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  • Title: Goodbye, Mr. Chips: To You, Mr. Chips
  • Author: James Hilton
  • ISBN: 9780783812311
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. James Hilton

      James Hilton 1900 1954 was a bestselling English novelist and Academy Award winning screenwriter After attending Cambridge University, Hilton worked as a journalist until the success of his novels Lost Horizon 1933 and Goodbye, Mr Chips 1934 launched his career as a celebrated author Hilton s writing is known for its depiction of English life between the two world wars, its celebration of English character, and its honest portrayal of life in the early twentieth century.

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    1. I had seen this old black and white movie of Goodbye, Mr. Chips, but had never read it - so I borrowed it from my dad and LOVED it! It made me laugh, it made me cry! Plus, it is about a professor, and who doesn't love one of their old professors?

    2. Very nice telling of a seemingly less than illustrious life; one of those lives that at first or second or third glance didn't seem to make an impact on the world. Mr. Chips isn't the brightest tool in the shed, but well loved and liked by many generations of boys at the school where he teaches for about 50 years. He is happy with his life and, whether anyone else knows it or not, knows that he was blessed. Mr. Chips is no crusader like many of the teachers and coaches that we see in the movies. [...]

    3. A bittersweet story, but a beloved book all the same. Everyone at a British boys school loves Mr. Chips and he loves them. This is the story of an elderly schoolmaster remembering his time as a teacher at Brookfield. He considers the boys his own children. While in the autumn of his life, he has beautiful memories. This is my second reading of the book. If it were my choice, I re-read it every so often out of nostalgia. I recommend this to anyone who wants a short, but good read.

    4. I am flabbergasted that this dear story has managed to slip by my radar for so many years. This is as British as it gets and I absolutely fell in love with Mr. Chips. So many reminders of what is really important. I have a bunch of quotes that I want to remember (and yes, I am using the British spellings)"And it was a sense of proportion, above all things, that Brookfield ought to teach - not so much Latin or Greek or Chemistry or Mechanics. And you couldn't expect to test that sense of proporti [...]

    5. Okay I will admit that this one I didn't read and instead listen to the unabridged version as published by Audible, while on my commute to and from work. However, the story is very interesting and ultimately I think if you ponder the story with the school bits chopped out, our lives are like the main character. That Mr. Chips remembers all the fun he had in his life and the humor filled adventures of people and faces. He retells those stories thru the author as he sits near the end of his life a [...]

    6. One cannot help loving this stoic, steady, old fashioned school master who won't budge from routine and discipline though he loves his students and is a very gentle person, and his firmness is without any accompanying meanness or violence or cruelty, an ideal of what a school teacher or parent ought to be - and he is fortunate enough that he meets and loves and is loved entirely by the very counterpart he needs, a woman with intelligence and beauty and lightness of heart who sees his worth in hi [...]

    7. This was one of the first books I ever read that made me cry. It isn't the most amazing thing you'll ever read, but it's sweet and honest with a quiet, simple, and good-hearted protagonist. It made me want to be a teacher (then became one for a time and quickly changed my tune.) This one I reread every few years. I love it.

    8. I’m guessing not many of today’s younger generations have seen the 1939 black and white movie version of Goodbye Mr. Chips. I must have seen it first on television. It made a very deep impression on me and is a terrific tear jerker. (Peter O’Toole made a musical version that is not very good.) The book is really a long short story at 115 pages and I enjoyed it a great deal maybe because it brought back memories of a favorite movie. Who can resist the story of the old, shy, unassuming Briti [...]

    9. Back in the days when phones had wires and before suitcases had wheels a middle school teacher made me read this book. It might have been advanced physics for a 13 year old for all the impression it made.Now it is a fine read on a December night by the fireplace.

    10. This book was ridiculously sweet and a lovely story about a beloved school master. I completely understand why this book is an enduring classic. If you need a palate-cleansing, feel-good, nostalgia-inducing tale then this book is perfect! It's perfect anyway. Read it. (Most Popular Book of 1934)

    11. Well. I only read the Reader's Digest Condensed Version, so it hardly counts as a novel, eh? As a short story of about 40 pages or so, though, I found it very moving. A very Human story. Not a single space alien in it.Of course, our impressions of things are always better when you are sharing them with someone you love, right? Even if it's only pretend.Maybe I'll give the Cliff's Notes a go next, see if the editors can't wittle it down like a distilled spirit into the very essence of what makes [...]

