Mythology The DC Comics Art of Alex Ross THE EISNER AWARD WINNING NATIONALLY BEST SELLING MYTHOLOGY IS HERE IN PAPERBACK IN AN EXPANDED EDITION WITH NEW PAGES Mythology returns in a newly expanded paperback edition of the book Entertai

  • Title: Mythology: The DC Comics Art of Alex Ross
  • Author: Alex Ross Geoff Spear Chip Kidd
  • ISBN: 9780375714627
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • THE EISNER AWARD WINNING, NATIONALLY BEST SELLING MYTHOLOGY IS HERE IN PAPERBACK, IN AN EXPANDED EDITION WITH 32 NEW PAGES.Mythology returns, in a newly expanded paperback edition of the book Entertainment Weekly awarded a grade of A, saying Alex Ross brings to his work an unparalleled sense of the real His heroes both super and mortal have weight they exist in space,THE EISNER AWARD WINNING, NATIONALLY BEST SELLING MYTHOLOGY IS HERE IN PAPERBACK, IN AN EXPANDED EDITION WITH 32 NEW PAGES.Mythology returns, in a newly expanded paperback edition of the book Entertainment Weekly awarded a grade of A, saying Alex Ross brings to his work an unparalleled sense of the real His heroes both super and mortal have weight they exist in space, and that space is affected by them in ways never before seen on the page And so here they are, the incomparable cast of the DC Comics universe Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Aquaman, the Green Lantern, and the rest of the Justice League as you ve never seen them before Mythology brings together the best loved comic characters in the world, brought to life by Alex Ross, one of the most astonishing young artists working in the medium today The award winning designer writer Chip Kidd and photographer Geoff Spear have teamed up to create a book like no other, with an introduction by M Night Shyamalan, the acclaimed director of The Village and The Sixth Sense Ross has often been called the Norman Rockwell of comics, and this book reveals not only his lifelong love of these classic superheroes but also his vision Mythology takes you into the studio for a behind the scenes look at his fascinating creative process The combination of Ross s dynamic art and Kidd s kinetic design makes images from his most memorable stories including Kingdom Come, Superman Peace on Earth, Batman War on Crime, and Uncle Sam soar off the than 300 pages The new material centers on Ross s startling new comic book series, Justice, including sketches, preliminary art, prototype figures, and Mythology is a book in which every page explodes with the power of the icons it celebrates.

    • [PDF] Download ½ Mythology: The DC Comics Art of Alex Ross | by Í Alex Ross Geoff Spear Chip Kidd
      235 Alex Ross Geoff Spear Chip Kidd
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    479 thoughts on “Mythology: The DC Comics Art of Alex Ross”

    1. (More pictures at parkablogs)This book on Alex Ross comic art is stunning. There are comics where the characters are brought to life by the art and story, but you know that they are still created from imagination. With Alex Ross, it seems like he's drawing a character that really exists. His sense of realism is unparalleled. He blurs the line between fantasy and reality.He's compared often with Norman Rockwell and it's apt, but Alex Ross is in a class of his own too. He, too, uses photographic r [...]

    2. a beautiful book with great art. A must have coffee table book for those who love comics. You can spend hours just slowly turning the pages. If you don't have it yet, run out and get it now :)

    3. This is great as a coffee table book -- its large size, the flashy colors, the ornate artwork it was meant for casual perusing. I've probably flipped through this book a few dozen times, but only recently decided to read it cover to cover, page by page.The result was a confirmation that this is indeed a very segmented read, each page respectable as standalone works of art and observation. If you come over to my house and sit on my couch without picking this up for a few seconds, you're missing o [...]

    4. Wow. Only a talent of this caliber can present some of the most iconic figures known in our cultural sphere as being more than 2D images, but flesh and blood. It's a testament to the talent of Alex Ross that he can create such vibrancy through the use of gouache. The only reason why I didn't give this book a five-star rating was that it could have benefited from more material documenting his process from inception to end and all the steps inbetween--similar to how creation of the cover image was [...]

    5. My "second" look of 2013 ofThe DC Comics Art of Alex RossPretty much says it all.If you're a fan of Ross and DC (like moi) this is a great addition to your collection.OK, so after getting The Dynamite Art of Alex Ross, I just had to pull this back off the shelf and give it another look-thru.Great looking book with great looking art. I think I may be over-dosing on Ross's paintings though, so time to put it aside and move on to something else.

    6. An amazing story! It's with mythology we find our basis for truth and reality. In this tome we are given the beautiful art of Alex Ross to boot! Check out this wonderful book. You will be glad that you did!

