Rule s Property Lynda Chance continues The House of Rule with Nick and Courtney s story in Rule s Property It can be read alone or enjoyed with Damian s story Rule s Obsession Rule s Addiction Garrett and Maria s s

  • Title: Rule's Property
  • Author: Lynda Chance
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lynda Chance continues The House of Rule with Nick and Courtney s story in Rule s Property It can be read alone or enjoyed with Damian s story, Rule s Obsession Rule s Addiction, Garrett and Maria s story, is coming soon Nick Rule knows what he wants When Courtney Powell is orphaned at seventeen, she loses everything and goes to live with her widowed godmother From thLynda Chance continues The House of Rule with Nick and Courtney s story in Rule s Property It can be read alone or enjoyed with Damian s story, Rule s Obsession Rule s Addiction, Garrett and Maria s story, is coming soon Nick Rule knows what he wants When Courtney Powell is orphaned at seventeen, she loses everything and goes to live with her widowed godmother From the beginning, the woman s grown children accept her into their family but there s something about the middle brother that causes an inexplicable wariness within her When she finally emerges from her grief several years later, it becomes apparent that somewhere along the way, without her input and much to her anxiety, she s become Nick Rule s exclusive property.

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    1. Lynda Chance

      Always a fan of romantic fiction, I ve always been in love with the alpha male So in love, I ve never been quite satisfied with the restrictions of series romance I like to get into a guy s mind and have him do or say exactly what he s feeling at the moment, and sometimes I shock even myself I consider my stories soft erotica one man, one woman, heterosexual But since abiding love is always the happy ending I m looking for, my couples are always monogamous My guy would never share his woman with anyone, and she is always enough to satisfy him Since I believe that love starts with lust, my stories are always highly sexual, explicit in nature, and hopefully totally satisfying to my readers I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

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    1. 2.25/5I was so upset!The first book in this series was so good but what in the world happened to this book?! It was a major disappointment. The first half of the story was great. It grabbed my attention and made me believe it was going to be my five-stars book. Nick and Courtney were so cute, trying to hide their feelings towards each other. Their insta-love-lust was working for me.BUT in the second half, everything went downhill! Courtney was so damn weak and stupid! She was really annoying tha [...]

    2. ~2 stars~ + 1 star for a great EpilogueQuick review: Courtney is an orphan at 18 and goes to live with her godmother, Justine Rule. Justine has three sons, one of them being Nick, 24. Nick thinks Courtney is too young for him. He decides to wait until she's all grown-up. Fast forward 6 years, Courtney comes back from college. During all these years, she saved herself for Nick. Needless to say Nick can't wait to get her in bed. A few paragraphs laterey're getting married. This is a short story wi [...]

    3. I got this excerpt from the author's Facebook page:Excerpt: ---At the party --- part of the sneak peak from Rule's Obsession --Copyright 2014 Lynda ChanceAbruptly, with no explanation at all, a provocative shiver prickled along Courtney's skin as she felt someone come up directly behind her. She sucked in oxygen as she felt heat on her neck and steel muscles at her back. A heady scent washed over her and invaded her senses. Only one man carried that amazing scent. But he was supposed to be out o [...]

    4. Wow this hero was so patient. I seriously wanted to shake Courtney so many times. Poor Nick. His devotion and utter bone deep love was so amazing. It was very angsty and wow I felt at times they were running in circles. But absolutely safe and it had one ott alpha who never wavers. One question was why didn't we get to see the Rule family's reaction to their marriage/relationship. That was a plot hole I really wanted filled. Yes we know the mom knew but I'd have liked Damian and Garretts reactio [...]

    5. Alright we got a change of cover. I guess I was not the only one who did not like the old cover. I can live with this one. it leaves each readers imagination free to make Nick look like they think he should look. Good change!!

    6. I lovte LC and totally adore her unpc hero's so I was really looking forward to this one it had one of my favourite plots but for some reason it just left me un satisfied. I couldn't feel a connection with either main leads to be honest I found them quite dull! The chemistry that LC does so well is missing from this book and I found the female lead quite annoying I don't know but I just found the book did not have any sizzle such a shame but this book is def not in my opinion LC'd better books.

