Tunnels Will Burrows has little in common with his family except for a passion for digging which he shares with his father When his father disappears down an unknown tunnel Will decides to investigate with h

  • Title: Tunnels
  • Author: Roderick Gordon BrianWilliams
  • ISBN: 9781905294428
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Paperback
  • Will Burrows has little in common with his family except for a passion for digging which he shares with his father When his father disappears down an unknown tunnel, Will decides to investigate with his friend Soon they find themselves deep underground, where they unearth a terrifying secret a secret which may cost them their lives.

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    About "Roderick Gordon BrianWilliams"

    1. Roderick Gordon BrianWilliams

      Roderick Gordon is the author of the Tunnels series of books Born in 1960, he grew up in Highgate, North London, and eventually went to University College where he dabbled in genetics and listened to Joy Division After graduating without the faintest idea what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, he spent some time in the wilderness when he played in a few bands, then somehow fell into a job doing corporate finance for an investment bank in the City of London He genuinely thought this was all that the future held for him until he was made redundant in 2001.But Roderick surprised himself by working on a book with help from an old university friend and, in 2005, he self published it as The Highfield Mole, which caught the attention of Barry Cunningham, founder of Chicken House, a publisher of children s books Following a period of editing, Barry republished it as Tunnels in July 2007 After intense media interest around its launch, Tunnels was published in almost forty countries and was a New York Times Bestseller, achieving sales of than a million copies worldwide Shortly after publication the film rights were purchased by US based Relativity Media, and Mikael H fstr m has been appointed as director Roderick followed Tunnels with further books in the series, Deeper, Freefall, Closer, Spiral and, finally, Terminal in 2013.He has just released a new book called Summerhouse Land in a very limited run of hardbacks Please see summerhouseland for details.

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    1. This is the beginning of one of my favorite series of all time, but for some reason I never wrote a review for it. And I decided I really should because more people need to know about it.I first heard of Tunnels in a newspaper (yes, really that long ago!) where it was deemed the 'The next Harry Potter' (and God knows we had a lot of those). Needless to say, they are nothing alike, except for the fact that they were discovered by the same editor. Tunnels tells the story of Will Burrows, a boy wit [...]

    2. Do you think It'll be just tunnels, like any ordinary old onesWellThink again and enter, you're welcomeWelcome into the TunnelsA mysterious citycities underground.me with people living in.ry mysterious inhabitant with their mysterious guardians, mysterious law and rules, mysterious past d other cities, abandoned ancient onesd here we are with 14 years old Will Burrows who is searching into these deep tunnels for his father who disappeared 'mysteriously' Will inherit from his father the love , pa [...]

    3. Meh. This wasn't my kind of book at all. I was one of the multitudes who got sucked into the "next Harry Potter" hype and the one thing I've learned from the experience is that there isn't going to be a next Harry Potter, so I should just get over it.Now, to the book. It's the story of Will Burrows, a Londoner whose great passion is conducting archaeological digs with his dad. When his dad goes missing, Will enlists the help of his friend Chester. Together they stumble on an entire underground c [...]

    4. Bila mi je lošija od drugih knjiga koje sam u to vreme već pazarila za Lagunu, pa sam je prepustila drugim izdavačima :) Ali je u Srbiji imala odličnog prevodioca :)

    5. I don't remember who recommended this book to me, but I didn't really like it. It took sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long for the author to say anything. The action took so long to develop and when there finally was action, there was too much dialogue and unnecessary description that it took the reader out of the action. I was just groping my through it the whole time waiting for things to happen. I think the book had potential, but the writing was so bad I just went crazy. It's like it was [...]

    6. The book "Tunnels" I found on a shelf in a public library, I read a little summary. I noticed that the book noted editor, who found Harry Potter, but it is the only link with Harry. It is a story about a boy Will Burrows and his father Roger who are mystified researchers history. His father was a curator at the museum, and with his son secretly engaged excavated and exploring the underground tunnels of London. Will is the skinny boy of fourteen years, has completely white hair and his skin is ve [...]

    7. Well, this is the last YA (type) book I'm planning to read in the foreseeable future, and I'm just as glad. I've read several lately that have disappointed me. This had also.I found the book mildly interesting as it opened with the "supposed" father son digging team stocking the little museum and saving their own prizes. But the book takes a turn and becomes something totally different. This (of course) isn't necessarily a bad thing, it could have been a very good thing. But if a book uses this [...]

