The Fault in Our Stars Librarian note an alternate cover for this edition can be found here Despite the tumor shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years Hazel has never been anything but terminal her final

  • Title: The Fault in Our Stars
  • Author: John Green
  • ISBN: 9780525478812
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Librarian note an alternate cover for this edition can be found here.Despite the tumor shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel s story is about to be completely rLibrarian note an alternate cover for this edition can be found here.Despite the tumor shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel s story is about to be completely rewritten.Insightful, bold, irreverent, and raw, The Fault in Our Stars is award winning author John Green s most ambitious and heartbreaking work yet, brilliantly exploring the funny, thrilling, and tragic business of being alive and in love.

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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name.John Green s first novel, Looking for Alaska, won the 2006 Michael L Printz Award presented by the American Library Association His second novel, An Abundance of Katherines, was a 2007 Michael L Printz Award Honor Book and a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize His next novel, Paper Towns, is a New York Times bestseller and won the Edgar Allen Poe Award for Best YA Mystery In January 2012, his most recent novel, The Fault in Our Stars, was met with wide critical acclaim, unprecedented in Green s career The praise included rave reviews in Time Magazine and The New York Times, on NPR, and from award winning author Markus Zusak The book also topped the New York Times Children s Paperback Bestseller list for several weeks Green has also coauthored a book with David Levithan called Will Grayson, Will Grayson, published in 2010 The film rights for all his books, with the exception of Will Grayson Will Grayson, have been optioned to major Hollywood Studios.In 2007, John and his brother Hank were the hosts of a popular internet blog, Brotherhood 2.0, where they discussed their lives, books and current events every day for a year except for weekends and holidays They still keep a video blog, now called The Vlog Brothers, which can be found on the Nerdfighters website, or a direct link here.

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    1. EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL.You will cry, because this is VERY sad.So a discussion occurred in my head after I rated the book. (view spoiler)[A voice in my head: Come on. You can't post that on . Me: *glares* Why not? A voice in my head (aka VH): Please, don't. You will ruin your reputation. Me: *weary* Not that again. VH: Well, it's true. You can't post that. It's just not okay. Do you have any idea how popular this book is? Hint : YOU CAN'T EVEN GUESS.Me: Why should I care? Maybe some people think lik [...]

    2. Update (25/06/2014)-Since I've been receiving a lot of cyber bullies and hate messages, I’m going to clarify few things.-Firstly, this is a negative review of the book and it has got a lot of potential to infuriate the fans. If you think that your opinion is the only opinion that exists on earth and that no one should dislike your favourite book, then I would suggest you to avoid this review.-Secondly, This is my review and I have the freedom to analyse and criticise this book as I wish to wit [...]

    3. I HATE this book. Absolutely hate it. Not just from the bottom of my heart (which would literally mean my ventricles, and so, no) but with my whole heart. I hate it, hate it, hate it.I hate the fact that it made me laugh, so hard! I hate the fact that it made me smile, so much!I hate the fact that it made me chuckle, so profusely!I hate the fact that it gifted me with so much Laughter, Smiles and Chuckles when I was expecting to come face to face with tragedy at any moment changed my expectation [...]

    4. 1.5 stars.EDIT: Changed the rating because it's gotten to the point where my sister and I have inside jokes on how stupid and shallow this book is. I can't think about this book without getting angry.I have a history with pretentious people.My biggest mess involved two boys in particular who were so incredibly full of themselves that for the first time in my life, I openly expressed my dislike to them. They know that I couldn’t care less about their “hotness” or just how amazing they were. [...]

    5. At age twenty-two, John Green worked as a student chaplain in a children's hospital. Let's take a moment and consider all the implications of that, and why he is making a colossal understatement when he described the experience as "devastating." That was about twelve years ago, and Green has said in interviews that because of this experience, he's spent twelve years trying to write a book about kids with cancer - not poster children of strength and courage and illness-granted wisdom, but real ki [...]

    6. It seems silly that I have to say this, but I've seen many a negative review of this book met with backlash from John's nerdfighter fans, so I want to make one thing clear: I like John Green. You'll find plenty who worship him as a god amongst men and many who are highly critical of him, I fall into neither of these categories but I do like him and I enjoy watching his videos. I find him funny and I agree with a lot of what he stands for; I also appreciate the amount of charity work he does and [...]