    12. This book "Goodbye Mr,Chips" is about a man named Mr.Chips. Mr.Chips is a schoolmaster. in the book he is telling the story. He is saying about what is gong on. Also what it is like to be a schoolmaster. In the beginning of the book on the first page he is tell the readers that he is on the type writer.In the middle of the book he is at the age 56 and he is thinking about not being schoolmaster. He still wants to take the class across the road. He said that he would visit sometimes after all he [...]

    13. Goodbye, Mr. Chips is short, simple, and touching.The narrative follows the life of an English schoolteacher at an all-boys public boarding school. It is about aging, wisdom, and paternal love.The story is secondary – there is nothing more than a running summary of the public and private life of the fully realized Mr. Chipping, the Latin teacher of Brookfield Grammar School.Most remarkable is the duty 'Chips' feels to his school and profession, a herald to the old Victorian order in the face o [...]

    14. I grabbed this from a box of unused and untaught books at my school (that will change as I will now read it with my sophomores). This work made me laugh and cry. I appreciated the nod to the work and lives of dedicated pedagogues. I adored that our story's hero knows the difference between a Gerund and Gerundive as well as teaches the Ablative Absolute. In a significant scene, Mr. Chips teaches Latin verb conjugations while WWI bombings from the Germans carry on right outside the cellar classroo [...]

    15. Goodbye Mr Chips, and good riddance! A dull short book about a dull, soppy schoolmaster who never really lived. His jokes are bad, he's stuffy and formal, and even when he experiences tragedy there is little change in him, which may be the point. Maybe the writer was trying to prove the character's forbearance and making a virtue of it. The prose is okay except for the annoying speech impediment of "Mr Chips" who talks uhmm like um this uhmm all the uhmm way through the um bloody uhmm book. We a [...]

    16. It's a very unusual story for me in that I find the main character very foreign to my experience. I really do enjoy the character a great deal though. At first I wasn't sure I much cared for him, but as he ages he becomes more endearing. I was a bit annoyed by his speaking quirks. I like the way Chips mellows with age and with reflecting on what his wife would have said and I greatly enjoy the way he begins to relish shocking people a little. I think my favourite part was when he took the Head p [...]

    17. I just read this book for the second time and I believe that I enjoyed it more than when I first read it. It really is such a short book that it should be read in a single sitting or at least in a day or two. Mr. Chips is a simple schoolmaster at an English boys boarding school from the later 1800's through the 1930's. This beloved classic by the author of Lost Horizon will touch your heart and maybe even bring a tear to your eye as you read it. It was made into a movie with Greer Garson back in [...]

    18. Began with Lost horizons and was entranced;" wanted more so found Random Harvest and was thoroughly charmed; now on to his most known. I hear it is among the greatest novellas. I'll let you know but can't wait to start.Finished this story, which while probably his best known, is not his best. Lost Horizons takes first and best.

    19. Highly recommended telling the life and times of an English schoolteacher Mr.Chipping at a boys boarding school in the early part of the 20th century, its quite a short book. James Hilton's writing is excellent a story filled with love, laughter and sadness I have read this many times and never tire of it.Hilton also wrote Lost Horizon another one of my favourites

    20. This book is such a pure and easy character study of a man that loved his profession of teaching, his school, his country, and his students. I didn't expect to like it as much as I did. However, something in Mr. Chips story was so moving. I would recommend this to anybody. It is short, easy to read, and ever so sweet.

    21. A heart warming tale of Mr Chipping, known lovingly as Mr. Chips. a school teacher, who with his mild manner and humour, wins the hearts of all who come into contact with him, Though this is a very slim book, 112 pages long, it will stay with you, long after you have finished reading it, It has been made into a movie, and I have to say, they did it justice,

    22. This is a touching story that I originally read in high school. I've read it a few times since thenand it certainly stands the test of time. Mr. Chipping was a dedicated teacher who loved hisstudents for the incredible length of time (45 yrs) he taught at this boys academy. Quick read.

    23. For anyone in a similar position as I (worn-out veteran English teacher), this quick-read is just what the doctor ordered. Hilton's whirlwind tour of the life of Chips adds just enough detail at certain critical points to make this a well-deserved classic.

    24. Poor Mr. Chips. Consider this one of the titles in your starter kit if you are a first year teacher. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, along with Goodbye Mr. Chips, Up the Down Staircase and The Blackboard Jungle, will help you to feel completely armed in your daunting new role in the classroom.

    25. Charming and captivating, made me nostalgic for a time and place I've never actually experienced, a British turn-of-the-20th-century all boys' boarding school.Side note, I listened to the audiobook and Martin Jarvis's performance was wonderful.

    26. I saw the 1939 movie first, and I was surprised to find that the movie was true to the book, in both plot and feeling. The book isn't great literature, but it's a wonderful story that is told well, and I'm glad I read it.

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