My Most Excellent Year Dear Anthony I appreciate your recent interest but I m not accepting applications at this time Your letter will be kept in our files and someone will get back to you if there is an opening Thank you

  • Title: My Most Excellent Year
  • Author: Steve Kluger
  • ISBN: 9780803732278
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dear Anthony I appreciate your recent interest, but I m not accepting applications at this time Your letter will be kept in our files and someone will get back to you if there is an opening Thank you for thinking of me.Respectfully,Alejandra PerezP.S It s not Allie It s Ale Meet T.C who is valiantly attempting to get Alejandra to fall in love with him Alejandra, whDear Anthony I appreciate your recent interest, but I m not accepting applications at this time Your letter will be kept in our files and someone will get back to you if there is an opening Thank you for thinking of me.Respectfully,Alejandra PerezP.S It s not Allie It s Ale Meet T.C who is valiantly attempting to get Alejandra to fall in love with him Alejandra, who is playing hard to get and is busy trying to sashay out from under the responsibilities of being a diplomat s daughter and T.C s brother Augie, who is gay and in love and everyone knows it but him.

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    1. Steve Kluger

      Steve Kluger is an author and playwright, born in Balti, Maryland, in 1952, who grew up with only two heroes Tom Seaver and Ethel Merman Few were able to grasp the concept A veteran of Casablanca and a graduate of The Graduate, he has written extensively on subjects as far ranging as World War II, rock and roll, and the Titanic, and as close to the heart as baseball and the Boston Red Sox which frequently have nothing to do with one another Doubtless due to the fact that he s a card carrying Baby Boomer whose entire existence was shaped by the lyrics to Abbey Road, Workingman s Dead, and Annie Get Your Gun his first spoken words, in fact, were actually stolen from The Pajama Game , he s also forged a somewhat singular path as a civil rights advocate, campaigning for a Save Fenway Park initiative which qualifies as a civil right if you re a Red Sox fan , counseling gay teenagers, and on behalf of Japanese American internment redress lobbying the Department of the Interior to restore the baseball diamond at he Manzanar National Historic Site Meanwhile, he donates half of his spare time to organizations such as Lambda Legal Defense, the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network GLSEN , and Models of Pride, and gives the rest of it to his nieces and nephews the nine kids who own his heart.

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    1. I love this book. From the very first chapter, I knew I was going to have fun reading this and do so with relish. The story was a fantastic medley of different characters from different age groups and with different personalities and dreams. Key word being ‘‘different.’’ It was enjoyable because of its originality and the author’s pleasant way of telling the story – he included instant messages, e-mails exchanged, quotes, lists, etc. All of those things crafted lifelike, spontaneous [...]

    2. I miss Boston. I miss walking through the Commons in the fall, drinking on roof decks in the summertime, riding the T and just getting off at random stops, shoveling my car out, pumpkin ale, my book club besties, Fenway franks, that feeling that a bar gets when a Dropkick Murphys song comes on, and perusing the Boston Public Library in Copley Square. Hell, I even miss the frakking BU students who ride the green line and the 57 TWO STOPS instead of just walking. This book almost made me physicall [...]

    3. When Flannery first recommended this book to me with the promise of Boston and baseball, my exact reaction was, "" The opening paragraph of her review cracks me up because what I remember most about Boston is: rats. Lots and lots of rats. Since "everywhere" is too general, let me tell you 3 specific places where I saw a rat.1. Subway (as in Eat Fresh®)2. California Pizza Kitchen, Prudential Center3. My dorm roomMy friends refused to walk on my left because whenever I saw a rat charging out of t [...]

    4. 3 1/2 starsI am just not cut out for this kind of book. I am that kid that, at age six, figured out that Santa does not exist and then pressured my mom into confessing all. No, I was not upset. I was triumphant. It’s not that I don’t have a heart or an imagination; it’s just that both of these things have always been firmly rooted in reality. If I were in Mary Poppins having a tea party, that table would be made of solid granite and would be heavily anchored to the ground. No amount of pun [...]

    5. I haven't quite officially finished this book but I can already see that it's going to be a happy ending. Nothing bad happens! It's that perfect department store window, mannequins placed just so. It's a half-hour sitcom with laugh track. It's those people down the street you kind of hate, the perfect family with the perfect lawn and the perfect future ahead of them (not the perfection that hides eeeevil secrets, I mean the annoyingly perfect).The book is a series of school essays (journal entri [...]

    6. “If you don’t like it, just lie.”A friend lent me her copy of Steve Kluger’s My Most Excellent Year after I said I wished there were more novels that just happened to feature characters of diversity, instead of having their diversity carry the whole book. This is not to devalue books that specifically highlight a certain experience, but so few of them are equally entertaining as they are important. When was the last time I read about a black Mia Thermopolis or a gay Percy Jackson? I’m [...]