    7. I must be clear from the beginning. This is perhaps the most personal review I have written. My choice of stars was difficult for this. I am a self confessed John Green fan, I believe he is amongst the best of, not only YA, but fiction writers out there in general. This is a beautifully written book. There is very little to complain about in terms of style, plot, character, etc. However I couldn't, in all good conscience, give this any higher because it sits so badly with me. I have let this nov [...]

    8. As seen on The ReadventurerThe Fault in Our Stars currently has a rating of 4.74 on , almost everyone I know has given it 5 stars, therefore I'm certain no one would want to read my sour musings, except me and maybe a couple of other like-minded and unimpressed.What I'd love to know is this - what makes a writer undertake the topic of cancer? So much has already been written about it, so many Lifetime movies filmed, so many tears shed. It literally has been done to death. What new did John Green [...]

    9. This is me after I finished the book (and whenever I think about it).*pointless EDIT* Woooah! 1000+ likes!? I'm surprised how many people are willing to read my little blurb of nothingness! *EDIT* In a lot of peoples reviews I keep seeing "they don't talk their age!" or "They make these beautiful long speeches which is something that normal teenagers don't do" and I have to point out that Augustus and Hazel AREN'T normal teenagers. They've had to go through so much more in their lifetime than a [...]

    10. John Green.John Green.John Green.You're not like Peter Van Houten, are you?What have you done to my braind my heartI'm not gonna review how exquisite John Green can write, or how he can create characters as special as Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters, or how amazing he can tell a story. Despite the huge number of ratings and the spectacular average rating, this book is not perfect. You might find it unrealistic, because if there are many of us who see the life and its complexity like Hazel and Gu [...]

    11. The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars But in ourselves.This is the first time I’ve truly been at a loss for words. What am I supposed to say? How can I do this book justice? Maybe tell you all that it was perfect? The best, most heartbreaking, hilarious book that has touched me like none other? Sure. I mean, it's been said countless times, in countless reviews, and you know what? They are absolutely, a hundred and fifty percent true.Hazel's days are numbered thanks to her crap lungs. She [...]

    12. Hang on a sec.I'm gonna leave the rating blank now, cause I feel like I wouldn't have given this book five stars had I read it today. Yeah, it definitely impacted me once upon a time, but now I've read so many unbelievably emotional books that this one just seems to, quite frankly, fade into the background. I've read a handful of eye-opening reviews and analyses that have made me see this book in a new light. A dimmer light, sadly.Sorry to disappoint the people who liked my former review, where [...]

    13. I’m just going to sit here, write my review and pretend there aren’t already 100 179 reviews for The Fault in Our Stars posted on this incredible online community.Let’s start, shall we?First of all, I didn’t cry. I know many of you did, and I can understand why, I really can. But, the thing is… this book has a balanced atmosphere. It’s both sad and full of life. During my reading, I concentrated on the joyful parts and the humour. Maybe that’s why I didn’t feel crushed by the ‘ [...]

    14. So, book, you decided not to play fair, huh? You used Tearjerking 101, huh? You armed yourself with adorably precocious teenage characters delivering insanely quotable lines while dying from cancer, huh?Well, guess what - "I'm not cryyyyying! It's just been raining on my face" And so my hard-won cool image of a cold-hearted cynic has been saved by this line, courtesy of New Zealand's 4th most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo:Seriously, book, you know that most he [...]

    15. FIVE OKAY & INFINITE STARS OKAY? OKAYThere are almost 33000 reviews of this book. Why do I try to write one? I just don’t know but I do know that I have to let you know my thoughts about this AWESOME book.I love YA. Even if I take YA holidays sometimes and stop reading it I can’t deny it’s one of my fave genres. This book and Forbidden are probably my favourite YA books and right now I cannot decide which one is my absolute favourite. I knew about this book, I knew how it ended and I t [...]

    16. I had never read a John Green novel prior to reading this one. I wanted very much to like it and felt certain after reading some of the overwhelmingly positive reviews here that it would be an awesome and heartbreaking experience. I was ready and excited. I guess I could sum the experience up best by stating that it is unlikely I will read another book by this author, and if I do it will be sometime in the future when I forget how utterly disappointing I found this book to be. I had a lot of pr [...]

    17. Holy holy holy I waited so long for this novel, so long. I wish so bad I could give it more than 5 stars. John Green is absolutely amazing, amazing, amazing. The Fault in Our Stars had me laughing and crying, then laughing more and crying more. I will reread this over and over again, just like the rest of his novels. Oh wow, was it ever worth the wait. Thank you, John Green, for being so damn spectacular.