    7. Why did Courtney have to turn into a moron 66% in? What ridiculous illogic. 'I can't have a baby with him, because then my kids won't ever be orphaned. He can have babies with some other woman though and err what?' WHAT. That fabricated drama really ruined my enjoyment of the rest of the book. Ugh.

    8. May Contain spoilers!!ok so I'm giving this 3.75 because of mainly the H.Loved him and how possessive he is! Darn Courtney was ok for me until the baby talk!! Yes I understood her fears and all that , but come on now ,she went overboard and just being stupid!haha Other than that I loved them together and liked the epilogue:DSafety gang safe, although it isn't truly confirmed H was celibate during their sort of separation I believe he was. All his words , actions say he was! H was a virgin and ha [...]

    9. Another great read from LC that I thoroughly enjoyed, until Courtney pulled her TSTL move that irritated the heck out of me. I felt it was unnecessary and contrived and something the story could have done without. That knocked a star off what would have been a 5 star read for me sadly.Nick was not the OTT alpha that I've seen in previous LC books but he's definitely one of my favourites. He was bloody awesome - patient, loving, accepting and so in love with Courtney for a long, long time. He did [...]

    10. I love a Linda Chance alphae delivers hot and sexy every time. This story however had too much pushing away in my opinion. I felt exhausted. first it was the Hen it was the h. just too much for me. That being said, I still love the Rule's

    11. Courtney and Nick - Nick’s mother is Courtney’s godmother, and she takes Courtney in after her parents pass away. For years, Nick and Courtney deny their feelings for each other. Well, Courtney’s oblivious and Nick’s feeling guilty for crushing on her. Then, romance.The Good, The Bad and Everything In BetweenGood alpha hero: Nick is obsessed and in love with Courtney, but he is much more palatable to me than the hero in the first book, because he takes the time to care about Courtney and [...]

    12. I love Lynda Chance, I adore her OTT controlling alpha males so much and she never disappoints Until now. Nick Rule is indeed an alpha male, but I love Damian Rule more from Rule's Obsession. Rule's Property started out great, but as I read, my excitement for this book slowly dissipated until all I felt was utter annoyance --- especially towards the heroine. She's naive and dumb. Of all Lynda Chance's heroines, I hated Courtney the most. I thought I was going to love her because she was sweet at [...]

    13. 4 ALPHA STARS! I'm surprised that I've seen some less than favorable reviews on this Lynda Chance book. It's one of my favorites from her recent releases (I haven't read Rule's Obsession yet but just downloaded it). The first part of the book worked much better for me than the last part. The conflict that pops up at in the last portion of the book felt a little contrived to me, like it really didn't fit the rest of the book and was just thrown in for page count or to get a longer story. Still, I [...]

    14. Lynda Chance is back! Well, almost. It would have almost been five stars for me because the first half was working, especially the over-the-top possessive almost stalkerish alpha male that I craved to read except somewhere during the second half of the book I got really pissed at the heroine! Why? I didn't buy her sudden fears despite how it was hinted throughout. As the other reviewers mentioned it was contrived. Anyway, I still did enjoy LC's hero and his take-charge attitude. I am looking for [...]

    15. This story is so sweetNick is a perfect Hero and I can't wait to read about the third brother of the Rule family.The only thing that didn't work for me was the annulment/divorce part, it was a bit too long and unnecessary.

    16. Ummm Not my favorite! Their "conflict" was extremely annoying and unnecessary :/ I skipped most of those pages just so I would be able to finish the book. The Epilogue was awesome though so it gained some points back.

    17. The first half was interesting, but the flashback method of writing was not good. The second half was awful.Courtney and Nick desired each other for years. They finally get together. Right after that Courtney decides she must break up with him “for his own good.” She believes she has a flaw and that he deserves someone better. She wants him to find another woman and be happier. The entire second half of the book is Courtney refusing to be with Nick. They both are suffering by not being toget [...]