    8. Reviewed by Joan Stradling for TeensReadTooLike his father, fourteen-year-old Will Burrows has an obsession with archaeological digs. When his father disappears, Will is determined to find him. With the help of his best friend, Chester, Will discovers a network of tunnels under modern-day London. As they follow the tunnels deeper and deeper into the earth, they discover a dark underworld. But the inhabitants don't want them there. Will never dreamed his digging would unearth dark family secrets [...]

    9. Will Burrows is a fourteen year old boy that lives in London, he has a dad, mom, and a sister. One day Mr. Burrows and Mrs. Burrows got into a fight, so Mr. Burrows stayed in the basement for some time, he never came out. Will and Chester goes into the basement to look around, they found a secret passage leading to an underground Colony. Not long after arriving at the Colony, the Styx, cult like leaders who rule the Colony, captured them, they locked them up in prison, and not long later Will wa [...]

    10. Okay, first of all, I didn't expect this one to be really good. I just saw it in my shelf (God knows when I bought it!) and decided to read it to past the time, nothing much. But oh my, I was so wrong. I was prepared to give it a 1star after reading 3-4 chapters. Because the idea of 2 teenage boys obssessed with digging tunnels doesn't appeal to me. I already predicted that they'll discover something from ancient history down there. They did. BUT IT WAS TOTALLY BETTER THAN I EXPECTED. Yep, that' [...]

    11. I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about this book. I liked the idea loyalty to family and friends. There is an ominous feeling of hopelessness surrounding Will's predicament and although he makes it through some tough moments I'm still left wondering how things can get better for him. Digging tunnels and archaeological (sp?) stuff is unfamiliar territory but was interesting nonetheless. There is a sequel and I'm looking forward to reading it.

    12. "Como todas las navidades desde hace varios años, los medios de comunicación (a menudo con el beneplácito de las editoriales) insisten en traernos al “nuevo Potter” que han descubierto. La lista de obras que fueron encumbradas como “el libro que sustituirá a Harry Potter” es muy larga ya, y este año le ha tocado a Túneles, de Roderick Gordon y Brian Williams. ¿Y por qué Túneles? Pues porque Barry Cunningham, que fue el primer editor de Rowling, pero que hace ya mucho que se desv [...]

    13. Fun, Adventurous and Creepy. Ignore the "next Harry Potter" hype. No book is going to be the next Harry Potter but many can be nearly as fun and worth the read and this book is one of those.I cared about the characters and what happened to them and couldn't wait to find out what came next. It was surprisingly creepy and there are even some fairly gross images; some from bloody fighting, some from disgusting food. The plot didn't go where I expected it to; I thought Will and his father would find [...]

    14. It's not that this book isn't well-written, that part works fine. It's just the story! When I finished it, I was speechless. It had gone from bad to worse and then just ended. The happy resolution never happened. The goal of our little hero was never achieved. The book ended with a murder. I was left feeling dismal and cheated. And this is a children's book! I picked it up for my kids and previewed it because the cover is so grabbing - the light and the title seem to shine out of the cover, but [...]

    15. Stopped at page 22.Ten pages in and I hated the languageere is a lot of 1+1=1/2 going on writing wise. It makes it VERY hard to read. It's not that what is being said is "bad" per se, it's just too many words for what is happening. I'm also starting to question the world and it's events before I even get out of the setupr example, how is it that Will digs a massive mine tunnel by himself! And to get to a subway station where nothing exciting even happens. I'd be so pissed at my dad And mind you, [...]

    16. Fouteen- year old Will Burrows lives with his family in London. He has little in common with them except for a passion for digging which he shares with his father.When his father suddenly disappears down an unknown tunnel, Will decides to investigate with his friend Chester. Soon they find themselves deep underground, where they unearth a deep and dark secret- a secret that may cost them their lives - blurbThis is the first book in the Circle In The Spiral series.It is one of my very favourite b [...]

    17. It was an exciting, mysterious book that I really liked, and I recommend for people with a mind for adventure! -Sinead

    18. Review by: Dorien Williams 206-121. What did you think the book was about?The book was about a boy named Will who's father is an archaeologist. He and his dad love to dig together, until his dad mysteriously disappears. With the help of his friend Chester, Will starts looking for his dad. While the two of them where digging (they thought that there may have been a cave in while Will's dad was in one of the tunnels) they come across a secret underground civilization. After a bit of trouble Will f [...]

