The Salesman It Is The Hottest Summer In Dublin s History and Billy Sweeney a middle aged salesman with a failed marriage a faltering career and a tumbledown house has than the weather on his mind His youngest

  • Title: The Salesman
  • Author: Joseph O'Connor
  • ISBN: 9780312199982
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It Is The Hottest Summer In Dublin s History, and Billy Sweeney, a middle aged salesman with a failed marriage, a faltering career and a tumbledown house, has than the weather on his mind His youngest daughter lies in a coma in the hospital, following a mysterious attack Devastated by the unfolding consequences of that terrible night, frustrated by officialdom, andIt Is The Hottest Summer In Dublin s History, and Billy Sweeney, a middle aged salesman with a failed marriage, a faltering career and a tumbledown house, has than the weather on his mind His youngest daughter lies in a coma in the hospital, following a mysterious attack Devastated by the unfolding consequences of that terrible night, frustrated by officialdom, and failed by the system, Billy finally tires of seeking legal justice He decides to take the law into his own hands, but when his plans go spectacularly wrong, the results are terrifying, often hilarious, and in the end, unforgetabble.

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    1. Joseph O'Connor

      There is than one author with this nameJoseph O Connor was born in Dublin He is the author of the novels Cowboys and Indians short listed for the Whitbread Prize , Desperadoes, The Salesman, Inishowen, Star of the Sea and Redemption Falls, as well as a number of bestselling works of non fiction.He was recently voted Irish Writer of the Decade by the readers of Hot Press magazine He broadcasts a popular weekly radio diary on RTE s Drivetime With Mary Wilson and writes regularly for The Guardian Review and The Sunday Independent In 2009 he was the Harman Visiting Professor of Creative Writing at Baruch College, the City University of New York.

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    1. Absolutely beautiful…Set in Dublin Ireland 1994, the town is infested with drug addicts and crime is at its peak… We follow Billy, a salesman whose only daughter ends up in a coma after a dastardly robbery. The culprits are apprehended and set to be a charged in court but on the day of the sentence the gang leader escapes. Billy decides to take justice into his own hand by tracing the young culprit’s every move as he plans his revenge. But soon things spiral out of control in a very disast [...]

    2. This is my favourite book of all time. They way in which the story unfolds and the relationship between the two main characters is amazing and very gripping . I found this book to be an emotional roller coaster which actually made me cry, lovely book and superbly written .

    3. Loved it and hated it in turns. Definitely not a feel-good read. I loved the style of writing, but could not care for the main characters. A compulsive, repulsive page turner of a book.

    4. ‘A good salesman will swear to things he knows not to be true.’Set in Dublin, Billy Sweeney is the salesman: a man with a litany of loss and failure in his life. His wife, Grace, has left him, his step-daughter is in Sydney, and his other daughter, Maeve whom he raised through her rebellious teenage years, is in a coma after an attack by some young thugs. Sweeney is a tenuously recovering alcoholic, who writes this story as a series of diary entries to his daughter Maeve. Writing a diary is [...]

    5. I loved this book. Not what you'd call a 'feel good' read, but I look for more than that from a book anyway. The main characters, although far from likeable, are nevertheless intriguing and the storyline is not predictable. Suffice to say that when I found myself awake in the middle of the night, as I often do, I couldn't resist the urge to read a few pages which invariably led to me reading for an hour. I love this man's writing style too - what more could you want.

    6. I bought this as my souvenir from Ireland because the author is Irish. It turned out to be rather dark, but it was definitely a "good read".

    7. Recensione completa nel blog EC_Shivers' ecshivers/2017/09/19/il-r[]Il rappresentante in questione è Billy Sweeney, un comune venditore di antenne paraboliche, con un passato da ex alcolizzato, un matrimonio fallito e due figli. Un uomo come tanti, che vive giorno per giorno, senza sogni, né prospettive.Un giorno d’estate però, la stazione di benzina dove lavora sua figlia Maeve viene presa d’assalto da un gruppo di giovani, e rapinata. La ragazza finisce in coma in condizioni disperate.D [...]

    8. Nemohu říci, že by mě Obchodník zasáhl tolik jako Hvězda moří, ale kniha to byla velmi silná a zvláštně strhující, ačkoli vlastně popisuje drsný a surový příběh. O´Connor nemluví v jinotajích, ani si nelibuje v krkolomných jazykových konstrukcích, naopak je velmi přímý a upřímný. Nejvíce si cením jeho schopnosti vyprávět příběh prostých lidí, které nepojímá černobílé. Kniha mne svým dějem vtáhla, ačkoli nepopisuje žádnou z postav jako postav [...]

    9. I really didn't enjoy this book. I disliked the main character and the plot seemed completely implausible. I loved Star of the Sea so I really expected better, very disappointing!

