The Phantom Lover The fascinating stranger who visits a young lady in the dead of night is no ghostly spirit in this spellbinding Regency romance by award winning author Elizabeth Mansfield After scandalizing London wi

  • Title: The Phantom Lover
  • Author: Elizabeth Mansfield
  • ISBN: 9781497697744
  • Page: 300
  • Format: ebook
  • The fascinating stranger who visits a young lady in the dead of night is no ghostly spirit in this spellbinding Regency romance by award winning author Elizabeth Mansfield After scandalizing London with her improper behavior and jilting two suitors, Nell Belden is about to do it again This time she rejects the very wealthy, utterly insufferable nobleman her financially sThe fascinating stranger who visits a young lady in the dead of night is no ghostly spirit in this spellbinding Regency romance by award winning author Elizabeth Mansfield After scandalizing London with her improper behavior and jilting two suitors, Nell Belden is about to do it again This time she rejects the very wealthy, utterly insufferable nobleman her financially strapped guardians have been pressuring her to marry Banished to their isolated Cornwall estate, Nell is awakened one night by an unusual apparition But her midnight visitor is no phantom He is Captain Henry Thorne, sixth Earl of Thornbury The new Lord of Thorndene has returned to his crumbling family seat to live in isolation, far from the horrors of war Nell is intrigued by this wounded soldier who has no desire to take his rightful place in society As the weeks pass and fascination flames into dangerous desire, Nell realizes she must leave or risk losing her heart to the one man who can never belong to her.

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    1. Elizabeth Mansfield

      Elizabeth Mansfield is the author of numerous regency romances She is an intelligent and thoughtful writer, a hidden gem whose novels deserve to be widely read and enjoyed.Elizabeth Mansfield is the pen name of the talented Paula Reibel Schwartz Ms Schwartz also wrote different genres under the pen names Paula Reibel, Paula Reid, and Paula Jonas.

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    1. This was absolutely delightful. A young man severely injured in the Napoleonic War comes home bitterly depressed hiding away in a small Cornish town hoping that the world thinks him dead. Unfortunately, the heroine and an elderly friend show up at his home (unannounced) and threaten to blow his cover. To get her to leave, he acts as a ghost to scare her away. The antics between the heroine and ghost were quite funny and I loved their feisty attitude.Great regency romance. I highly recommend.

    2. It would have been 5 stars if I haven't felt that Nell behaved rather outrageously immature in the second half of the book and the resolution was a bit too "last minute" for my tastes. Still, the first half of the book was delightful and the banter between the leads as mister ghost and his-intended-scare-victim is quite fun.

    3. Elizabeth Mansfield's "Phantom Lover"  Good one from Elizabeth Mansfield, almost didn't put it down to do the things I was supposed to do today. Also love the cool 1970's-style cover on the 1979 edition (which I am lucky enough to have).

    4. 4.5 StarsOriginal storyline, checked. Remaining authentic to the era, checked. Humor, checked. Character build up, checked. I deducted 1/2 point for the pace of the last 1/3rd of the book. It took exactly 5 pages for Harry to untangle the mess and be back in Cornwall.

    5. What a fun, traditional Regency romance! I chuckled out loud many times especially in the first half. The banter and chemistry between Nell and Harry leapt off the pages, keeping me well-entertained. I enjoyed seeing them fall in love as well as establishing a solid friendship.The author did a great job in showing how Nell fit Harry perfectly. Her sweet, yet fiery spirit (hehe) was exactly what he needed. Harry, too, possessed an easy-going, yet moody nature that kept Nell on her toes. He was no [...]

    6. When Nell jilts her fourth betrothed and with it tosses aside her guardians hopes of getting out debt her family sends her away to teach her a lesson. Nell is banished far to the her families estate that is furthest from London. Her kind honorary Aunt agrees to accompany her on the long journey. When they arrive at the state they find the caretakers to be unwelcoming and are told the house is haunted. Nell doesn't believe in ghosts but when she receives a ghostly visitation she is intrigued. She [...]

    7. I really loved this one. Of course the "ghost" who visits Nell's bedchamber at night is flesh-and-blood, but it's such an enjoyable event for her that she's loathe to figure out how the trick is done and spoil the fun. The friendship that develops between Nell and her visitor is exactly what one would expect to come before one falls in love. So many of these novels focus solely on the physical attractions, or love at first sight, but the novels that develop a real, lasting relationship between t [...]

    8. Harry who was wounded in the Napoleonic wars pretends to be a ghost to try to scare Nell away from the house where she has been banished.A very cute story and a long time favorite,

    9. Technically this is a (multiple times) re-read. I first read it in 1979; indeed, somewhere, is my original paperback copy, but I hadn't re-read it in who knows how long. Maybe I was afraid that the 'suck fairy' would have gotten to it. i am happy to report that it is just as charming as it ever was.This is Regency Romance in the Georgette Heyer mold. Delightful characters, clever dialog, heart-felt emotions. I laughed. I cried, I rejoiced in the well-deserved happy ending. Our heroine, Nell, is [...]

    10. Too bad I can't come over my initial dislike of Nell, because Nell and Harry's first encounter was everything delightful and hilarious. But Nell is refreshingly dislike-able. I thought I would really like her, a girl who admits to dampening her gowns a few times and showing off her figures. Way better than moralizing hypocrites who are supposedly tastefully revealing. meh. But her attitude toward the betrothal and the family situation was too stupid and, as much as I am against coercing someone [...]

    11. Fun little Regency! Not steamy, so if you're looking for a "clean romance" this would fit the bill. I was worried that Nell would be a disappointment, because at first she seemed so rebellious - which seemed odd, considering how her guardians indulged/didn't bother with her. Rather wanted to bash both her guardians over the head within a very few pages, but in a way, it sort of showed what kind of marriage two selfish, ego-centric pleasure-seekers would have developed over the years. The mystery [...]