    19. In a nutshell, this is my review (actually the "conclusion" of the review put here so that people don't have to read my babble if they don't want to):While the plot of Tunnels may have been a little skimpy or slow, it offers so much possibility and food for thought and the imagination, especially in its unique and mysterious subterranean setting and moral ambiguity, that I can't help but give it a positive review. (I will admit that the book may deserve three stars rather than four, and that see [...]

    20. Anh trai mình mua cuốn này với Cõi sâu, nghe đâu là có thể sánh bằng với Harry Potter, một phần nữa vì dịch giả là cô Lý Lan nên có lẽ mình đã hi vọng hơi nhiều và vì thế nên thất vọng càng nhiều hơn. Nếu phải diễn tả cuốn sách này bằng 2 từ thì đó sẽ là : khó đọc. Mình thấy mạch truyện rất chi là chậm chạp cùng với nhiều từ ngữ khá khó hiểu (đối với mình). Đoạn cuối có plot [...]

    21. Tunnels is a great book. It isn't like any book I have ever read! It is science fiction, but a different type of science fiction. Even if you don't like science fiction you might still enjoy this book. The reason it's different from most science fiction books is that it has old inventions, a plague, and and they eat mush, but in modern time. Overall its a great book that I enjoyed a lot, and I think you should give it a shot.

    22. Asal saya tergerak hati untuk membeli buku ini kerana buku ini sentiasa sebaris dengan bestseller PTS yang lain. Aneh betul rasanya, sudah lama tidak membaca novel Inggeris yaang dimelayukan, asal rekomendasi, saya membelinya taktala bersantai di Bandung. Bagaimana persepsi saya? Barangkali tidak boleh menandingi keajaiban Harry Potter walaupun buku ini juga worldwide bestseller. Tapi saya kira buku ini sepatutnya tidak dibandingkan dengan Harry Potter. Kerana kumpulan sasaran novel ini masih ja [...]

    23. Sebuah ekspektasi yang terlalu tinggi kadang-kadang harus membentur dinding saat jalan yang dilewati menyempit dan memasuki terowongan.Demikian pula saat saya membaca buku ini. Embel-embel "The Next Harry Potter" dan stiker "Soon to be Major Picture" di sampul depan segera membuat saya tanpa berpikir panjang langsung membelinya. Begitu pula di halaman pertama buku ini, ditulis bahwa Barry Cunningham, sang editor "Harry Potter" mengklaim bahwa buku ini mempunyai sensasi yang sama saat ia menemuka [...]

    24. I don't remember why I chose this book, but I didn't really like it. It took so long for the author to say anything. The action took so long to develop and when there finally was action, there was too much dialogue and unnecessary description that it took the reader out of the action. I was choking myself through it the whole time waiting for things to happen. The book I read was Tunnels by Roderick Gordon. Its about fouteen- year old Will Burrows lives with his family in London. He has little i [...]

    25. The premise of this book is interesting and it’s nicely illustrated with creepy ink drawings. Alas, it’s far too long for what it has to offer, and quite poorly written. I was put off by the way adult characters were consistently portrayed as cold, self-absorbed, and extremely flawed. There were only two adults in the entire story who were decent. Also, for those parents who might wish to know, the book abounds with smoking, drunken brawling, and kids drinking and mocking their religion. I d [...]

    26. Despite a recommendation from a friend that this new series was reminiscent of C.S. Lewis' Magician's Nephew, this book was a huge disappointment. True there is an obsessed, uncaring relative of a boy who stumbles on to another world, but the similarities end there. Tunnels is the story of a family who is distracted, at best, and dysfunctional at worst. The father locks himself in the basement to get away from his family; the mother cares for nothing except her TV; and the sister is obsessed wit [...]

    27. Like City of Ember this is another underground dystopia story. The main character is Will Burroughs, a young adolescent boy who lives in London with his a dysfunctional family: an aloof, absent-minded archeologist father, a distant depressed mother, and a hostile older teenage sister. Will takes after his father with a keen interest in excavation. He helps with his father's "digs" and conducts his own assisted by his friend Chester. The father is the curator of a local museum which gives him acc [...]

    28. Já tinha este livro em lista de espera para ler à bastante tempo e finalmente lá me decidi por o fazer. Bem, que posso dizer deste livro? Se calhar já passei a fase de gostar deste tipo de livros, para teenagers a 100%, pois não me cativou muito. Mas acredito que os jovens gostem bastante da história que aqui é contada e que continua em mais 2 volumes

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