Skin Cage Daniel Stockholm was fifteen years old when a parasite hijacked his brain rendering him paralyzed and reliant on machines that run day and night to keep him alive For nine years Danny has been confi

  • Title: Skin Cage
  • Author: Nico Laeser
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Daniel Stockholm was fifteen years old when a parasite hijacked his brain, rendering him paralyzed and reliant on machines that run day and night to keep him alive For nine years, Danny has been confined within a biological prison with only two small windows, through which to view the world around him a silent witness to the selfless compassion of some and the selfish coDaniel Stockholm was fifteen years old when a parasite hijacked his brain, rendering him paralyzed and reliant on machines that run day and night to keep him alive For nine years, Danny has been confined within a biological prison with only two small windows, through which to view the world around him a silent witness to the selfless compassion of some and the selfish contrivance of others When the malicious actions of care worker, Marcus Salt, threaten to push Danny farther from the ones he loves, and deeper into the dark recesses of his skin cage, he is left with only one option He must find a way out.

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      Nico Laeser Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Skin Cage book, this is one of the most wanted Nico Laeser author readers around the world.

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    1. I read Nico Laeser’s Skin Cage while I was ill in bed recently. It was one of the few things that kept me tethered to the world, and seemed oddly appropriate for my own physical condition at the time. I felt great compassion for Daniel, identifying with his dilemma of being locked inside his body and prevented from explaining his suffering or asking for the simplest of his needs to be met. So many aspects of what it means to be disabled were explored here in the story, and the author’s own o [...]

    2. I love books that are not only engaging but take me in completely unexpected directions. Skin Cage was just such a book.We spend the first part of the story getting inside the head - literally - of Daniel, a young man trapped inside his completely immobilized body, unable to move or speak, and kept alive with machines.We meet the people around him, loved ones who have not given up hope that he can find a way to communicate with them, as well as a truly loathsome man named Marcus (who I literally [...]

    3. Original and cleverI'll start by using the F-word. Flippin' great read. What a clever and original story. I can't possibly refer to the plot without completely giving it away. This is an original piece of writing that held more than one surprise for me. It is not the usual type of book I would read but it caught me right from page one and never let go. The book for me comes in three parts and is well written. Nico Laeser tells the story of Daniel, (that's all I can say) in the first person and i [...]

    4. A highly emotive story that brought tears to my eyes, frustration and anger at Marcus' actions, hope for Danny/David where there was none, or was there? I will be thinking about Skin Cage for a long time to come and trying to answer my own questions about life, death and love.Nico Laeser has a great talent for writing, I was hooked from page one. Skin Cage is an original story told straight from the heart. It is well written and structured. I also liked the chapter headings, I knew the book was [...]

    5. A clever, skilfully told, and highly original story, bringing together subtle elements of science fiction, horror, and the paranormal, but in no way overly veering into any single genre. Initially the story explores what it’s like to be trapped in your own body, aware but unable to move or communicate in any way, a veritable living nightmare as it were. The story is narrated from a first person perspective, some of which is told via flashback, which considering the story is told very much from [...]

    6. There's a line in this book that triggered a memory of a dream I had many years ago after my dad died."Maybe when we are ready to let go of our memories, we are allowed to move on.'Now I can't get the dream or the line out of my head.That's the kind of book Skin Cage is; the haunting melody of forgotten dreams and things we should have left behind but clutch tightly to ourselves in a vain attempt to maintain some sense of self in a twisting environment. But in the final analysis, you're never wh [...]

    7. Irrespective of author, genre or subject matter, I like to believe that I read with an open mind. I can say with sincerity that within the first few paragraphs I found this story spell-binding. The plot is well devised and developed from beginning to end, but at no point would a reader know the direction of their impending journey.Contrary to popular belief, first person point of view is not easy to carry through a fictional tale. It takes skill and concentration by the writer. He or she must be [...]

    8. An intriguing and enchanting read… The stylish cover piqued my curiosity, along with the idea of being trapped within one’s own body, and I knew I wanted to read this story. It’s an absorbing tale of a young man imprisoned inside his paralysed body, and his struggle to be heard. It’s one of those taboo subjects, and something that horrifies us, to be caught still totally lucid and alive, but frozen and unable to be heard. I had no idea where the author could or would take us, and that in [...]

