Huntbound Seven years ago Artemis Williams world shattered when werebeasts murdered her parents leaving her marked as the mate of a monster A monster she never thought would find her Until he did Now that sexy

  • Title: Huntbound
  • Author: Sylvia Frost
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Seven years ago Artemis Williams world shattered when werebeasts murdered her parents, leaving her marked as the mate of a monster A monster she never thought would find her Until he did.Now that sexy, arctic werewolf Orion North has finally caught his mate he s determined to claim her curvy body and unravel her secrets Even if that means helping Artemis track down herSeven years ago Artemis Williams world shattered when werebeasts murdered her parents, leaving her marked as the mate of a monster A monster she never thought would find her Until he did.Now that sexy, arctic werewolf Orion North has finally caught his mate he s determined to claim her curvy body and unravel her secrets Even if that means helping Artemis track down her kidnapped vampire roommate It should be easy, but Orion s got a secret, too And if Artemis isn t careful it will destroy them both.

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      Sylvia Frost Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Huntbound book, this is one of the most wanted Sylvia Frost author readers around the world.

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    1. Huntbound (Moonfate Serial Book 2) By Sylvia Frost Five Star HOT!If you can't deal with cliffhangers this is not a series for you. If you pass on Sylvia Frost's dynamic serial, you will miss kidnapping, murder and evil. And sex so hot it will leave you wanting more, just like Orion promised Artemis. Why does Lawrence's V-positive blood get him kidnapped? Who would be interested in Artemis' old blood? Who does Orion think Artemis Williams is?Sylvia Frost has created a world very different from ou [...]

    2. Orion said he would help Artemis rescue her kidnapped friend so long as they can try to get to know each other. Artemis finds out Orion is an agent with the FBSI and he uses his werecall juju to make her tell him why she hates weres. I was totally fine until Artemis wasn't mad at him for that. She was all just oh I'm so glad he forced me to say that so I had no choice, I feel so much better. That bothered me, ok maybe it was the right decision but someone taking away your freewill to keep whatev [...]

    3. Repetitive, mediocre and mutedeven with a dead body and a kidnapping. I had hoped the story would pick up. Unfortunately it hasn't and still drolls along in first person with boring, whiny, "woe is me" Artemis Williams and Orion North. Still no chemistry, suspense or excitementbut the search is on for the missing Lawrence. But, in for a penny nowon to Bloodbound.On my Were Scale of Hotness, 2 stars.

    4. This book tried way too hard to be dramatic, with its 'Oh, so surprising' chapter endings and big 'cliffhanger' ending. Really though, I don't understand how ANY ONE OF THEM could have been surprised by the events that occurred or the secrets revealed. Besides Orion's being a part of the FBSI, there were numerous clues to every other piece of 'surprising revelations.'Orion: Your mate ARTEMIS lives in a completely empty and bare house inherited from her dead grandmother. No other family present o [...]

    5. I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Sylvia Frost. This is part 2 of her Moonfate book series.Artemis and Orion are trying to find out who kidnapped Lawrence and killed the pufferfish. They have so many hidden truths that they are keeping from each other and when the truth comes out their future is in jeopardy. Orion is having a hard time trying to keep Artemis from harm because she is not listening to him.This part 2 has even more action i it and the author wrote the [...]

    6. Huntbound!I hate, hate cliffhanger, but Sylvia Frost has me hooked on this one.Seems like that is happening to me a lot lately, but believe me if it wasn't good I would not be saying so.Artemis is finally realizing that what she feels for Orion is not just in her dreams, it is very real and she wants to feel it in real life.Orion just finds out who Artemis is, will he still feel the same for her now? Will he give her what they both yearn for, or will he despise her for her role in all that has h [...]

    7. Artemis Williams has been running for her life and running from her mate for seven years. Now, she has returned home and isn't allowed to hid any more. Her V-position roommate has been kidnapped and there is a dead were-puffer fish (Yep. Puffer Fish) is dead on her new living room floor. Artemis' choices are limited but she reaches out to the werewolf mate that she's been hiding from. From here more pieces of the story unfold and I must say that I enjoyed every bit of it. The world building is e [...]

