fairies, etc.Remi Wild is my romantic side and all books will be romance new adult, contemporary, erotica, etc.I love to laugh, and I incorporate as much humor as possible into my work My days are spent saving those who can t speak for themselves My nights are spent with my family of two and four legged loves I read less than I d like to, eat chocolate than I should, and likely than not you will find me chilling with a glass of red on a good day, I ll drink straight from the bottleWriting takes me to a place where I can control and transform the world into whatever I want Laughter is my therapy, so I try to slip it in wherever I can.

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    1. A “Wild resolution that one was,” a line in the novel sums it up for me.This book was a refreshing change from the norm, although, I’m not sure what genre it fits into. I’m calling it the great story genre. I bet you can tell a lot about an author by the books they write. I loved hearing about the life of a burgeoning private investigator and although I have no real-life experiences to base this belief on, Ravenna Young’s Third Eye P.I. seems very real and authentic. I have the utmost [...]

    2. What an incredible blend of so many different aspects, this book entails. In addition to the main character and support characters all being so real and likeable for their diverse personalities, this story also has a blend of action that provided another depth to the story again. There is realism in all aspects of the human side of the characters - I think women readers in particular will be able to easily relate to many things going on with Cassie's body and mind, which cause her confusion. As [...]

    3. Third Eye PI starts with a dream that feels more like a premonition and so it begins.Cassie Woods and Greg are happily married. Cassie also has a younger sister, Sara, and a best friend, Eryn, with whom she is very close. Cassie is hired for night surveillance to keep an eye on a client’s errant wife, who may be having an affair with Jack Brady, a Karate instructor. However the infidelity she uncovers lies far closer to home than she would like.So far, so domestic, but then the tale begins to [...]

    4. Book Title: Third Eye P.I. (Third Eye P.I.) Book Authors: Ravenna YoungSource: Was gifted by the author for an honest review Rating: 4.5 starsThis is a story about a woman who went from horse racing to becoming a private investigator. However, something changed inside of her and she realized that some of her dreams are coming true. She has to work while hurting from a life event that changed everything for her, having an interest in several men, and learning a theory about the dreams from her fa [...]

    5. **copy provided by author** I was asked to write an honest review after reading 'Third Eye PI' by Ravenna Young and I'm glad I agreed. I started to read 'Third Eye P.I' and the first page jumps into the mystery, then into Cassies life as a new private detective. I liked reading Cassie, she is a young sole who says what ever is on her mind, unfiltered. 'Third Eye P.I is filled with erotica, Mystery and physic powers which was a nice touch to the book. 'Third Eye P.I' follows Cassies through a tho [...]

    6. Third Eye P. I. had all the elements that I love in a great mystery and then some. All I could think of was move over Nancy Drew 'cause there's a new woman sleuth in town! Cassie Woods thought she had the perfect marriage. Until, she finds her husband Greg in bed with her sister, Sara. It's bittersweet, since the case she's now working on is to catch a cheating spouse. Now, she's more determined than ever to bring closure for her client. Who thinks his wife is having an affair with her Karate in [...]

    7. I can't give a rating. I will simply say it was not for me. For others, I'll say read the sample and buy if it grabs you, or don't if it doesn't.

    8. I downloaded Third Eye PI as a free book from . This book read like a compilation of three unrelated plots, two different genres (detective, and paranormal), and a magic eight ball to determine chapter sequence. *** SPOILERS *** Segues from one thought to the next often made no sense, and the main character, Cassie was not one I could identify with in any of her actions, especially the indiscriminate sexual thoughts so soon after catching her husband in bed with her sister, and her vindictive ac [...]

    9. I spent most of my time reading this book smiling and gasping as I followed Cassie Woods on her first case as a private detective.Caught up in a madness of comical and dangerous situations with her her boss, her bestie and the dog she got suckered into buying, Cassie just about manages to solve the case while her private life falls apart.Was it really possible to resist the new hire at the firm, her boss’ great ass and her best friend’s brother or would “the whore between her legs” final [...]

    10. This book got me hooked from the first chapter till the very end. The characters are very well developed and the story takes unusual and surprising turns along the way, making this journey so thrilling.

    11. This book treats women and their bodies terribly and then changes its mind and let's women treat each other horribly.