    18. روايتين في كتاب واحد واحدة تنهي الأخري، مشاعر واقعية،عارية وجميلة !! ومبالغ في تقييمهالا اعرف كيف ارتب افكاري حول الرواية، أو ما أكتبه عنها، فماذا أقول بعد كل ماقيلربما العيب مني، ربما هي رواية تحتاج شيئا من التفكير"Okay, maybe I’m not such a shitty writer. But I can’t pull my ideas together,My Thoughts are stars,I can [...]

    19. Let me start with how I feelMy heart hurts. It bleeds, it cries. This book made me feel. How to articulate and not post a bunch of nonsensical babble. Did I enjoy reading this book?No.Did this book make an everlasting impression on me, in a good way?Yes.Would I read it again?Well, yes. I'm a masochist.Who should read this book?Everyone.What did this book teach me?That life isn't fair, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't live it to the best of you ability. And a whole lot more, but I think you ge [...]

    20. But, Gus, my love, I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity. I wouldn't trade it for the world. You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I'm grateful.”------------------Some books will make you laugh so hard your stomach will hurt.Some books will make you so mad that you’d want to throw the book out the window or burn it in fury.Some books will leave you asking for more because it ended with a cliffhanger.Some books will leave you questioning why it ended the wa [...]

    21. you have a choice in this world, i believe, about how to tell sad stories, and we made the funny choicehn green, like his characters, always makes the funny choice. and readers, like "women" are really just looking for a sense of humor. and the sense of humor goes a long way towards pardoning other sins. because come on, john green - your characters are so unlikely. ordinarily, i would squirm at such clever,verbose,insightful, literary-reference-dropping teenagers. but they are so funny and char [...]

    22. I can be honest, right? After all, it was I who spent time reading this book.I guess it has something to do with the fact that so many friends and relatives raved about this book being sad and great prior to my reading. For example, an 8-year old niece of my wife said that she cried while reading the book because it is about teenagers with cancer. Then of course most of my GR friends, foreigners and locals alike, rated this book with either 4 or 5 stars.So, when I started reading this book, I th [...]

    23. This is the John Green-i-est book of all John Green books, and I hate it and him more than anything. My sister and I actually have a running joke where we just quote this book back and forth to each other. Although honestly anytime anyone says "It's a metaphor," I immediately say "ya put tha killin' thing between ya teeth but ya don't give it the power to do its killin'!", affecting the mannerisms of a stereotypical paperboy from the 1920s.It gets a laugh every time. (Or at least a sound of disg [...]

    24. Hazel is a 16 year old girl with stage IV thyroid cancer, and has been living with an oxygen tank since she was first diagnosed at 12. She realizes she is going to die, but she is on a drug that is keeping the tumors at bay. At a support group meeting she meets hottie Augustus Waters, who is in remission. They immediately hit it off and change each others lives drastically.The Fault in Our Stars is another beautifully written book by John Green. A few months ago John made a video on his youtube [...]

    25. 4.5 stars Hello, yes I recognize that this book is one of the most pretentious novels in YA history and the hype killed it years ago but THIS BOOK. This book is iconic and heartbreaking and beautiful and just so well written. In 2014 I read it 6 times in a row and maybe back then my perception was skewed but even when I reread it this past year I still loved it soooo much. I was still flipping the pages as if I didn’t know what was coming next, still staying up late to read it, still sobbing o [...]

    26. What can I say about this amazing book that has not already been said a million times? It's real, heart-wrenching and so, so well written. I'm a fan of alll of John's books but this one is a masterpiece. I'm not even exaggerating.

    27. For people who haven't read this book yet• Read the book first so you love the movie and connect more•But always remember, Nothing ever lives up to an amazing book.'~Just a few weeks for the movie!!! :D :D :D :D~I wish they cast him, he's so pretty!!!And they've taken Shailene Woodley for Hazel Grace!QUOTE IMAGES!!!!!: So here I lay, after reading this book with swollen eyes, a runny nose, a wet puffy face and a whole lot of heart ache and a head ache too.This book was beautiful. I have no w [...]

    28. EDIT, 16.04.2012For further analysis of the themes in the story, my Book Lantern post. Warning, spoilers included! Is the Fault Really in Our Stars?Also, Meghan's follow up post: Augustus Waters: Hero or Zero?The first time I heard about The Fault In Our Stars was in a vlog by John Green, and my thoughts ran along the lines of: "Oh, new book. Nice. Might check it out of the library." And that's that. It wasn't until the early shipping fiasco and the subsequent blog posts that I really considered [...]

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