    8. Since this is the second installment in the series, you really should read Moon Bound before this one. I am not sure if I love or hate serials.on one hand I like the really quick read, but hate waiting for the next installment. Again this installment ended on a cliffhanger that has me not sure I can wait until the end of the month for it. I am really enjoying how Artemis is changing her opinion of werebeasts in general and her mate overall.n't wait to see how this one turns out overall.

    9. 2nd in series.You want the first too.d then 3rd out this monthA MUST READWONDERFUL STORY, If you are new to this series you don't know that Orion is a werewolf, (future) mate of Artemis,a human. And this is mostly their story, you really want to get the first one Moonbound, And Bloodbound Nov.31,2014.What I can tell you is I have read both the 1st two and will be reading the 3rd. I stayed interested in each that I read though the night because I didn't want to think about forgetting anything if [...]

    10. Well now, I first want to say that "I HATE, HATE, HATE" cliffhangers. But this book is so great, that I can forgive Sylvia Frost for doing this to me. Good thing that the next book will be out soon too. Otherwise I just might have to go stalk her facebook page and let her know just how much I really hate cliffhangers, lol. But seriously this was one book was even better than the first one Moon Bound. I am so looking forward to reading the next one so, so much. Time has got to fly by very quickly [...]

    11. Wow. Just wow. Read Moon Bound before read this book. This book keeps you on the edge of your seat. Plot is well developed and so are the characters. I love getting to know the characters and feel like I'm there with them. I can feel the tug of war going on inside of Artemis as if it's my own personal war. I feel Orion's frustration with Artemis as if he was frustrated with me. The end being a cliffhanger was a bit of a bummer but I can't wait until the next part comes out.

    12. WOW. What a powerful storyAction packed and very entertaining storyline with several twists and turns. Artemis meets her destined mate Orion and the pull is almost more than she can resist. But somehow she does until she goes home to find her best friend missing and a dead body in her house. With no one else to call and help her, she ends up calling Orion. And this is where things really start to get interesting.

    13. Huntbound was totally hot, there are no words that will do this justice, and the ending will leave you will truly say, NO she didn't! it rocks! I love when they can keep me guessing, and this baby hit me right between the eyes, I LOVED IT! This is full of non stop shifter action, and if you haven't read the first in the series, you need to do it! remember, FATE IS A FUNNY MISTRESS, AND SHE WON'T BE DENIED.

    14. LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!!Moonbound was fantastic, but I think Huntbound outdid it. Steamy romance mixed with action and humor and you have the right combination for a great read. Can't wait for next book!!! If you haven't started this series you're really missing out. I received this book as a gift for an honest review. Patsy Sacco

    15. Exceeded my expectations! After the kidnapping, the couple are thrown together to find Lawerence. Artemis is forced to face her grief, can this strong female become more from it? or will she cave? New shifter, Cal, is a tiger and a threat to Artemis. The plot gets deeper with old blood and new revelations! Bring it on!

    16. This section of the book too a big step in the right direction with more action and intrigue, but I can't help but stress how much I HATE 'books' that are sold in multiple parts. Be an actual author and write a BOOK instead of short stories just to make some money. Lure you in with a free part, then this one is $2.99 which ends on a cliff hanger. Irritating!

    17. Received ARC from author for an honest review. Artemis' best friend has been taken. And the only person who can really help is Orion, her mate. A mate she refuses to accept, but working together may change everything.

    18. Loving this series!!!5 stars here. But be warned cliffhanger fromwhat!!! But don't worry book 3 is out (only reason I'm not being an impatient brat) ;) awesomeness Sylvia Frost. On to the next one!!

    19. Felt contrived. It's a whole other take on shifters, but the information should be explained up front rather than having you try to piece it together. The girl was probably one of the most annoying people ever. Wanted to love this. Just couldn't

    20. Too short I enjoy the tension and dominant male thing. Love her resistance to honor herself even if she's failing. Wishing it was longer and wished 3rd was already out

    21. Nice ReadThis was a good book to read, however, I would read book 1 first in the series. I can't wait to get my hands on book 3.

    22. a must read for wolves lover. I enjoy the cliffhanging part where they end the story of Artemis mystery identity.

    23. I love this one, it flowed so naturally from book one to this book. I couldn't stop reading it. I am looking forward to the next one. HURRY!!!

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