    7. Well the ride is over and I’m feeling pretty sad. I hate turning the last page when the book is so damn good. That said I urge anyone looking for a fun trip into the minds of 3 teenage school kids (with a 6 year old and a few adults throwing their two cents), in to read this book.This is a story about love, life and family. It is told through the Diary entry’s and various emails and IM messages that are typical of Steven Kluger’s style, Augie, and Alejandra are the main talkers in this sto [...]

    8. 5 Sickeningly Sweet Stars T.C Alé and Augie are high-schoolers who have been assigned an English lesson of journaling their “most excellent year”. Follow along through these journal entries, chats, I.M.s, etc. as the three come of age and come into their own.Obviously, this one isn’t ever going to win a Pulitzer, but judging the book for its genre – it is absolutely worthy of 5 stars. I don’t care if it’s completely cliché, the characters are too mature to be 14, the plot isn’t r [...]

    9. I was not going to buy this book. I already had two perfectly good paperbacks in hand. But then I read the first sentence, and I couldn't put it down. [Note to Ms. LaFontaine: I didn't meant to give you a hard time about this assignment, but "My Totally Excellent Year" would have been like so 1995, we'dhave been laughed out of Brookline if anybody found out.] The subtitle's also a gem- 'a novel of love, Mary Poppins & Fenway Park.' That's right, this book was written for you, Kelly and Dr. B [...]

    10. This is an incredible story!!This book is written entirely in assignment form, e-mails, texts, diary entries and journals, so at first I thought this would be distracting since I'm not use to this style and usually don't prefer it. But, I liked it and thought the way this book was delivered was very well put together and only added to it's appeal.My Most Excellent Year tells the tale of three people, TC, Alejandra, and Augie (and then later on Hucky) as they tell about there most excellent year [...]

    11. My feelings are kind of torn about this one. There's no doubt that the book is full of hilarious moments. But sometimes the funny felt a little forced. All of the characters are so clever and amusing and witty that sometimes I wanted to scream that real people aren't like this! (At least not where I'm from - maybe Boston is a whole 'nother world.) All of the characters of course had the exact same sense of humor, and their voices started to sound an awful lot alike after a while. And some of the [...]

    12. My favorite YA novel of the year so far. It pulls every single heartstring and makes you glad it did. I really did laugh and cry, and sometimes both at once. Completely over the top, and yet somehow utterly believable.

    13. Originally posted here.The moment I saw my good friend Maggie of Young Adult Anonymous give My Most Excellent Year by Steve Kluger such a glowing review, I knew I would want to read it. I went on and also realized that another friend, Flannery of The Readventurer, rated it highly. I wanted to grab a copy as soon as I could but since books are expensive here in Singapore, I waited until I was in Manila before buying the paperback. I’ve had my copy since December last year and only felt like re [...]

    14. Reviewed by Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen for TeensReadTooT.C originally Anthony Conigliaro Keller, was born into a family who loves baseball, and speaks with a very distinct accent. Like his family, T.C. loves the sport and practically knows all there is to know about baseball. It certainly helps him with his grades; if only it could help him get the girl of his dreams. With quite an odd family, a knack at frustrating those around him, making sure he only gets a B+ on everything (except [...]

    15. My Most Excellent Year is the story of three teens that are reflecting on their freshman year of high school, hence the title. They are doing it as an assignment during junior year, so the story is made up of letters, journal entries, and other writings. T.C. is in love with Ale but doesn't know how to tell her. Ale is deciding whether to pursue her own interests or to try to live up to her parent's expectations. And Augie, T.C.'s brother, is trying to figure out what true love is.To put it mild [...]

    16. I absolutely loved this book.It's not deep, you won't be crying your eyes out, but it's wonderful. It's funny and heartfelt and very sweet. At times, it definitely strays into the "unbelievable" side of things in terms of dialogue and the total lack of teenage drama, but I think that is part of what makes this book so enjoyable and unique. I can't think of another YA book I have read quite like this one, with these engaging characters and the flow of the novel.A bit about my thoughts on the Deaf [...]

    17. 4 stars for being one of the most heartwarming books ever. My Most Excellent Year is a multi-medium contemporary about three kids; high school class clown T.C theater kid Augie, and the absolutely badass Alejandra. This book succeeds mainly because of the main three characters' interesting personalities. Each one is unique and interestingAlejandra and T.C.'s romance is completely free of instalove. Their banter-filled relationship was so fun to read about. Kluger also does a great job with Augie [...]