    9. Skin Cage is the kind of book that leaves you thinking about it, long after you've finished reading. I was a little worried going in. The premise of the book - a man trapped inside an unresponsive body, but alive in his thoughts - I was expecting long-winded, preachy internal monologues for the majority of a book. What I read though was a heartfelt story of Daniel, someone I was rooting for, begging mercy for, and getting angry for. The book was nothing less than amazing. It was everything you c [...]

    10. Wow, what a touching story. I'm so moved; I'm not even sure how to begin. Perhaps, it's the fact that I have a mentally challenged sister who can't communicate very well. Perhaps, it's the fact that I empathize too much with people who are less fortunate than others. Perhaps, it's a subject that you don't see written in fiction too often. I don't know the reason as to why, but one thing's for sure, this story touched my soul. The tone is heartbreaking, hopeful, and endearing all rolled into one. [...]

    11. Review: Nico Laeser is an author name you would remember, and Skin Cage is such a strange and affecting title for a book. Then, you consider the artwork, which just adds to the overall strangeness. The synopsis adds another level to this - and then - you start reading.Skin Cage holds the reader's attention from the start, telling us the story of Daniel (Danny) who gives clues to his state. He is paralysed, and can hardly move anything, save for his on occasion or when his head lols to one side o [...]

    12. This is an outstanding and highly original book that provokes some serious questions about human nature. It starts as a compelling story about a vulnerable man trapped in his paralyzed body. He silently witnesses both compassion and cruelty of his caretakers without an option to either say thanks or complain. He finally finds his way out of his skin cage, and his journey is full of disappointment, hope, love, understanding and many unexpected twists.Since Danny’s story is told in the first per [...]

    13. A good book in my opinion is a book that engages its reader, provokes emotions and can be hard to put down. If it is beautiful, well written and leaves you sitting open-mouthed in awe at the end, than it is a great book. This is a great book. We see the world through Danny’s eyes. Left in an apparently vegetative state by a parasite, he is trapped in his cage of skin, unable to communicate. We get to understand his world as various characters in his life appear before him. Loss, love, anger an [...]

    14. I was first attracted to this book by the title - I cannot think of another book title as dramatic or intriguing as this one sounds. A quick read of the blurb made me realise it was not going to be the grim horror story I was anticipating, but given the short length I gave it a go anyway. It was a decision I did not regret.The plot focuses on the tragedy of a young man, Danny, who is 'locked in' due to a parasite which has rendered him immobile. It is a truly nightmarish scenario, but should not [...]

    15. A Soul’s JourneyImagine being trapped inside yourself, a human shell, unable to speak or move. Yet you hear what others say, experience deep emotions and horrific physical pain. How would you break free of your skin cage? Could you?In this gripping story, Daniel Stockholm, a paralyzed man unable to communicate, finds moments of blessed freedom by traveling beyond the boundaries of his physical prison, giving the reader a look at the different energies of individual souls—the stuff that makes [...]

    16. I didn’t think it was possible for a book to be both heartwarming and heart wrenching at the same time all the way through. Well- this book proved me wrong. Danny is paralyzed- unable to move or communicate in any way. We are in his mind throughout and we see his care givers- the good and the bad- and how much they affect him. Most people assume that Daniel is no longer aware of what is going on, brain dead maybe. His aunt and his caregiver are the only two who believe differently. When Danny [...]

    17. A creative and unpredictable story, extremely well told.Occasionally I come across a book that really grabs me that surpasses my expectations and takes me for a ride beyond the enjoyment of reading it. I found this with Skin Cage. The description of the book intrigued me but once I started reading, I was taken for a ride. The writing was descriptive yet not over-the-top. Many times I stopped and re-read a line simply because I was so impressed at the choice of wording.The story was an emotional [...]

    18. Skin Cage is a superbly crafted and compelling book that kidnaps the reader and transports them into the mind of a paralyzed young man, Daniel Stockholm. Daniel is alive, but because of a parasite infection, his body is not. He is literally a prisoner in his own body, and is unable to communicate with the world. Because the story is told from Daniel’s point of view, the reader becomes intimately acquainted with everything this young man feels as well as what it is like to live in a vegetative [...]

