Number On her th birthday Jessica is lured into the forest by a strange spiral light In the woods she encounters three mystical LIGHTMASTERS who convince her that she has magical gifts Intrigued Jessica

  • Title: Number 13
  • Author: M.G. Wells
  • ISBN: 9781453885932
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Paperback
  • On her 13th birthday, Jessica is lured into the forest by a strange spiral light In the woods she encounters three mystical LIGHTMASTERS, who convince her that she has magical gifts Intrigued, Jessica is transported to another dimension where she is tested for her courage and strength Follow Jessica as she conquers her fears and helps save the world from an invisible alOn her 13th birthday, Jessica is lured into the forest by a strange spiral light In the woods she encounters three mystical LIGHTMASTERS, who convince her that she has magical gifts Intrigued, Jessica is transported to another dimension where she is tested for her courage and strength Follow Jessica as she conquers her fears and helps save the world from an invisible alien enemy who hates humans.

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    1. Thanks to everyone who read, reviewed and marked to read LightMasters. I have so enjoyed reading all your reviews, thoughts and opinions. Wishing ALL the best.

    2. I read LightMasters twice and enjoyed it both times. The book is definitely geared for younger readers ages around ages 8-14 or anyone who may resonate with this kind of story. In my opinion so many YA books are more like adult books these days, so I was pleased to discover this unique book on GoodReads. Also, there were not a lot of distracting back stories which often make me lose interest in books. The book is written in first person, so prepare yourself for entering the mind of a tormented y [...]

    3. A friend of mine gave me this book as a gift. I truly enjoyed reading it and wish the author continues with a series because I want more! This was one of the most unique, amazing books I have read in quite some time. This story really made me think about the magic of thoughts. The LightMasters are an alliance of mystics from different cultures, who are guardians of Earth from evil, alien forces. The LightMasters recruit Jessica, who discovers she has magic powers on her 13th birthday. The LightM [...]

    4. LightMasters: Number 13, is a funny and exciting story.I really like all the characters too. I felt like I was in Jessica's head while she took this amazing journey. I was excited when reading the part when Jessica has to make her way through the magical Otherworld. I really liked the book so much I read it twice and will probably read it again. It was very different from most fantasy books. I especially loved Jessica's nutty grandparents, who talk funny and make older people look really cool. i [...]

    5. This book was recommended to me by a middle-school teacher, who's a big fan of independent authors. My 13 y/o son and I enjoyed this unique, interesting story. It was a real page turner and an out-of-the-box kind of fantasy action adventure. The numerous supporting characters were strange, humorous, disgusting and unusual. I admired the main character, Jessica, who had to deal with a lot of horrific, amazing challenges as a 13 year old outcast. Her eccentric Welsh grandparents were amusing and a [...]

    6. My Girls LOVED This Book & So Did I! I have two young adult ladies, and they went wild over this book. I'm glad I found this book on GoodReads. This story was lots of fun, had lots of action, mystery, awesome adventures and thankfully, no sparkly vampires. They related to the main character, Jessica. We really liked the grandparent characters because they were humorous and enhanced the story. As a single dad, I appreciated the fact this book does not have any curse words, graphic sex or viol [...]

    7. Shortly after joining GoodReads, I was lucky to discover this lovely gem, LIGHTMASTERS: Number 13. I particularly liked Jessica’s southern way of speaking. Her unusual slang words were not like anything I’ve ever read before, and it helped me to relate to her as the main character of the story. This story does not begin slow and easy, and it does not even reveal the year in which it is told. It bursts right into the action and it pretty much keeps going throughout the entire story. There are [...]

    8. After reading ALL the reviews, I took my time reading, LightMasters: Number 13. I felt the readers who appreciated this book were most authentic in their perceptions. This is not your standard lovey-dovey romantic book. I respected the author's message and loved the fact that it was not just another cookie-cutter story about vampires or werewolfs. Yes, it's a gritty story that follows the mind of a 13-year-old girl, so those who simply crave romance, this is not the story for you. I truly was me [...]