    12. Charming Regency with lots of amusing situations and witty conversation between characters. This is a delightful pair of lovers who suit one another perfectly and the reader knows they will have a happy and loving life together. There are some fun secondary characters like Aunt Amelia and Roddy and who can forget the inestimable Nigel (and his mother!)? Lots of fun and a well crafted story! More shades of Georgette Heyer!

    13. Such a sweet Regency romance! Headstrong Nell meets and falls in love with ghostly smuggler Harry DÉspry while exiled from London to a remote Cornish estate. though we all know he's not a ghost, but wounded war hero and Earl of Thorndene. Cpt Henry Thorne. It's a quick read with likeable characters, unpleasant villains, and in the end, everyone gets their just deserts.

    14. This book was just okay. The plot, characters, and romance where all fine, but underwhelming. Also, not enough ghost story.

    15. The first half is a lot of fun. h is banished to an estate in Cornwall, by her adopted 'parents'. A tea-loving great aunt accompanies her. H is hiding from the world and is depressed about his amputated leg. He tries to scare them away by playing to be a ghost. H visits h nightly as ghost, and they play along for 2 weeks.Around midway through the novel, everyone is in London, H is back with his fiancee (not the h!), whom he was betrothed to before leaving for war. And I don't really like this pa [...]

    16. After seeing the 1979 publication date I was afraid this book would be full of literal bodice ripping and alpha-holes and old skool awfulness. But in fact it's a lovely Regency romance with a feminist heroine and a good share of laughs.The good:- Nell is a strong character that has her head on straight. She calls people out on their bullshit and is determined to only marry for love.- The hero appearing as a "ghost" is fun device that is executed well. There's nothing domineering about Henry, a g [...]

    17. Treat For Regency Romance LoversWounded having lost a leg, the new Earl hides on his remote Cornish Estate. At the same time, young Nell is banished to the same Estate by her guardian, who is anticipating becoming the Earl because nobody has heard from Harry since leaving him wounded on a battlefield in Spain. He has been presumed dead. And dead he appears, when he assumes the appearance of a ghost to scare away Nell and his Aunt Amelia from the estate.The dialogue is witty and delightful betwee [...]

    18. overall, it was a good read. i wasn't convinced by the beginning but enjoyed the second part when the setting changed. the characters were as believable as befits a romance novel of the genre. i am always in two minds about the dukes and earls etc. because they (and the girls obviously) always seem too nice, not, you know, powerful / leading enough as would befit their position. in romances they tend to be sympathetic to everyone without the sense of entitlement i would expect from the higher cl [...]

    19. Frustrating lack of depth Too much telling, and retelling, and reminders of what we've been told. Not enough showing. The author often summarizes situations and feelings that are central to the story. It leaves me with a haunting feeling that the storyline had a lot of potential but failed to deliver. The hero was especially disappointing. His dialogue was awkward and unconvincing and didn't match the character described. Yes, Elizabeth Mansfield delivered what I was looking for - a fluffy story [...]

    20. Well, I think you are a great Rudesby to haunt a girl in her nightdress!!After this rather unexpected reaction to his portrayal of a bloody ghost, poor Captain Harry finds himself less and less interested in frightening away his unexpected guest and more interested in getting to know her. This is a very good Recency romance, if slightly obviously in the style of Georgette Heyer. It is funny, witty, sweet and very entertaining. In fact I enjoyed it so much I'm going to read everything else the au [...]

    21. Love the hydrangea on the cover. Honestly though I loved the whole thing, this book was excellent all around. A Peninsular war veteran (Harry) damaged in body and mind wants to recuperate (aka brood) in peace at his manor in Cornwall. When the heroine (Nell) is banished to the same estate, he attempts to haunt her and his aunt out of his home and Nell laughs at his attempts. The chemistry and banter between the two is off the charts.

    22. Written in 1979, this was a sweet, typical, short regency. It was rather delightful. What made it different was the heroine, who was "a bit of a baggage." She's a girl who likes to have fun, likes to flirt, enjoys herself (she is respectable and appropriate.) She's popular. She's cried off from three engagements. I enjoyed watching the humorous and fun interaction between her and the hero.

    23. I adore this book beyond reason and I've re-read it more times than I can say. It's not a new book but happily it's been released in digital form for $1.99. If someone told me that they were willing to read just one historical romance in their life, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend The Phantom Lover as that one book. It's romance writing at it's very finest.

    24. Ceritanya? Biasa aja Ringan Tokoh2nya bisa dibilang tidak ada yang menonjol termasuk kedua tokoh utama, singkat kata kurang digali lebih dalam tentang karakter mereka. Agak jarang untuk sebuah novel yang bebas dari sensualitas yang biasa ditonjolkan di berbagai novel yang ada unsur romantisme. Baca semalam suntuk habisin nih cerita tapi lumayanlah meski agak membosankan sedikit.

    25. Fun and charming Regency love story - thanks to my Heyer-loving GR friends for recommending this author. Charming characters, witty dialogue, satisfying love story with just enough angst about whether (and how!) Harry and Nell will get their happily ever after - what more could a reader ask for?! I look forward to enjoying more of Mansfield's delightful Regency romances.

    26. I really wasn't all that impressed by this one. Maybe it was just my mood, but I found the characters shallow and the plot only too predictable. Then again I'm in a reading slump and nothing seems to suit me lately

    27. In this one, the heroine falls in love with a ghost. There are no dark scenes or freezing such as are commonly associated with ghosts. Nell doesn't recognize him as a ghost at first. This book is great fun to read. The author really has quite an imagination!

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