    19. Another reviewer got it correct when he said this is an emotional roller coaster and a thought provoking work. Imagine waking up and not remembering your past. Knowing you did something, but not knowing why. Looking in mirrors and seeing a reflection of a foreign body that does not match your sharp mind. Imagine a world in which Friday mornings are your favorite, not because it is the end of your work week, but because it is a day which provides an open door to another world, a place to which yo [...]

    20. Nico Laeser’s Skin Cage is a provocative read that begins as one type of story and then, before you know it, crosses effortlessly into another that you (or at least I) did not see coming. The second half is particularly imaginative in its treatment of (spoiler alert here) out of body – and even after death – scenes. I found the ways in which the author conceived and presented the protagonist’s experiences during these episodes to be fascinating and innovative, involving sound as well as [...]

    21. “Skin Cage” by Nico Laeser is an extraordinary and hugely rewarding story. Told from the perspective of a paralyzed young man the book has quite an ambitious premise and follows it through successfully. Daniel Stockholm is not Danny, which is the name he has given his ‘skin cage’ or his biological prison. His mind sees himself differently and it is Daniel who tells us his gripping story. The narrative is superb, intimate, honest and unique. The book is powerful, original and unlike any I [...]

    22. What??I'm not even sure what I just read chapter he's paralysed in a wheelchair then next chapter he's in a hospital completely able to move. It lost me around there.

    23. I knew I wanted to read this book after teasing myself by reading the first five chapters on my last day of kindle unlimited. After that I bought the book because it ticked those particular boxes for originality and good writing that make a book desirable. I am so glad I did, this has got to be one of my best reads for 2015. The story is simply beautiful in concept and execution. I simply loved this book which has got be one of the most original that I have read.I feared this book might resurrec [...]

    24. This is such a beautifully poignant story of love and hope despite the tragic condition of the main character Daniel. I was entranced from the start and each chapter was more spellbinding than the last. It was hard to conceive how a whole book could be told from the perspective of a comatose man, but the imaginative story that unfolded far exceeded any ideas I'd had. To tell of all the fascinating twists in the plot would spoil the story, so I shall leave that pleasure for readers to discover fo [...]

    25. Nico Laeser gave me something else to be afraid of.In Skin Cage, we are introduced to a young man named Daniel Stockholm--an unfortunate individual who, at the age of fifteen, was reduced to a vegetative state by a tapeworm. Though it’s hard to detail the story without giving too much away (given the book’s relatively-short length,) the story follows Daniel’s musings about his past, his person, his potential futures in a world where he cannot move anything but his eyes, and, most of all, h [...]

    26. Few stories have the ability to bring one to tears. This one does. Powerful and poignant, Nico pulls you inside the head of the protagonist and doesn't let you go. Nico had me bawling my eyes out on a packed plane and while I felt like an idiot, I could not stop reading. I have only one question for all of you agents who lurk the amazon review pages. WHY ARE YOU NOT SCOOPING UP THIS AUTHOR? Well done Nico, well done. I bought the paperback of this one. It deserves to be on the shelf along with t [...]

    27. It's almost impossible for a review to do this book justice. Excellent, powerful writing is paired with an intriguing and unique premise. There is a great deal of heart in this book. Very much recommended.

    28. I've been aware of the existence of this book for a long while. I avoided it because the title and cover image misled me into thinking it was some kind of horror fantasy. If you have the same impression I urge you to ignore it. Yes, there is a fantasy element, but there is nothing horrific about it. It is, rather, a love story.The central character is a young man who is, at the opening of the book, in a vegetative state, kept alive by machines. Whilst he is unable to communicate with his carers, [...]

    29. Skin CageBy Nico LaeserPARANORMALTwo different people recommended this book to me. The author (whom I only “know” through a book reading club) and a good friend. I didn’t even bother to read the description because my friend and I have similar tastes and if she says it's good's going to be good. I ran straight to my kindle to buy it. Glad I didn’t know what to expect. The surprise was amazing! With a name like SKIN CAGE, I think I was expecting something violent or horrific (something al [...]

    30. I will try not to give any spoilers because this was a terrific text, and I highly recommend anyone looking for a quick read to pick it up. For one, the chapters are very short, which caused me to stay up late two straight nights repeating to myself "just one more chapter then I'll go to sleep."For a short text, Nico really managed to create a dynamic environment. Within the first chapter we are introduced to four very different characters (two of whom are very deep and one is intriguing for bei [...]

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