    10. Maeve, la figlia di Billy Sweeney, è in coma. L'hanno aggredita tre balordi durante una rapina. Non si sveglierà più probabilmente, o magari sì, chissà. Nella cattolicissima Irlanda ti insegnano ad aver fede e a sperare. E ti insegnano il perdono, anche. Sarà per questo che quando si trova di fronte alla possibilità di farsi giustizia da solo, Sweeney, indugia, si ferma, specchia la sua disperazione e i suoi fallimenti (come insegnante, come marito) in quelli del carnefice della figlia.So [...]

    11. Challenging but also gripping. A very dark plot that just seems to get darker, but written so well that it's always an enjoyable read. Perhaps enjoyable isn't the right word but it's a great book. I'd read and enjoyed the Star of the Sea and shall be reading more of Mr O'Connor's oevre.It's a book of two halves as well; the first concerning a man's descent, interwoven with flashbacks so that by the time we get to the second half we know all we can about Billy Sweeney. The plot of the second half [...]

    12. This is a great story. It's about a man in Dublin who suffers a shocking loss and in an effort to deal with it he starts to keep a journal, his journal is the book. The story's so well told you'll be laughing out loud at some of the characters and their carrying on and their expressions but you'll also be afraid to turn the page at times for fear of what's going to happen next, but you will turn the page because you couldn't not go on reading. It's an affecting story marvellously told by O'Conno [...]

    13. My friend Bridget loaned me this book. It's an Irish story, which almost always tells me it's not going to be a happy, Pollyanna romp. It has been one of the most unique books I've ever read - the protagonist has undergone transformation and violent change, he's not such a nice guy, and yet you still identify with him and you want to believe it's all going to turn out alright. As predicted, it's a sad ending (did you see that it was Irish?), but SUCH a good story and fabulous, complex characters [...]

    14. Pomsta sice možná chutná nejlépe za studena, ale to nesmíte být slaboch, který ne a ne udělat ten poslední krok.Nekomická fraška ve spojení s prvotřídní psychologií postav. Což vzhledem k jednomu zvratu je sakra zapotřebí, jelikož kdekoli jinde by to byl ten nejvíc ulítlý moment, ale tady to vyzní tak přirozeně, až si říkám zda bych se ve stejné situaci nezachoval právě jako "Homer/Marge". Respektive zda by se tak ve výsledku nezachovala většina lidí.

    15. IncipitQuando apro il mio diario di quegli ultimi, terribili mesi dell’anno scorso, amore mio, trovo di nuovo conferma del fatto che Donal Quinn lo vidi per la prima volta in assoluto quella mattina di ottobre nell’Aula 29 di Four Courts, dove l’aria puzzava di muffa e di vecchi libri polverosi rilegati in pelleIl rappresentante incipitmania

    16. I know many thought this a black story. I did not find it black but more like a roller coaster of emotions that compelled you to keep reading. This book is not what you think it is something else. You need to read it to know what I mean.This is not a feel good book but a readable compelling story.

    17. Sometimes I loved reading this book, and at other times I found it dragged a bit and seemed a bit repetitive. My overall opinion is that although I liked the writing style and the storyline I wished it was not quite so long-winded. I really enjoyed the way the story of the main character and the bad-guy played out. Very clever sometimes funny, sometimes moving, always unpredictable.

    18. Wow. Brilliant book. It made me feel very uncomfortable, it's very sad and unpleasant. But written in such a way that I just couldn't put it down. I'd hesitate to use words like "gripping" because that makes it sound like a cheesy airport thriller. But it really is! And did I mention how uncomfortable it made me feel? Very uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable indeed.

    19. tried, and at first liked the plot that was developing, but lost interest as it took too long to unfold, and got too emotionally violent for me anyway (dealing with relationships and plot itself) left it halfway!

    20. This book made me angry. The vocabulary of the writer drifted from English to Irish and back again repeatedly. For example he mentions the Garda early on then refers to police later in the book. Wouldn't want to soil it for readers but I won't be leaving this in my guest room.

    21. A superb novel totally gripping and very moving. Without giving too much away: the way the relationship between the two central characters changes is alarming touching and comic. I'm off to read more by Joseph O'Connor straightaway.

    22. This book was quite different from what I expected, and it was very different but it was o.k.J. Robert Ewbank author "John Wesley, Natural Man, and the 'Isms'"

    23. An excellent psychological novel with Irish particularities. This book is my candidate for a book of the year.

    24. Amazing, the way the stories unfolds and then things get completely turned on their head - fantastic and extremely gripping

    25. This is polished writing, a carefully crafted book with a story that take several surprising turns to a very satisfying finish.

    26. Thanks for the recommendation Sean. Very interesting book. Not what I thought. Really became a page turner! Would recommend.

    27. O'Connor is a gifted writer but this book is very much a great writer cutting his teeth. The Star of the Sea is a masterpiece this one merely very very good

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