Kissing Demons Guardian Geneva Archer might be infamous than famous among the supernaturals in Ft Worth but when a sexy werewolf enters her territory she finds herself face to face with her worst fear save humanit

  • Title: Kissing Demons
  • Author: Jen Winters
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Guardian Geneva Archer might be infamous than famous among the supernaturals in Ft Worth, but when a sexy werewolf enters her territory, she finds herself face to face with her worst fear save humanity or save her soulmate After 800 years of guarding humanity from the things that make your hair stand on end in the dead of night, Geneva Archer is given a two week vaGuardian Geneva Archer might be infamous than famous among the supernaturals in Ft Worth, but when a sexy werewolf enters her territory, she finds herself face to face with her worst fear save humanity or save her soulmate After 800 years of guarding humanity from the things that make your hair stand on end in the dead of night, Geneva Archer is given a two week vacation to work out her feelings of loneliness and refresh her spirit With time on her hands, she goes to her favorite club a place for supernaturals to gather without worrying about human interference While there, she meets Alex, a compelling werewolf with a demonic side But instead of blasting him back to hell like her instincts would normally tell her to do, Geneva falls head over heels For Alex, Geneva is an answer to prayer She can free him from the most notorious demon walking the earth his father Yuruch isn t interested in his offspring s life, just his body the perfect body for a demon to inhabit With Alex s body and powers, Yuruch will become nearly invincible, able to wreak his hellish destruction on humanity from an impenetrable fortress In order to get his hands on Alex, Yuruch kidnaps one of Geneva s sisters, luring both her and Alex into an ambush After the botched rescue mission, Alex is possessed by Yuruch, leaving Geneva with a dead sister, a destroyed city and no way to get her soulmate back without giving Yuruch everything he desires Can Geneva figure out a way to defeat Yuruch and save Alex without sacrificing the very best of humanity in the process Does she even want to

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    1. Jen Winters

      Jen Winters fell in love with paranormal romance after her daughter was born and she needed a way to escape reality for a few minutes a day She loved it so much she decided to take her own pen to it The world of the Guardians was developed through deeply irreligious conversations with her father who likes to misinterpret scripture as often as humanly possible and a good dose of did I just read that when looking into ancient near eastern mythology and scripture.

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    1. What an utterly unique world I just dived into. Right off the bat I was fascinated. I kept saying to myself, Guardians really could exist because as soon as they leave your presence, you forget about them. What a mind-trip.I did find a few spots in the center of the story a bit slow, but the last third of the book held me captivated, and I really can not wait to read what happens in this world next.Good job, Jen Winters, well done.

    2. I wavered between 3 and 4 stars as this book wasn't something I usually read. I'm more into the angst riddled, borderline psychotic paranormal. Kissing Demons was a surprisingly sweet tale considering it dealt with demons, werewolves and Guardians who fight evil.Geneva, thankfully, wasn't a TSTL heroine. She was smart, tough and willing to kick ass when needed. Yet she didn't fall into the trap of smart ass bitch to get her point across. A strong woman and one I quite liked.Alex, sadly, we didn' [...]

    3. For the most part I quite enjoyed this story.The author obviously has a strong religious/historical background and that comes through in the richness of the detail. The background of the Guardianswas fascinating.Geneva was compelling, particularly in the beginning pages, and Alex was smoking hot! The insta-love was a little hard to swallow though. I don't generally have a huge problem with that, when the author can make me buy into it. I didn't feel that happened here. It also felt like the paci [...]

    4. BTW this is not the book cover for Jen's bookWhen I first downloaded Jen Winters’ Kissing Demons I suspected it was yet another of the many Laurel Hamilton, Charlene Harris clones circulating the market—heroine meets vampire/werewolf, loves vampire/werewolf, together they kick ass. (Okay, Sookie Stackhouse was more of a wimp but you know where I’m going.) The formula grows wearying after a while.In fact, had I not been asked by a third party to review the book, I wouldn’t have bothered b [...]

    5. 3 1\2 StarsI will have to start off Paranormal Romance is a genre that I have avoided because I can't seem to wrap my mind around demons, werewolves, witches, and things that go bump in the night. Jen Winters introduced something a little different which I found interesting Guardians. Guardian is person God has appointed to keep people safe from evil or other things that go bump in the night. She lead female character protects people who will achieve or their family might achieve greater things. [...]