    12. This was a quick, easy read. I can honestly say it is the only story I've read that takes place in Saskatchewan, which is cool. While I didn't feel I had a ton in common with our main character, her dilemmas were intriguing. A few of the plot developments were expected, but a number of twists were thrown in that raised my eyebrows and had me turning the page to learn more. My favorite aspect of the story was the relationship between the main character and her best friend. If only we could all be [...]

    13. Goodthe young woman who had become a p.I. and was investigating a couple .e husband didn't know what or who his wife is seeing.

    14. Cassie Woods works for Randy Tyler Investigations and, having recently obtained her P.I. Licence, is looking forward to her first surveillance job. Happy in her marriage to Greg, her whole world falls apart when she returns home unexpectedly. The shock and horror at what she finds is very skilfully conveyed. Cassie is working on the Schmidt case which involves her tailing Tricia Schmidt, whose husband, Jason, suspects of having an affair. Cassie is led on a trail which takes her to a local pet s [...]

    15. Cassie Woods (PI, Tyler Investigations) was assigned her 1st job by Randy Tyler (boss, Tyler Investigations).Jason Schmidt (client) thought his wife Tricia Schmidt was cheating on him with Jack Brady, their son Chase karate instructor. Tricia had also stayed to watch. Eryn Miller (BFF) was helping Cassie with the stakeout.Cassie came home from her job 1 day & low/behold what was Greg Montgomery (husband, ER nurse) up to? Randy expanded the business & also provided firearms & training [...]

    16. What a rollicking good time! I give this a solid 4.5 stars.Third Eye P.I. was a thoroughly enjoyable read. We meet Cassie, a twenty-something private investigator on her first solo case. But if you expect this book, or her case, to be a straightforward "cheating spouse" assignment you're in for a treat!While investigating a case, Cassie has her whole world turned upside down. Not only does her marriage fall apart, but now she's having dreams that are coming true! Add that to her fledgling PI esc [...]

    17. Hilarious and unexpected, Third Eye P.I. is not your average private investigator with something to prove. Despite some serious and shocking revelation in her personal life, Cassie embarks on her first real case. To say that the events of this novel are surprising and filled with twists and turns would be an understatement. I was constantly trying to figure out where the story was going and pleased to find the author kept things interesting from the start.The book is well written, the characters [...]

    18. Edgy, entertaining and well writtenThis story follows an interesting and very honest character, Cassie. She is a private investigator with a developing talent to see into the future through her dreams.There are favorite dramatic themes in this story such as cheating, mysterious strippers, and a troubled love life- but still holds so much intrigue as the author creatively adds unexpected twists. I wasn't able to predict what was going to happen next.One of my favorite quotes: "Your dad's back, an [...]

    19. When Cassie Woods starts as a PI she has no idea how her world’s about to change. And it’s this transformation that makes 3rd Eye PI an absolute pleasure to read. Her adventures, and the honesty that she faces them with, are an amazing and welcome change from scotch soaked case files and sultry femme fatales.I think that’s what really sealed this one for me. I loved the humor and the heart. Though it should be said there are plenty of grim/grisly moments. Not a one of them bothered me but [...]

    20. Third Eye PI is my first Ravenna Young novel and I'm so glad I finally got to read it! At first, after reading the prologue, I thought, what am I in for? Because I have found most prologues unnecessary as I read the novel. But this opener was interesting. Intriguing, even. It did exactly what it was supposed to. It made me want to keep reading. Then, the story took off right from chapter one. I found myself enthralled in this witty, spooky, and even laugh out loud funny novella.Cassie Woods is a [...]

    21. I loved this read. it was sexy, funny, and fast-paced. I enjoyed the story and the twists it took. I am trying not to give it away, but it was hilarious. Cassie finds herself in some unusual situations and the precognition thing was interesting. I hate when the psychics know everything except the one thing they are supposed to know. In this book, Cassie is trying to figure out her new found gifts but her attraction to three different men get in the way. There are some really steamy love scenes i [...]

    22. I had some hopes for this one. It was relatively decently written. Then it just got sloppyd sloppierd then there was so much slut shaming I could not handle it anymore. Also, the protagonist is kind of a bitch, and not even in the way you can vote for.

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