    9. My family and I truly enjoyed LightMasters, especially my daughter. Since she's around Jessica's age, she very much related to her. It was one weird, wild ride. Jessica's grandparents were hilarious as well. The author took the time to create a unique story with an array of interesting, in-depth characters--even the ones that were only featured for a short time. The story was unique, easy to follow and filled with lots of action and adventure and realistic dialogue. As a parent, I was pleased it [...]

    10. This book took me on an exciting, non-stop adventure. The main character, Jessica, impressed me. I like strong female characters, and she is certainly strong and brave. She's not wimpy at all and stands up for herself. The book moves very fast, and I got to meet so many interesting characters along the way. The grandparents are very well-described, funny characters. Even though they bicker a lot, they are very endearing.I also enjoyed Jessica's encounters with Scout, Gwendolyn, Whipper and the o [...]

    11. I truly enjoyed this book. It was a fast, easy read with lots of interesting themes, characters and a unique story. There were lots of intellectual and spiritual elements that I don't find in many young adult books, and I appreciated the diversity. The story surprised me and kept my interest from beginning to end. It seems the author left this book wide open for a sequel, and I look forward to a second book.

    12. Lightmasters was a very thought provoking book for me because there were so many messages about the sorry state of our humanity. It was littered with stereotypical characters, dialogue and scenarios and at first, it frustrated me. I read the book a few times and came to the conclusion the author intentionally provoked me to contemplate the mystery of life itself. Truthfully, I found it more of a statement than a typical story. The number 13 was repeated in the book so many times, I just could no [...]

    13. Lightmasters was a very different book for me. After a short stint in Jessica's real world, she does her best to adapt to living with her quirky grandparents. At first, the grandparents seemed like complete old farts--literally. Later in the story, their personalities revealed something more. After the first chapter, Jessica was abruptly transported to a strange, alternate dimension called the Otherworld. Here, Jessica endured many challenges and was tested vigorously. The characters in the Othe [...]

    14. I bought this book based on a friend's recommendation and also downloaded the FREE ebook version. Since I'm on the go most of the time, I often read with my Kindle. Ultimately, I preferred the book version, which is amazing. Thankfully, I brought this book on my most recent travel and read it during my plane ride. As an indie author, I am impressed with M.G. Wells debut novel. The writing is realistic, and the cast of characters are so diverse. The main character, Jessica, is a highly intelligen [...]

    15. I loved LIGHTMASTERS. It was filled with lots of adventure, humor, action, fantasy and great characters. It kept my interest from beginning to end. The message of the book was unique and refreshing--choose LOVE over HATE. One of the most fascinating books I've read. The fact that it is an independent book impressed me. Middle-graders, YA, Tweens and adults can all find delight in this fantastic book! I wish M.G. writes a sequel.

    16. I really liked this book. It was easy to read and was a lot of fun for me. Like Jana said it's a book for younger readers. This book would make a great movie.

    17. My cousin turned me on to Lightmasters, and I really liked it more than I thought I would. It kept my interest and was refreshing to see a 13-year-old heroine for a change. The main character, Jessica, is not your typical whiny, materialistic teenage girl. She's fiery, brooding, highly intelligent, very mature for her age and stands up for herself. She does not play a victim and is an honorable friend and the kind you'd want in your corner any day of the week.Her gassy grandparents are too cheek [...]

    18. Come take the journey.I discovered LightMasters through Twitter. The author gets you engaged from the start. Thirteen-year-old, Jessica, is sent to live with her gassy grandparents in a log home in the forest - no spoiler there as it is reflected early on.Moping around in her room because nobody remembered her thirteenth birthday, she is excited when a bright light fills her window from the forest. She rushes outside, and that’s when the journey begins. She’s beckoned further into the woods [...]

    19. I was alerted to this book on twitter one day! So having read the excerpt on I decided to download it. I was so happy I did. This takes the reader on a journey with Jessica the main character, she is put to the test by the lightmasters, Jessica has to choose her own path, she has to make her own decisions on her journey into another world. This is a story that a lot of teenagers can relate too, because it raises issues such as bullying and self confidence, and all tribulations that becoming a t [...]