    6. I swore I’d never lay a hand on Twilight. The idea of hooking up with a non-human, supernatural creature just has zero appeal for me. But when Kissing Demons was featured as book of the month in the club I’m part of, I’d thought’ what the hell.’ And it wasn’t bad at all. In fact, Ms. Winters makes her characters so humanized you forget that one’s half-werewolf and the other’s a guardian (a woman granted the privilege of protecting humans in the afterlife).Kissing Demons is Book 1 [...]

    7. I'm always on the lookout for stories which feature religious subject matter, and Kissing Demons delivers. It's also a paranormal romance that pretty much exists in the world we mere mortals know, with the supernatural (or in this case the Divine) hiding in plain sight. Another one of my favorite themes. ☺Jen Winters penned an impressive, satisfyingly complicated, rather epic tale filled with a ton of characters possessing well-thought-out backstories and distinct personalities. The first half [...]

    8. You know how when you ask someone who can really cook fabulous how they made something they most times end up saying well you put alittle of this and some of that and for them it turns out fantastic? I would venture to say with anyone other than this author things would not of turned out quite so well-she has a little of this and some of that from the paranormal or fantasy realm and has come up with a different spin in the ever going war between good and evil. You meet Geneva who is a guardian a [...]

    9. I had the pleasure and honor of editing this book, and seeing the story unfold from the beginning. Jen's characters are intriguing and the story starts off with a demon-vanquishing bang and escalates from there! Her unique, straight-forward way of telling the main character Geneva's tale is surprisingly refreshing and if you like your contemporary fantasy filled with demons and werewolves and more, be sure to have a look at Kissing Demons. I know I, for one, am looking forward to the next instal [...]

    10. This book started out a little slow for me. I was able to really get into it after a few chapters though. It was a good story line and kept my attention until the end. Geneva's story was very interesting and it put a new spin on the Guardian perspective. I found myself trying to figure out what would happen next. I look forward to the next book in the series!

    11. Kissing Demons was a fascinating read, and not only because it was a great story with a hot romance. I have to say, it challenged my thinking when some rather deep aspects of the nature of a loving God were explored with expertise and humor. If that isn't your 'thing', you probably won't notice it. As someone who has studied classic civilizations including their pantheons, I appreciated every reference I found and especially the way the author has blended bits and pieces to create her world in t [...]

    12. Kissing Demons, by Jen Winters, is one of the sweetest, happiest stories I've read in a long time. You wouldn't think it would be given that the premise is a heroine, Geneva, who is a Guardian charged by God to protect humanity from the supernatural world, and a hero, Alex, who is a half demon (incubus) and half werewolf, but Ms. Winters spins these characters into a truly enchanting tale. The story is full of tender moments, characters working together for the common good, and "people" who trul [...]

    13. I am totally in love.This book has everything. Geneva is breathtakingly sweet character with a tough side and some serious magical back up. Alex her love is just got. And what every woman dreams of. But they have a tough rode to following to there ending. And wow what an ending 10 thumbs up. I won't spoil it. There's demons. Angels. Guardians. If you can dream it up its probably in there. Paranormal romance has never been better. And what about a witch line that has over 300 daughter's? And of c [...]

    14. This was unlike any PNR I've ever read! Exceptional story with original concepts. I liked that Geneva wasn't the perfect heroine. She often doubted herself and had to turn to others for help. Her relationship with Alex was steamy but perhaps a bit too perfect. I would have liked a bit more drama between them. Even immortals have to argue sometimes.The ending was satisfying, the epilogue leaving an opening for sequels. Wonderful read!

    15. First let me start by saying, I am doing this review in conjunction with #NerdGirl. I am not paid for my reviews, I just do them because I like to. Where do I start with Kissing Demons? There are so many facets to this novel that I can't even imagine where I am to begin reviewing it. For the most part I enjoyed reading the book. Guardian Geneva has been roaming around girl for centuries helping humans by protecting them from demons. In this beginning of this story we find out heroine working har [...]

    16. This book was written from Geneva's point of view. It picks up with her life 'before' meeting Alex in the novella before this, and then continues on. It is fascinating to watch how her life changes as she discovers the relationship that she and Alex have and what it means. Even more interesting is watching her take on Alex's father, trying to find a way to rid the world of him. So many things change, and having been a resident of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I saw some correlation between events [...]

    17. KISSING DEMONS is the exciting, imaginative start to what will surely be an outstanding paranormal series. Author Jen Winters has given us characters – especially Geneva, the irresistible, kick-ass heroine who repeatedly risks her life protecting humankind from evil – who not only grab attention but make the reader really care what happens to them. The world in which these characters operate is very well-thought-out and consistent within its own rules. I particularly liked the thread through [...]