    7. Met Ross at an event held at the Random House office promoting the publication of Mythology (Kingdom Come also signed).

    8. My favorite art book. There’s just no comparison to Ross. His talent mixed with his more realistic flare and style simply cannot be matched, and this book shows you his best work in all its glory. His wax figures are also shown, which are downright mind-blogging. A fantastic collection from a fantastic artist.

    9. Gorgeous artwork, printed here in wonderful bright colours. Even if you don't read it, worth looking through it.

    10. "Mythology" is not only a superb collection of the breathtaking comic-book artwork of Alex Ross (he's known for his photorealistic paintings of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and their brethren -- pictures that have to be seen in high-quality reproductions, such as those in this book, to be properly appreciated), it's also a lovely recounting of both his lifelong love affair with the comics and his obviously close relationship with both his parents. His childhood drawings of Superman are as char [...]

    11. The art is, of course, gorgeous. But the likelihood is that anyone who is fan enough to read the book will also have read "Kingdom Come", and so much space could have been better spent on "behind the scenes" images and harder to find pieces than on blown-up panels from his more famous books. That and it seemed that the last chunk of the book was one big plug for the then-forthcoming "Justice" series.

    12. Alex Ross brought fine art to comic books, and really revolutionized comic book art. This is a collection of many of his works. It's a marvelous piece for any art fan, any comic book fan, or for anyone who is both. Sometimes you look at his art and find it unbelievable that someone did that with a paintbrush and paint. You actually get to meet the real Superman and real Batman in his paintings. They're so lifelike and wonderful to look at.

    13. A large portfolio collection of Alex Ross--from the very first superhero drawings at age 3 (pretty damn good) to how he creates his work now. In my opinion he's one of the all time greats of comics, who elevates whatever he touches, to another level. He takes the same level of care with random magazine covers and TV guides as he does insane spreads. Highly recommend and a must have for any of his fans.

    14. My wife gave me this book for my birthday by mistake, I'd say it was one of the best mistakes she's made. This book is amazing and Alex Ross has rekindled my interest in comic books by creating pictures that are so real, at times you have to remind yourself it is only a painting, and a watercolor at that.

    15. "norman rockwell did comic books?"a great coffee table book and an intersting read to one of the comic industry's premiere and iconic artists, alex ross. his art is so human and his portrayal of these larger than life superheroes makes them seem so real. just look at any of his batman renditions. nuff said.

    16. No hay palabras para describir el arte de Alex Ross. Observar sus ilustraciones es ingresar a un mundo fantástico (el de los Super Héroes), pero a la vez real, es un sentimiento muy extraño. Este libro me encantó, porque muestra el proceso de las ilustraciones, su trabajo con los modelos y cómo fue esculpiendo de a poco las figuras icónicas del mundo DC. El Superman de Ross ES Superman.

    17. I don't care much for his style but it's a well-made big book you can spend a lot of enjoyable time with. Lots of sketches, paintings, and other stuff from throughout his career, plus Ross's thoughts about the work.

    18. beautiful book, gorgeous art, loads of inspiration from a true comics master. Seeing Alex Ross' sketches makes me want to go back to art school and study the masters. Definite must-own for comics fans.

    19. I've only perused certain parts of this book, but I know enough to say that this is an absolute keeper. Alex Ross has revolutionised comic book art with his hyper-realistic illustrative style, imbuing all his characters with a mythological and heroic pathos. Amazing.

    20. Visually impressive, I enjoyed this collection of Ross's work - and the wax creations are awe inspiring.Really a great view of a great artist - and reminded me again of how much I enjoyed the artwork of Kingdom Come.

    21. I love this man's art. Even when I don't always agree with certain image choices, I'm always awed by the beauty, realism, and magnitude of his work. This book is a must-have for Ross fans, and a must-see for anyone who thinks comics are just kid stuff.

    22. I'm a huge fan of Alex Ross' work. His paintings of super-heroes look like photographs, and I love it. I've had this book for a few years, and, even if you're not a comic fan, you should flip through a copy just to be amazed by his talent.

    23. Stunning. An amazing collection of Ross's artwork of DC characters from throughout the years. Includes childhood artwork, pencil sketches, models/photography, painting, final art, breakdowns, storyboards etc. Absolutely breathtaking.

    24. This one is The Holy Grail for any Alex Ross fans, as most of his important paintings are collected here. It also provides access on how Ross paints his masterpieces.His paintings are simply breathtaking, and superheroes will never look the same again once they're painted by Alex Ross.

    25. Great Art. If you love the art of Alex Ross, this book is a must. Great pictures of some of his best work, explanations, and the work in progress to finished painting. Glossy, big, and amazing.

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