    20. Maybe we don’t remember anymore how it was to be thirteen, but we remember being a teenager. And we remember how even small things could affect us at that gentle age.Not everyone of us has lost their parents so early or was bullied by new students and teachers after moving in with our grandparents in another town, which is what happened to Jessica Wyrd in the middle grade novel Lightmasters - Number 13 by M.G. Wells. Sometimes not belonging to a group of our peers or being an outcast could be [...]

    21. Punchy evocative language peppers this middle grade fiction giving it a vibrancy and a feel of its own. There are lot of gross things that occur in this and arguably this is quite funny for a younger set (I don't think I am quite the target audience). There are a lot of put-downs in this but in the end the teenage girl learns that her grandparents aren't that bad, that she has magical powers, that people do love her and the importance of not being dominated by anger and fear.

    22. LightMasters is toted as YA fiction, but is a story that can be enjoyed by all ages. At times funny, sad, and thoughtful, it is a fantasy at heart, but contains elements of fable as well in that there are lessons to be learned. And although the LightMastes are not animals as you might typically see in fables, they are otherworldly, and the story has morals to impart.Wells weaves a formidable adventure for her heroine, 13 year old Jessica, a journey that exposes her to good and evil, right and wr [...]

    23. I absolutely adored Lightmasters: Number 13. This book was filled with so many interesting characters and a fantastic story. Like many, I adored those nutty Welsh grandparents and Jessica. Any thirteen year old girl feels those growing pains, and Jessica feels them more than most. Lightmasters is an underrated book, by an indie author who makes the characters jump off the page and into your face. The Lightmaster characters were brilliant too. This is a book anyone of any age can read. It has so [...]

    24. First of all, this book is geared toward the younger young adults, and is apparent through the style and voice of the narrative. It’s very easy to read and very clear!The only thing that distracted me was the fact that this is written in present tense. Present tense…annoys me! However, for everyone who knows me (Friend: You should read this book. Me: *scan, scan* I can’t. It’s in present tense.) I read this book. It wasn’t because I had to, but because the story drew me in! I’m start [...]

    25. I frequently read YA because I have a young niece (also a reader) and I like to be able to recommend books she would like, that are also appropriate to her age and maturity level.I found Lightmasters 13 to be a really fun romp from the perspective of the young girl who finds herself thrust into a situation far from her previous experience. Her grandparents, who take over her custody when her parents die, are great characters but Jessica is not familiar with them and their eccentricities or their [...]

    26. LightMasters Number 13 is an brillant book! It is packed with great characters, an interesting story and is very well written. The novel starts out on Jessica's 13th birthday. This sad teen discovers she has special powers after being lured into the forest, where she meets the LightMasters. I loved Jessica and her eccentric, Welsh grandparents. They added much needed humour to the story. I found myself laughing out loud on numerous occasions. Having Welsh relatives myself, I could relate to them [...]

    27. Jessica Wyrd is living with her aged grandparents far from home where her parents were killed in an auto accident. She just has her 13th birthday, but no one celebrates it. She's obviously not happy living with her grandparents, nor is she happy living in New York. If you are familiar with some of the tales that abound in parts of New York State, such as in the Catskill Mountains, you just might be a believer in this tale which is beautifully spun by M.G. Wells. On Jessica's special evening, she [...]

    28. This YA story about an orphaned outcast and a magical series of events is chock full of poignant subject matter that is germaine to the day. Author MG Wells exposes her teen heroine Jessica to bullying, loneliness, feelings of inadequacy and judgmental folks. Yet, under a cloak of magic and adventure, she deftly manages to teach self-confidence, courage, compassion and appreciation for others. This all unfolds while a battle ensues with an all-powerful evil foe who feeds on fear. Ms. Wells paint [...]

    29. Lightmasters: Number 13 follows Jessica T Wyrd through a story of loss, friendship, adolescent harships and courage. After the loss of her parents Jessica lives with her granparents who are fantastically funny and hold many secrets beneath their moody and very 'gassy' exteriors. After a mysterious experience in the woods Jessica is thrown in to a world of magic and mythical beings. But accepting her powers is hard for this sassy little firecracker with her great witty comebacks. She carries the [...]

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