    18. I'm in love!I'm trying to come up with a way this book could have been more perfectly tailored to my interests, and I'm failing miserably.It's a brilliant combination of Jaclyn Moriarty's banter, wacky characters, and epistolary flair, a fully appropriate level of loathing for all things Yankee (specifically Mr. Bucky Bleepin' Dent) to complement the Carlton Fisk adoration (brilliantly discussed in The Greatest Game, for those who are interested), an absolute adoration of Julie Andrews and all s [...]

    19. 4.5 StarsWonderful! Funny, insightful, obsessive but in a good way and unashamedly, universally romantic.Should I admit that I knew all the movie stars mentioned, and all of their movies? Oh, and Mary Poppins is still one of my favs (true for everyone in this house).P.S. I learned about this book from Flannery's wonderful review, which I strongly recommend (along with the book!).

    20. I give the rating of two stars in its truest sense of "it's okay." This was a difficult novel to rate. I thought the writing was really good, and it was funny. But the main characters were all so incredible. They were all wealthy (or at least not poor), they all were really smart/got good grades, they were all really talented in different ways, they were all very attractive, etc. And I guess it is quite possible that three people like them would all be friends, so I don't know why I'm complainin [...]

    21. Review in German (01.11.2008) : My most excellent young adult novel. Bitte mehr davon! My Most Excellent Year ist einer dieser Romane, bei denen alle Fäden am Ende zu meiner Zufriedenheit verknüpft worden sind und Story und Charaktere mir so sympathisch waren, dass ich sie sofort nach dem Zuklappen des Buches bereits vermisste. Der Klappentext sagt eigenlich schon viel - obwohl sie kurz ist. Ich führe etwas aus: Hauptaktionspunkt der vielschichtigen, mehrere Jahre abdeckenden Geschichte ist e [...]

    22. My Most Excellent Year tells the story of three students- now seniors-most excellent year (their freshman year) and how their lives all changed for the better. First, there’s T.C.( Anthony), who’s obsessed with all things related to baseball, his best friend Augie, and Alejeandra, the girl he’s in love with, but who doesn’t return his feelings. Augie loves all things that have to do with Broadway and his best friend T.C. Also, everyone knows Augie‘s gay, but he just hasn‘t realized h [...]

    23. My feelings are a bit mixed (yes, again!), as there were a lot of things I loved about this book: T.C.'s beautifully described memories of his mother, and the ways he dealt with them, and how he and Augie came to be 'brothers' were especially good - funny and very real. And of course the whole heart-string tugging storyline of Hucky tugged very effectively, even if it was easy to see how that one would end up from the beginning. I also liked the fact that everyone around Augie was so far beyond [...]

    24. WHY ISN'T EVERYONE READING THIS BOOK? It was great! First of all, there are three characters who are well written, well developed, and not too angsty. They are mostly happy, with adults involved in their lives (adults who think their kids are cool and smart), and it is an INTERESTING storyline, complete with Julie Andrews. On a side note, I am interested in the people who qualify this as a "LGBT" YA book, instead of just a great YA book. I have read readers who said it was unrealistic. Maybe th [...]

    25. Totally cute! First loves, musicals, and a little deaf orphan waiting for Mary Poppins to adopt him! Adorable! Also worth mentioning, the father and son who can't just make a presentation about a monument in DC, but instead have to make a scale model of the National Mall, political conversations about the interned Japanese in WWII, and a variety of races and sexual orientations happily existing in a book without shouting LOOK AT US! WE'RE DIFFERENT! The negative: Red Sox. Though I did like the i [...]

    26. Ik heb dit boek gelezen met een glimlach van oor tot oor. Het is geen hoogstaande literatuur, het is voorspelbaar, de personages zijn een beetje stereotiep, maar het is grappig en lief en schattig. Het is een boek dat je wil knuffelen. Het is een boek dat ik, als ik ooit met een donkere wolk in mijn hoofd zit, zeker nog eens ga lezen, want het is complete feel good en soms is dat gewoon net hetgeen wat je nodig hebt in een boek. Plus, het is een soort van briefroman met chatsessies en e-mails er [...]

    27. This is one of the cutest books I've read. It's written in unconventional formats of letters, emails and IM's so it goes by quick. The characters are funny and charming, and I found myself smiling the whole time I was reading this with the occasional laugh. The writing is sincere and Kluger does an excellent job making the reader feel like they're part of the story. After I read the last page, I wanted to give the main characters a hug.

    28. Very cute story. The characters were life like. I enjoyed this, but felt the ending was rushed. It could have gone on for another 3-4 chapters in my opinion.

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