    18. Courtney Powell lost everything at seventeen, she had to relocate to her godmothers home in St. Louis and begin anew while living with her grief. Although The Rule family is welcoming, she still feels broken inside and it is not until her eighteenth birthday does she realize there is a glimmer of hope with Nick Rule. Nick has bided his time with Courtney, waiting for her to finish college and keeping a close eye on her while away. Now she is home and she is about to become his. Everything is goi [...]

    19. EhFrom the blurb I was expecting a completely different book. You're led to believe that the H is a demanding Alpha that "owns" the h and won't take no for an answer. I'm thinking awesome! Unfortunately his alpha-ness wanes, the h is a complete crybaby, and the main conflict in the story is utterly ridiculous and drawn out. It takes FOREVER for them to work through what should've been a five minute conversation fix and certainly not the main angst in the story. Very disappointing all around. And [...]

    20. Lynda Chance is an auto buy for me. I guess I expected more from this story but it wasn't as good as other books by Ms. Chance. I hated the long separation btw the H and h. I'm not a fan of stories where the H decides to wait till the h grows up before pursuing a relationship. I like a H that goes after his woman, period. Plus, when they do get together the h suddenly decides being with him was a bad idea bc there is no future in it. I thought her reasoning was really weak and was surprised she [...]

    21. Yeesh! Tough story to review. This ten chapter book felt like a stymied game of chess with the hero chasing the heroine around the board. The orphaned heroine works through her loss through most of the book and that dance of grief makes her seem flighty and immature. Lynda Chance's hero spends most of his time firing up his jets or cooling them. I think he is the first LC hero in a long time, who is run ragged to win the damsel. He rallies of course, as befitting an alpha hero, but he loses a fe [...]

    22. Let me start by saying I love Lynda Chance books. She is one of my favorite authors and she writes great alpha male character. I also liked the first book in this series, Rule's Obsession. Rule's Property was good but I think that there is a fine line between alpha male and bully and Nick Rule crossed it a couple times. I didn't feel a real connection between Courtney and Nick. Courtney seemed very naive and overwhelmed by Nick especially since she was a 24 year old virgin. The epilogue was swee [...]

    23. Started out good. Promising plot but then it went off sometime halfway through the book. I find Courtney's reason and actions childish and shallow. Like, really? Sucks to be a woman like her. Poor Nick. 75% of the book and I'm just practically skimming it until the end.

    24. Not much to like in this book.Few good moments but anything I liked about this book were completely overshadowed by Courtney's over dramatic nature. Just not a book that will stay with me as so many of this author's books do.

    25. Seriously? Another book where the lad waits for the heroine to get older and ready for him? 18 is a freaking adult!

    26. I love Lynda Chance and her heroes, when reading her books you are assured a possessive hero who won't say no and who isn't afraid to do what he needs to to get his girl. This book has that, unfortunately this books heroine got on my nerves and I was left feeling like she didn't deserve Nick. Courtney wasn't all bad but she didn't know when to admit she was wrong and so she caused Nick way too much pain and suffering and it made me frustrated with the whole situation.After her parents died Court [...]

    27. Courtney and Nick. My first book by Lynda Chance that I did no like. Sad sad day Funny how so many people dislike this book because of how Nick manipulates Courtney to still be a virgin at 24 (when they finally consummate their obsession with each other). IMHO Courtney was the asshat. Everything is going hunky dory til about 2/3 into the book when Courtney decides to flush her brain down the toilet and become a lunatic. I just wasn't buying her/the author's reasoning/excuse. Courtney's parents d [...]

    28. The hero has the patience of JobI didn't like this as well as I did the first book in this series. The hero and heroine spent too much time apart, in my opinion. And the heroine, in spite of having a guy that waited for her to mature, still didn't seem to do that sufficiently. Namely, she constantly pushed the hero away, because of an issue she still carried from her parents' deaths. And that's understandable. What wasn't understandable, and became subsequently annoying, was that the hero clearl [...]

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