    18. W O WThis is my first time reading Jen Winters and I am very impressed with the level of imagination and the world she creates for her characters. I am a huge paranormal fanatic and this has an interesting take on the supernatural, not just fae, vampires, and such but also demons and we are introduced to the Guardians.One of my favorite parts of this book was the setting, while I have read so much set all over. Jen has hers set in the Dallas Metroplex, my stomping grounds. It created a more beli [...]

    19. This was an interesting start to a series involving angels, demons and such beasties as werewolves and vampires. The main female character acts out a pivotal role within the novel, a woman of extreme power who is the lynch pin for the main action. There is a sense that the writer is hugely invested in the plight of humanity and despite the often amoral goings on, there is a thread of conscience which runs throughout. The book was relatively easy to get into with some decent twists and turns from [...]

    20. This could very well be the next Epic Series in Paranormal Romance!!!This story not only had all the paranormal aspects for a great story, but the characters are well developed and the plot is plausible in the world created by Jen Winters. I love nothing more that a Fiction read that incorporates History accurately. This story does just that. While reading it dawned on my the Leading Heroine in this story is actually my 23 Great Grandmother, and of course that made me giddy as a school girl and [...]

    21. 4.5 StarsThe story and background that was created in this novel is unlike any I have previously read. The concept of the Guardians, their purpose, and their beginning was fascinating. I enjoyed reading the tidbits dating back to Geneva’s human life. The insight into her past made her more relatable and likeable to me. She has a very strong sense of family. This is not only those with a genetic tie, but her Sister Guardians and her staff. Geneva was a picture of love in my opinion. Alex is alp [...]

    22. This was the first time I've read a book by this author, so I had no idea what to expectThe beginning of the book started off slow introducing you the world of guardians. The first few chapters showed Geneva at her best helping people by setting them back on the right track of life. Just when you think that's what the book is going to be like throughout, it opens up to the world of Soulmates and demonsGeneva meets her Soulmate Alex, who is a halfling - half demon, half wolfhis father is the migh [...]

    23. Guardian Geneva Archer puts in 110% to her guardian duties. She lives and breaths being a guardian. But when she meets Alex her world turns up side down. Alex is the one who can complete her after being alone for 800 years. Alex is devilishly handsome werewolf with a demonic side. Geneva has to balance her personal life with Alex while dealing with the worst Demon the Guardians have ever seen. The Demon Yuruch is set on destroying humanity and to do it he needs his son Alex. Geneva must find a w [...]

    24. Kissing Demons is mostly a fast paced fantasy, but does slow down in places where necessary explanations are given. As a new reader of fantasy, I found these passages helpful but others might think differently.It has all the usual elements of guardians, demons, werewolves, fae, and witchcraft. The heroine Geneva, an immortal guardian, along with her sister guardians have to fight and destroy a powerful demon who’s sired many Halfling children. Geneva discovers one of them is her soul mate, but [...]

    25. I am glad to say that the book did not turn out like I was imagining. It turned out even better! Kissing Demons kept me guessing what would happen. The book is about Geneva and Alex, who find out they are soul mates. Geneva is a Guardian and Alex is a wolf and demon mix. I found myself cheering them on throughout the book. Through the bad and the good parts of their story, Kissing Demons was a great read. To me the book ended way too soon. Although the book is not very long (to me anyway) it was [...]

    26. Another fast-paced, page-turning, paranormal romance from Jen Winters. An enchanting tale written from the POV of the heroine, a smart, tough and tender Guardian.I love the writing style, the depth and strength of the many characters, the fascinating and unique world, and the hot yet sweet romance.I am looking forward to reading the next installment Falling Angels

    27. While this is not generally my genre, I did enjoy reading this book. There were certain premises I had not thought of before which made the story engaging. While I admit that I got a little confused at time by the number of characters that got introduced, once I got the hang of it, I kept reading right till the end. I think people who like demons/angels/werewolves/vampires, etc. will certainly like this title and will go on to read all the books in the series. Certainly an author to watch!

    28. Ok so this book wasn't what I was expecting, it was so much better I love the way the author Jen Winters wrote this suspenseful masterpiece. It's about Geneva a gardian and Alex a half wolf half demon who become close and have all kinds of things happen to them and I never knew what to expect next and I recommend giving this book a read love it.

    29. CaptivatingAbsolutely one of the best stories I've had the pleasure of reading! If you read any paranormal genre, this book needs to be on your TBR list. It's got everything you never knew you wanted to read.

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